Flesh-N-Bone Claims Krayzie Bone Is Disrespecting Eazy E By Leaving BTNH

UPDATE: The rift grows deeper as Flesh says that Krayzie has basically said "fuck you" to the group's late mentor.

Last week, Krayzie Bone, one of the founding members of Cleveland Rap group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, announced his departure from the clique. In the statement announcing the surprising news Krayzie had this to say, “I just wanted to take the time out right now to let everybody know about some major changes in my career and in my life. Just so everybody knows that I will no longer be a part of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony due to uncontrollable circumstances. It’s basically time for me to move on with different endeavors that I’ve already had planned in my life.”

Now group member Flesh-N-Bones is commenting on the split. AllHipHop.com is reporting that while on the Latin Assassin show on Z-107.9 in Cleveland Flesh made his feelings toward Krayzie very clear, saying, “What the fuck do people mean it aint no Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, because Krayzie's bitch ass decided he wanted to quit? Man, fuck Krayzie, homie. Put that in the paper. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony gonna keep moving as Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, man. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony don't consist of no motherfucking Krayzie Bone, man. It consists of Flesh, Bizzy, Wish, Krayzie and Layzie. Just because one ni**a decided to quit don't mean it’s over for Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.”

As for what the actual circumstances were behind Krayzie’s exit, Flesh claims its all due to Bizzy Bone being back in the fold. “Me, Layzie and Bizzy did a couple of shows by ourselves out here and sold out and it was phenomenal. And they loved the energy of seeing Bizzy on stage back with his brothers. That's what the fans wanted to see. Krayzie and Wish hate Bizzy Bone so much, they didn't want him to get on the stage,” Flesh said.

So rather than share a stage with Bizzy Krayzie decided to split from the group. But Flesh is promising that the remaining three members of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Layzie, Bizzy, and himself, will continue to tour and are prepping an album, tentatively titled Majority Rules, set for release next year.

(April 19)

UPDATE: Yesterday (April 19), Flesh-N-Bone spoke to TMZ.com about Krayzie Bone's depature from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony further, claiming that his former band-mate is disrespecting the legacy of Bone's mentor, the late Eric "Eazy E" Wright, co-founder of Bone's earliest label home, Ruthless Records.

"Krayzie [Bone] might as well say 'Fuck Eazy-E' because he is disrespecting Eazy-E's legacy by leaving the group," Flesh said to TMZ. Additionally, the emcee who was incarcerated and estranged from the group between 2000 and 2008, before returning to the group for Uni 5: The World's Enemy.


  • Truth

    Flesh just mad that he spent the majority of BTNH's success in jail because he is a idiot.

  • Wishboner

    Man I miss my uncle Charlie

  • Anonymous

    men dis niggis nid go check dem selves cos flesh and others her real nigis.krazie b my home boi.fles mind your speach if u dont want all d gangater in d world to come your house

  • geemal

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRdVrEd6soc GO SEE FOR YOURSELF AT YOUTUBE ASAP!!!! (Geemal'z weekly signature freestyle volume 4) THE NEXT BIGG THING?!?!

  • Anonymous

    hell yeah sign with tech nine strange music.

  • Jesus

    personnally i dont give a flaming fuck. these glorified dick riders should break up. Layzie bone was better by himself and so is Krazie maybe they can change they name cuz they sound like sex styles

  • lowprofile

    fuck eazy e he dead anyway

  • Dynamic Producer

    The whole situation just vexes me, actually.... Not to say that the group can truly thrive without any particular member, but I never knew who Flesh was during the Thuggish Ruggish days... I remember hearing his name, but couldn't distinguish his voice... I would rather have them together clicking on all cylinders on that E. 1999 Eternal shit.... None of us knows what is really goin' on with them tho.... So, arguing with each other really serves no purpose...lol

  • Daddy01

    *correction: Am I the only one....

  • Daddy01

    Am I the one that found something strange about this article? Flesh said BTNH consists of the 4 members minus Krayzie but then it says only 3 members will do an album together minus Wish? huh?? This is a legitimate question and yes I saw in the article that "Wish and Krayzie hated Bizzy."

  • Anonymous

    who thr fuck is flesh???

    • dude

      THATS WHAT I'M SAYIN! and how is he meant to comeback and feel welcome after this dude mouthing off disrespecting him to the max.

  • geemal

    "Geemal's weekly signature freestyle volume 4" check it out on youtube...dont miss out!!!!

  • mike

    all of them should get along and tear shit up.

  • E8ght

    Flesh out of line but who cares. I listened to Bone because of Bizzy. It's his sound that made their sh1t tight.

  • Anonymous

    Bizzy bone doesnt deserver to be in the group as much as krayzie at all

  • Anonymous

    Yea Flesh did get a job but if it wasnt for krayzie rapping skills they still wouldnt have made it Krayzie has been carrying this group on his back for the lastdecade

    • Rogelio Marquez

      I hear that. I heard the art of war and have you ever noticed it's mostly Krayzie for like half that album? I wonder how the rest of are now...

  • Anonymous

    or maybe he don't wanna be 45 years old and still rappin. life changes.

    • Anonymous

      I am agree with the @dynamic. Be a rapper as long as you want, it's just when your 45 and still talking about hoes, selling drugs, and popping bottles shit don't seem right.

    • Dynamic Producer

      I feel what u sayin' about the age issue in Hip Hop... I don't think it matters either.. But, there seems to be a bad stigma from society when it concerns rappers over a certain age. Hip Hop is considered to be an immature art form. And the music that most artists put out only backs up that argument....lol

    • Anonymous

      And whats wrong with being a 45 year old rapper? Never hear "maybe they dont want to be a 65 year old rocker" when talking about the stones or the who or any old rock groups. Get outta hear with that bullshit.

  • incognito

    The real reason that nigga is pissed is because he knows that the little money they were generating on tour and shit like that is gonna dry the fuck up. When Bizzy was fucking up they knew they could still function without him so there was no need to trip, but with krayzie and possibly wish gone too it's a wrap.

  • Anonymous

    Flesh n bone got a job at kfc just to make money for them all to ride out and see eazy. just saying dont be mad at any of them. all of them contribute. Man, most of you guys dont know shit.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah when it comes down to it, no one can say shit. Because you really don't know who snuffed who in this scenario. Clearly there is some personal shit going on, and for someone to leave a group they have the right too do their own thing.

    • Killionaire

      Tell em, school these fools

  • Anonymous

    Krayzie&wish left because bizzy wanted to come back. They were both great but if they want to leave, then they can leave and i wont be mad. But i can understand why flesh is mad. bizzy deserves to be with them as much as krayzie. they are a five man group even if two of them leave. People say Bone wont be shit without krayzie and thats pretty disrespectful to me. they sound more like krayzie fans than bone thugs n harmony fans. If you dont like Layzie Flesh and Bizzy, then fuck off and listen to krayzie, I wish him luck, and the some thing with bone thugs. Dont say bone wont make it without kray and wish because the remaining members will still fuck up any artist alive lay biz and flesh is a sick combo listen to some songs on btnhressurrection with those 3 and youll get the picture. Bone isnt composed of krayzie. Its Krayzie layzie bizzy wish and flesh like flesh said and any combination will do fine. Disrespecting layzie bizzy and flesh saying they wont be good or saying its over, just ignorant.

  • wickwickwack

    Flesh lost his mind K. Bone said he ´s gone in an almost classy way...he didnt say BTnH is dead or over Why stay together if they dont get along ?Fake it til u make it ?

  • Anonymous

    I a huge bone fan and I think Bone thugs need to realize every team needs their star player when the star player leaver the fans usually follow that player

    • Anonymous

      listen this was a team. They each pulled their weight. They kept positive statistics and most of them assisted on the goals that were scored during the thuggish ruggis boooone days man. Can't you see. These guys were the jam to the others peanut butter sandwich. IT was a mutual success dog. No one can take that away man, no one. Bone thugz changed history when they made that song with PHilip Collins dogggggg. I can hear it calling in the air tonight. hold ion

  • Jeffery effry

    Ima say it again hopefully fresh flesh reads Bone thugs= Cleveland Cavs Krayzie bone= Lebron James Did you see what happen to the cavs without lebron.

  • Anonymous

    I don't get it. Eazy had conflict with the NWA and he left the group for a solo career. Krayzie is doing same.

    • Anonymous

      know your history before you comment. Eazy E had a solo album while with NWA, it was Ice Cube who had the beef and left.

  • Anonymous

    What the fuck is Flesh talking about. Don't he realize they don't work for Eazy E no more so now they gotta make their own business decisions. Sounds like he's kind hot because the most celebrated member won't be there to market the group. Sort of like Michael leaving the Jacksons...sort of. You get the drift. I bet he wouldn't be as mad if he'd spent more time on tour earning income rather than sitting in a cell.

  • Acoop

    Krayzie I know you got a label, but you need to sign with Tech Nina or even Roc Nation, Yes I said Roc Nation. He would get a whole lot of backing on his music and album, which is all Krayzie needs is more exposure, Krayzie has so much to offer musically & he needs to start working with some big dogs now.

  • Acoop

    Man everyone knew they had problems, but I didn't think it would come to this. Flesh sayin all this stuff now, but go ahead & put that album and watch what happens, he'll by trying to reach out to Krayie and make things up. Can you really blame Krayzie for leaving. I mean I hope they resolve this one day, but they let Bizzy do what he wants, and now that Krayzie leaves there's a big problem. This album will be another Bone Brothers album with Flesh involved. Wonder what Layzie has to say.

  • Whatta Bloodclot

    In my humble opinion, Flesh-N-Bone can go fuck himself. Dude was in jail unable to operate and help the group for ten years, and now he says Krayzie is showing disrespect by leaving BTNH??? Bitch, look at your dumb ass jail-going ghetto ways, and think real hard who was it that let the group stranded before calling out names. You left first, because you was an idiot and didn't think, and the rest of the band had to suffer because of that. And now the guy has the nerve to cry publicly over Krayzie and act like he's the leader of the pack when in reality he wasn't even around for most of the last decade. Without knowing the circumstances that led to Krayzie leaving the band, I'd say that's pretty fucked up and I can't blame Krayzie for leaving.

  • Anonymous

    smh flesh. wasnt krayzie the one that got you guys signed to ruthless?

  • fatboyrule

    Krayzie! Go sign with Strange Music man! You and Tech would rip shit up!

  • james

    What kinda self-proclaimed Bone fan says Wish is wack? Flesh was the most generic-sounding rapper in the group. Dude spits so many forgettable verses its like he was never missed when he was in jail. Another strength and loyalty would be no problem. But, a record without Krayzie? hahaha shit won't even break gold. "Lazy-ass bums, in-the-cut cowards. Back door pussies stretchin them undeserved dollars"-Wish

  • integra83

    GTFOH, Eazy has been dead for 16 years, and Krayzie has long sinced paid his dues to BTNH and Ruthless.

  • hate hate hate

    man y is there so much hate in here? its 4/20, shut the fuck up and burn 1, chill

  • roller aintthat

    I would rather see a solo krayzie bone album then a layzie, flesh, and bizzy bone group album

  • Anonymous

    They cant make a push with bizzy thats why krayzie quit plus he always gets bone fans hope up. Better for bizzy to stay out for good and go make 20 more wack solo albums

  • Anonymous

    Honenstly y flesh is talking so much shit its really him that fuck bone up and slowed them down after they got rolling again after I tried they should have rushed another album real fast but instead they waited on flesh to get out of jail

  • Anonymous

    the main problem with bone is they dont put out enuff music it take them if they drop a group album then the next one is not coming for 4 or 5 years

  • misterbig

    This is really ashame cause how is layzie gonna let bizzy fuck this shit up again and flesh is wrong bizzy doesnt deserve to be in the group as muck as wish and kray

  • Grind Extraodrinaire

    too many of y'all trippin. Not readin well, no thinkin clearly and followin other people's statements like you sayin somethin... First off, Flesh NEVER said Kray was weak in that article... where'd you get that from?? He called him bitch. That's a different way of sayin weak, not a talent related one. Now.....FLESH is the reason BONE THUGS even met EAZY. HE provided the money for the trip. Flesh has always been an important part of BONE. Vitally important. This whole he wasn't on every album shit is dumb and irrelevant. They all like a family. Some are, yea we know. Flesh helped cultivate and establish the entire Bone movement. JAIL! Again....you act like he wasn't on Bone's albums like it's cause he was bullshittin! The man was in fuckin jail! Keep in mind...many songs Flesh was on before he went to jail was not selected by Ruthless for some album selections. this whole, he come home and say all this ...he should just be happy.....He a grown ass man with inner circles experience and feelings. He got the right to feel that way. He been knowin these niggas all his life. Finally when he do come home, now this shit occurs. to clarify, Bizzy never left the group initially. He was kicked out. He originally reorganized his business operations, but he never left them. Bone's contractual language prevented his working with them after he sued Ruthless and got free of his contract. He always shouted, loved and repped Bone on his solos. Life happens. It's more I could address, but fuck all that. Chill with all this rash decisions and judgement

  • rg53

    not really a bone fan but this shit would make a good reality tv show I would rather watch them over some bball hoes or rapper wives gf dumbasses

  • rg53

    layzie, flesh and bizzy thats a bad combination honestly recipe for a huge meltdown flesh and bizzy have to many mental issues

  • Anonymous

    While they are dissing kray he is gonna stay quiet and let his music talk

  • NY

    Flesh said it himself Bone Thugs is Wish, Flesh, Krayzie, Layzie & Bizzy so if one of them left wouldn't it not be Bone Thugs anymore. I still consider Bone Thugs to be those 5 and if they release something with anything different from those 5 I don't consider it a Bone Thugs album. Just get the shit together it already took so much to get that one album last year, why waste it now.

  • ron

    new flesh n bone single click on link to hear http://youtu.be/yiwV2SFd2j8

  • ron

    new flesh n bone song click on link to hear http://youtu.be/yiwV2SFd2j8

  • RH

    Eazy-E's gotta be disappointed looking down on all this

  • Trulifez

    Bone thugs (Krayzie, Layzie, Wish) were a trio with the interscope deal, & they had some success. Will this new trio (Bizzy, Layzie, Flesh) be successful, only time will.

  • Trulifez

    It's kinda ironic, Flesh, Layzie & Wish are are related by blood, while Krayzie & Bizzy are friends. Krayzie & Bizzy are the most important members for creating that bone sound, but dont get it twisted, Flesh N Bone is just as important. While he wasn't signed to Ruthless, he was the first & only Bone signed to the legendary Def Jam label. One of the best cuts to feature all 5 Bone members is Everyday thang off the Show soundtrack, for the love of money, east 1999, budda lovaz etc....

  • Anonymous

    hmmm....so the other day, Krayzie left BTNH. and, according to this interview, Flesh, Bizzy, and Layzie r still in BTNH, meaning Wish left as well. Bizzy left BTNH before, and Flesh was absent a whole lot in a number of BTNH albums.....so i guess of the 5 members, Layzie is the only member who stayed with BTNH all the way thru :P


    man wtf why does wish and krayzie hate Bizzy ? i dotn get it . krayzie acting like a busta , without bizzy bone bone thugs n harmony is not the same . the fans will tell you that

    • twoholla

      Yo dawg...who's the REAL "BUSTA" here???? At this point...we really don't know...do we??? YOU just take a dude's side of things without verification or hearing the other side of the story??? You know how niggas SELL WOLF-TICKETS when thangs ain't going they way...up until now...Krayzie has been the true anchor for the group in terms writing the hooks, being the primary person doing the hooks, etc. & OVERALL...the most CONSISTENT in terms of output. I both love Bizzy & Krayzie the most...but let's be for real...all it takes is for the wind to blow in the wrong direction & Bizzy will start missing shows again, doing drunken-slurred performances again, talking shit on his bone brethren again, & eventually leaving the group on his own...hey BRO...just pump your brakes a little before jumping the gun....capeesh???

  • holddeeznut

    Just being real! Bizzy and Krazie make bone! If them two ain't getting along they will never be what they was. First Gipp and Cee-lo now this shit. Damn!

  • Taylor James Hatfield

    my guess, bizzy wanted in, kray said he was out if b came back, (which I would agree w kray, fuck bizzy) and b came, so kray left

  • Anonymous

    this dude needs a order of stop hating with a side or sit down and wash down with some shut the fuck up and be happy you aint in jail or on the streets

  • Anonymous

    Funny that the least known member comes out and disses the most known and like member hmmm

  • Cj

    Flesh said krazy was wack wow I listen to a couple of their songs on their new album and i thot flesh verses should have been cut especially from my life

  • Cj

    Honestly they didnt even need flesh or bizzy flesh should be happy to get out and come home to a good situation you can tell jail hasnt humble him. Honestly flesh coming back thru their push off from I tried and the interscope deal

  • Cj

    Didnt bizzy walk out on them like months ago. Lay is the overall leader dont let flesh and bizzy come back and completely destroy bone

  • mesha

    Why cant men be men like in sports if you play with a great player he is great if he leaves you wanna say he aint good and wasnt good thats some phony shit flesh

  • mesha

    I love bone but would prefer kray and wish over the rest. No 1 is trying to hear a lay,flesh,bizzy album like lay but no 1 half the time understand bizzy or flesh plus everytime they show a video of bizzy he is drunk or not making sense

  • stankala

    If i was in the group and krayzie said if bizzy get on stage he walks i would have said bizzy you aint gotta go home but you gotta get the hell out here lol

  • Jeff

    yea i agree flesh is wrong sounds like he is hating on krayzie. Krayzie has been loyal to bone since the start same with lay and wish, flesh wasnt ever around for 8 years bizzy fucks shit up

  • Anonymous

    Bone is from Cleveland right Bone thugs= Cleveland Cavs Krayzie= Lebron James Did you see what happen to the cavs without lebron maybe somebody should tell flesh that

  • Anonymous

    Why is flesh trying to do a bone vs bone thing your not gonna be more successeful than krayzie

  • Anonymous

    All bone fans know why krayzie and wish left there not jealous of bizzy they are just tired of him and his bs and if flesh thinks bizzy is gonna be all the way in on a group project then he is fuck up in the mind bizzy messes up a lot of shit I understand krayzie and wish leaving

  • Anonymous

    Bone thugs 1 grammy Krayzie bone 1+1=2 Flesh n bone 0+0+0=10 years in jail Layzie tell your big bro to chill its not gonna help anything out

  • Anonymous

    You can tell this nigga was talking out of his ass if you listen to the audio flesh you going over board for no reason bizzy leaves all the time you didnt flip

  • Anonymous

    that dude was gone to jail for like a decade why krayzie help keep the group alive he should have just said thank u to Krayzie bone and good luck and lets get money together whenever we can but niggas are so stupid and krayzie is not only the best rapper in bone he is one of the best period

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    all you guys who commented before me are dumb. flesh has been on every bone album including a bonus track on 'strength and loyalty' to the best of my knowledge accept for thug world order and the unofficial 'thug stories' so you need to quit that shit bout how he's lucky to be in the group. this nigga is mad talented and a crazy spitter. you need to check out his first album 'T.H.U.G.S.' to see wut im saying. check out his track ft. Kurupt called 'Kurupted Flesh' his speed and lyrics are bananas on there. peace

  • Anonymous

    Flesh is trippin if krayzie is so whack and weak as flesh claims then why is he so upset that kray is leaving flesh knows that without kray that cant get a major deal he doesnt want to admit that sorry flesh Krayzie is the best in the group by far and he is 10 times no 100 times better rapper than you im a bone fan flesh your flow kinda sucks and you sound like you envy krayzie sad


    when was the last time you played a bone cd? but hey if they stil geting payed to do shows ten get money

  • h

    so much hate... when and where did the 3 of them (layzie, bizzy, flesh) do a couple of shows? i thought they all toured last year 2 support the new album and bizzy skipped out again, i was gona go but heard he wasnt there so i didnt. i went to c them in 04 and only bizzy and layzie showed up but they billed it as bone thugs n harmony, im all for them touring but bone thugs with no krayzie is like wu tang with no mef or rza, just wack

  • west west

    man flesh uv made lik 2 albums wit the group an needs to calm down bizzy been actin lik a bitch sayin he wasnt goin on tour a coule months ago cuz of krayzie an now that krayzie the grandad of the group the one who incorperates all there flows an speeds is doin it cuz bizzy always wants to leave bonethugs an come back fuck that get it wish an krayzie show them how its done ill download an throw out majority rules fuck that

  • Anonymous

    im sure the rest of btnh will stay in tact, but krayzie was the best spitter in the group hands down

  • OhWell

    It ain't Bone Thugs without Krayzie. Good luck fucksticks riding it out with Bizzy. He'll fuck up again soon enough.

  • Ciro

    I knew it, Krayzie has never been able to stand Bizzy..., it's fucked up though...

  • The Company Man

    Of course Flesh would be the one to pop off on this. He's the Tony Yayo of Bone Thugs anyway. Homie should be happy to be out of jail and still associated with the crew.

  • gaboy247

    who cares, yall niggaz aint had a hit record since first of the month,I dont think anyone will lose sleep over this

  • BGG

    flesh is the weakest fukin link in the group matter fact all you are bitches wit all this bickering back and forth for years....check your muthafuckin tampons niggas and focus on the paper

  • Anonymous

    Flesh bone=Fifth Wheel No one cares what he says. He's ranked even behind wish's wackness in terms of group importance. Krazy Layzie bizzy (better that lazy but they has sucess without him) Wish (awful) Flexh (better than wish but only harcore fans even know he's in group)

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