Krayzie Bone Splits From Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Citing uncontrollable circumstances, Krayzie says it's been a great run but it's time to close a chapter in his live by leaving Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and finding new ventures.

Thursday, Krayzie Bone announced via video that he will no longer be a part of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. It appears that the 2010 Uni5: The Worlds Enemy album will be the group’s last effort with all founding members participating.

“I just wanted to take the time out right now to let everybody know about some major changes in my career and in my life,” Krayzie said. “Just so everybody knows that I will no longer be a part of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony due to uncontrollable circumstances. It’s basically time for me to move on with different endeavors that I’ve already had planned in my life.”

Throughout the 16 years Bone Thugs-N-Harmony has been signed, various members have been absent. Stanley “Flesh-N-Bone” Howse spent a significant portion of the group’s prime in prison on a weapons possession charge. Additionally, Bizzy Bone has also taken a hiatus for both business and personal reasons. However, Krayzie said he is leaving on good terms and thanked fans for their support.

One of the different endeavors Krayzie mentioned will likely be The Life Entertainment. Krayzie and fellow Bone Thugs-N-Harmony member Wish Bone helm the independent label. He is also working on a solo effort entitled Chasing The Devil.

Krayzie Bone Solo Album "Chasing The Devil"coming soon! Careful What You Ask For...... "TL"12:01 AM Apr 6th via Mobile Web Favorite Retweet Reply



  • Thapelo

    Asshole Ian u dn't even deserve to be writing on this wall u fuck. hw can u say that about a Bone. I know Wish isn't the hottest in the group but fuck u dn't u say shit like "Wish sucks", fuck u man. Anyway i hear u all Bone lovers, choices right= Honestly i dn't think Bone wud b where they r if KB wasn't no.1. Who makes the sad sad songs sweet? what about the choruses? the man is clearly Bone 4 sure, LEATHERFACE! i'd give 2nd 2 Lil Lay baby! FROM SOUTH AFRICA WITH LOVE holla!!!

  • Anonymous

    hoooops,we hve three true memeber of bone,N dat krayzie,bizzie N flesh,wish krayzie best of luck,love u krayzie.but can't buy bone's album without bizzie on it.i love him he's my no 1.krayzie my heart long meetin him,N 4 FLESH he's my best harmonica in d group.

  • Hoopdollar

    I love bone as a group in the 90's but lets not get ahead of ourselves... Krayzie's Thug Mentality is one of the best albums of all times.. Handz down! #fiftee

  • scotv453

    I wish krayzie the best of luck. Personally I like bizzy then wish then krayzie. Either way all of them are dope regardless. but truth be told the only one i will get down with as a solo artist is bizzy. That man is raw.

    • ian

      wish? lol!! krayzie is the hardest in the group... but yes i believe the #1 spot is between krayzie and bizzy... but wish??!! LMAO! WISH SUCKS!

  • mlps-mn

    From a true die hard bone fan i couldent have said it better myself - selfish all of them and it shows i have met them numerous times got oics cool cats but this some bull as a group and a couple have lucked up with good featuring sade etc etc but whats wrong with being solid untouchable bone as a group yall trippen management and selfishness fucked up the greatest rap group ever. What other group ever wasrrsoected and bumped in the hood but still had radio friendly songs- its a little more common now but they were the 1st and realiest im truly sad today end of great music - no surrender thuggish ruggish what!!!damn

  • B-dizzle

    KRAYZIE is the all you TRUE BONE fans (like myself) look beyond the KNOW that Krayzie is the ONLY truly TALENTED memeber..i wish him the BEST of look and hope him a measure of solo success!!

    • Tidomann

      sad but true...out of all bone tracks that aint had krayzie were kinda missing that magic he blessed their music with.

  • genocide_cutter

    wish the best of luck to him

  • Guy Benedetti

    I didn't but their album when it was a trio w/ out Flesh & Bizzy. I am not gonna buy it w/ out Krayzie on it. It's not a true Bone album w/ out all 5 of them. It's to bad they are the shit when together!


    i was a fan of bone thugs but then i realized how they don't really respect theirs fans. see us as fans want to see bone thugs as one group not 10,000 solo albums by them cuz alone they can't hold it down like they would like to think. all of them are just worried about their solo albums but here's a dose of truth none of their solo's sold as much as when they are together. bunch of selfish artist pointing fingers at one another an not to themselves. they had many chances to make this big come back but not knowing how to play their as a group hip hop lost a good group smh

  • Anonymous

    No one should really be surprised sometimes you have to move on.

  • NaTTan

    too bad, but bizzy lay wish n flesh can still hold it down

  • wtf

    WTF , is going on with bone thugs ? dont they know that together they are the shit . why cant they just stick as one ?

  • Pablo Escobar

    WTF?! Damn, Bone Thugs N Harmony is officially OVER without Krayzie!! ((In disbelief right now))

  • Rudy Rock

    The name of his label is "Thug Line" Records, not The Line...

  • yo

    ppl who say they saw this comin, what happened? does anyone know the real story? and damn krayzie look crazy for real with that layzie bone hair cut haha

    • Anonymous

      krayzie got an interview about 2-3 weeks ago on allhiphop airing it all out & saying he was fed up & focusing on himself. I'm also a member on there site & it's always issues with them. Kray should packed his bags years ago but hopefully they still cool though & work together.

  • King LB

    Man Bone has been one of my favorite rap groups for years, ever since East 99. But my whole thing is either they're gonna be together or not, I mean really getting tired of turning around and hearing about another member leaving the group for this and that and then coming right back! WHAT IT'S GONNA BE!!

  • Deejay Twin

    Krayzie Is Mad Nice With The Music ????? Also Peep Common - The Game {Remix} Ft. Thousand on YouTube !!!!!

  • yoooo

    check out this new artist out he's dope support the young up and coming MC's

  • Anonymous

    damn, part of my comment was left out :/ anyways....wishing Krayzie Bone, one of the realest and sickest rappers alive, the best on his solo career :)

  • Anonymous

    this doesnt surprise me too much. BTNH died a decade ago. their first album was a true classic, their second was alright, and their third was nice....but then after that, they ran out of fuel. too bad, cuz unlike every other album of theirs (besides Resurrection), all 5 members finally unite for the Uni5 album (yet that album was a huge disappointment >_

    • ian

      I bump all their shit!!.. from faces to death to uni5 and all krayzies albums

    • lsterin1

      second album was the best YOU TOOL! probably the best hip hop album of all time, definatelly the most experimental for its time, also the album where bizzy and kray mastered their flows.

    • Anonymous

      My bad Bone always been the shit. Just nobody wants to see them shine

  • Noble Phares

    You all can talk all the shit you want Bone Thugs as a group or as individuals are the only rappers we have left from the 90s that didnt sell their faith in God for a couple more record sales, they kept it real the whole time. All these new rappers calling theirselves conscience rappers are full of shit "Bone Thugs did not need diamonds to shine". RIP to Bone Thugs, and best wishes to their solo careers.(But slide us a group co-laberation before Armageddon)

  • Anonymous

    billy13bob who the fuck do you listen to if you think Bone thugs is trash their legendary for a reason

  • billy13bob

    Good. bone thugs is trash anyways

    • Anonymous

      I'm talkingbout the flip flop flow with the harmony blended what styyke you talk bout? & what rappers b/c I never heard of them?

    • erf

      the style of bone isn't there style rappers in nyc where already doing this in the 80's but they did it slow and fast together

    • Anonymous

      You're an idiot. You must be a recent hip hop fan. Have you even listened to Creepin on ah come up or East 1999 eternal? Are you kidding me?

    • Anonymous

      name a rapper since 94 that hasn't used their style.

  • Anonymous

    That nigga knew he was leaving along time ago when the rumor spread around last year.krazyie bone is a living legend and a major reason why some niggas rap like they do.He could go solo without a doubt and suceed i just hate that niggas lie so love

    • Anonymous

      I think h just tired of putting them first. He couldn't been hugh but he stayed loyal for 10 years to long.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Hene

    AS if they have been a group this whole time, this group dismantled years ago, the Uni5 was a good idea though. With Flesh & Bizzy constantly being in trouble & unmotivated this group died a long time ago, it's sad because at one time they were badass.

  • Bom919

    dammmmmnnnn man that sucks. i think every member brings somethin to the table but i think bizzy and krayzie are probably the most popular outside the group. my favorite is def Flesh N Bone but he cant stay outta jail so it looks like this is really it for the greatest rap group left...i still think Krayzie bone has strong potential as a solo artist but damn we all kno that they are at there best when there together...Bone 4 life?

  • Hmm

    They should all retire except for appearances on up and coming rappers tracks. Krayzie and Bizzy could still have an influence in the game if they choose to do what Eazy-E did and build up some new acts instead of worrying about their own 'entertainment' careers. There's more $ in being the boss anyway.

  • BGG

    without eazy-e they are nothing and that is evident since everything they dropped since his death has been hot the fuck do you go from making a classic album like east 99 eternal to hot garbage...only eazy-e knows answer to that question unfortunately

    • BGG

      you heard what the fuck I said bitch they fell off after eazy died and saying art of war is a classic album proves your clearly a fukin cornball ass nigga

    • yO

      just so u kno, eazy did work on east 99 but it "dropped since his death"

    • r.pgh

      @ Anonymous I agree that the ARt of War was a great album, but to say it's the best double album in hip hop aside from Wu's is a bit far fetched don't you think? I'll take All Eyez On Me or Life After Death over Art of War any day of the week.

    • Anonymous

      So Art of War, the dopest Hip-Hop double album this side of Wu-Tang Forever is hot garbage? BTNH Resurrection is garbage too? LOL Get the FUCK outta here! So you just wanna hear them rap and sing about Ouija Boards and shit, with outdated G-Funk beats, myopic dumb ass.

  • ts5000

    since krayzie left then BTNH should just break up cause u can't have BTNH without krayzie

  • james

    This website's readers cease to surprise me with ignorance. I blame the saturation of lazy, pop rappers. The future of hiphop is diversely dumb.

  • c

    Krayzie Bone Splits From Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and joins Slaughterhouse

  • ehh

    This would have been news a decade ago. Problem is these guys are as irrelevant as it gets, which basically sums up the whole Cleveland area. A bunch of pathetic faggots come from/reside in Cleveland, including these douche bags.

    • u mad?

      u still mad bout lebron leaving? now bone thugs shit what yall got left

    • edubb1977


    • somebody

      Fuck you and the stank pussy you fell out of. Sux Krazie Bone's leaving Bone Thugs 4real. Their last album sucked though

  • Jay.R

    Why am I not surprised?

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