FBI Names Eazy-E And 2Pac As Extortion Targets In Unsealed File

A week after releasing their Notorious B.I.G. files, the FBI releases a 2Pac file including accounts of ties to organized crime allegations and a closed Jewish Defense League extortion investigation.

The N.W.A. family tree looms large, and you can easily connect the dots between many of today’s emcees and Eazy-E, MC Ren, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube and even DJ Yella. But a recently unsealed FBI document links both Eazy-E and Tupac Shakur to an alleged extortion attempt by the Jewish Defense League. As with many redacted government documents, many key names were omitted.

“On September 11, 1996 [omitted] reported that JDL, and others yet unidentified have been extorting money from various rap music stars via death threats,” the report states. “The scheme involves [omitted] and other subjects making telephonic death threats to the rap star. Subjects then intercede by contacting the victim and offering protection for a ‘fee’. Source reported that ERIC WRIGHT, also known as EAZY-E, who owned RUTHLESS RECORDS, Woodland Hills, California, was a victim of this extortion scheme prior to dying from AIDS. [Omitted] had also reportedly targeted TUPAC SHAKUR prior to his recent murder in Las Vegas, Nevada.”

This is not the first time there has been a connection between Ruthless and the JDL. Ruthless co-founder Jerry Heller said he enlisted help from the organization when he and Eazy-E were allegedly physically threatened into releasing artists from the label. Heller also mentioned the connection in his memoir, Ruthless.

“Eric Wright had a questing, restless mind,” Heller wrote. “He was always surprising me. ‘I want to do a movie about the JDL,’ he told me shortly before his death. He always had a hundred ideas going at once. He was obsessed with the Jewish Defense League and their motto, 'Never again.' 'Man, I can't get that out of my head,' he said. ‘Never again.’ That's dope.’”

In may of 1999, the FBI closed a two-and-a-half-year investigation on the JDL, citing an inability to corroborate the source information that spawned the probe. The FBI document also links Shakur and other unidentified victims to a separate extortion attempt by “a known organized crime figure,” whose name is omitted from the public version of the report.

“On October 17, 1996, a preliminary inquiry was initiated at Los Angeles Field Office to corroborate source information that [omitted], a known organized crime figure, along with a group of unidentified individuals were utilizing death threats in the furtherance of extortion attempts targeted towards two former prominent rap musicians from the Los Angeles area and other victims yet unidentified,” the report reads.

The full report, which is now public record, is available at the FBI website.


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  • Thuban

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  • Thuban

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  • Thuban

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  • G

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    • Anonymous

      The general population has been trained to think on the outward level of color, language, and/or financial status to avoid seeing the real cause behind the social cancer has been the anti-Christ ideology of the Talmud. But please note respectfully that the Judaic community has been deceived as well into maintaining it. I don't say that as an excuse, rather that the ultra-racist ideology only works through deception and intimidation on all sides. Real Jews, in contra distinction from those who've claimed that identity since around the 1100's on mere unsubstantiated assertions of tribal affiliation, are those in-grafted into the Abrahamic covenant through faith (like Rahab the Hittitess and Ruth the Moabitess). It was that covenant, and all of its promises, ratified through the blood of God on the cross by the "King of the Jews", ie, the king of the covenanted people as-opposed-to a mere king of the Hebrews.

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    • Anonymous

      There are many books purporting to be the "History of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Writing and references are sloppy, claims are far fetched and even invented. Not this book. I first read this book after loaning it from my public library. I antiscipated yet another hysterical diatribe against whites or polemic against African chieftans. Anyone seeking racists stereotypes should look elsewhere. This book is remarkably well researched. The quotes are all from Jewish sources and no others are included because of the risk of anti-semitic bias. The book basically consists of archival records of business transactions, personal correspondance and public records of the Shephadic ( North African, Southern European and Dutch Jews) kidnapping, selling and loaning of African slaves. Its descibes the Jews creation of the trans-Atlantic slave trade which began with Christopher Colombus's arrival in the "New World" and his sending Native American Indians back to Spain. Its describes how Jewish wealth already acquired from their slave trading during the Middle Ages and Ottoman Empire period in Europe and the Middle East enabled the Jews to have the financial resources and seafaring merchantile experiences to successfully sell slaves and then sell the produce of slave labor consisting of sugar , tobacco and rum back to the Europeans. The book describes the struggles by various European monarchs to ban the consumption of excessive amounts for sugar, tobacco and rum which was leading to social decline in people that had become addicted to sugar and tobacco. A problem that is still the scourge of western society. It also describes the tremendous indifference to the pain and suffering caused to African families and the obvious loss of life resulting from Jewish policey which claimed that it was more profitable to kill a slave after seven years then feed him or her nutrional food and keep them alive longer. Many contemporary health problems within the African-American population can be traced back to the slavery era in which their ancestors were fed only on molasses (residue of fermented surgar) Its records the cultural backlash against the Jews profiteering and pirateering from African and European monarchs and even early American settlers like Peter Styvestant in New York City. There was also numerous slave uprisings resulting in pitched and bloody battles fought between Jewish slave traders and their African captives in South America. Who would disappear into the rain forests to live alongside Native Americans. One siege lasted for nine years with the Jews eventually giving up. I am a cultural anthropologist so I checked out as many references as I could and they were all authentic. Particularly chilling are the personal correspondance between Jewish slave owners about their private lives and slavery. Incest and venereal disease was common place amongst them but this did not act as any kind of obstacle since the lure of huge profits clashed with personal scruples There are some fresh insights into the role that the Jewish merchants played in the genocide against Native American Indians. It was a Jewish merchant that supplied the infected blankets and handkerchiefs to the English. So that they could reduce their numbers on the East coast of America with small pox. It describes how the Native Americans were encouraged to participate in slave trading to prevent slaves from escaping to their encampments but the outcome was unsuccessful because the Native tribes would not treat their African captives any different from their own people. This is still a considerable amount of the African-American popluace of both Americas which has Native American Indian ancestry due to intermixing. All though the book is brief and riveting. Its is not easy reading at all. You really require a cast iron stomach to get through it because of the somewhat gory nature of its contents. However the archival material is so relentless and succint that although you may feel revolted by the mercenary accounts of what must be one of the worst records of mans'inhumanity to man. You still want to read it none the less.

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  • Jason Hubsch

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  • fboyd109

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  • kaos

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  • Rachael Misek

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    • WTF?!?

      They own much more than that.. The entertainment industry, they dominate the legal profession as well as real estate, especially sales. They control the majority of intermediary businesses. But thats not to say that ALL jews do, just a certain sect.

  • P

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  • A

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • Josh Salas

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  • content with my sad little existence

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  • Shlomo Golberg

    I can't believe two people who were involved in a musical genre based on violence, crime and male bravado received death threats from people/organizations. Imagine that. I hear the Jews are after Taylor Swift these days.

  • Thuban

    "A holocaust is a religious animal sacrifice that is completely consumed by fire. The word derives from the Ancient Greek holocaustos (ὁλόκαυστος from ὅλος "whole" + καυστός "burnt"), which is used solely for one of the major forms of sacrifice. When the Tanakh was translated into Greek, the translators used the term for a similar ritual among the Jews.[citation needed]" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holocaust_(sacrifice) ANCIENT GREEK, NOT HEBREW!!! How many of you know that Hitler had the (PERGAMON)altar of satan moved to germany from greece just before ww2? Did you know OBAMA uses the image of satans altar in advertisements? "The Great Altar of Pergamon is in the Pergamon Museum, Berlin. The base of this altar remains on the upper part of the Acropolis. It was perhaps this altar, believed to be dedicated to Zeus, that John of Patmos referred to as "Satan's Throne" in his Book of Revelation (Revelation 2:13)." "The animals, having first been checked to ensure they were free from disease and unblemished (a requirement of the sacrifice), were brought to the north side of the altar, and killed by either the offerer, or a kohen (priest). The animal's blood was carefully collected by kohens and sprinkled around the altar. Unless the animal was a bird, its corpse was flayed, the skin given to the priest (who was permitted to keep it)." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holocaust_(sacrifice) The nazis' flayed the jews skin and made lamp shades out of them,very similar to what the greeks did. The brit-ish royals are actually greeks

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  • Chris Lashon

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  • The Oven

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  • Colt

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  • Real Talk

    Wow the Jewish Defense League huh? I'm pretty sure Jerry Heller's Doctor injected Eazy-E with the HIV virus. And the Zionists who control the music industry and Holy-Wood got Professor Griff kicked out of Public Enemy because he was talking bad about Jews. And if you are jewish/white/honkey/craKKKer reading this...keep listening to RAP BUDDY!

    • Anonymous

      michael - most of the jews in Israel didn't come from europe. saying that the european jews aren't real is just another muslim lie to make you believe jews shouldn't live in israel (most of people think that all jews are european).

    • Michael Zayas

      to the guy above me,Africans came from africa not the middle east,the people of Palestine are a lot like the people of palestine 2000 years ago.but yes e agree the European jew does not belong there.

    • Anonymous

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  • Josh Smith

    This is excactly what Im talkin bout there is no way that the federal gov. told us everything as soon as all these greats died I demand The Truth We all should!

  • kod

    Jews stole a whole fuckin land, it would be WAY easier to steal a life...

    • JUST

      are you guys really this stupid? He's right - the UN gave the land to the Jews. Do some reading and look what happened. Fucking morons....

    • Anonymous

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    • cosign gwbush

      Cosign GW Bush. Chosen people my ass. Sounds like a racist bias point a view past down from generation to generation. Its a silly myth and it explains why jews think they can get away with scams and corruption.

    • G.W Bush

      Chosen people HAHAHA if you believe that shit that just your religious view but not a logical one its seem someone told you that when you were little and still believe it HAHAHA thats ignorance. fucking sheeple

    • igntfuckf

      jews didnt steal anything you ignorant fuck.. israel was actually given to the chosen people by the UN because of the Holocaust.

    • McNulty

      Yeah and I guess all of the United States was bought from the indians, right?

  • JFranks

    The Nazis are behind this.

  • r.c.

    it's pretty obvious who killed Pac. we all know the crips were responsible for that. baby lane pulled the trigger and thats why he got killed. out of retaliation.

  • realtalk

    i jus find it crazy how diddy was there when biggie got shot but he didnt get shot. and suge was there when tupac got shot n died suge didnt get shot n died. how would a professional know there moves? biggie or pac didnt have to ride on certain roads or do what they did that night. but someone was keeping track of there every move. who else but diddy and suge know pac n biggies every move at that time? jus somethin to think about

    • dfb

      suge didn't get 'shot' haha he got a little graze on the back of his head. the bodyguards that were rolling with tupac were told not to bring their guns or radios with them the night he was killed. suge also told pac not to wear his vest that night and for no bodyguards to roll in the same car as suge and pac. it's pretty obvious who is behind pac's death...

    • Anonymous

      Suge got shot!!!

    • derp

      they were followed durr

  • Sensaye252

    Damn, it doesn't take much for ya'll to unleash a racist diatribe. It's like its bubbling in your blood and waiting to burst out at all times. This story is crazy though. No matter how deep the Pac shit gets, there's always another layer to uncover. Pac's last days must have been scary. I can see why he was so on edge and paranoid. I miss the big homey though.

  • The Oven

    Jews Aint Shit! Run Tell That! They have been robbing people, especially blacks, forever! Look at the recording industry! You ever notice that those fucks are not artistic for shit, but their names are littered over the works of Black Artists' work! They want everyone to feel their pain. Those fucks make ridiculous Jew references in movies for no other reason than to remind people that jews run hollywood! Example. The Hangover! "My grandmother's Holocaust Ring!" WTF does that have to do with 4 white dudes getting drunk? Fuck you, Clowns! Burn Hollywood Burn! Hey, Jews! You bitches did steal Palestine's land! You will pay for it and America will too because they support your BullShit! Ya Punk Bitches! Your end Cometh!!!!

    • JUST

      Mcnulty: That made me laugh! Thanks :) This guy is an idiot... the UN gave them that Land after the HOlocaust. I'd punch you in the fucking mouth hard

    • yep

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    • McNulty

      You are a racist pig. The Tea Party appreciates your vote

    • MystaAdam

      "Hey, Jews! You bitches did steal Palestine's land!" I guess you've never heard of Sephardics or Mizrahim's? They make up 60% of the Jew's in Israel. Google them and you'll realize why saying they stole land from Palestinians is obtuse

  • Tyrannical T

    This is in no way anti-semitic: Jesus was sent to be crucified by the Jews Tupac was murder by the Jewish Defense League The 7 Day Theory Album Cover makes a lot more sense

  • Tasha

    BTW, Easy E was Jerrys Blood sacrafise..RESEARCH THIS SHIT YALL

  • Tasha

    2Pac was suges blood sacrafise so it was imperative for him to die because he was talkN bout how quincy jones gay ass ask him to sex him. Krazie Bone even admitted that he believe the government shot eazy E with the AIDS virus..Within four months of finding out, coughing, HIV positive, FULL Blown AIDS..and DEATH in 4 MONTHS not at all I know poor people with AIDS that live longer!!

  • KeenObserver

    Suge Shot me...

  • thesource

    another lie by the u.s government. they know that people are fed up, their deep in debt, no health care, so why shouldn't we go back to the jewish hate days?. cause any sane man who reads this article will laugh, why should the jewish defense league extort people around? their only purpose is to stop hatred against jews. the white house intention is to cause internal hatred in the community, so the people would forget about the governmental poor performances. Black people should know better, since they all have a nice history with the FBI and CIA. this shit looks so ridiculous, it takes a true dummy to believe it.

    • Anonymous


    • McNulty

      If the Jewish Defense League represents all Jews, then the Mafia represents all Italians, the Crips represent all blacks, the Latin Kings represent all hispanics.... you see where I'm going. Just because a bunch of asshole Jewish thugs decide to give their "gang" a respectable sounding name like the Jewish Defense League doesn't mean it legitimately represents all Jews. PS- the top wall street thugs are WASPS. But its ok, blame the Jews (always an easy out for morons throughout history).

    • Shlomi TalentDisplay Samya

      guys sound like the Natzis... shame on y'all man. It's like saying that you should hate on all blacks cause the black panther was more then a movement or because of Bloods or Crips. Open your eyes. you guys know better.

    • Anonymous

      yeah jews also have a reputation of being treated like crap they've only been enslaved by egyptians,burned in the roman colosseum,kicked out of numerous countries,and in the late 30s and 40s eastern germany they were only hunted down,starved to death,treated like ruthless criminals,posioned,burned in chimneys like firewood and slaughtered by nazis and italians. But your comment seems to make like all these events r ok but you're prob one of those who cry about slavery right?

    • Anonymous

      sure it is(sarcasim implied)

    • simplythetruth

      Well jews have a reputation of being ruthless when it comes to money so it is very believable.Example:Wall street.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous


  • StarBlack


    • McNulty

      Yeah, it's all a big conspiracy, and anyone who disagrees must be part of the conspiracy, and any information that challenges your preconceived ideas is part of a cover up... moron

    • DAC

      THE GOVERNMENT KILLED TUPAC; BIGGIE; EAZY-E; AND JMJ...and Suge; Diddy; Heller; and 50 cent are all being paid off by the government to tell lies and get away with murder...you heard it hear first

    • Shlomi TalentDisplay Samya


  • pico presi

    Man, I can see why PAC wanted to leave this earth and just give in cus thats crazy pressure from all angles and you cant trust no one excet AFENI!!!!!!

    • Anonymous


    • Shlomi TalentDisplay Samya

      Look at Jay... he did it right. Ain't no one extorting me if I got that BIG BALLER money. If you a thug then you pay some goons to handle it on some Mazaradi Fox (associated with 50)

  • Spyridon

    "The FBI document also links Shakur and other unidentified victims to a separate extortion attempt by “a known organized crime figure,” whose name is omitted from the public version of the report." Probably Suge, and that's probably what was going on at Death Row.

  • Anonymous

    this is white people try to be smart.not jewish. pig killed him!

  • matt

    Jews attacking tupac? because he IS JESUS www.tupacisjesus.com

  • joe5286

    What else would you expect from Jews lol

  • Nike Champ 718

    Shyne was behind all of that.

  • edubb1977

    Nothing surprises me anymore. I will say that this JDL thing is just a piece of the puzzle. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL FUCKIN WORLD WE LIVE IN!!!!!!

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