M.I.A. Enlists Swizz Beatz, Polow Da Don for Mixtape

The "Paper Planes" singer has apparently linked up with Swizzy, Polow and others for her upcoming mixtape.

M.I.A.'s 2007 hit "Paper Planes" had Hip Hop listeners of all varieties nodding their heads and dusting off their mics for the remix treatment. Now, the British music sensation is further deepening her ties to the Hip Hop genre with a new mixtape featuring a variety of rap's top artists.

According to Billboard, M.I.A. has enlisted a variety of top-tier Hip Hop producers for her latest as-of-yet untitled project. The guest list thus far includes Swizz Beatz, Polow Da Don and the Cataracs, who found chart success last year with the Far East Movement's "Like a G6."

"I think she's really going fucking H.A.M. on this," said Niles "Cyrano" Hollowell-Dha of the Cataracs. "She's not pulling any punches...[she is] working on a mixtape, and she wants it to be like an album."

Polow Da Don also revealed on Twitter that he had been in the studio with M.I.A. He even mentioned that she may be working with Chris Brown, 


  • Ivan Geigerman

    M.I.A. is waaaaaaaaay overrated. Just b/c her label&producers ripped off the Clash for "Paper Planes" to covered up her nonsense hip hop 101 catch phrase lyrics doesn't mean that she's actually a good artist. Oh, and good call on the whole 3 years "i'm different and getting back to the streets, so i'll get a bunch Atlanta artists and produces and put out a mixtape" LOL What's next, is she gonna do her album release party at Blue Flame????

  • Jeramy Bray

    Anybody hatin on M.I.A. just watch 'Slumdog Millionaire' you'll get where her attitude and sound originate. (no not autobiographical, but American's sometimes don't "get" how life can be in other countries; daily life for a lot of children in India/Sri Lanka is Hell... flat out Hell; though I'm sure she had some connections, I get the impression that M.I.A. had a hard childhood; she's doing great for where she's come from) First listen to MAYA was brisk. By the second time I was hooked. Excited for the next album. (though it may take more than one listen) =:xB Broadening-Horizons.com

  • MIA

    Last album ws off point but i see she back on her hip hop so it should be good...

  • Anonymous

    How much longer are we really gonna call em mixtapes? Its not on tape or cd and theyre never mixed. Time to change the name to compilation collection of new songs.

  • Anonymous

    I never liked her to be honest even though shes in the right direction, her music just goes strait through me. hated that paper plains song.

  • B@nksy

    this is gonna be dope. her vocals just sound proper on a hiphop track. Not to mention she makes good music period.

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