"Lollipop" Producer Deezle Speaks On His Lawsuit Against Lil Wayne

The producer is seeking $20 million dollars from the rapper and his label.

In March of this year Deezle, the man who produced Lil Wayne’s hit “Lollipop”, filed suit against the New Orleans rapper and his Young Money/Cash Money label seeking $20 million. In the suit Deezle claimed that he was owed unpaid royalties from sales of the single and its parent album, Tha Carter III. Now, according to AllHipHop.com, Deezle has issued a statement regarding his lawsuit.

He says, in part, “After consultation with my team I have decided to make a statement as it relates to the litigation pending against Cash Money and Young Money. At this time I am owed a sufficient amount of money and will protect the rights afforded me by the State of New York. My team is of the opinion that the matter will be resolved in a timely fashion.” Deezle, born Darius Harrison, is also seeking $2.5 million in owed royalties for another Tha Carter III track he produced, “Mrs. Officer.”

In Deezle’s suit he states that Tha Carter III has sold six million copies, amounting to over $70 million dollars in revenue. Deezle won three Grammy’s for his work with Lil Wayne. Neither Wayne nor any of his representatives have commented on this new statement.


  • jhurst14

    These guys need to handle their business. Too many publishing lawsuits.Birdman, pay your f___ing bills before you ball.

  • beezlebud

    youngmoney cornballs are known for not payin they scream bout how much dough they got but never pay for shit your not ballin if your not spending...

  • V

    Regardless of the situation, CMYMB needs to pay people up. There is too much on the internet going on right now and in the past showing how they don't pay people in time and properly. It may be a hustle to them, but without tracks like "A Millie" , "Lollipop" and "6 foot 7" Wayne probably couldn't progress like he is today. Just doesn't seem like a good rep to have when you're looked at as one of the top dogs in the game today. You would figure that they would know this by now after Mannie Fresh... Wayne really needs to just go to that Drought 2 vibe again and its game over!

  • Bronto

    I can't believe people don't know who Deezle is. Deezle actually produced 3 tracks on Tha Carter III, and was shout out by Wayne on tracks all the time. They should all go consult Bangladesh, he must have gotten straight since he gave Wayne 6 foot 7 foot. I would have to imagine that the Kanye's and Swizz's definately didn't get paid. What about David Banner? I remember an interview with him and Wayne saying that they gonna eat for a long time. I doubt David saw anything. What about Alchemist? Neither him - and all the guests...I would love to know about them. CMYMB need to pay people.

  • Anonymous

    the track was produced by Deezle (drums) & Jim Jonsin (all other instruments).!

  • yung

    pay your taxes these niggas hustling backwards. 1

  • lol

    Pay money where it is owed - plain and simple. First 'A Milli', now 'Lollipop' and 'Mrs. Officer'...how do these guys sell so many records and then not pay their producers? Half the reason a track is hot is because of the beat...pay this dude Wayne c'mon you are a better man than that.

  • mike who??

    *slim voice* wayne shit sell, drake shit sells, nickie shit sells im rich as hell!!!!

  • mike who??

    *birdman voice* YMCMB!!! can't get no money outta me! 1hunnnudd!!!!

  • G-Frank

    see what happens, is you dont pay someone so they can take you ta court and agree on a settlement.then your not payin what they're asking or what they're really worth.Good or bad?I dont know, but that's business and there's no emotions involved in business.

  • Rick

    thats that foggotiest song from a "gangsta" ever! oh wait.....is the gay & lesbian community come for me for saying that?

  • JJ

    Didnt Jim Johnsin produce this song? Just sayin

  • omole treezy favour

    one environment one simple way to care for it

  • joey crack

    just like cashmoney to not pay niggas for their work.

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