Murs Releases Sequel "Varsity Blues 2," Production By Aesop Rock, Droop-E

The Living Legends emcee drops his second project in two months, and a follow-up to his fan favorite 2002 EP.

Los Angeles, California emcee Murs promised to release nearly a dozen albums in 2010. While the Living Legends member did not fulfill that promise, he's actively releasing several projects thus far in 2011. Last week (April 5), Murs dropped an EP sequel to his 2002 EP, Varsity Blues.

The six track Varsity Blues 2 was revealed to contain production by former Def Jux label-mate Aesop Rock, as well as Terrace Martin and Sik Wid It's Droop-E. With the exception of "She's So Lost," the project, like its six track original, features "blue" in each song title.

In February, Murs released Melrose with Terrace Martin.


  • Anonymous

    Where can I get the ep?

  • vocab

    ep leaked a while ago and its nice as hell. One of the best releases this year, Murs is easily one of the greatest story tellers hip hop has to offer, and the production he was laced with on this is very dope. A Must cop for me

  • Sensaye252

    Just because you have a stupid hairstyle and you're a semi-underground MC doesn't make you nice. Murs is and has always been overrated. 9th Wonder stays wastin' beats on mediocre rappers.

    • Watever Man

      u fuckin idiots...comments like these really show how u fuckin listen to hip hop...go suck on gucci's titties...we all know Murs is not the best rapper in the world but he creates dope material..he spits his heart out and judgin by wat u cats r sayin..u probably co-sign royce...that dude fell off....shout out to all them...Median created a classic in my books....stop hatin on peeps that keep real hip hop alive

    • EddieMurrrphy

      spit out fire. i agree 100%. those rappers (skyzoo sometimes median kaze big treal big remo and chaundon and all them) made me think 9ths beats were sub par for awhile. but fuck that. that is not the case, its the emcees that licked the ass. but yeah for real MURS SUCKS COCK NOW. FUCK MELROSE I AM DONE WITH YOUR FRUITY DIFFERENT PHONY HIPSTER LIKE BULLSHIT

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