Lil Wayne's "Tha Carter IV" Cover Art Revealed

Weezy F. makes a stylistic decision that may place him in a classic circle for his ninth album, due this June.

With new plans of a June release, New Orleans, Louisiana emcee Lil Wayne's Tha Carter IV is among the most anticipated Hip Hop albums of 2011. The Cash Money Records veteran's ninth studio album will be his first since returning last year from a felony prison bid, during which he released I Am Not A Human Being.

According to New York Magazine, the cover art for Tha Carter IV will feature a child Dwayne Carter, Jr. in a strikingly similar pose to his multi-platinum 2008 release Tha Carter III. The image is pictured to the right. Other albums featuring likenesses or archival images of young emcees include Nas' 1994 debut Illmatic and Notorious B.I.G.'s debut from the same year, Ready To Die.

Tha Carter IV will include production from Bangladesh ("6'7" "), and is expected to feature appearances from Drake, Cory Gunz and Nicki Minaj, among others.


  • Will Tadesse

    Donate your money to feed starving people in Africa, not to this crap album!

  • Rachael Misek

    My graduation outfit is Maroon :)

  • achpe

    Debating over an album cover. 2011 HIP HIP fans are the dumbest!!!!!!!!!!!! When are yall going to realize that its about the music. Stans will love Wayne and Haters will hate him, so nothing going to change. Can we progress to something bigger than fighting over album covers?

  • troy matheny

    i cant wait!!!! :D

  • Britt Pennington

    Wayne used to be a good rapper, he is way to simple nowadays and has no wordplay, and weak flow. He isnt the worst rapper by all means, but he certainly isnt the best, either.

  • jason

    These bitter and jealous haters make me laugh. Thanks for keeping Wayne relevant. Thanks for helping his buzz. Look under "Most Discussed News" on the right side. Guess what's #1? You guys are helping him with the added publicity. "Any publicity is good publicity". Wayne is one of hip-hop's G.O.A.T.'s along with Tupac, Biggie, Eminem, Nas, Rakim. Deal with it. Accept it.

    • comachonvargas

      Jason... Wayne as a GOAT? Really? Those names you just mentioned have albums like All Eyez On Me, Ready to Die, Slim Shady/Marshall Mathers LP, Illmatic, IWW, Stillmatic, Paid in Full... THESE are classics... And what does Wayne have to even remotely compare to albums like these? NOTHING... Ill admit that Wayne drops some slick punchlines now and again, and his flow and delivery can be on point... but he is not at all consistent and his lyrical content is garbage more often that not... The term 'classic' is used way too loosely nowadays... you get an album that sells today and people automatically call it classic... Wayne doesnt have the creativity or committment to deliver an album with material that is truly classic in the history of the hip hop game... this is the same guy who made lollipop mind you... ONE

  • realnigga

    Why would he put a tatted child version of himself and with that ugly ass background? That background is best used for New Age music.

  • jason

    Lil Wayne is one of hip-hop's all time legends. He just keeps adding to his legacy as one of the greatest rappers to ever breathe into a microphone. We are all witnessing greatness.

    • jason

      Exactly, Eric Thomas. Perfectly stated.

    • jason

      "And really he never made a good album since the 1st Carter." That's funny because Tha Carter 2 is universally considered much better than Tha Carter 1, by leaps and bounds. You're a goddamn idiot.

    • Eric Thomas

      dude whether u like wayne or not hes gonna be a legend actually already is and whether u like it or not when his time is up he will be in the same sentence as pac and big thats not even my opinion thats a fact dumbass. its a new age and in this new age hes one of the best.

    • Greg Hunter Jr.

      STFU i rlly hope that was a joke. Wanye is awful. He wordplay is simple and annoying. His punchlines are the same. And really he never made a good album since the 1st Carter. Please get some knowledge of this genre of music B4 u say something that dumb again.

  • Do You Remember? Click on this link. If you won't do it for yourself, do it regardless. For the sake of hip hop.

  • Naah Son

    This kid looks like he's been molested

  • Unbelievable

    This person is dumb as hell and serves the perfect music for the masses which buy it without reflecting. What is the meaning of this? Any human who supports it, should be ashamed of himself. Any human should take this 'music' as an offense directed at common sense and intelligence. Oh, by the look of that cover. It's also an insult to natural beauty.

  • yo

    Everyone should listen to this with an open mind, shit gonna be EPIC.

  • Anonymous

    Is this meant to be a parody to Nas AND B.I.G's album cover's wtf

  • lol

    lil wayne music is for lil niggas

  • bossin GO SEE FOR YOURSELF AT YOUTUBE ASAP!!!! (Geemal'z weekly signature freestyle volume 4) THE NEXT BIGG THING?!?!

  • Octavian Johnson

    i still dont understand how C3 sold so many copies...yea i bought it. i guess i was tricked into thinking it was going to be good based on C2...boyyy was i wrong

  • Anonymous

    lil wayne has graduated from kindergarden raps and is now in elementary rhymes.

  • Travis Clinton

    this nigga damn near 30 and still calls himself lil? C'MON SON!!!!!!!

  • edison sam


  • Jesus

    he straight looks like he has downsyndrome

  • Anonymous

    Oh yeah. On topic...they should lose the tattoos. Tat's on the kid kind of brings down the quality of the artwork to me. Other than that, the pic's kind of funny. He should keep it.

    • Scott

      I hear that...this cat has some money right. Doesn't stop him from continuing to get horrific tattoo...makes ink look bad.

  • Anonymous

    I'd probably like Lil Wayne a little more if I wasn't forced to listen to him 99 times a day for four years. Sometimes I just needed a break. I mean honestly, I know radio have there playlists, but if he didn't have a single out they'd play the fifteen that had him featured on it. Then there was the mixtapes bumpin from every car in the city. If not from a car, your homeboy put it on in his system with the volume on 100. The shit was everywhere! All day. Everyday. To me he just got annoying. It's like the whole world was trying to MAKE me a fan. I still get headaches. He ain't that bad though. It's just as they say though,..."too much of one thing is a bad thing."

  • brrrrrr

    is that same little kid that sucked birmdans dick






    i had a piece of that ass ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • anonymous

  • BrewCityYM

    So Wayne Not Orginial But Biggie Is? Was Yaw Mafuckz Sayin Biggie Wasnt Orgininal or Bitin From Nas???? At least Tha Picture Is Actually Him, And Tha Concepts Is Him Graduating(maturing)From Tha Last Albums Man Leave That Bias Shit At Home. When Tha Carter IV Drop Yaw Gne Be Quite Tho.

    • Mom piper

      The nigga has a pic of him graduating kindergarten and shit. Which means hes maturing to elementary rhymes. Ha!

  • Louie

    The closest Lil Wayne has ever come to making an album on the level of reasonable doubt, illmatic, ready to die, and all eyez on me has been tha Carter 2. That album at best, was 3.5 to 4 out of 5 stars. So let's stop with the top 5 talk. But hey he could surprise everybody and drop a classic album. Weird shit does happen.

  • Lil Wayne

    i wanna lick EM SO baddd birdmannn i wannn lick ur BALLSS!!!!!!!!!!

  • Birdman

    Why yall hating on my boyfriend? I love him to death. Thats why i kiss him look at this pic:,r:1,s:0

  • jason

    Attention ALL Lil Wayne haters: I hope you faggots ALL die of AIDS

    • hellrazor

      oh jason, with your constant probably got AIDS already

    • The MG

      So it's okay to wish death on the people that don't like Lil Wayne but then you get mad when it happens the other way around? It's gotta go both ways homie. They're people too.

  • deziboy5150

    fa real as much weed as this nigga has smoked, this is the best cover he can come up wit? it was coo fo carter 3 but fa rea bruh? anotha child pic wit tats? next.

  • NastyNas4Life

    I Lol'ed when i saw the cover. Lol.

  • ayo

    wayne needs to stop rapping, purchase a coloring book and crayons, and color lions red for the rest of his life.

  • DeeJay S.

    It's not saying he's being put in the classic circle because he's got classic albums covers or the album is gonna be classic. THey're saying he's in the classic circle because he's reached his ninth album just like all other classic artist. The Hip-Hop game is not defined only on lyrics or opinions because everyone has one. THe Hip-Hop game is based on longevity and album sales. If you can stay relevant for a long time, and Wayne has been doing it since he was 13 (now he's what............28, and he can still sale records because people think he's hot then that throws him in the classic circle since the Carter 2. If you dont believe me then look at everyone else. Eminem is the 2nd best in the game cause he's got the most album sales then anyone one in the game, and he's been relevant since 1999 but he was gone for 4-5 years. If he still had those years on his side he would be the best. Unfortunately he's not. Anyone saying that Wayne is not good lyrically, he has no creativity, no originality, and no good music needs to do some research: Wayne invented a term that would forever be his creation: Bling Bling! dumb asses yall remember that.....yeah so that marks off Creativity and Originality. Wayne has lyrics for days. If you dont believe me listen to The Leak EP (one of his most lyrical tracklist of songs.) or listen to any song really because they all have metaphors and the lyrics are on point. And you cant say that Wayne has bad music because he's sold over 16 million albums worldwide so the only thing you can really say is that You dont like Wayne's music.

    • jason

      Lil Wayne has THREE classics, retard. "Tha Carter 2", "Dedication 2", "Da Drought 3". All classics. Do your homework, kid.

    • who shot ya

      that is several lines of bull. wayne has never made a classic, will never be a legend, for every good line, he has 4 bad ones. and everyone who likes hip is either young or doesn't listen to good hip hop. and this cover is biting Nas.

    • jason

      Hey Spliff dumbass, the majority of the people here do NOT hate Wayne. That's only what you want to believe in your own little mind to make yourself feel better. There's a reason why Wayne's songs on here get the most views and are discussed the most. Idiot

    • lmao

      The majority of people here dont hate Wayne, they hate EVERYONE that is competition for Eminem, go to a Jay-Z song or anything else and you'll see the Europeans out in full force.

    • comachonvargas

      lol Spliff I feel you... @ Max Most: give Wayne his props? How about he make a classic album 1st? And about his originality being based on coining the term 'bling bling'... you cant be serious. Wayne has some of the dumbest punchlines I have ever heard in my life [example: Im fucking the world and giving the universe my damn tongue... wow]. Until Wayne shows that he can progress as an artist from rapping about the same shit constantly he gets no respect... and I dont care if this is his 9th album or not... all that shows is the same brainwashed fans buy his weak albums all the time... and to the dude that says em is the best right now: no sir. Em is tight for real but NAS would take him no doubt. But Em and Nas both would demolish JAY and WAYNE. ONE

    • SpliffMagic1

      wayne is trash, stop trying to make people respect someone they dont want to, majority of the people here know wayne is fraud, so stop trying to make people like his music, just cause you might think some garbage line he spits is sick doesnt mean everyone else agrees

    • jason

      "Give me a quotable from Lil Wayne, I'll wait, I don't want to hear that "Kickin bitches out the condo like Pam" shit" Lil Wayne has a million quotables. How about: "Feet hangin out the window, jock my shoe game. Cause all my kicks fly, like Liu Kang" for starters

    • Max Most

      To paraphrase LL Cool J... an old man/ when people ask you what you did with your life/ you'll say I hated L'il Wayne/ and I carried a big Muf*ckas stay hating on Weezy, but who else can match his charisma, relevance, and bars??? NO ONE!!! Quit dickriding all these dusty ass NYC emcees from 20 years ago, and give little man his props.

    • Anonymous

      top reply is a fuckin retard everyone form birdman to bg has said on record that wayne created bling bling

    • what?

      Em is the best in the game right now.. lil wayne doesnt even touch him... to be irrelevant for 5 years and then go and still put up 2.5 mil then go triple probly quad platinum on the second album back is amazing no other rapper could do that...i like waynes songs but his lyrics are decent at best and theres no content behind them

    • Ayre

      Are you serious? Give me a quotable from Lil Wayne, I'll wait, I don't want to hear that "Kickin bitches out the condo like Pam" shit. Sales don't mean shit just because adolescent retards who don't have the sense god gave Geese buy his albums. Lil Wayne is one of the hardest working frauds I'll give you that.

    • jason

      Lil Wayne is Top 5 dead or alive

    • Anonymous

      Actually BG created the term BLING BLING, dummy, get ur shit straight! Oh yeah, Wayne Sucks!

  • Anonymous

    Kweli signed to Maybach Music

  • Chad Luckner

    I've already stated my dislike for Lil Wayne and is lack of substance, originality, creativity, etc. But I would actually give this lil fuck credit if he had some quality features, somethng that "surprises me" like a hi-tek feature, or maybe havoc from mobb deep, the lox, shit get DMX off the streets and give him a verse. Every album its the same old shit with drake, nicki minaj, and I can't forget...a song or two with Baby thats called "we get money, we pop bottles" ummmmm yeah WE KNOW!! It's going to be full of young money crap, and I dont listen to none of those fucks.

    • jason

      Shut the fuck you up faggot. Dislike Wayne all you want, he's still gonna go platinum.

    • um

      You forgetting Tech N9ne is on the album? Or that he gave a free godly verse to Nas for Distant Relatives? I don't think the OFFICIAL tracklist is even out yet.

  • LV

    LMAO I can almost guarantee that everyone that continuously talks shit on these sites does not get paid to be a critic! so my first question is why the hell do you waist your time doing it! second, most of the people on here don't like Wayne so why the f*** do you click the links referencing him? Don't click on it if you don't like it! however, if you continue to do so it is entertaining watching everyone getting so butt hurt over shit they aren't going to listen to in the first place!(even though most of them are!) If you don't like the artist don't buy there shit, don't blog about them, don't listen to hip-hop anymore because it's all artists like lil wayne out there hip-hop has changed unfortunately but please don't waist yours or my time by talking shit!

  • Tunechi

    Anyone that isn't looking forward to this is a fucking loser that doesn't come out of their basement, gonna be a hot summer!

    • Anonymous

      wow your a tool. you can jack off to the cover on release day with your queer ass.

    • Tunechi

      Make me shut up you bitch ass nigga, when this is released im gonna blast this outside yo mommas house and she gona come out shakin that DONK THEN IM GONNA MAKE THEM CHEEKS CLAP FOR REAL YOU BE SITTIN IN UR ROOM WONDERIN WHAT THE SLAPPIN NOISE IS IM POUNDING HER BITCH

    • The Boss

      shut the fuck up tunechi

  • Jose Vasquez

    The album shows exactly what I expected his next album to be: lack of creativity, elementary at best, probably about toys (cars, guns) and about having more than everyone (money); will be surprising if does the opposite but I doubt it. Oh yea, Lex Luger type beats that will cause brain tumors.

  • Milehighkid303

    so what he entertains this young crowd..... despite what you faggot 90's babies think there's more to hip hop then a catchy hook n entertainer, see in the 80's n early to mid 90's cats ACTUALLY had to have writing ability n structure, good cadence, mic presence, etc. You Lil faggots have been given processed versions of this guy for years. So fucking what he sells records n everyone likes him, id put ten fucking house payments on it he couldn't stand lyrically next to a Talib Kweli who DOESN'T SELL. Hip Hop is about sending messages, not wearing wallet chains, skinny jeans, tight clothes n runnin round kissin "your daddy" the hip hop public of today needs to b brought up on what THE REAL IS.....

    • jason

      It's 2011. Who cares about those boring, SWAGLESS 90's rappers? That shit is over with. Name one rapper with more natural SWAG than Wayne? NOBODY.

    • jason

      LMAO, then you bring up Talib Kweli. First of all, Talib Kweli has NO rhythm, ability to ride a beat, or delivery to speak of. Second of all, Talib Kweli has said that Wayne is one of his favorite rappers.

    • jason

      You are completely wrong. You have NO IDEA on what hip-hop truly is. Hip-hop is not JUST about "sending messages". Let me educate you: Hip Hop is a movement, a culture, as well as a genre of music. Materialistic things, getting money, women, cars, etc. is a part of this movement, and it always has been. There is no "real" or "fake" rap/hip hop music, it's all part of the culture. This "gettin money" phase that hip hop is in is simply a part of the 30+ year movement that has finally taken the spotlight. 15 years ago, the "gangsta" side of the culture held the spotlight. Who knows what is next. There. EDUCATED


      Personally im remaning open minded about this album, I'll wait and see if it as any substance once I ear it, I do hope he goes deeper than just saying ''How rich he his and what he has that we dont have kind of verses'' on the real though, If you like Hip Hop with substance, download my free E.P. no sign up required,jus click download ATTILIO''My Troublesome Happiness'' on YOU WONT BE DISSAPOINTED!

    • hmm

      Talib Kweli said Wayne is one of his favorite rappers dumbass



    • riot

      But you know what the fuck is just pathetic and gay? When niggas speculate, what the fuck pac would say. You don't know shit about a dead man's perspective, and talkin shit'll get your neckbone disconnected

    • tesco321

      I guess you never heard that Immortal Technique song where he said anyone putting words in a dead mans mouth is stupid as fuck and he gonna kill them.

  • swedenisgayden

    wtf did birdman do this on photoshop 3.4version brrrrrrrrrrrr young stunna young stunnaaaaaa brrrrrrrr

  • Frankie

    This shit look like garbage. Just like his last cd. And the one before that. And the one before that. And so on, and so forth.

  • Boss No Rick Ross

    My nigga Tech N9ne is also going to be on this shit, he ain't worth mentioning? Y'all fools don't know what the fruck y'all talking about! TECH ALL DAY BITCHES

  • r.c.

    isn't wayne supposed to be #1 in the game right now yet he's not doing anything groundbreaking. wayne is nothing special lyrically. delivery wise he's one of the best. flow wise he's average. this cover just shows that he's not really thinkin out of the box or trying to change the game. honestly wayne's best album was tha carter. tha carter was okay but it doesnt touch the first. 3rd was trash. woulda been dope if tha carter 1 had the carter 2 cover tho lol.

  • cameron

    This album is guaranteed to be gay as fuck, when has been straight whack for a while now, and no im not hating to all the wayne dick suckers

  • Pepedo Munchura

    Hopefully it's a classic like The Carter 2.

  • hellrazor

    how dare this writer put illmatic and ready to die in this article? this goes to show that wayne is about as creative as a cashew nut. how many carter albums is this faggot gonna have? is it too much trouble to think of an album title?? is it!?! this is carter # 4 and i bet, ok scratch that, i KNOW it's gonna be wack. this little cunt puts no effort, no soul, no brains, no substance into his "work". i gotta agree with chad. illmatic and ready to die are considered classics, that entails that the albums will be remembered but this...this is bullshit. expect more autotuned pop songs & lyrics that make no goddamn sense whatsoever.

  • CZR


  • theTruth

    i swear to god, if i see this album cover in the store im gona buy that shit. swear to god lol

  • Vencire Damones

    Lil Wayne has consistently used classic album art, its funny he hasn't yet reached anywhere remotely close to actually CREATING A CLASSIC ALBUM in an eight album discography! this guy is the "best rapper alive",the only moderately good album he ever released was carter2 too bad nothing else is and will never be released with any quality smh this generation is being fed this guy?

    • RedWings

      He didn't use Slaughterhouse in the same sentence as Nas and Biggie. One sentence was about Wayne being nothing compared to Nas and Biggie and the 2nd sentence was about Slaughterhouse should make a diss song about wayne. You did sound like a huge bad ass talking shit though.

    • rofl

      Please NEVER use Slaughterhouse in the same sentance as Nas and Biggie, they only got signed because Royce sucked Eminems white cock.

    • DR

      I been sayin that for years man!!!!

    • Jose Vasquez

      LOL!!!! I know!!!! This guy has nothing on Nas and Biggie, and they bring this up when he's tried to do the same thing before with the Carter III. I'm waiting for a diss track from someone like Slaughterhouse, hopefully people pay attention.

  • donkey kong sean

    it's depressing how little effort wayne makes to be creative. 4 albums in a row with the same exact title?? and to make it worse the title is the mother fucker's last name? imagine if nas made jones 1-4. i've been follwoing wayne since the carter 1 (so i don't know why i'm surprised because he's been saying it his whole career) but this dude only cares about money. he'll do a collabo with toby fucking keith if it gets him an extra buck. i'll check out this album but most likely it will be song after song of knock knock jokes with corny punch lines we've heard before. i hope he proves me wrong because it's not looking good for him. rocky 4 had its moments but rocky 5 was unwatchable.

    • Chad Luckner

      Haha I laughed at the part of spitting "knock knock jokes" but I agree with you, shit is getting old and unoriginal...its stale! Its bad enough these kids are all hyped up off lil waynes weak ass punch lines when they dont even know about Big L or Big Pun.

  • nice

    btw its hilarious to hear people moaning about biting album covers when EVERYONE bites in hip hop, and its not like Wayne hasnt done songs and is cool with all the goats anyway.

    • DR

      him and nas arent cool,and biggy wouldnt fuck with that nigga if he was alive! ppl sample or borrow but they do it in a creative way this nigga is just lacking any creativity and ya'll keep eatting up the bullshit they feed ya'll

  • nice

    Looking forward to this album! Carter 2 was a classic, hope its similiar.

  • Chad Luckner

    Lil Wayne is so unoriginal its embarassing! Hiphopdx goes as far to say that Lil Waynes "stylistic decision may place him in a classic circle" you guys are already using the term classic! Why? because his album covers show growth, but not his music. This guy is TRASH! How easy is it to keep calling every next album you put out Carter 2, Carter 3, Carter,let me see what he is going to call his album next year...hmmm oh yeah Carter 5. WTF? His albums aren't even like a storyline and have no concept, if he is going to make some sort of collection or series of The Carter then where is the concept? Nas' concept in illmatic based off of the cover was "the streets of queens NY, ir the ghetto in general and a child superimposed in the center of it, experiencing it and taking it all in" and illmatic was about Nas' life in Queens...perfect Album cover that really captured the concept of the album. And that was actually Nas at 7 years old in the picture...not some random kid with tattooos drawn on his face. Im sure Hiphopdx will give this album a 4.5-5 just to please the mainstream crown but people need to know their history before jumping on that "best rapper alive" bullshit!

    • comachonvargas

      @ DeeJayS; there is something to be said for longevity nowadays in the rap game for sure because it truly is hard to achieve... credit wayne for stayin in the game so long and still being relevant... but I dont care why his fans call his shit 'classic' because Wayne himself says he is the best alive... you cant make that claim without a single album that is CLASSIC in terms of all the albums that were ever put out... Illmatic, Ready to Die, All Eyez On me, Blueprint are classics... Wayne doesnt have it in him to make albums of this caliber so he shouldn't dare characterize his shit that way... I wish the GOAT Nasir would just tear up any artist who claimed to be the best ONE

    • nice

      Carter 1 and Carter 2 is class plus Wayne got more classic mixtapes than you can count on a hand but you wouldnt know that since you started getting into Hip Hop a year ago lol

    • DeeJay S

      If you read carefully and think about what the mother fucker is saying. It's not saying he's being put in the classic circle because he's got classic albums or the album is gonna be classic. THey're saying he's in the classic circle because he's reached his ninth album just like all other classic artist. They Hip-Hop game is not defined only on lyrics or opinions because everyone has one. THe Hip-Hop game is based on longevity and album sales. If you can stay relevant for a long time, and Wayne has been doing it since he was 13 (now he's what............28, and he can still sale records because people think he's hot then that throws him in the classic circle since the Carter 2 (and that will be my post)


      @ Nice; so what if Wayne spit a decent verse on My Generation... still wasnt touching Nas verse in the slightest... still doesn't change the fact that Wayne has NO classic albums to his name despite constantly proclaiming himself as the best rapper alive... EVERYONE steps their game up on a Nas track because they know they will get straight roasted if they dont... Wayne CDs have no cohesion, no conceptual risk-taking, and no coherent lyricism... just nonsensical bullshit over some production with heavy bass... you even listen to what he says? Its idiotic... he should lay off sippin syrup and formaldehyde... Dont ever compare Wayne and the GOAT Nasir ONE

    • Jose Vasquez

      @Am Alive, LOL, Rebirth was literally dog shit, people be proclaiming this guy is the best in hip hop, laughable.

    • Am Alive

      @Anonymous: So you're saying Distant Relatives flopped? The album that topped 3 different charts and got better reviews than any of Wayne's albums ever did (even Carter 2, his best CD, probably only got just as good reviews as Distant Relatives, which isn't even the best from Damian or Nas's discography. You wanna know what a flop is? Go look up Rebirth.

    • Anonymous

      @pico presi: Stop living in the past. The Golden Era is gone and so is most of those rappers that you named. They are gone. Jay is the only one still popular in Hip Hop not for sh!t that he did 10 years ago only but for sh!t that he is doing now. Nas is fighting with his label. They refuse to release Lost Tapes 2 because his last cd flopped.


      @Nice: Contrary to what you believe Chad is absolutely right. The Carter are bangers but they dont have shelf live because he is just freestyling over every beat. No concepts, stories, etc. just lyrics. I agree with Chad, this stuff is a bit unoriginal in that NaS and Biggie and others have dont this before. Wayne is dope but the only reason he is helmed as the best out is because he dodged the Golden Era and post golden eras. Where he would have had to size up against: Big, Pac, Rae, Nas, Jay, Big, Pun, etc. aint no way this dude match up wit no of them greats.

    • nice

      dude it was so funny reading that, you sound like your about to cry, you must have been mad as shit when Wayne held his own with Nas on the joints they did together lmfao.

  • reh

    Kindergarden cover, for kindergarden music. I think it's great

  • Anonymous

    Raekwon and Ghostface Killah should call Lil Wayne an "Illmatic album cover" biter as well. they called BIG that when he released Ready to Die, so why not Lil Wayne? lol

    • Edi Kajmolli

      its a different era of hip hop not gritty like it used to be. Ghostface is not to be fucked with lol woulda ate biggies food may he R.I.P. Lil Wayne is aight but this album cover is far from ground breaking shit.

  • Rick

    WOW! These new Hip Hopers dont know the rules about BITING! NAs must be having mad RABIES!

  • lilwaynesucks

    everybody stealin nas'es idea , even biggie but at least ready to die is a classic , lil wayne sucks , people who like his lyrics are dumb and have a low iq

  • Big Wayne

    more wack ass gay ass raps from this ugly fuck.

  • Anonymous

    who cares this ugly ass fuck

  • demolisher

    it's funny the hate wayne gets i mean its more than most rappers so he is really doing something right i like the idea its a series so all the covers should be somewhat similar and biggie had a baby on the cover it's just smart but biggie is a legend dont get me wrong but too many ppl on that nas nutsack he's okay but i guess cause not many ppl hate he isnt doing anything right at all maybe thats why he dont really sell shit and dont say it aint bout album sales cause thise are the ones that illegally download the albums but it does matter if you want to stay relevant and talked about and have ppl know your name.

  • G

    Wait.... he graduated kindergarden?

  • Anonymous

    psh this motherfucker didnt even graduate middle school

  • Anonymous

    lmao it jus had to had to be a spinoff of the C3 cover

  • Seckorie Chatman

    THats a dope ass album cover. if given the opportunity, ima do somethin similar.

  • cold 187

    This nigga aint Biggie or Nas!!

  • L-Boogie

    Ready To Die and Illmatic are two of the best albums in hip hop, Tha Carter 4 will be trash just like Carter 3!

  • Глеб Буглов

    фак визи

  • milehighkid303

    To EVEN put his sorry ass name in the same sentence as Mr. Nasir Jones is a fuckin joke. THIS GUY IS ASS CHEEKS. Real heads already know what it is with this herb, he has no bar structure, no substance, no direction, and did I mention he's a biter? Plus the fuckin guy dresses like a damn skateboader, save that shit. He doesn't embody the real essence of hip hop, n again shaking my head at the general public because of this fuckery.....

    • jason

      LOL, Hip-hop is NOT about "sending messages". That's what YOU want it to be about. Not what it really is.

    • Milehighkid303

      @Jason I knew I hit a chord, so what he entertains despite what you faggot 90's babies think there's more to hip hop then a catchy hook n entertainer, see in the 80's n early to mid 90's cats ACTUALLY had to have writing ability n structure, good cadence, mic presence, etc. You Lil faggots have been given processed versions of this guy for years. So fucking what he sells records n everyone likes him, id put ten fucking house payments on it he couldn't stand lyrically next to a Talib Kweli who DOESN'T SELL. Hip Hop is about sending messages, not wearing wallet chains, skinny jeans, tight clothes n runnin round kissin "your daddy" the hip hop public of today needs to b brought up on what THE REAL IS.....

    • waka

      milehighkid303 you sound old as fuck

    • Anonymous

      and that justifies all the whack music he makes. But he is an entertainer so its ok. Nas can go make whack lil wanye shit but it be ok because he is an entertainer. fuck u and dumb logic fuck head. Hip Hop is not solely about entertainment, its expression: a release.

    • jason

      Who gives a shit about "bar structure" and "direction"? Wayne is an entertainer you dumb fuck. You know what he does? He entertains people. Simple as that

  • Atl2Trill

    Could this be the last album in the Carter series if Weezy put a graduation pic as an album cover? We'll see.

  • joe5286

    with photoshopped tats of course

  • joe5286

    Is that an authentic photograph of little Lil Wayne?

  • Ice T

    dat album is gonna be ass....n is undeserving of immitating illmatics cover

    • Anonymous

      problem with your statement: The kid on illmatic looks pissed off,didnt wear tattoos,you could only see his face,wasn't wearing a graduation cap and gown, this is more of a continuation of what he did with the carter 3 album cover

  • Anonymous

    Illmatic was released in '94 Ready to Die was Released in '95 Fuck you DX

    • Rick

      @ jg..hahahhaa! man you just made me laugh out loud man! Got everyones attention here at the office. hahahaha

    • joe5286

      Ready to Die was most definitely 1994

    • Anonymous

      Naw dude, they are actually correct this time. Ready To Die was released somewhere in September, a week before Craig Mack's debut. And as for Illmatic somewhere in April, around 17 years ago; So yea 1994 as well.

    • Jg

      R2D was '94 read too much wikipedia buy the fuckin cd

  • mike who??

    cool cover art...i pray im not disappointed wid the music cause dat first single suckz...

  • Vanno Davis

    i just dont want to be disappointed like i was with rebirth and i am not a human being

  • stupid

    cover art...and that wasn't really B.I.G. on the Ready to Die cover art.

    • hey dumbass read the article...

      it says it takes an archival image of Lil Wayne, other emcees that have done this are Nas on illmatic and Notorious B.I.G. on Ready to Die. so dumbfuck before you start acting like a smart ass, read the fucking article closely and pay attention. If you did, you would see that it said that the kid on B.I.G. cover was him at a young age...when it really wasn't. Fucking dumbass.

    • wtf

      No shit Sherlock!

  • Moses Esan

    I like it, it's funny as hell.

  • Travis Clinton

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  • Kashif Ilyas

    nice cover-art

  • Blind.

    How long before people start saying he biting NaS cover again? People don't care that Big did it. I like the cover, just hope the music is decent!

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