Max B Believes He Could Be Released From Prison This Summer

The Dipset associate was sentenced in 2009 to 75 years behind bars.

Speaking exclusively with Mikey T The Movie Star, Harlem rapper Max B revealed that his prison term could end as early as this summer. In 2009 Max was convicted of taking part in a 2006 attempted robbery in New Jersey that resulted in a homicide. The emcee was given a sentence of 75 years behind bars. But in this new interview Max seems hopeful that his appeal will lead to his release at some point this year.

Max B explained, “The appeal process is done, finally. It's been done for about a month now.  Now what they do is, the prosecutor responds back and you get a letter. They tell you you’ve got to wait eight to 10 months for a response from the appellate court. You might see me in the summer.  You might see me at the end of the year. I'm just waiting on the appellate courts, all my paperwork is done."

Max stated that his plan for survival in prison was just to keep his head down and keep to himself. He expressed that his focus was always on continuing his music career, saying, “I try not to be too popular in this joint; be real humble, stay regular. I don't want to be too exotic up in here. This ain’t the spot for that. My thing is coming home, back to the family, back to the people and doing what I do best on the real level.”


Max B’s full interview with Mikey T is below:


  • TJ Spader

    For those hatin on max b, you boys are retarded. the man is innocent and we still waiting on the apeal stop talkin shit You boys prolly havnt seen a day in jail and prolly dont know what its like in their fuck all you pussy niggas if you dont know prison life then go suck a baby dick

  • Jay McCabe

    Maybe he can spend his time figuring out which rappers dick to ride next... 50 Cent- CHECK 2-Pac- CHECK Biggie- CHECK

  • Anonymous

    LMAO and Clinton didn't inhale. Next you're gonna tell me that Soulja Boy is goin Gold next album they are gonna make a fuckin example of ur ass son, Don't DRop The Soap

  • theTruth

    So they gave you 75 years and you think you gona get out after 3? I feel sorry for the people thats around him when he get a response from the "men upstairs"

  • BWS-Fish

    i dont want to piss on his bonfire, but i really dont see him getting out. I hope im wrong, but i dont think its gonna happen for him.

  • marc cuban

    dudes try to make music that they think u wanna here max make that shit. btw that new prodigy is wavy

  • edubb1977


  • edubb1977



      yeah you right cuz 50 got them gay lawyers lap dancing on prosecutor dick..being connect with 50 is nothing to brag about nigga..this aint last decade..this 2011..wake the fuck corn ball ass mothafucka..listen to them jersey shore rappers..keep that gay shit in the suburbs the streets niggas dont play with that gayunit shit hahahhahahahah

  • mr. jones

    who the fuck is max b? just another nigga in jail, and all these ignorant young'uns lookin up to idiots like this.

  • huffles

    Maxxy!!!!!! we waiting for you to get home and drop that waveness. Boss Don Biggavelli da king. YES!!

  • Anonymous

    He got as much of chance of getting out as me seeing a Smurf in real life. Kids read some books. Stop following these immmature aadults.

  • Anonymous

    He will be listening to Lil B's "I'm Gay album from inside jail for the rest of his life!!! smh Bend over and take it to the Max like you are his bitch Max B and don't forget to swallow you dumb fucking faggot!!!!! GONE FOREVER BITCH.. HIS MUSIC SUCKED WHEN HE WAS HERE. AT LEAST THAT IS HOW I REMEMBER IT!!!

  • Nico 3

    After watching that video, they should give that white dude 10 years just for conducting an interview on speaker phone. Max B had his chance and fucked up. Time to get right with God and learn how to cope inside there.

  • Kenton Rucker

    i feel bad for him but i dont think there gonna let him out he was making money y didnt he get a better lawyer

  • mike

    would be funny to see who signs max b cuz everyone knows that dipset wont because of jim jones maybe with konvict with french or maybe ym or with ross you never know lol but if he does come out hope he does not start with dipset would like to see max do a track with vado or a mafia

  • *

    He's not getting out...ever. Just drop it. Your shit is trash and you made a huge fuck up, B. You gotta live with that. I'm not hatin' that's just what it is, homie. 75 years son. That's a lot to swallow. You think an appellate court is going to set you free? Shiiid, you didn't tell the people, that the court actually has to decide to review your case before they even consider making a decision. If they don't review it, the lower court's judgement sticks to you my man. Bless you man, because I couldn't do it.

  • Anonymous

    you do the crime you do the time. what about the victims?????

  • bigga

    Hiphopdx is full of haters, ya'll only show love to Weezy F Winehouse or other mainstream clowns. Max B gonna put the game in a chokehold when hes out, aint noone can make better music then him.

  • Nico 3

    Wait another 10 years, and he might get out.

  • WizWayneGucci=dumbeddownhiphop

    You got hit wit 75 joints my man. You really think you getting out? fuggedaboutit,wish you the best tho

    • edubb1977

      Im not sayin Max B is an all time great MC but you have got to be living under a fuckin rock to NOT who Max B is!!!!! YOU TWO R DUMB MUTHAFUCKAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I know right?! Who in the fuck is Max B?!

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