Bun B Hints At Future Jay-Z and DJ Premier Collaborations, Talks Teaching

Bun B speaks on his new job teaching at Rice University and potential collaborations with Jay-Z and DJ Premier

Texas emcee Bun B has been busy as co-lecturer of a course at Rice University but he's also preparing to release a new album and he's been collaborating with various people. Bun B is now trying to establish himself even more as a solo artist and in a recent interview with Conspiracy Radio, he spoke about his new job teaching and some upcoming collaborations, including one that will potentially pair him up with Jay-Z again. 

When asked about his new job teaching informing his rhyme writing, he noted that somethings may change, but much of what he does will remain familiar to longtime supporters. 

"Well, I want to make sure that I don't change the direction of my music because of the fact that I teach. That being said, there are moments of enlightenment that I have become aware of based on the class and I will be willing to share that," he said. "Even though there is some very profound moments, dealing with many different religions and being educated about many different things, I'm sure at some point, maybe on a song somewhere, some of these things may be incorporated. I wouldn't think that the general direction of my music or my career is going to change that drastically from what people are already used to. I don't think that would be true. There are somethings that are going to be different and we are going to address that but there are still going to be somethings that are going to remain the same and we're going to be true to that, as well." 

As he works on new music, he added that one potential collaborator is Jay-Z. While maintaining a level of mystery to his statement, he went on to say that it wouldn't be too hard to see them link up once more. 

"Let's just say that Jay-Z and I have been in communication. I can't really say who called who, but Jay-Z and I have been in communication and I think people expecting a Bun B/Jay-Z collaboration in the near future might not be let down."

According to Bun B, his next album may just be his first self-titled effort. It's still in the early stages, but he noted that fans may also be treated to a collaboration with DJ Premier, who he says he would be happy to work with again.

"We've done it [collaborated on "Let 'Em Know"] and people loved it. Now we're sitting around like, 'What were we waiting for?'" 

For more on the interview, check the video below. 



  • edubb1977

    No need for Bun to collab with that sellout Jigga the new age house Nigga!! Fuck that

    • fuckthisshit

      Elaborate please. how is jigga a house nigga. Because of your bitter jealosy towards his success.

  • Mandy Sandy

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    • Cosign Mandy Sandy

      Jay z has alot of blood on his hands hes bodied lil gayne, nas, feminem, etc on collabs. lol at eminem being the goat. Feminem =wack

    • JG3

      You need to learn respect...Jay-Z knew eactaly what he was doing when he wanted UGK on Big Pimmpin'...UGK made that track, it was a hit b/c of UGK...Nobody got lyrically destroyed on that track...ITS A PARTY/CLUB TRACK! Like the person above said...now go play in traffic...LOL

    • lol

      jay-z blueprint 1 track 11 feat the goat eminem...............result jay got bodied now go play in traffic

  • r

    What shoes is he wearing in that pic? Are they Air Max 1's ??

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