Gucci Mane Arrest Details Emerge; Woman Ejected For Refusing Proposition

UPDATE: Gucci Mane's attorney denies battery allegations, plans to enter a "not guilty" plea.

UPDATE (04/20): Tuesday, DeKalb County, Georgia prosecutors announced formal charges of battery, reckless conduct and disorderly conduct against Gucci Mane, also known as Radric Delantic Davis. Gucci Mane’s attorney, Ashutosh Joshi told the Associated Press his client plans to plead not guilty to all charges. Gucci was originally accused of pushing a woman out of Hummer while driving down a suburban Atlanta street.

Atlanta, Georgia rapper Gucci Mane was arrested on Friday (04/08/11) for pushing a woman out of a moving vehicle earlier this year, according to new reports. Hollywood Reporter obtained this information after speaking with DeKalb County Police for confirmation of the alleged incident. 

Gucci allegedly threw the victim out of the moving car in January, after she rejected a $150 proposition to check-in at a nearby motel. The woman met Gucci on the same day at a local mall, where they agreed to leave for breakfast. 

The woman only suffered soreness and pain and had to check in at a hospital. Gucci has been charged with violation of probation and misdemeanor battery and had to check in at Georgia Department of Corrections Probation Office. 

This is not the first time Gucci has been involved with legal woes. He served time in prison for violating parole in the past and was arrested last year for driving on the wrong side of the road. This year, Gucci checked into a mental facility after claiming mental incompetency for a series of legal problems. 


  • Kenton Rucker

    lol what is on his face .. this nigga is crazy ..what is he thinkin he got money now why would u do that stupid shit

  • Jesus

    Gucci:suck my Dick hoee Hoe: uhm nigguh you ask before we goto the mall and you pay for all my shit Gucci: durrr durrr GUCCI! Whattttttt? Hoe:uh yeah dumbass i dont even know any of your songs, my pimp told me who you were, Gucci:uhm.... fuck i suck -throws hoe out the door and thinks to thinkin love ballad about this situation. itll have Waka nd his momma singing vocals, ill call it rejected by hoes"

  • Anonymous

    Fuck the story I clicked on this link just to laugh at that niggas face tat!!!! Haha happy 420.


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  • Anonymous

    He is so fucking ugly. DUDE can't even buy pussy from a crackhead.

  • curbstompa


  • E


    • Jose Vasquez

      I would love to know what your definition of selling out is, because it looks like that's been the case for his whole career

  • Lsn22s

    SMH @ Guci mane having to pay for sex...some folks really have no game whatsoever...and mental incompetency? no kidding...

    • Anonymous

      Don't think this just applies to Gucci. Celebreties with a lot of money don't go to strip clubs just to give their money away. All of that "making it rain" and they only get to SEE the na-na?! Naaahh!! They paying too. Believe it.

  • atlzone3

    free my nigga gucci already burr burr guuuuuuuuuuuuuci

  • Anonymous

    real cool Gucci throwing a woman out of car! I hope they will beat you up in the hood or in jail for that

  • Seckorie Chatman

    If this is true, he has to be the dumbest nigga in america, really gucci a huned and 50 bucks, that's all you had, lol, i hope gucce aint fuckd his money up, this nigga mad cause the bitch didn't fuck, dogg on to the next one, i know some hoes right now that do some strange shit for that buck 50.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Olivia

    Wouldn't you think he would offer more then $150 for a piece off ass with all that "so called money" from his fame he's got? I mean come on if you'r even gonna ask a question dealing with sexual favors at least let the girl feel worth something rather then $150!!!! Bye-Bye Gucci most likely you'r gonna do time once again!! These Celebrity's NEVER learn!!!

  • DizzyDae

    All I have to say is gurl get that money. Sue his ass and leave him broke and homeless.


    young jeezy >>>>>>>> guccci mane TM 103 COMING SOONS , THE STREETS READY FOR IT!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH

    • Jose Vasquez

      Rick Ross sounds like a chopped and screwed version of Young Jeezy, haha

    • Rick Ross the Bawse

      Man fuck that shit, Jeezy ain't shit. The Bawse already owned that nigga ass and bodied him. His career is over. And his last album sucked dick. Rozay where it's at in the south. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ikeatl

    Something wrong with him boss he just can't get right

  • Jah

    I don't understand how people still listen to this guys music. Hopefully they don't? What a fucking loser. How does someone with mental incompentency get his voice heard by so many people? Why are so many people willing to listen? The only explanation I can come up with is they are also mentally incompetent. Gucci is killing hip-hop

  • Polo

    Here we gO again. Blame all of America's problems and crimes on hip hip. I love it. First and foremost, FUCK Ashley Judd . She just like any other white person who think nothing but some dumb niggaz looking to rApe a white women or something krazy like that....before corporate dictated what a rappers were to look like and sound like we were reporters of the street and it's a lot of them ou there. Too bad they get no airplay..... Nas, jay(still real), mos def, the wu, roots, big krit, talib, the kast, common, kanye(asshole but real music), killer mike, evidence... Too many

  • Anonymous

    i read a comment where somebody said she denied 100k lol it clearly says $150 come on now the shit he raps abt is all smoke and mirrors talks big bread but clearly does not have it when you are an entertainer hoes throw themselves at you its clear dude is a fraud he got mad she wouldn't let him hit so he threw her out the whip lol let me guess he'll plead insanity how are u a "rap star" and have to pay for pussy burr burr if your cold put on a mother fucking sweater ppl are tired of his same whack flow and always flows on the same kind of beats no lyrical ability at all terrible

    • Your Name *

      ...dude, he obviously could've easily paid that $150 and not miss it. the hoe prolly was boppin in the mall and assumed he was gone pay her on some groupie shyt just cuz he bought her breakfast. She didnt respect his mind so she unfortunately had to roll.

  • Ado Cob

    this dude is a fucking idiot, and needs to be locked up. you mean to tell me people get locked up for smoking a blunt, but this stupid fuck does this as well as all of the other recent fuck ups he's had, and stays out. fuck this system.

  • gucciisagenius

    gucci is a genius he does shit like this on purpose to go to jail and you niggas fall for it. going to jail only gets him more street cred and sell more records haha most of the money gucci has made is from going to jail and rapping ... it not from his music alone haha its funny how smart people can play the world and they don't even see it ...

    • Taon Sauls

      Btw Gucci sold around 100k on his last album. This aint the 90's street cred aint moving units no more.

    • Taon Sauls

      Yea thats the same formula that worked for Shyne and DMX. If you cant tell i'm being sarcastic. In this day and age "street cred" means less and less. Let's look at some of the top artist today 1. Lil Wayne-He openly kissed another man on the lips, then got punked repeatedly by 50Cent something that everyone just decided to ignore 2. Rick Ross-fromer correctional officer 3. Kanye west-Not anywhere close to being a street dude 4. Eminem-Once again not a street dude, em is no punk but he is not a street dude either All these guys sell pretty well despite their lack of "street cred" lets look at some artist who do have street cred. 1. Shyne-Did'nt snitch, went to jail..came out sounding horrible 2. Beanie Segal-Always getting arrested and has an unbelievable flow 3. Fat Joe- Average rap skills but you rarely hear about someone going at him in the streets Now everyone on this list has had their struggles moving units. Street cred is as played out as starting beefs for attention. If anything Gucci Mane is self destructing because ever since he got that face tattoo everyone started to think he was a weirdo and this type of shit aint helping.

  • .papabearATL

    Ass, Gas or Cash! He ain't hurting for money, the tank was full, whats left, lol! This clown should just find a hole and climb in it. A waste of space. He ain't even living his music, tryna pay groupies... C'MON SON!

  • Obvious

    Aaaant - Wrong! Even the dumbiest chick is street smart! She probably looked at him as a retard - WHO WRITES CHECKS TODAY? Only those, who knows with the hustle to bounce them. Very few business even accept hand written checks today - she probably singing that rap chorus "Where the cash at?" She knew that dude was trying to hustle her soooo he throw her out of the car - on some, I think I'm gangster with the probation shit over my head so, I can't get caught on another stupid charge! DUDE IS BEYOND RETARDATION! If you're already under officer Ricky's spot light why draw even more shit to yourself! Honestly he deserves to route in prison - let his record deal go to somebody that actually has talent! -A & B cat in the retard!

  • Why??

    I believe the groupie that didn't want to get out of the $100k car story over this bullshit that she told the police. It sounds to me like a bitch that wants some money. "A hoe can be a niggas greatest downfall"!!!

    • bitch whats my name

      100k car lmao u funny tho he drives a fuckin challenger n if it aint srt8 he not driving shit!! dnt get fooled by them music videos smh some people live by the hype....

  • hellrazor

    she was thrown out the car for having self esteem!

    • Anonymous

      Or maybe she lied and was asked to get out the car and she said I will never meet another millionaire again in my life???? If she didn't want to be there then why was she there again???? 150 sounds like she was bargaining and she didn't hear the number that she wanted to hear.

  • Obie Obialor

    dats really bad of him. yet to get the full gist

  • GotDAMN

    this muthafucka's UGLY....i forgot, why do people like him????

  • vargo05

    This sounds like a great case for Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Oh wait. That will only happen if the woman accusing or the cops that arrested him are white.

  • Louis Creativity Guthrie

    help him!

  • Anonymous

    He told her to get out and she said no??? The rest is he say she say.

  • Damn

    I guess Ashley Judd should take back her apology

  • grapp

    thats what that dumb groupie bitch get..

    • memo

      thats right my enword keep them hoes rolling like the stones in 04.. thats so gay that ur mom was a girl, i wish it were a dude, better yet a pimp. a pimp named pepper jack. yellas for the cheese!

  • mark

    "I'll scratch off on a bitch, it's nothing to me"-Gucci! she probly deserved that shit and probly wasn't going fast, not as bad as Chris Brown

  • clsmooth

    So when did paying for pussy become cool?

  • Ray Street Govenor Hatendi

    jesus christ....fuck wat he did, niggaz do that uuurday,did any1 notice that shit on his face,tattoeing ice...nigga looks like a fuck`n 60year old baby,ugly ass 60 year old baby.but on a mo serious note i actually feel sorry 4 gucci,i mean he can`t do nu`n ryt.nigga can`t rap, he ugly as fuck, and nw he gettin arrestd 4 a shitty crime,wat u want him 2 do kill himself...give tha man a

  • street govenor

    jesus christ....fuck wat he did, niggaz do that uuurday,did any1 notice that shit on his face,tattoeing ice...nigga looks like a fuck`n 60year old baby,ugly ass 60 year old baby.but on a mo serious note i actually feel sorry 4 gucci,i mean he can`t do nu`n ryt.nigga can`t rap, he ugly as fuck, and nw he gettin arrestd 4 a shitty crime,wat u want him 2 do kill himself...give tha man a

  • niggas stay paying for pussy

    sound like a trick to me from a pimps point of view.


    you fuck boys actin like he killed or even chris brown the hoe he push the broad out of a car get the thong out ya asses

    • this nigga is dumb for real.

      Damn dude you really are slow.Were you there? How do you know she was selling?

    • dumb

      pushing a woman out of a car isn't as bad as striking a woman? any violence against a woman is pussy shit and unacceptable


      where was yo cape at when he was doin this?


      man the bitch was sellin that pussy he pick her up off the block but you do know if yo girl say you hit her they comming to get yo ass right away an guess what you didnt even touch the broad

    • this dumbass nigga

      you slow as fuck.What he did was push a woman out the car thats worse than what chris brown did.

  • Anonymous

    yep i fuckin called that shit. rot slow gucci.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • slapyobitchass

    Gucci, you stupid dumbfuck. this nigga is the reason why people generalize hip hop and hip culture. stupid motherfuckers like this nigga and who the fuck tats an ice cream on they fuckin face!!!!!!!!! Nigga is a lost cause

  • Anonymous


  • The Ooh Child

    That's pretty baller right there

  • Billy Bucks

    Throwing someone out of your car is a violation of probation? Who knew? For real though, why is this dude not it someones care. This son of a bitch is unstable. He needs a case worker and a white jacket that straps in back.

  • Anonymous


  • Razvan Pavel

    stupid assface tattooed rappers. you gotta love them for this kind of shit :))

  • kennyken

    just keep right on asking for it gucci. don't play crazy next time though jew.

    • fuckthe$ebitcha$nigga$

      gucci is crazy as fuck nigga ,you dont want beef nigga turn dat ass into a vgetaritaran, imma satigaris ,when i get hot i crack niggas,pop ya like hot grese ,imma BEAST, SHOWIN NIGGAS LOVE, YOU STARIN AT MY DUBS ,IMMA WORRIOR ,IM AT THE END OF THE ROAD ,I TURN AROUND AND GO TO DA END OF DA STOVE,THAT HOE WOULD STILL BE WIT BE IF SHE WOULD OF TOOK DAT 150,FUCK 50 HALF OF AH 100 ,25 SPLIT DAT ASS IN HALF B4 ITS DONE NIGGA GONNA GET CAPPED, IM STRAPED,JZ CANT EVEN FUCK WITH ME ,IM LOOKIN LIKE BREAD,N U LOOKIN DEAD!!!

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