Curren$y Planning Five Projects for 2011

Spitta says planning five different releases for this year alone.

Since his 2009 debut This Ain't No Mixtape, rapper Curren$y has been consistent with dropping two retail releases a year. Now, with his EP with the Alchemist Covert Coup and his fifth full length album Muscle Car Chronicles already slated for this spring, Spitta told that he plans two release at least five projects this year.

"I’d say about five projects," he said. "I used to put out mixtapes every month. So now three retail projects and a couple of mixtapes, that’s cool. Those free projects will hold everybody down so they can get used to my next series. Those same people want to support you. That’s why you have to show love with the free shit and they’ll go out and pick up the retail."

Spitta also talked about his upcoming fifth LP Muscle Car Chronicles, due out May 3 on BluRoc Records. He explained that this latest project, which he produced entirely by Sean O'Connell, was actually the first project he had begun working on when he first signed to Dame Dash's imprint.

"[Muscle Car Chronicles is] all the way different," he explained. "I recorded that before I even worked on Pilot Talk 1 & 2. That’s the first project I recorded when I started working with Dame Dash. When I started on that, Dame was still working on BlakRoc [with the Black Keys]…that’s actually how I ended up being homies with him. I put a verse on BlakRoc 2. He let me hear some of the music he was putting together. Some of it was to my liking so I began smashing records out for Muscle Car Chronicle."



  • Anonymous

    May 3rd for MCC? Let's hope. That's not too far away. And to that other dude, Curren$y don't need to learn a damn thing from Wayne. Keep going hard and putting out great music Spitta.

  • john

    anyone catch the "plans two release at least five projects" but spitta is the most underrated rapper without a doubt

  • D-Money

    Curren$y needs to learn from Lil Wayne. There's a reason the buzz on Wayne has leaned over the years an its because his work was everywhere! Quite simply hows about a break Curren$y, maybe take time to tour your work between projects an build ur name up more???

  • B@nksy

    Hes putting in alot of work and I can respect that. He should just be careful that he doesn't over saturate himself. I am less likely to buy an album from him when he has 3 free "mixtapes" that are the same quality material on them. Maybe if it was an artist that I really liked but I think spitta is just ok.

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    2 comments on real Hip-Hop because the fags take up all the stories..

  • nate the big black snake

    JETLIFE JETLIFE!! thas why i fuck with spitta, nigga stay dropping material! its fuckin great bein a fan of the jets, theres so much to listen lol!!!

  • bitch whats my name

    spitta!! 420 covert coup waiting on that shit got krits return of 4 eva got trademarks n roddy jet life now just waitin on spitta to grace my mp3 how fly on it no roll up tho fuk wiz new shit hardcore tgang fan at that to!!

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