Travis Barker Enlists Mix Master Mike To Replace DJ AM

The Invisibl Skratch Piklz/Beastie Boys' deejay has been playing shows with the punk rocker who is on tour with Lil Wayne.

Travis Barker is currently sharing arena stages across the country with Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, and Nicki Minaj as part of the I Am Still Music Tour. But in order to properly support his latest album, Give the Drummer Some, Barker needed a deejay he though could live up to the standards of his late friend and collaborator, DJ AM. Longtime Beastie Boys associate Mix Master Mike seemed to be the perfect fit.

Barker told MTV News about the new partnership, saying, “After playing with [DJ] AM so long and after he left, it was like I had to find the best deejay in the world. And one that I grew up on that I loved that I had something in common with. And I grew up on the Beasties. I always loved Mike's deejaying. I always loved what he was about and everything, so it was a good matchup, man.”

Barker’s new album, his solo debut, has been well received. It’s first two singles, “Give the Drummer Some” and “Saturday Night,” are both currently in heavy rotation on both Rap and Rock stations. Barker mentioned to MTV News that “Knockin’” will most likely be the next single to be released from the record. That track features E-40, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, and Dev.


  • Anonymous

    this guy sucks fags think he is cool cause he has tatts and a gay clothing lone...In rock standards he sucks as a drummer and a hack

    • Anonymous

      ^^ you must be a blink 182 fan ^^

    • anothermisguidedopinion

      What exactly are rock standards? Theres no rules or standards to music, which is exactly why this guy is so damn successful. If you want to talk musical standards as a drummer he is a beast. He has 4 limb chops,a shit ton of creativity, impeccable time, knows how to dictate the tempo of live performances, and is a master of showmanship.. this is probably beyond you though so I'll stop now.

    • Anonymous


  • Eeryn Lubicich

    #RIPDJAM Congratulations @TravisBarker

  • Just

    That's good news, Knockin' is one of my favourite tracks on the album.

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