Lil Wayne's "Carter IV" Pushed Back Until Late August

UPDATE: Once again, Lil Wayne's "Tha Carter IV" is delayed until late summer.

Lil Wayne's Tha Carter IV is no longer dropping May 16. reports that the album will be hitting stores sometime in June, though no further details have been provided.

Wayne previously reported that the album has been completed. The project has been in the works since 2008, and has been apparently recorded from scratch at least once.

Several members from the Young Money camp have provided various release dates for the project, including Mack Maine, who stated in August that it would be released in the fall.

[April 17]

UPDATE: According to UHTN, Lil Wayne's Tha Carter IV has been pushed back again. The LP, which recently spawned the single "How to Love," will now release on August 29th. 



  • CG

    Wow!! You idots surprise me. If you dont like his music then shut up and get the fuck off his page! Why yal lames gotta comment and talk shit? In reality hes makin even more money everytime yal talk shit about him. Dumb fucks! Atleast come up with some valid reasons, not just your trash of an opinion. Wayne said it best, "Get off my dick, i aint fuckin wit ya."

  • Anonymous

    lil wayne is 50 cent with dreadlocks

  • HipHopNation Skywalker - Barton Block

  • Josh Gotti

    New Mack Maine On The Carter 4 Delays

  • DL Dub

    This single is trash... No wonder it got pushed back, if he thought this was his hottest seller for the album, this niggas is alot more trouble than his lovers think

  • Era

    gayyy, i was looking forward to C4 to fill in the time before R.E.D. dropped. ughhh

  • chesly

    Nigga is going da DR Dre way. I mean his been saying he has completed this sheet 4 a while now. 4 years down da lyn he still will b signing da same song... Him DR DRE n 50 they are on the same boat....

  • Anonymous

    Wayne make loot bitches! Three of the hottest artist in the country right are Wayne, nicki, drake! Wayne make loot bitches, so obviously he doing something right for you bitches to be stay hatin! You think that dude give a fuck about what some dx bloggers got to say about him? wayne make loot bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    lil wayne is garbage and wack. Thank good they release it in august btw CARTER IV is going to suck and R.E.D is going to be the best album of the year


    LIL WAYNE IS GAY AND WACK . WHO CARES REALLY He is a pop rappers and makes corny ass rhymes and music

    • hellrazor

      yo jason, fuck off and keep daydreaming of a "2 girls 1 cup" remake with wayne and you.

    • jason

      Who cares? Apparently, LOTS of people care. Just check the number of comments under all of his songs and news articles. Apparently YOU care since you just commented here. Dumbass.

  • hip hop

    go download this mixtape support real hip hop

  • Wondering

    I wonder if Drake coimg out today had anything to do with this push back, it will be intresting to see how it all plays out moving forward, Kinda hard to be gangster when one of your crew has admitted he is Gay.

  • Joe

    Would someone please tell me what's so great about Little Wayne? He's a really mediocre rapper, his whole use of metaphors isn't clever, and he has an annoying voice. Why is he so damn popular?

    • RainMan

      Jason im going to say this as nicely as possible..please shut the fuck up..i fuck with wayne a little bit but one of the greatest MC's to got the real legends like pac, biggie, the old J, Rakim, Nas, KRS-one and the old shady..thats just to name a few..sorry but wayne just isnt in that league

    • jason

      Lil Wayne is an all-time legend and one of the greatest MCs to ever breathe into a microphone. That's a FACT.

    • my mommy sucked my daddy's dick

      nigga you live in a country where a fucking snooki gets popular and makes more money than you will earn in your entire life. wayne shouldnt be a surprise

  • carnage loc

    Maybe bkeuse we can't tell the difference bketween 9mm and John the new song is trash but that's what works cuz the dj's and radio's will play it til u think u like it cuz this ain't the 90's were real hip hop came and went and miss her 2 holla

  • Anonymous

    I can see a November release date for this. They will push it, probably waiting on Drake or Nicki's album.

  • jason

    "If Tupac were still alive...." Lil Wayne got into the rap game when Pac was still alive. Dumbasses

    • dockevoc

      wayne better than pac? Huh? Pac been dead for 15 years and STILL got more hot shit than this dude...I still ain't heard a full wayne cd whole way through without seeing feathers fly out of the speakers

    • jason

      Lil Wayne >>> Tupac. Bottom line

    • Jason is the dumbass

      Gtfoh lil Wayne was like 13 when PAC died idiot

    • dmize-one

      nobody outside of LA heard of wayne untill 97 at the earliest, and most likely 99 when guerilla warfare dropped (dope album btw)...

  • King Vic

    Damn....can we accept one bit of hip hop news without a single "if tupac were still here" comment. lol not the biggest lil wayne fan (enjoyed his earlier music but w.e guess thats the past) but i do feel that august is a lil too far considering we are on his 3rd single now. still hoping for a sick summer/rest of the year with hot albums cant wait for bad meets evil! lol

  • Ayre

    Don't worry retards, you'll be listening to overrated bullshit in no time! August will be here soon...

    • Joe

      Amen dude. Lil Wayne is god awful. You dipshits ought to listen to a rapper who isn't overrated and lacks talent.

  • De-S

    Support the Talent from New HAven CT ... btw if the carter 4 doesnt live up to expectations wayne is done.

  • De-S

    Support the Talent from New HAven CT ... btw if the carter 4 doesnt live up to expectations wayne is done.

  • Killacliff

    Who give a shit about dat fagg,after weegay drop rebirth dat was it for him he's done

  • Nick StoneR

    Metaphoric styles keep the tasteless entertained:

  • tipster

    Im sure it will be a great album but by that time everyones primary focus will be on T.I. getting released. THe king will takeover the fourth quarter

  • George W Bush

    Fuck you Weezy...Tried to drown your ass in 2005 but you're still here. Looks like I'm gonna have to talk to Obama and get it done right.

  • If Gs were alive

    IF PAC Biggie Big-L or Eazy-E were alive them pop ass niggas would be working in Mcdonalds or BK. Ross will still be a CO. Wayne will be a wackass male kissing rapper. Eminem a white stupi rapping puppet. T.I a midget clown from ATL. %0 cent would died after his first album. Dr Dre an Snoop will get they ass whooped by Eazy-E every day on the Radio. Yeezy and Gay-Z will be consider as some Rock-Pop fags.

    • Anonymous

      and eazy was friend of Will.iam and bone thugs.So there would be nothing happening to eminem or dre because they stopped their beef before his dead.And ice cube writed some of eazy'z lyrics

    • Anonymous

      I think thats dumb when people are saying what they would do if they would be alive. I never couldnt believe snoop to turn pop artist.But he did.Same could happen to them. They died early and they didnt have time to make wack music. G.O.A.T list: nas,eminem,biggie,ice cube,royce da 59,tupac,the game etc

    • dmize-one

      your a joke... pac, big, and eazy were gettin bumbped ALOT wayyyy before they died... big L was just startin to blow when he got murked..

    • HAHAHA

      I think people who listen to Pac, Biggie or Eazy-E just because they are died. Jay-Z made a song with Biggie so I doubt Jay-Z would fell off. What about Eazy-E who got fucked by another man and had to have a Jew run his label? 2pac was a paranoid motherfucker who would praise Justin Bieber if he were alive. No one give a fuck about Big L until he died. Good rapper though. But as Immortal Technique said: the only that's pathetic and gay is when niggaz speculate what the fuck Pac would say. You don't know shit about a dead man's perspective. The only words Immortal Technique ever said anything relevant other than his lame pro-communist beliefs.

    • Rick Ross the Bawse

      WTf you talkin bout nigga, Ross is the new B.I.G and like Shaq says, there ain't no such things as "ifs."

  • Anonymous

    That Nigga is a clown as one of his fan FUCK HIM Im gonna say. He is scared to drop in JUne or July to compete with Em and Royce, Game, Ross............

  • Anonymous

    It's gotta be that lyin ass Weezy pushin this release date back. Two anticipated albums (Watch the Throne and Carter IV) being pushed back and pushed back. Weezy shit supposed to have been dropped....then they got wind that Watch The Throne was going to drop in March and pushed it back to May. Now they pushing it back to August?? What he doesn't know is that whenever he does drop it....the new Jay-Z is going to he dead either way it goes...and if the new Jay-Z don't kill his sales....J.Cole will. I know he isn't going to drop his album back to back with Drake? C'mon hurting everybody else on the label...what quarter will they be heard in the year if you keep pushin it back?

    • Anonymous

      sorry but if u were seriously suggesting that j.cole will outsell wayne ure a complet dickrider and an asshole. And I cant take u seriouly at all. wow... you cant be even close to serious? are u just being a stan? how can u say that with a straight face?

    • Anonymous

      Dead right Watch the Throne, COle World will kill his sales. He oesnt drop it in June cuz Em and Royce will kill his sales

  • who cares

    more poprap for faggots. instead of cash money they better can called it faggot money

  • Anonymous

    who cares fuck this ugly midget!

  • sweetpotion

    Hope it's worth the wait. C3 was excellent. C4 has to be.

  • Ryan Da Menace

    New Mack Maine on the Carter 4

  • mc hype

    FUCK WEEZY for doing him game and dre are slacking.

  • Tyler, the Creator

    ahahahahah FLOP! Album is garbage.

    • Tyler, the creator

      I didn't mean it my lil boo wayne. I love your dick in my butt. Love Tyler, the creator

  • matty

    wow, for a second i thought i was on a POP music website. its pretty sad that people actually think this piece of shit wayne is a rapper. does anybody listen to the wack ass lyrics this pop singer writes? sorry but ill keep on listening to some real shit like Cormega and Big L-who is turning in his grave listenin to this wack ass shit. ------- There are too many MC's who are overrated You ask me, they wasn't even supposed to make it In the rap biz, they don't know what rap is So give it up, become a actor or a actress Or a producer, cause you fail to use the Mic right, so take flight before I bruise ya For sayin those bull crap wack raps on wax You need to get smacked, sit back and rip that contract

  • Anonymous

    no one cares about this wack ass nigga's "music" anymore. his shit's be dead since dd3 and carter 2

  • TheConcreteFloor

    Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross live [video]

  • Anonymous


  • JG

    i dont love lil wayne but f***, if the man like to get high and make fun music then let him be. If you dont like it dont listen plain and simple

    • Anonymous

      Yea but now he can't get high and the most fun thing about his music is turnin it off. Fuck these bitches (lil wayne noises) teme laba daba doba fuck these bitches.

  • Nico 3

    It will sell regardless, but you'd think after getting out of prison, this guy would be on the grind 24/7 getting his shit out there.

  • SticksGood

    I really do enjoy his lyrics but I hate his voice...He just sounds awful...If he sounded better, I'd listen to him more but he doesn't so I don't...

    • JaJa

      Idk if you liked his voice when he was always on syrup but that was when I liked it! Now that he cant get high off that anymore his voice is really annoying! Its all high pitched and wack! But Im not gonna hate cuz he gets paid more than I do! So whatever!

  • Anonymous

    anyone who thinks wayne sucks hasn't listened to wayne. period. you're fucking idiots, you go make a verse like that..wait, you obvisouly havnt heard shit or any of his good verses because your a faggot. wayne kills em. go suck lil bs dick you fags

    • Anonymous

      compare wayne's body of work to anybody else, and he shits on em..shits on pac..shits on big..shits on jayz..shits on kanye..shits on all the underground rappers..shits on all the mainstream rappers (Cept eminem)..if the nigger comes out with a wack song, o well, his discography consists of thousands of thousands of songs compare that to anyone and wayne wins..YOU NIGGERS

    • Anonymous

      wayne's far from the best. at one point in time, sometime around 2008, his shit was fire. his last 3 cds have been flops, regardless of what sales say. record sales just prove the general public is content riding his dick and listening to mediocre rhymes. i'll give him this though, put wayne on anyone's song with a verse and he's more than likely gonna go hard

    • slapyobitchass

      someone's been a getting a lil too much of lil wayne's meat. get off his dick nigga, he alright, but certainly isn't the best.

  • Ruby

    Who cares, Wayne sucks

  • theTruth

    Hiphopdx so fuckin late on this one. But its funny that his first single dropped so early.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah but he always seems to do that, instead the trend is he doesnt put it on the album, remember prom queen? (who wants to?) or when Jay-z put out history and jockin jay-z a year before the bp3 was released

  • Anonymous

    fuck dis nigga. nickle is king anyway, nigga stayed true to him self and the game. nickle shits on lil weasel any day

    • Anonymous

      nickel nine??? the same nigger that dissed eminem and left shady, then came begging back for mercy cuz his broke ass realized his rhymes were generating revenue, so he can back and sucked off shady so shady would sign him and slaughter HAHAHAHAHAH

  • Defenda

    Just lookin at the fuckin pic of this guy..there's no way ANYONE could ever convince me, he aint some drugged out scumbag, ignorant zombie, asshole with no knowledge of self. AND THIS IS WHO YA'LL WORSHIP!?? Get the fuck...OUT!!! If by chance, u ever have a moment of clarity, seriously take a good hard look at that photo and try to reflect on what I'm talkin about here. Wake the fuck up and stop supporting this junkie's habit by buying his so called "music"'s not only destroying him but its setting a bad example by downplaying drug abuse, and it's feeding just one of the many cancers currently plaguing our Hip Hop culture and our youth of today.

    • Anonymous

      so he looks like 90% of all the other rappers..fake ass gangsters who are ignorant and do drugs and drink and pretend to go hard and wear jewelry and go to jail and are ignorant niggers

  • Nick Haddad

    ya know what pisses me off the most? .... that all u ppl that hate on weezy..... when hes making millions and living the life.... and at the same time u listen to all his music everywhere.....but then u talk shit. fuck all ya dat hate, he probably master bates to everygirl in the world while u little girls are fucking a faty ass ma fuckerrrr bitchhhh

    • Anonymous

      lol. we hate lil wayne because he is wack and pop artist. Not because of money.Lil wayne would be better but he was brainwashed as a kid

  • who cares

    rap is dead who cares

  • Ronel Simmons

    like this page ->

  • Real Talk

    lol he's not good anymore. Drizzy leading the way

  • fugjh

    man lmfao, allllll the people commenting are people who dont like wayne lol, like legit why the fuck do you always comment on waynes shit, we get it you dont like him...but i dont understand why you take the time to comment on EVERY NEWS ARTICLE about you honestly have nothing better to do and for people whos saying he raps about random shit lol shows how much you know, i can name sooo many songs where he raps a story to you and stays on topic, so please stfu saying he doesnt do it cuz he does, do your research

  • AmERicaNGreed323

    Universal doesn't want to distribute that trash or maybe those singles(6'7 and If I die today has not grasped the audience like they expected..Seems like rappers are having a tough time competing against Rick Ross. He seems to b the only artist not getting pushed back.

    • CG

      Are you fucking stupid??? Rick ross is straight garbage!!! That nigga couldnt rap to save his damn life! And im on one is a hit because of drake and wayne only!!! Read rick ross lyrics,hes straight trash. That fat ass nigga aint doin shit. And john is a gay ass song because of the faggot chorus that makes zero sense! Ross aint takin over shit. Next thing you know he'll be on celebrity rehab for smokin crack and become the next spokesman for jenny craig!

    • Anonymous

      yea those singles didnt grasp the audience, they only were on the top rap charts for idk..months, and his new single went #1 on the rap charts in IDK 2 days, and his feature on that DJ khaled song went um #1 on rap charts for itunes in a day. LOL

    • Anonymous

      rick ross da bawse single-handedly fucked over wale, truth.

    • Rick Ross the Bawse

      Finally yaall niggas realize the Bawse runs the game. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • john

      i thought i was the only one who noticed. alot of rappers startin to switch there flows and sound like ross. jeezy 50 cent fell off after there beef. ross has took over the rap game

  • AmERicaNGreed323

    Back to the drawing board Weezy....

  • Anonymous

    the only good thing 2 come out of ym was millz. and his decent. He should not be running around with those gay ass lickers.

  • Kendra Celeste Wilson

    oh noooooo :(

  • Mandy Sandy

    haha, diz album got pushed back bcuz it suckz dick. ain't no true muzik head gon b checkin 4 diz shitty album. people should b waitin 4 albumz from roc nation and g.o.o.d. muzik. dat'z were da real muzik iz at. watch da throne, cole world, finally famouz comin at ya. fuck gay carter iv. RNGMB BITCH! FUCK CMFMB! (cum money/fag money ballickaz)

  • hellrazor

    may, june, july or whenever it drops...THE ALBUM'S GONNA BE WACK. end of story.

    • hellrazor

      @samuel, from lookin at your looks like you crossdress on your weekends. STFU.

    • Lloyd Christmas

      6'7'' iz a horrible try at another "A milli". hellrazor is right. Ill expand n say that this motherfucker iz a fake blood, n a pozer, ne1 with 1/2 a brain can figure that one out. Howz the dude get another teardrop tattoo every year? He snipin ppl from his bedroom window in his private island mansion? hell nawwww

    • MYDICK

      obviously it's gonna suck, cus wayne has nothing to rap about because he's never rlly lived a life of his own, he's been on the road with cash money since he was like 13. He's been getting sexually harassed and brainwashed by Birdman for all those years, he has Wayne thinking that it's normal for men to kiss each other on the lips, I rlly don't think Wayne is gay, but Birdman made him his bitch literally. All he makes are club bangers, why would anyone care about that unless they were female and wanted to grind on some dick, or a dude that wants to get his dick grinded on? If there rlly are people out there who appreciate Wayne's music for it's artistic contribution to the music world, then they are fucking brain-dead.

    • Samuel Bowden

      ok so u lost the arguement and turned wayne gay because in your mind that the only thing you want, comments about wayne being shit mean nothing, coz they all come from people who have no experience in music, when u have as much succes as lil wayne, then you can talk shit

    • hellrazor

      hater? is there ANY other word you wayne fans can use? 6'7 talks about nothing. ok, nothing. same goes for the fuckin video. no concept or nothing. that voice of his reinforces the notion that he was takin it up the ass in prison so save yourself the fuckin keystrokes. fuckin faggot.

    • Vincent Byronic Hero Salamatino

      Because you're a hater rating an album you haven't even heard besides the 6'7 single which features inventive wordplay in an era everybody complains rap is watered down. C'mon Son!

  • HO11YWOOD303

    Once again, the only people commenting on news about Wayne are haters. Constantly whining about his success and comparing him to every other rapper out there. Look, if you dont like the dudes music, dont listen to it, comment on it, or have anything to say. We get it, you hate the fact that he's talented, filthy rich, has sold millions of records and had the highest grossing hip hop tour ever.

    • hellrazor

      @WHattt that is the most pathetic reply i've ever seen on this site. hands down. you just proved that wayne fans are lacking in the thinking department.

    • WHattt

      Venereal disease means that when he raps ppl get infected lyk they just got an STD n the menstrual bleed thing is to do with his 'so-called' blood affiliation maybe its just to smart for u ppl...

    • Tony Viera

      Real Talk Hellrazor!! i cant say better!!

    • hellrazor

      constructive criticism? he uses auto tune, releases aplethora of dreadful mixtapes, bites lyrics, can't freestyle, kisses men, spits random bullshit, does not grasp the concept of a punchline (i'm a venerial disease like a menstrual bleed), lame metaphors, HORRIBLE beats, overrated, overexposed, has the nerve to consider himself the best rapper alive without shit for show for it (money, fame, swag, record sales dont fuckin count) and oh yes...unleashed motherfuckers who sound even worse than he does. get off his nuts.

    • Vincent Byronic Hero Salamatino

      Dam Hollywood that comment made people go from hating him to wanting to fucc em. haha. These cry babies can atleast provide constructive criticism as to why they don't like Wayne.

    • Kenneth Thomas

      Fuck Weezy

  • George Granderson

    Good..this needs to be pushed back to next year!..Wayne is getting played out and his style is getting stale..he needs to focus more energy on Young Money members other than Drake and Nicki..Tyga is tight..Cory Gunz tight...Gudda Gudda tight..Millz aight..put some money and momentum behind them

    • Vincent Byronic Hero Salamatino

      That would be a waste of money. Tyga, Gudda Gudda, and Corey Gunz can't handle making a whole album of actual songs. Tyga's debut was pretty tight but none of the mixtapes he's released since then have been hot and he get's compared to Wiz too much right now. I don't know if Jae Millz have another good album left in him or not but if he did he'd be releasing a mixtape or something.



    • Vincent Byronic Hero Salamatino

      I will agree with that I thought after Rebirth we would have no more Carter's. He's more then creative enough to come up with a hot album title. Shit with all the hate he get's he might as well steal Lil B's album title and rename the Carter IV to I'm Gay.

  • dontgiveafuck.


  • Ya Boy D

    I knew that was gonna happen. When they said it was coming out in May, I said they're gonna push it back till june.

  • Doubl Negative

    Hopefully this release doesn't materialize. People like Wayne contaminate this scene with their putrid filth. I can't think of a single positive attribute associated with this guy. Subterranean emcees like eLZhi, Homeboy Sandman, Invincible and Reks are not just superior craftsmen in terms of delivery, flow and content, their erudite lyrics give listeners intellectual stimulation, and it's truly an edifying experience listening to their music. Wayne, 50, Soulja Boy et al, only justify the bigotry leveled at our people by Fox News and Eminem fans.

    • Matt Tompkins

      what vincent said.

    • Vincent Byronic Hero Salamatino

      Dude there's a difference between poetry and music for a reason. People want to be entertained not listen to a political science course over beat labeled hip hop. Them MC's are all good in their lane and it's true the topics they are talking about people should be aware of but not necessarily thru music. You still have to make peoples head nod. Q-Tip, Common, Black Thought are all legends for giving lyrical insight but became famous for stimulating not just your mind but your whole body. And besides Wayne does give you brain candy. 6'7" is full of amazing wordplay and hidden metaphors. Tie My Hands was the best song to ever memorialize Katrina. And Eminem and bigotry to not go in the same sentence have you ever heard Mosh by him?

    • Jesus

      congrats faggot, you looked up big words in the dictionary. and proved a point. congrats. now talk nigga slang and go "nigguh" at the end of every sentence. ffs -.- Wayne sucks i agree. but let him do his thing. i simply listen to his songsKanye produces or someone i like raps on.

    • Anonymous

      hahaha fuck are you talking about aint no niggas or crackers listenign to eLZhi or homeboy sandman, ahaha fuck is that bullshit.. WeEZY..aka king weezyius is bring home that platinum album.fuck outta here with that reks bullshit

    • homer422

      CO-FUCKING-SIGN! Although I do think that on the bigotry scale Eminem fans would be like a 2 (uptight people) while Fox News would be like a 9 (supports apartheid short of domestic terrorism).

  • Louis Creativity Guthrie

    lol you know its gon get pushed back to december!

  • Mohith Subbarao

    This makes no sense...if weezy said the album was finished how come it got delayed again?

  • alejandro

    this is bullshit i know he isnt boutta oull this shit yo

  • weezy

    jay?man lol dudes funny jayz sucks

    • ultrakid

      LOL @Jayz sucks comment...I myself, am a weezy fan, but trust and believe wayne would not be who he is today if it wasn't for jayz..I'm talking style, flow, words, jayz is like the teacher and wayne is the good student...but like i said I like wayne too, but jay is king....

    • shady

      lol jayz sucks? and your name is weezy? dumbass

  • Anonymous

    if this entire album gets fuckin leaked like rolling papers did imma be pissed. we already got two singles out. one more and then no more weezy.

  • da1

    This is the same thing that happened with the Carter 3. This album may not come out until next year.

  • XOrockstarmuzik

    Can't rush perfection In the mean time yall should peep this video and see what SD has to offer

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