Buckwild Recalls Roc Management Days, Beanie Sigel's "What A Thug About"

D.I.T.C.'s hit-making producer reveals that he may have had a hand in laying the foundation for the '00s Roc-A-Fella Records sound made famous by Just Blaze and Kanye West.

Bronx, New York producer Buckwild spoke to Complex.com this week, to look through his comprehensive discography. A member of D.I.T.C. (Diggin' In The Crates), Buck has made hits with the likes of Black Rob, O.C., AZ and many more. Within the 34 song retrospective, Buckwild spoke candidly about one record in particular, 2000's "What A Thug About" by Philadelphia, Pennsylvania emcee Beanie Sigel.

Discussing the single from The Truth, Buck explained that he may have been involved in some of what would become Roc-A-Fella Records' trademark sound at the top of the new millennium. "I was under the Roc management before Just [Blaze] and Beanie [Sigel]. It was between The Blueprint and Vol. 3… Life and Times of S. Carter. It was during the time of The Truth and Bleek’s first album, Coming of Age. I remember during Beanie’s first album we cut like 12 records. A couple of them had the same samples that were on The Blueprint. I had the same Tom Brock sample that was used in ‘Girls, Girls, Girls.'"

Buck went on to admit that while he probably left Roc-A-Fella's management arm too soon, that he developed a strong chemistry with the State Property front-man that may carry into the future. "Even now, I approach him and say, ‘We should cut some records and put that spark back in the game.’ Not many people have that chemistry. He’s real and aggressive. S o I think he needs to get back to doing him. When he did The Solution, I told him, ‘Yo, I’m not really feeling the ['All The Above'] R. Kelly thing. I think you need to get back and make a part two of The B.Coming.’ And they were like, ‘Nah, this is what Jay says to do…'"

Last year, Buckwild a collaborative album with Florida's Celph Titled, Nineteen Ninety Now.

Read the whole retrospective at Complex.com here.


  • Bowski

    Buc has always been a slept on producer, he's made some of the most sneaky beats "sample-wise" in hip hop. I still haven't copped "The Solution" album, cos of that damn Beans & R-Kelly single, it was so disgusting and outta place for Beans. Funny thing though, Jay-Z wanted that record out to show a "truce" between him and R-Kelly, so in essence he used Beans as a "tool" to give off the appearance that he's cool w/Kels publicly, meanwhile he killed 2 birds w/one stone by using Beans for his dirty work (basically killing Beans street-cred), when he could've easily had R-Kelly hop on any one of his (Jay-Z) tracks, at the same time rids himself of Beans for siding w/Dame. Whoa!! That damn Jay-Z is too smart for his own good

  • bringi

    buckwild produced one of the dopest beats i have ever heard "the chosen one" by O.C. definitely a hit maker

  • Rick

    Buck always brings that heavy sample sound. D.I.T.C is legendary. One of the deepest crews ever. Aint nobody that could fuck with them in their prime. Not Wu, Not the Juice crew etc. With O.C., Big L, Lord Finesse, hold it down on the mic and Buck, Diamond, Show on the boards...MAN!!! All these dudes that come with sick metaphoars now have that Big L, LF style. Plus OC is a VERY slept on MC. "realise sucka, i be the comin' like noa"

  • SoflyyAsh

    That B.Coming is classic...The Solution wasn't on the level I expected it to be coming after The B.Coming...

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