Phonte To Release Solo Album "Charity Starts At Home" On September 27th

UPDATE #2: The cover art and tracklist are revealed for 'Tay's solo debut.

Phonte of Little Brother is finally going to drop his solo debut.

In an interview with, the emcee revealed that the album will drop on September 13 - the  six-year anniversary of Little Brother's The Minstrel Show.

"I'ma pretty much sit down now and hash it out...If my record is like Amplified, just as an example, [9th Wonder] would be my J. Dilla," explain Phonte.

"I told him that I want him to set it off, and then any other producers we run with, they have to fit within that framework," said Phonte of his conversations with 9th, with whom he recently reconciled.

As for the date, Tigallo insists that it was pure coincidence. "Once I found out that's what it was...I can't push it back now."

[April 14]

UPDATE: Phonte has revealed that his debut solo album, Charity Starts at Home, will be released on September 27th. The LP will drop on the same day as 9th Wonder's The Wonder Years, announced earlier today.

And finally, on 9/27, both me and @9thWonderMusic will drop our solo albums "Charity Starts at Home" and "The Wonder Years."less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

I sincerely thank all of you for the love and support over the years. Thank you for listening.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

(June 30)

UPDATE: The cover art and tracklist have been revealed, thanks to Foreign Exchange Music.

01. Dance in the Reign
02. The Good Fight
03. Everything Is Falling Down
04. Not Here Anymore
05. Eternally
06. Sendin My Love
07. Ball and Chain
08. To Be Yours
09. Gonna Be A Beautiful Night
10. We Go Off
11. The Life of Kings
12. Who Loves You More



  • Andrei Iacob

    I enjoyed listening to his new album. If you did and looking for the lyrics for all his songs you can read them by following the link bellow.

  • anthology918

    lyrical i meant

  • anthology918

    ooo boy. time for Phonte to really get lyridcal

  • google

    Id rather hear his singing solo album with beats other than nicolay he really stepped it up with the Authenticity album

    • Mu

      I fuck with Phonte's R&B w/ Foreign Exchange, but are you saying you'd rather hear an R&B album from Phonte than a Hip-Hop album? If so, you need to go listen to his entire catalog, then reconsider that. Just sayin

  • Arten


  • Anonymous

    Hell yeah, Tay will drop a classic

  • Ben

    Phonte solo album.....the 3 words I have been waiting to hear for about 4 years now

  • Anonymous

    I wonder whether Pooh is pissed at this?

    • Mu

      Why would Pooh be pissed? 1. Little Brother is not a group anymore, 2. Pooh released a solo album "Sleepers" when they were STILL a group. I'm sure he supports this 100%

  • Mark Anthony Harris

    Phonte? On a solo album? With....9th Wonder setting the vibe? If this album don't turn out at least "halfway classic", there is going to be a problem.

  • thekidflames

    This is real good news. I'd love another LB album, but I can rock with Tigallo and 9th being back at it. Gonna' miss the cohort, Rapper Pooh, but looking forward to this one!

  • jacken_88

    Dude, 9th wonder, phonte and j. cole all plan to drop on 9/27?? I will be shocked if it really happens.....and happy as fuck! follow me on twitter at @jacken_88

  • Urgent Message

    Jesus is Lord and is coming back soon! Are you ready to see Jesus? All you have to do is believe that He died on the cross for your sins and that God raised Him from the dead and you can be saved. Its a guarantee. Get Jesus in your life!

    • G($)

      What you're saying is wonderful, but I'm 99% sure that you're saying it as a joke. I'll be the first to say that no one is laughing.

  • cmon son

    9th wonder produced the classic song threat by jay-z but besides that not much you can really name , these underground cats need to stop hiding

    • Anonymous

      Yea, the man has produced hit's, mainly for R&B, but, he's a hip-hop producer...One of the best and under-grounders are not hiding their just not stupid enough to be rapped like most artist that go major...But, if your good-enough you will be one of the percent out of 99!!! More over, Phonte is "too-philosophical" for your not thinkers (deep-sleep zombies) to ever get to the top without claiming he's hanging and making deals with blue-bloods!!!

    • DaGlue

      "Girl" By Destiny's Child "Good Woman Down" by Mary J. Blige "Church' by De la Soul "Honey" and "20 Feet Tall' By Erykah Badu "Do The Right Thing' By Ludacris feat Common and Spike Lee 9th has some JAMS

  • yoooo

    check out this new artist out he's dope support the young up and coming MC's

  • Arcy P.

    Should Just Bring Big Pooh into the Project and it'll be Little Brother again. The Minstrel Show was amazing, I still listen to it all the time. I want another LB album haha but Phonte and 9th should still be dope.

  • Rick

    Nice. Phonte woke up huh!

  • Clarence Rogers

    Now they just need to get Big Pooh on the same page...stop trippin' and bring back LB!

  • calibeatbox420

    YES!!! I had the pleasure of chatting with these two cats in the Raleigh airport, when Phonte told me he hasd a solo coming out I almost fell over. That and the surprise of seeing these two cats together. 9th and Phonte thanks for spending some time to speak with a true fan...LB forever!

  • abe

    i thought phonte quit rapping and was going to stick to singing. is this a rap album?

    • Mu

      He never said he would "quit rapping" he just said he would focus more on the Foreign Exchange thing. "I'm just tryna make my art and do whats' smart, I'm sayin', Rapping 'Te: 4 1/2 mic honoree, or Singing 'Te: first time Grammy nominee" I'm glad he's giving the fans what we need!

    • Anonymous

      Duh! Yeah its a rap album!

  • FLX

    Not a fan of this. Te should take his time to bring out the best of him and make a true classic that he has in him. And 9th is NOWHERE near Dilla, his beats from the last 2-3 years are so boring and uninspired, it hurts.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^exactly, phonte is more than capable of making a great/even classic solo rap album. I can see if it was 9th wonder doing the bulk of the production on big pooh's solo album then the comment about not be strong enough for a rap solo album would make more sense....but THIS IS PHONTE WE'RE TALKING ABOUT! u know, the lead rapper of the group whos lyrically the most talented, the most versatile and the most chrismatic out of the two mcs of the group fool! Just sayin

    • Anonymous

      Phonte is definitely strong enough for a solo album. He was the one carrying LB. LB was more Phonte featuring Big Pooh most of the time.

    • @Booster

      ^^^no faith in either 9th wonder or phonte huh? smh rap critics...

    • Booster

      Sadly I agree, alot of his LB stuff is by far better than alot of the uninspired/repetitive chop up beats we've been hearing in the past 3/4 years. And a proper LB release would be far better than a solo album. Phonte is not strong enough for a solo, like how Phife Dawg tried a solo and It got panned.

    • Anonymous

      So u dont think 9th wonder will give his best to phonte on this album?? While dont we reserve judgement til the album actually comes out. Also not a fan of this? u cant sit there and convince urself into believing that u dont want this album to happen!

    • Brandon Q. James

      I'm pretty sure Te isn't saying 9th is as good as Dilla. I've heard 9th speak and 9th wouldn't say he is as good as Dilla. He said anybody trying to get in the music game should try to be like J-Dilla because he was more dedicated than anyone.

  • Anonymous

    Hell motherfuckin yeah, Phonte soslo album. I been waiting for this shit since 2003

  • Rapper Big Pooh

    What?!?! Oh now u niggas make up and work on some music together?? Man ya aint shit! Ya better holla so all three of us can work on some shit together Damnit!

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