Pusha T Compares The Studio Styles Of Pharrell To Kanye West

Closely associated with two of Hip Hop's most high-profile producers, Pusha Ton shows how the C.R.S. cats work very differently.

Virginia Beach emcee Pusha T has branched out into a solo career in the last year. As one of half of the Clipse (with blood brother Malice), Pusha was mentored by Neptunes producer/emcee/singer Pharrell Williams. As a soloist, Pusha T signed to Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music imprint, where he is working extensively with the Chicago Hip Hop superstar.

Speaking recently with The Village Voice, Pusha, who just released Fear of God mixtape, compared the two high-profile producers he's most closely associated with. "[Pharrell] has the beat finished and the hook almost down pat when I get to the studio. We may change a word or two to the hook but the melody and all that is there. It's like just insert the verse. I'll ask P how I should rap on it sometimes, how my cadence should be. He has a broad view of the whole beat, you know? With [Kanye West], a lot of his songs come from conversations, so at first the beat is just a skeleton. I'll hear a stripped-down version, lay my verse. Then 'Ye takes the beat and makes it so different. It took a little getting used to at first, but now I love it because it comes back a surprise."

Read the full Village Voice interview with Pusha T here.

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  • Lsn22s

    How dope would it be to have a documentary about hip hop's greatest producers and their various work methods etc?...i would love to compare and contrast the beat-making processes used by Dr. Dre, J. Dilla, Kanye, Neptunes, Timbaland, Pete Rock, Swizz Beats, Alchemist, DJ Premier, Erick Sermon, RZA, Stoupe, Havoc, Jus Blaze etc. etc. etc.??? Even if ur not into some of those names i think a documentary on their differences would be AMAZING and extremely educational in a way hip hop never really gets to be... Cosign anyone???

    • Anonymous

      Man if you look around on the net hard enough you will find interviews and shit like that...but really if you start going into the way they do it, you might just turn out to be another unoriginal dre biter or pete rock biter just find your own ways and be experimental.

  • Bowski

    Just like Potato_w_live said, both styles are dope regardless. However MUSICALLY speaking I'd have to respect the Neptunes style of production. Kanye gets my props simply because he knows his strength is percussions and is smart enough to gather the relevant talent to complete his musical vision, that takes a lot of musical understanding to accomplish. However with all that said I still struggle through Kanye's latest CD, it's not Hip Hop enough for ME and I really hold that against him in many ways.

  • Ddot

    This makes sense...Kanye doesn't have the musical dexterity of the Neptunes, so he just lays down drums from the sampler, then all his "co-producers" do the hard part and fill in the melody.

    • Luke

      It's like Kanye's said in interviews: his beats are better than almost everyone else's because he has an innate sense and understanding of rhythm and of music. Dre has an advantage over everyone else because Dre has the best mixing and engineering. The Neptunes are brilliant all-around musician; it's all just different methods to always producing a strong final product.

    • mish mash

      yeah I'm with ddot. He's right about the process, kanye has the samples and drums down but he's not a classically trained person so even if he knows what he wants some other folk need to come in an maybe play the notes he's refering to. If you look like dr dre. It was scott storch that played the famous keys of still dre. and someone formerly from aftermath management (in a hiphopdx.com interview) said that hit man was awesome with drum compositions. but the overall vision is that of dre's nothing that anyone else puts will be there if dre doesnt like it. like someone else said props to clipse for going the extra mile but that doesnt mean kanye is inferior

    • Ddot

      Maybe that comment came off a little dickish...I don't mean to say Kanye isn't a talented producer. He orchestrates a certain process that usually results in some really great productions (not my cup of tea since Late Registration, but thats beside the point). I simply mean, that a lot of respect is due to the Neptunes for their ability to do every single piece of a production (i.e. drums/rhythm section, chord progression, the hooks, and even the engineering). Maybe you like Kanye's music better, and thats fine. But I think an extra level of respect is due to the Neptunes for their ability to do it all.

    • Potato_w_Jive

      No i think that's actually accurate. Kanye is certainly a talented visionary as far as arranging beats and choosing amazing sounds and samples but his strength is percussion and rhythm. The Neptunes actually compose the music, playing out chords and coming up with melodies from scratch. Not saying one is better than the other, its just different. Kanye has incredible musicians playing all the strings and other instruments. Jon Brion is Kanye's right hand for that stuff. He basically took Kanye's beats and made them into "compositions". He pretty much helped create that big big orchestral sound that's all over Late Registration. He is THAT dude. And more recently, Power was "co-produced" by S1. Just fact. Respect to both camps.

    • BluntedDaily

      Get the fuck out of here with that shit.

    • Bob Barker

      That's exactly how it happens you mighty ignorant bastard.

    • themighty

      that's ignorant, that's just not what he said....

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