Cormega Talks Charity Work in Haiti

Cormega talks about his charity work in Haiti, and says he was inspired by Sean Penn's work.

Cormega recently caught up with Mikey T the Movie Star to discuss his charity work in Haiti last June following the devastating earthquake that rocked the country last year. The Queensbridge legend discussed what it was like to help out in the country and said that he was inspired by the Haitian peoples' resilience in their dark time.

"I went to Haiti, [and] it was humbling because first of all, they don't have streets," he said. "A lot of places, it's just nothing but rumble. And I've seen, you know how we have those metal things that we use in our country to close down our stores?...some of those people were breaking those and making things to live in out of it. I've seen a lot people living in tents. Water is a like luxury. It's something we take for granted, but it's something they're deprived of. I've just seen a lot, but the thing that grabbed me the most about their spirit. Their spirit is undying. That situation would break a lot of people, and I've seen Haitian people just appreciative that they're still here. I've seen them partying and dancing and enjoying their lives still, just hoping for the best. They are dealing with it and they deserve all the help they can get. They deserve honorable people helping them instead of all the fuckery that's going on, because a lot of people generate funds for Haiti but they don't get the funds."

Mega also talked about interacting with other helpers in Haiti. He said that he came to respect Academy Award-winning actor Sean Penn, who he said was helping the Haitian people to the fullest extent. He even told a story about how Penn rushed a sick child to the hospital.

"I gained a lot of respect for certain people and I lost a lot of respect for certain people when I was out there," he explained. "The person that surprised me the most is Sean Penn. Here you have an A-list actor...who was out there while I was out there, and he was out there in the tents with those people, helping those people. I saw a story in the media saying that he was doing it for attention, [and] that's a lie. He was out there when there was no media attention...I even had a Haitian brother tell me he met Sean Penn in the street rushing to the hospital, and the guy asked Sean Penn, 'Can I get a picture with you?' And Sean Penn said, 'I don't want to take no picture, I just need to get to the hospital'...the guy drove Sean Penn to the hospital. Meanwhile, Sean Penn is helping a sick kid. He drove the sick kid to the hospital, and then when he got to the hospital, [Penn] let the guy take a picture with him...stuff like that you don't hear about. Now that's real."

The full interview can be seen below.



  • Obi Patrick

    100% REAL NIGGA

  • rick

    Fuck Hip Hop...this is all about helping out a fellow human being. Mega has a good heart man......Looks as if the title of his 1st (2nd) ablbum was true..THE REALEST!

  • Anonymous

    Big up to don't hear too many rappers going out there way like Alicia Keys, but make some MTV show about you in fucking Africa. Well I guess thats the type of artist they are!

  • MattParker

    Yeah and the performance of songs like Fallen soldiers by Mega was memorable due to the circumstances of just 6 months after the quake... Big up Cormega!

  • Anonymous

    Props to mega, this is truth

  • dockevoc

    Immortal Technique was down there with Mega too, nice to see real hip hop making a real difference.

  • mcmastermind

    Boss. 1love to Cormega and the all of Haiti. That's real shit you're doing Mega. Mega never got a huge break in rap and obviously isn't rich, but he helping anyway unlike some of these rich fucks who don't do a god damn thing and then put out garbage material. Real Recognize Real.

    • Nate

      I agree, Mega himself isn't rich, he is doing charity work and puts out quality music. Others have the money, don't give a fuck about poor people and release garbage. Cormega is hip hop.

  • Sensaye252

    Cormega is and has always been a real ass dude. And I don't mean real in the sense of "He'll blast a nigga", I mean real in the sense of being a relatable human being. Its too bad rappers don't get together and really try to make a difference. Everyone jumped down my throat because I said in another post that Jay-Z doesn't do enough with his money and resources to help people and everybody got pissed off. This is exactly what I mean though. If a dude like Mega who probably lives check to check can go to Haiti and put in work, then why can't these other rappers who have hundreds of millions of dollars and hundreds of millions of fans do something? We need to stop giving these selfish ass rappers a pass. Big ups to 'Mega.

    • Anonymous

      Co-Sign! Mega has always been one of the realest dudes, too bad Nas fucked him up like he did.

    • oyemedia

      i agree with you good point lets start a movement

    • Marcus Castro

      No doubt fam. Jigga been fell off. I aint felt Jigga since like 03 or some shit. I doubt Mega is livin paycheck to paycheck at this point,but he mos def aint caked up like Jigga is

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