Lupe Fiasco Says His Core Fans Will Be Pleased With "Food & Liquor 2"

The Chicago emcee says his next album will appeal to his longtime fans.

At a recent concert in Albany, New York Lupe Fiasco announced from the stage that his next project will be a sequel to his debut release entitled, Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album. Now the chart topping rapper has revealed some details about the direction that record will take.

Speaking with Albany radio station Jamz 96.3 Lupe declared that the project will have his core, longtime fans in mind and will be a return to the style he showcased on his early releases. “It’s a little more dedicated to the nerdy Lupe Fiasco fans, out there, who like the super double entendres and the triple metaphors and the concept songs. So you know we gonna take it back,” Lupe stated.

In the immediate future for the rapper are several video shoots. He plans to film clips for forthcoming singles “I Don’t Wanna Care Right Now” and “Out of My Head,” both off his latest record Lasers.


  • yooo

    check out this up and coming MC hes dope

  • Tyler McConner


    • 2dope

      I do like the cool more. But food and liquor was disgusting. Definitely a classic you moron. Now i like f&l that much more cuz of people like you

  • name

    food and liquor wasn't as good as his second album. food and liquor was just as poppy as lasers because of some of the neptunes productions. the only good songs are kick push 1 and 2, the instrumental, and the cool. everything else was either too slow or too poppy (or at least the beat was too poppy).

    • Anonymous

      The Neptunes produced 1 song on F&L and it was as far from a poppy sounding rap album as you can get.

  • lol

    Lupe already became Lady Gaga status when he released Lasers, anyone buying this has to be a star wars jedi nerd sucking Lupes nerdy black cock.

  • Nate Watkins

    I think "IDWCRN" and "OMH" will do just fine.

  • dbambamm

    ayo dont care what all these katz are tlking about. the only reason why lasers wasnt that hot is because atlantic records did that. this is HIS album now and no doubt its gonna sound as good as the first one.

  • Skoob

    The two worst songs on Lasers, the two WORST SONGS that Lupe has ever recorded...are going to be his next two singles? That's embarrassing. Makes it hard for me to convince more people to give him a chance.

  • LeftHook

    I'm sick of all these stupid sequel album titles. It's lame and unoriginal. Why not just call it The Great American Rap Album?

  • Elijah Turay

    Too late Lupe. Sorry. We used to love ya.

  • Phil Dalmida

    "I Don't Wanna Care Right Now"?....I was hoping the next vid would be Words I never said....Oh well..

  • G'

    Must suck to be put inside a box by folks who claim to be your "Fans". Thus, why hip hop always going be behind all other genres. "Niggas want my old shit, buy my old albums"

  • NY

    Ok but can Lupe back it up with the music, I would love another Food & Liquor it's his best album but Lasers was just horrible pop shit and I understand record labels ruin albums but he's still signed under Atlantic so I except it to be similar to Lasers because they won't put it out unless it's more like pop.

  • dockevoc

    zzzzzzzzzzzz lupe sucks and I don't care what he says he still made every song on Loser not the 'record company'

  • Jose Vasquez

    Album will be good, I hope the Buchanans produce in it again, love how "All Black Everything" sounded, best song on Lasers.

  • Andezchicago

  • Keezie

    Folks need to stop hating on this dude for Lasers. Even with the album being commercial my man still didn't compromise his message. You can't compare someone's projects the way Hip Hop headz do. They want everything to evoke the same feeling as their favorite project. It's not going to happen. If an artist keeps the same sound it shows lack of growth. No need to sell out but switch it up a bit. DJ Khaled follows the same formula all the time & I doubt that we'll be able to tell his singles apart in the future. They pretty much all sound the same to me already.

    • Ariel Da Mp

      ^^^^^^cosign this...I mean, I consider myself a "nerdy, hardcore, loyal and die-hard" Lupe fan, but come on people. He still came with the bars and we already know y Lasers sounded the way it did. And he even risked his sales by sayin how he was displeased with it. Cut da homie some slack geez....

  • Anonymous

    I know it will be good. Haters get mad, but you have to understand that Lasers will be the only album that the recored company tried to make there own. Food& Liquor 2 will be great. This is the only album i'm waiting for.



  • Renegade

    F@ck Lupe! How in the hell you gonna call soldiers murderers when those are the same guys protecting your country, no matter how you try to flip it.

    • Keezie

      Just b/c you're protecting the country doesn't change the name of what you're doing. We just take the side we're on. The way politics go nowadays there is damn near no such thing as a righteous killing. If a child eats a slice of bread to stay alive he's eating a slice of bread. If a convicted killer eats the same slice of bread do we give it another name since it's keeping the killer alive.

    • Anonymous

      "Most soldiers are people who have no hobbies" has to be the dumbest statement ever, but "soldiers are protecting our freedom" is pretty close.

    • Anonymous

      They're over there killing muslims and turning THEIR COUNTRY into a democracy, nothing over there reflects over here besides us losing money, parks, schools, ect. Most soldiers are people who have no hobbies or future outlook, so they go somewhere that has people who can tell them what to do. Soldiers aren't heroes at all, the news and corny patriotism has you gassed up like most people, most sit over there doing nothing but picking on people and bullying people, killing innocent kids and women.

  • LJbigbang

    If F&L2 is anything like Go to Sleep, then I'm in. Lasers wasn't for me (purchased F&L and The Cool but not them lasers).

  • datdudefromnyc

    can i get a video to Beamin or All Black Everything?

  • Alex Hayford

    It's sad that I don't even give a damn anymore. LASERS took care of that.

    • Jay.R

      So an artist puts out one shit album and you "don't give a damn anymore"?. You must dislike damn near every artist then huh?

  • Krime

    I was just bangin that F&L yesterday.... "My man said he wanted somethin real... real... real... real."

    • btothez

      i bump FnL everyday when i work out! Lasers is not great to me...i bought it because "words i never said" "Show goes on" "coming up" "letting go" "Beautiful Lasers" were dope...F N L 2 will be ridiculous


    i guess atlantic records want be buying this album

  • Its Um

    Boo. LupEnd is what I want to hear, and the next single should be "all black everything."

    • B@nksy

      why does the name of the album matter?, plus he said when he puts LupEnd out it will be his last album thus the "End" part, so why would you want him to drop his last album ever?

  • Hero

    and they still not listenin to Sir Daj??? What planet am I on

  • dxtalk

    bout fucking time niggggggggguhhhhh

  • Gucci says...

    "...I eat the red crayon cause the red one tastes the best."

  • D D H

    yes!!! the lupe everyone's been waiting for

  • mr. c

    hipster faggots don't matter in hip-hop. when dude was with bun he was just talkin out his ass when bun was makin valid points. "people only go to school to eat", "kids should plant a tree instead of going to school" meanwhile you heard crickets chirping.

  • R.Pgh

    the two songs he's making videos for right now are the worst songs on the album. If they would get rid of those songs and included 'Beamin' and 'SLR' I don't think long time fans would have been as disappointed. Looking forward to F&L2.

    • X

      You damn right. Talk about shitty songs. I remember when I bought the album. I added Shining Down and I'm Beamin as they should have been on the album and removed those two of piece of shit label influeced tracks. GTFOH with that bull. Look forward to the new album though.

    • Meh

      Uhh isn't plain and boring what sells with everybody? If it works, of course anybody (Lupe included)would use it. Same goes for 'I Don't Wanna Care Right Now'. It's hard on most of our ears, but everybody else will be buying these singles like crazy. If 'All Black Everything' (The best Lasers example) were a single, do you HONESTLY think that it would do as well as one of the singles he already has planned?

    • Mike Hawk

      Out of My Head is garbage, but anything with Trey Songz on it gets eaten up (why, I have no idea). And I hate myself for it, but "I Don't Wanna Care Right Now" is starting to grow on me. And while I do agree those two are the worst on the album, they're still better than a lot of the trash on the radio right now.

    • R.Pgh

      @ ilexx 'I don't want to care right now' is the worst electro/pop piece of shit I've ever heard. I consider myself a huge Lupe fan, but I refuse to force myself to like dumb shit, even if it's Lupe on it. 'Out Of My Head' is a weak attempt at a song to appeal to women. I don't have a problem with him making a song for girls, but this one sounds like every other rapper/r&b artist collabo. It's plain and boring. I'd rather him make something more creative like he did with "Sunshine". Also, Lupe said himself that the label forced him to make songs that he normally would NEVER do. These singles are exactly that...songs you'd NEVER expect Lupe to do. So if I'm a fool, what is Lupe?

    • Aztek

      ilexx you're a fucking retard both songs were complete shit. the only reason those songs are getting videos is cause the label picked them.

    • ilexx

      U are a DAMN fool.... 'Out Of My Head' is perfect for chicks and the radio.... 'I dont wanna care right now' is a good cross over song. What people need to understand is that the songs with the most mass appeal is what gets picked for singles. They are trying to reach a broader audience.

  • 2dope

    I know for a fact this album is gonna be great. I can't wait.

  • fenly

    I skiped through Lupes last album one time and that shit was wack as hell!!

  • sica

    rather see a Beautiful lasers(two ways) music video..those other ones songs aren't as good..

  • Squeakdog

    Lupe got some heat that didn't even make the album "SLR" the Beamin' Remix. stop hating, if you wanna get paid you gotta make some poppy records, but not Whiz type fag shit

  • .

    I love how with lasers, people all jumped on the it's shit bandwaggon becasue of one interview where Lupe said the studio influenced him. Automatically we had thousands of so called experts in the music industry and everyone was hatin on his album. It is still a great album by hip hop standards. Yes there are a few club bangers, but why is it the end of the world for an emcee to make a fun song or two?

  • .

    I love how with lasers, people all jumped on the "it's shit bandwaggon becasue one one interview where Lupe said the studio influenced him. Automatically we had thousands of experts in the music industry and everyone was hatin on his album. It is still a great album by hip hop standards. Yes there are a few club bangers, but why is it the end of the world for an emcee to make a fun song or two?

  • .

    I love how with lasers, people all jumped on the "it's shit bandwaggon" becasue one one interview where Lupe said the studio influenced him. Automatically we had thousands of experts in the music industry and everyone was hatin on his album. It is still a great album by hip hop standards. Yes there are a few club bangers, but why is it the end of the world for an emcee to make a fun song or two?

  • Fiv

    lupe..dont fail on us this time. for the sake of hip-hop

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