Ashley Judd Apologizes For Hip Hop "Rape Culture" Remarks

UPDATE: After some strong backlash to her "rape culture" statements, Ashley Judd both apologizes for her generalizations of Hip Hop and says she was quoted out of context.

In her new book, All That is Bitter, and Sweet, actress Ashley Judd strongly questioned the use of particular rappers in public charity events used to bring awareness to important issues. She slammed the YouthAIDS organization and MTV's 'Staying Alive' concerts for inviting Snoop Dogg and Diddy to perform at their events.

"Along with other performers, YouthAIDS was supported by Rap and Hip Hop artists like Snoop Dogg and P. Diddy to spread the message…um, who? Those names were a red flag."

She went on to state her opinion on Hip Hop culture, asserting that the genre promotes misogyny and violence against women.

"As far as I'm concerned, most Rap and Hip Hop music--with its rape culture and insanely abusive lyrics and depictions of girls and women as 'ho's'--is the contemporary soundtrack of misogyny. I believe that the social construction of gender--the cultural beliefs and practices that divide the sexes and institutionalize and normalize the unequal treatment of girls and women, privilege the interest of boys and men, and, most nefariously, incessantly sexualize girls and women--is the root cause of poverty and suffering around the world."

Judd recently visited the Jimmy Fallon show to promote her book. The late night show, of course, features Hip Hop group The Roots as the house band. After her appearance, Roots drummer ?uestlove addressed Judd's comments via Twitter.

hmmm. at least i got my answer as to why ash judd didn't give us so much as a nod on her last visit. im a criminal: AM Apr 8th via web Favorite Retweet Reply

(UPDATE: 04/12): After ?uestlove's initial responses to Judd's comments, Talib Kweli and 9th Wonder also took to Twitter to voice their sentiments about the issue. Amidst the outcry, Judd took to Russell Simmons' early on Monday to apologize for her statements, saying that while some of her words were taken out of context, she is at fault for the generalizations she made.

"The outcry regarding my remarks, 2 paragraphs out of my 400+ page book, regarding hip hop and rap, has been astounding as it is out of context…The general theme [now] is to express my gratitude for a chance to learn, to be corrected where I was wrong, to make amends, and hold firm and strong on the original intention and context of points I made, with a commitment to try to do so less clumsily and with more sensitivity in the future."

She added, "I so regret that my indictment of rape culture as a whole has been interpreted as me blaming rap and hip hop exclusively. That was absolutely not my intention, and I so regret it has had that effect on some people. "

Judd finished by saying her eyes had been opened to a distinction between Rap and Hip Hop, and she'd also been introduced to new music. "Thank you to fans of both [Rap and Hip Hop] who have introduced me to artists whose lyrics embody activism and progressive values. I am glad to have more beats for my playlists. I celebrate the music, its meaning, and those who love it."

Read her entire entry here.



  • Yeah its Me


  • Christine Lorraine Edmond

    alotta yall on here are playin yaselves!!! firstly, the quote was taken outta context, and secondly, she has a legitimate point!! a good portion of hip hop is beyond disrespectful to women, and its even worse now because today there are corporations that package this garbage and gives it to the masses! now, i LOVE hip hop to death, hip hop is the freakin soundtrack to my life, but i wud be lyin thru my teeth if i tried to defend some of my favorite rappers. and the ugly truth is, so many people co-sign a lot of these songs not realizing that it perpetuates REAL LIFE stupidity. and, really, i dont think she apologized just to appease hip hop fans- most hip hop fans arent even in her target market! and the ones that are in her target market dont give enough of a damn to boycott her stuff cuz of what she said! her family is like the jacksons of country music, she wudnt be missin no sleep if she hadnt apologized- and i appreciate that she did do it.

    • Marcel

      so I take The Roots, Tabli Kweli,Gangstarr, 9th Wonder and Mos Def, all of those guys are rapist? I wish that certain black people stop defending white people when they make stupid blanketed statements. Does share hip hop/rap have its share of bad apples yeah but so does country music (google David Allan Coe and Johnny Rebel),but I think they promote a racist culture, no cause that would be a stupid blanketed statement,cause I know country artist Big and Rich don't get down like that. I think ?uestlove is right in calling her out on that

  • Dee

    Mannnn, F**K this Dumb Bitch, her apology doesn't mean sh!t !

  • Anon.

    The reason they exist is to lie to us. To incite us to kill each other instead of them. To make us hate and loathe each other, when we should be uniting. Fear and Chaos runs rampant everywhere and nobody seems to give a fuck. Only the truly enlightened will understand my words. P&L

  • i trol u

    Fuck that white ho, she made her bed, now she wanna apologize cos she got put on blast for her racist remarks. This is gonna help her non-existent career.

    • Yeah its Me

      And how was her remarks racist? what was racist about what she said? Grow the fuck up and stop trying to blame everything on the fact that your black.

    • Yeah its Me

      Fuck you black bitch. She said the truth, does it hurt your little insecure feelings that a little white country girl told the truth about rap music? And once again fuck you.

  • Jah

    This is what happens when an actor tries to write a book and sound smart ... They don't. Oh all-knowing Ashley Judd, please tell us all how to fix the world. You have so many years of experience in the field. I'd rather read Snookie's book, at least it would be good for a laugh

    • The W

      Yeah, that phrase seems a little extreme. She does have a point about the misogyny and women being objectified. The video and radio channels and record labels are just as much to blame. I think it's a little better now than it was years ago in the rap game.

  • Anonymous

    Can anyone name any songs were a bitch gets raped "As the World turns" -Emienem "Devils Son" -Big L "Xis Comong" -DMX (really fucked song) "Dance With the Devil" -Immortal Tech HAHAHA Anyone else got one

    • some1

      Geto Boys "Mind of a Lunatic" Geto Boys - "Murder Avenue" N.W.A - "She Swallowed It" There's plenty, except most of them tell stories and not necessarily glorifying rape.

  • Anonymous

    No need to Apologize! HIP HOP IS FULL OF SHIT! IT'S THE SAME BAD MOVIE OVER AND OVER! I got money! I got Hoes! I got ice! HIP Hop is one of the worst things that ever happened to Black America!!!!!! The Establishment killed Positive Hip Hop like it Killed the Black Panthers! Bye Bye, Black Panthers! Hello, Smack! Bye Bye, Positive Hip Hop! Hello, Crack!

    • Leanne Bergman

      Obviously you know nothing about true Hip please shut the h#%% UP!!! I hate uneducated people who have verbal diarrhea!!

    • B@nksy

      Oh thats strange I didn't know positive HipHop was "killed", as you so drastically put it. Cus clearly according too you people like Lupe, Blu, The Roots dont make positive HipHop, whats wrong with Lupe and immortal technique they are always rapping about money and hoes?! You are so smart you educated me thankyou.

  • Juniversal

    Unfortunately I can't totally disagree with her. At least the idea that much of hip-hop and our culture can be very degrading and disparaging towards women. I love gangsta rap as much as the next man but I take it for what it's worth. Entertainment. I make no attempt to "live the life". I think it was ignorant of her to generalize and describe it as a "rape culture" BUT there is some truth to her words. Many do try to "live that life". Shit, read the comments in the article about Gucci Mane pushing the girl out of his car. Some dumb niggas are blaming the girl instead of holding that worthless ass bastard accountable. Shit like that only proves her right.

  • Up North

    Not sure I fully believe her "renigment". I'm sure she understands the hypicrosy in her statement but also understands that she has many fans who love hip hop, whom she probably alienated. On the other hand, her book is for damn sure gonna fly off shelves because of this uproar. She probably sitting back giggling, counting her bread.

  • Weva nicca

    But hold up tho, just why CAN'T Snoop and Puff do a youthaids benefit?ashey judd i seen yo titties in double jeopardy! so i guess your unfit for kid related events as well? still leaves no room to speak on someone who speaks on bitches and hoes.bitches.hoes.are real.not a myth.there all around us.....

  • verbs

    A positive is that Mis Judd just took a big shot at these corporate can't go at the little guy just because they look like giants to the average joe, think about it!

  • Nico 3

    It would have been interesting if Judd had stood by her original comments, cause it would have been hard to prove her wrong based on what she was really trying to say. She cited Snoop Dogg, who has probably made more money off songs about sex and drugs than anybody. Does that mean don't listen to rap? No, but if more people regulated what say their kids listened to, I bet the world would be a better place. 10 year olds shouldn't walk around saying fuck every other word. That's hip hop eating away at their intelligence, and nobody should apologize for not thinking that's cool.

    • Anonymous

      What songs are about rape anyway? lol just wondering

    • Glenn Tucker

      I def agree with Brandon.

    • Brandon

      Yo..she was saying that hip hop is a rape culture...what do you mean it's hard to prove her wrong? Do you know what a culture is? By saying that, she's saying that us sitting here on a hip hop website are contributing to rape..which is bullshit. Even if you just look at rap, how many songs are there really about raping someone? I could probably count them on one hand..

  • white milk

    i knew there was a reason i loved ms judd so... when i initially read the story i was disappointed bc ive always been a fan of hers so this is good to see.. i wonder what artist(s) she's listening to

  • ryan

    Some apology. She's not sorry for her own ignorant comments, she's sorry that people misinterpreted them. Nice.

  • Joe.Callahan

    Don Imus, Dog The Bounty Hunter, and now The Judds...muthaf***as always talk that shit and write shit about (Black) people and take it back, apologize! No, I don't support her and (after the backlash) she wants to "get right". I still believe she and the rest of The JUDDS meant what she (they) said. And, Hell No! it not the truth!...apology NOT ACCEPTED! Put that in your peace pipe and smoke it!

    • Yeah its Me

      Understand this. What she said was the truth. It wasn't "politically correct" but it was the truth. stop being so insecure.

  • TheBohnkrushuh

    not really a surprise. i've always had a lil crush on her tbh.

  • Mel N. Cholly

    Atleast she is honest. And willing to learn.

  • @Deknowz

    Her statement just says one thing, "I don't listen to rap music, I watch MTV/BET." Hip hop is not gospel, but it's not Black Sabbath either!

  • Al-B

    Let me add that she had a point, but she just went too far with a generalization as if rap music is the cause of all the problems in the world. Rappers do need to step there game up and be a lil diverse in their offerings. Why have an entire album rapping about nothing but negative shit??

    • Anonymous

      Hardly any rappers (notice I didn't say Mc's) don't really rap negative anymore, thats not the correct term. What makes this worse is that in some cases pop music which influences kids the most is even worse.

  • Al-B

    Next time Ashley if you want folk to believe that you're sincere, don't have a publicist write an apology for you!

  • Raschid Briggadista Robertson

    This Here is Utter garbage #Fuckries. People must read and investigate people culture before they talk rubbish. Kmft.

  • LOL QQ

    She obviously hasn't heard some of the positivity that some hip hop holds, but she also isn't wrong in saying that a lot of hip hop songs degrade women. You all acting like she is completely wrong are just being biased and refuse to be objective. She does have some valid points about SOME of the hip hop that is out there and on the radio

  • Jeff Ch-ch Ch Chapman

    this is one of the most ignorant fucking things I have ever ready. My my I love how celebrities think they are authorities on everything merely because they're famous

  • madex

    Mind you . . . Find you, findin’ us no more misogynistic and violent than the society we are born into. -- Talib Kweli

  • V.I.A.H.W

    this is wrong on so many levels .... when your on the outside looking in you dont have the right to make statements when your just looking at the surface, hip hop is so deep and diverse you cant label it as negative and not get some kind of backlash wake the fuck up its not 1992 .... someone needs to make this bitch listen to some REAL Hip Hop then come back and apologize .... p.s. rape culture ??? Really ??? she also needs a lesson in reality too because you dont have to be a rapper,black,etc.. to rape a mothafucka im just sayin !!!!

  • Natedawg

    this bitch is still full of know shes is NOT listening to any hip hop what so ever and i like how she tries to get away with what she said was meant for RAP and not HIP HOP...there is no distinction of either...its whats dope and whats not dope

  • Humanature

    "It incenses me that our own people don't realize our own heritage, our own culture, this is our music, man." Bleek from "Mo Better Blues"

    • shone jones

      The people don't come because you grandiose motherfuckers don't play shit that they like. If you played the shit that they like, then people would come, simple as that. Shadow Henderson from Mo Better Blues

  • Humanature

    It's not all the labels fault. It's the majority (we as minorities) who support "Fuckery" and complain when outsiders generalize the music.

  • What?

    She's not wrong. All rap may not be like that, but the rap that is "seen" is like that. Mainstream rap was what she was referring to it and every one knows it. That's why she mentioned two of the most mainstream hiphop figures, Diddy and Snoop. It's bull to get all butt hurt when they know very well mainstream rap is full of crap. You don't really see that though until you see a fourteen years singing Becky or Wetwet, or an eight year old speaking about gin and juice. Smh.

    • Ravenda Dallah


  • Anonymous

    I believe that what Ashley said is true in many ways, as a longtime hip hop fan, I can say the battle for enlightment in hip hop has been a hard trudge uphill. I would like to state that it was not like that when it first started out. As much as I would hate to state it, the record industry is dirty and they go for what sells, in any form of black music and feel free to look it up, african americans have been cheated, manipulated and stereotyped as the bafoon, the jigaboo act for entertainment. Many blacks going back to the blues, jazz, r & b, hip hop have been shaped and molded to market our music in negative ways, AND IF IT WAS NOT NEGATIVE, we were raped for millions upon millions of dollars by White America. This of course leads to a plethora of issues, but to stay on track, I will say that what you see now is industry manipulated, first hip hop was all about party music, simple clean cut lyrics designed to make you laugh and have a good time (Sugarhill Gang, Kurtis Blow, Treacherous Three), then it evolutionized into putting out a message for the people (Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five...mainly Melle Mel, KRS-ONE, Rakim, Public Enemy, X-Clan) well just like it has been done in the past, here comes ol' satan, "the blacks are beginning to wake up and put some pride in their life, they are beginning to question the system and they are studying their history and are beginning to see the ugly, dirty, nasty side of America that has been hidden from history books and they are starting to see and speak the truth, as satan I have to come up with a way to stir up some ignorance and keep the youth sedated with ignorance and folly..hummmm...I got it.... I'll come up with Gangster rap where we demean the black women and talk about kill the black man, we'll start calling her a ho, slut, and call him a nigga I will destroy the black man by glorifying him as a pimp, gangster, drug dealer and I will put champagne and booze in all of his videos with women showing all of their private parts for sexual black lustful entertainment, next I will STOP SHEDDING LIGHT ON THAT OL' POSITIVE MUSIC THAT HELPS INSPIRE THEM TO BE THE BEST, REACH FOR THE STARS, I DONT WANT GOD TO GET THE GLORY, I'M SATAN AND I WANT IT FOR MYSELF!!!" So now Ashley we have Gangster music, Coonery Bafoonery and we have Conscious Music designed to give room for positive, introspective enlightment. While what we rap about in Gangster Music is true, we have to take notice that all it does for kids who dont have a father or mother in the house to raise them, they use this music as a motivator and believe what they hear and try to live that life, so really the cycle of ignorance continues!!! Big up to all of our Conscious and true Hip Hop Heads like (KRS-ONE, Common, The Roots, Talib Kweli, Nas, Z-RO, K-Rino (you have to listen to K-Rino) and even Jay-Z for telling the truth about the do's and dont's of the streets. Still a big fan! Big O

    • The Pharaoh


    • Anonymous

      @ Slappy haha so true, i read the first line then said fuck it, not tryna read his life story

    • slapyobitchass

      What the fuck are you talkin bout nigga? Aint no way anyone gon read that horseshit you just posted. don't come on here postin essays and shit, get to your point in a paragraph or less. no one wants to read a fuckin novel on a hip hop/entertainment site.

  • rich walker

    this is news when black people aren't guilty of making the same generalizations...I wish I had a nickle for every time I've heard "you white people" this and "you white people" that... some how being white I'm automatically tied to the atrocities of slavery...the fact that no one from my family was in the country prior to 1935 means nothing...I'm white so I must be the descendant of southern slave owning crackers...

    • john redcorn

      you're being incredibly oversensitive about the situation. a number (definitely not all) of white people i have seen on the internet seem to have this mentality. the whining needs to stop from both sides.

  • Vikvaughn13

    She obviously meant and still most likely means what she said to begin with. Think about it this way if no one had said anything negative about her comments she never would have either. We all know that in Hollywood the key is to maintain a good public image. So something of this stature was definitely bound to have a negative effect and therefore had to be rectified for her careers sake. Fuck that bullshit apology.

    • CM

      I agree with this almost completely. when you are famous it is your goal to keep that image, so I think you're right about the apology only coming after the backlash. But we dont know if she is sincere or not. She might be, she might not be. She had a few points but she ran with it. Outsiders should watch and listen quietly, but music needs to improve also.

  • O

    All you underground Rap dudes acting like Dudes be supporting the Rap that is on the radio (The "Rape Culture" stuff), ummm... WOMEN BUY MUSIC, NOT MEN. Dumbass.

  • O

    Im glad when its all said and done she got "some new beats for her playlist". LMAO.

  • Dee

    You're never too old to learn new things.

  • Anonymous

    I'd still fuck that silly white ho. She don't know nothing about the culture so she shouldn't have spoken on it. Stupid fuckin white people think they know it all. Fuck them crackers.

    • Cheltio

      Oh my God !! You just don't get it do you? that's the type of comment that makes our culture look bad !! you see while some artists try to break down them walls of racism and stereotypes, there's always some dumb fool who will just follow the mainstream bullshit !! Learn your history man fuck that bullshit, you're just another tool and it sad you don't have the intelligence to understand your errors

    • humanature

      You are an idiot. If you are going to write a negative comment, can you write it in a manner that doesn't prove the opposition right.

    • Anonymous

      Lol, what do you know you dumb twat.

  • slapyobitchass

    This broad was obviously generaliziing hip hop culture based on the shit and garbage she hear on the radio. Now I'm not defending the bitch cuz she wrong on so many levels, but think of it this way, if you never heard rap music came to american and popped on the radio all you hear is that garbage shit like New Boyz, Gucci, Waka or any other lame ass nigga rapper talkin bout they ice or they bitches. You don't heart ?uestlove, 9th wonder or any of em cuz the labels put out the garbage and not the good shit. But I'm tellin you, people not just Ashley Judd all generalize on rap music because the horseshit they hear on the radio.

  • Anonymous

    i felt like this isnt entirely Ashley Judd's fault. probably the reason why she thought of hip-hop as a misogyny culture is bcuz u here all of that bullshit in the radio. u rarely hear any real intelligent, lyrical hip-hop in the radio nowadays. it's all about money, cars, clothes, bitches (not referring to all women, but those who really are bitches and sluts), and power. Ashley should have listened to that real hip-hop before making an accusation of hip-hop being entirely misogynistic. also, other genres, such as heavy metal and even pop music portrays women negatively. and dont forget about other types of media, such as movies and t.v. shows. but then, at the same time, what she said about RAP music is somewhat correct...but if only she applies this only to that commercial bullshit u hear in the radio and TV, and not to REAL HIP-HOP ;)

    • Anonymous

      If you read carefully, she said MOST Rap and hip-hop is the CONTEMPORARY SOUNDTRACK for a misogynistic culture. She did not back away from that statement. She admitted that some artists do make positive contributions after being enlightened by ?uestlove and others. Don't kill the messenger. Make sure you understand the message and determine if it is information that you can use. If we don't support artists who objectify women, the culture will slowly change.

  • Nico 3

    Beats for her playlist lol I bet she's bumpin It's Dark and Hell Is Hot as we speak.

  • Thomas Montague

    People should get off of Ashley Judd's back. If you read the two paragraphs in question, she said nothing incorrect. The interpretations of her statements seem aimed to turn attention away from the real issues with much of the current rap music. Sure, there are some positive artists, but they are NOT the ones who get played on the air. The SOUNDTRACK for misogyny, unfortunately, IS rap music. If you pull your heads out of the sand, you will not fail to notice that.

    • Anonymous

      Which takes the piss because hiphop isn't the only genre that does this

    • Anonymous

      The SOUNDTRACK for misogyny by your logic of the use of this word this would also include pop music

    • beezlebud

      unfortunately you'll find that most who comment here are the same uneducated drones who listen to all the mainstream rap she refers to and do not themselves even know what HIP HOP is so they'll act accordingly and by that I mean like typical dumb children who get all emotional based on the headline NOT the actual content

  • T

    all i know just about every female i know loves/likes our music, even the ones who love rock, country and emo music like at least a handful of rap songs and talk to me about them often so judd needs to chill actin like women dont support the music to the fullest, HOW DO YOU THINK THE ARTIST WHO SELL SELL??? WOMEN!

    • Thomas Montague

      The fact that the women you know like to be called names and objectified says more about them than about Ashley Judd. I might be wrong but if I had to guess, I would say that most women could learn more about self-love from Ashley Judd than from Snoop Dogg...just guessing here.

  • TripleBlackandBeautifulWoman

    I am happy that Ashley Judd was a woman about this situation and apologized. Not only apologized. She made the distinction between Rap and Hip Hop... But most importatly I want to send out a MUCH RESPECT to my brothas ?uestLove, Talib Kwali and 9th Wonder for bringing thier celebrity, Hip Hop Culture and Intellect to shine a light on just how general and ignorant that statment was. That is what MEN do, hold down and stand up for their community and Hip Hop is a community. So to My Brothas RESPECT!

  • geico lizard

    I dont know if she means it but im glad she apologized. Ashley has always been one of my favorite white girls in hollywood and I dont even date white chicks. I guess its all about brooklyn decker now if ashley is hating on us as a culture. She didnt mind rap when John Wall was dancing and all those black on the UK team over the years she has rooted for danced to rap music.

  • Fossie

    Oneless bitch you gotta worry about ......ignorant hypocritical bitch!

  • OMG

    i thought i'd pay this no mind but then again i couldnt just keep quiet. always thought of Ashley Judd as an outstanding person let alone a brilliant actress. now this?! she should've known better in my opinion not to just spew some illfounded and misinformed views and judgement on rap/ hip hop as a whole. i'm pretty sure she's heard or listened to some good rap songs in her life, now and when she was a student at college growing up. that type of generalisation wont just go unchallenged, if she thought so. c'mon now.

  • jonwint

    jeez.. if youre gonna stay something and PRINT IT and have it PUBLISHED least stand by it and not change your opinion 2 days later over twitter

  • J GAtsby

    somebody call chris brown to whoop this hoes ass

  • Irony

    Fuck that bitch-whore-slut, hoe!-fuck around in a dark alley see what happens to her..Oh wait, this might not be helping.

  • Omar Osgood

    I always thought that "Rap" was Tupac and Common, Mos Def, And Talib Kweli, Black Thoughts, etc. etc. while "Hip Hop" was the music about money and hoes and cars and shit, Am I Wrong?

    • sigh

      are you dumb? I'll answer that: yes, you are.

    • Beezlebud

      your wrong... Rap is a form of music that is apart of HIP HOP which is a culture.. content doesn't determine if someone is rapping, rappin is basically put speakin words rhythmically where HIP HOP is an entire culture that is global was birthed in the Bronx and has 4 main artistic elements Rap, Djin, Breakin, Grafitti... There multiple music forms associated with and now apart of HIP HOP

  • thetrooth

    DON'T BE A FUCKIN said what u said because thats how you feel...dont' go saying two days later oh your sorry this and that cuz ur not...and you shouldn't be. stand up for yourself you fuckin cunt!

  • Donny Lee

    This is one wordy chick. Now i'm all one for a good education, but when you use words to purposefully sound better than everyone else, you lose my respect. she could have easily said...I'm sorry, and now i see that not all rap is bad. Done!

  • el JOta

    all i know is I've been listening to hip-hop all my life and i haven't raped anyone. and i hate it when women say i want equality, when they know its not true (they want just women > men). when i can punch a girl without society looking at me as they did with Chris brown then we can talk equal rights or when they have men drink free night at a club then we can talk about equality

  • 52

    Like Chris Rock said, its hard to defend hip-hop nowadays. I dont agree with Judd's comments because hip-hop has a lot of social content in it but as a woman who probably is just going off of what she hears on the radio its hard to defend it. As much as i used to love Snoop i don't think i would want to see him or Diddy performing at a raise the awareness event. Imagine Snoop performing Sexual Eruption or Wet at an AIDS awareness event. The funny part about this whole thing is seeing the artists that actually stood up for Hip-Hop in this situation (?uestlove, Talib, & 9th Wonder). Three underground artists standing up for the wrongs of the mainstream.

  • Erwin Ntakirutinka

    I am so sick of people like Ashley Judd who just decide to bash our culture yet they don't even have a clue what it's all about. If you wanna know about hip hop, ask people who understand it and they will tell you but don't just come out of nowhere and claim our music in negative. Thank you for showing your true colors and I will look forward to not watching your movies again!!!

  • slim

    This is why I don't like white people.

  • fossie

    Gangstarap made me do it lol what does it mean out of context?Fuck this bullshit!Bitch!!!!

  • DJL

    Man, I hate that crap. Whenever someone famoous or semi-famous says something that they really mean they are always taken out of context. That's complete and utter bullcrap. You obviously said what you meant to say so stop apologizing and kissing ass to make amends. It's just stupid. I'm not condoning anything she said, but she meant what she said and her words were taken in exactly her context, so she can miss us with that crap. #realtalk

  • Nuc

    Shad - Keep Shining - off 'TSOL' women empowerment!

  • Foolish Culture

    No need to Apologize! HIP HOP IS FULL OF SHIT! IT'S THE SAME BAD MOVIE OVER AND OVER! I got money! I got Hoes! I got ice! HIP Hop is one of the worst things that ever happened to Black America!!!!!!

  • whatvevaman

    Another hiphop critique that's white dam dont make me laugh.

  • Anonymous

    p.s the reason why theres fuckin poverty in America came well before hiphop, in fact smart ass hiphop was created as a means to stop niggas killin each other you ignorant bitch dont make claims you clearly have no evidnece for.Now to say that hiphop is the cause of poverty worldwide bullshit hiphop is an mentality from being poor.

  • Anonymous

    see i dont blame her to an extent why should she believe their is good hiphop when the majority of the labels e.g interscope and radio stations play complete bullshit,although the generalization is not healthy. If thats how she feels she may as well say your black imma punch you in the face because your music is negative blah blah blah.Man get the fuck outta here with your apology you aint sorry why say it in the first place i bet you this bitch is racist.

  • kennyken

    its all hiphop. that's how they view it. i understand what she's talking about. we shouldn't be so sensitive about it. she's telling the truth in many ways...i still listen to music that demoralizes women, too. i'm one of the people she's talking about. so i really have to agree with her. i just know that i don't demoralize women in any way. i have a mother, sister, and a good woman, whom i treat all with utmost respect. but i see what its doing to the children. they are actually trying to live these lifestyles. and that saddens me.

  • R.Pgh

    how can you be taken out of context in a book you supposedly wrote?

    • Kieran S. Maharaj-Borovitch

      for example "while i feel like he did a great job taking care of his kids, he couldve been a better parent." if you were to only quote that last sentence, it'd give me a whole different image. that's how. judd was out of line but its easy to see how she can make the connection, a lot of mainstream hip hop HAS been objectifying women so if thats all youve been seeing then yeah youre gonna have that view. good to see she saw the light though props to ?uest and Kweli

  • malichi2010

    last time i checked nobody from hip hop culture makes the laws that support the oppression of women in are Soceity (as a whole)....Judd needs to get over her secret rape fantasy and be real.

  • Anonymous

    I agree I was disgusted when I heard that Missy Elliot track featuring Lauryn Hill, Rah Digga, Eve and Bahamadia called "rape somebody tonight". But on the really real Ashley Judd could get the dilznick.

  • Anonymous

    white people canlie without us...they need our energy and vibrations...fact...but why hatin...go focus on ur bout the police,the goverment...we r not the problem...white people need to get off our nuts seriously and "clean"their own house...

  • Phil House

    why does this chick even matter anymore? what was your last movie? people write books when their career starts falling off...bitch

    • TripleBlackandBeautifulWoman

      Her statment matters because she labled the men in Hip Hop as RAPIST! That can not be allowed to go unchallenged. Rapist? No!

  • Anonymous

    Ashley Judd needs to listen to 2pac's 'Wonder why they call you bitch or Jeru's 'Da Bichez'.

  • Claude Montgomery

    Greed is the reason why there is poverty and suffering in the world. Mainstream hip hop is filled with greed, so I understand where AJ is coming from. What she doesnt understand is hip hops origins, therefore her statement is based in ignorance.

    • Mack

      heh thats just some commiebullshit talk, hit the books and come with some facts leftie. so damn tired listening to the left spew out their ignorant shit about how "greed" is the reason for poverty. communism and socialism has never been the solution to anything but has only led to more poverty and suffering. Strong property rights and individual freedom to conduct buisness has been the reason why countries has elevated from poverty. And that kid, is nothing but the hard truth backed with empirical data.


    This prove how people can be ignorant,calling hip hop being a "rape culture",proves the "actress" didn't do her research. WHAT A F****** Moron!!! Rock N Roll In the years it flourished had the same hate,so people gotta hate,for something to succed,hate on!!!

  • Mack

    hey thanks alot ashley judd for providing the facts, i had no idea that wacka flocka flame and soulja boy with their ignorant lyrics were to blame for the poverty in the world. Now people from developing countries just need to stop listening to hiphop and all their problems will be solved. Damn i missed that crucial factor and i got a MBA in political sicence with a major in development studies. Man im such a fool!

  • NJ

    I can understand calling out certain rappers (Even though I still disagree) but calling out an entire genre, she gonna call Lupe, Talib, Mos, Pharoahe, Roots etc sexist too? Course she ain't for one reason...she doesn't know anything about the which case she has NO right to generalise it and insult it like that. Also, when are people gonna learn that a "bitch" & a "ho" isn't just any woman? It's a certain type of woman who's a gold digger and sells herself for money, but once again people are too ignorant to even think about it that way, attacking Hip Hip is a modern day form of trying to gain superiority over black people.

  • musicears

    Hip-hop has always been an easy target for these kind of statements and I think it's unfair that they paint it in the light they do. Yes there is an element of truth in what she says, but there has also been positive energy even raising the status of women in hip-hop. Every culture has it's bad light. I don't see them saying anything about Mafia movies or Kill Bill. This is just a case of someone getting a slice of the pie and assuming it taste the same all over. And not to mention there are hip-hop fans that have never treated women with disrespect, and there are country or rock or whatever other fans that have so I fail to see the correlation. Not to come down on Chris Brown, but he is the only hip-hop related artist to hit a woman (and we know he is a singer). Charle Sheen on the other hand acts as a chronic womaniser on his show. He has been charged with hitting women, drug abuse, and he lives with two porn stars...I hope he is mentioned in the book. I get the feeling he won't be there.

  • donta

    Oh and another thing, why is she so worried about the image of women represented in hip hop when rockstars are ten times worse when it comes to women. Shall I name names? Sure why not. See Bret Michaels, Jesse James and even Charlie Sheen.

  • donta

    Shear ignorance may be bliss on both sides, but clearly Ashley Judd does not know a single thing about the lifestyle of hip-hop and the music itself. All Ashley Judd knows is that she sees a predominantly black culture that has to be the blame for all the bad things around the world. Remember what she said and I quote "is the root cause of poverty and suffering around the world." Huh? So let's forget about Ghaddafi and Libya. Let's forget about gas reaching $5 a gallon because of a reckless greedy war over oil by our former president. Let's forget the possibility that our federal government may be shutting down temporarily because all of the taxpayer's money is being shipped overseas instead of helping its own american people. Oh no no no!!!! The world is in poverty and suffering is because a random black individual has a couple of rhyming lines? Really? Oh ok. So I guess you can blame hip hop for that ted bundy guy to kidnap, rape and brutally murder numerous women right? ( Oh and by the way, Ted Bundy was white.) You can blame the AL-Queda for killing 500,000 people in one day on hip hop right? You can blame hip hop for the oklahoma City bombing right? ( By the way, the bomber was white too) Is that what this idiotic woman is saying? Is she saying that people like Saddam, Osama and Ghaddafi did evil things because they were....rap fans? Thats basically what she is saying Like I said, Ashley Judd knows nothing about hip hop. All she did was listen and get sucked in with what white american society says about a predominantly black culture. Period!! She sounds very ignorant and extremely uneducated. I tell you what. The best defense against her small-minded views is to tell her to go listen to Tupac's "Brenda got a Baby" Let us see how she will react to that.

    • TripleBlackandBeautifulWoman

      Donta, I read that as well... So not only are the men of this Black Male dominated culture RAPIST they are also the "ROOT" cause of poverty and suffering in the WORLD! My God... The ignorance!

  • staylow

    im from da ghettos of ghettos (BX).i live and breath hiphop since eric.b was nominated for presidency but turn on da radio ryt now and wat do u hear...wat do you hear...wat do hear? i hear dick suckn,kush smokin, drugtrappin i rest her point. chris rock said you got black people and you got niggas. blacks are agreeing with ashly... niggas aint

  • badnewzxl

    Did Ash not ever listen to her family's music or ANY country music? There's the same shit in there too. "Apple Bottom Jeans" by Flo-Rida is offensive to women but Mel McDaniels' "Baby Got Her Blue Jeans On" isn't? She's offended when Black Thought says he's "Com'n To Break You Off" but not when Conway Twitty talks about hoe he "Loves to Lay You Down?" That's Bullshit

  • ekimsfree

    She calls hiphop misogynistic and hiphop fans respond by saying "Shutup Bitch Eat a Dick!!".... Just proven her point.... And then justifying calling a women a Ho because she has a lot of sex for possibly money not realizing that is extremely sexist since if a guy does the same he's called a PimP Next hiphop fan tactic attack her movies for being naked and showing sex which also proves her point since its not the sex and nudity she is arguing but the oversexualzation to reduce them as only sexual objects...not the same.... you prove her by showing your intelligence, prove it by supporting artist that do not reinforce the stereotype, prove her wrong by being mature enough to handle her opinion without becoming defensive and going on a verbal tirade about

    • unclesam

      Obviously people are making ironic comments you retard. Yeah, hip-hop is a misogynstic culture, so what? How do men see women in general? Most men don't think women are equal to men, most men don't think women deserves respect. Hip-hop is the voice of the people, of the street and in many cases it represents what people say on the streets.

  • herewegoyo

    Whoop that trick (git'em)! Whoop that trick (git'em)!

  • anthony

    he really took the higher road, not bringing up all the cousin fuckers in country music, or how they beat women...

  • TD

    The ignorence of this trick is astounding. Either that or she probably dealing with some suppressed fantasy shit...

  • Mike JetSon

    people rly needa learn the difference between hiphop and rap...i bet this ashley judd bitch never heard one real hip hop song, hip hop is always discredited for the shit whack ass rappers say.

  • Doubl Negative

    Ashley appears in Oliver Stone's Natural Born Killers, where one of the maniacs brutally murders her. Why does she condone violence against women on celluloid, but not in hip-hop? If you were to judge cinema's sexual politics based on the works of Lars von Trier or a film like Sin City, you could argue that industry's plagued by misogyny. That would be extrapolatin' though, as there is a balance for films like that with movies that show women in a positive light, such as Secret Lives of Bees, Sunshine Cleaning and Winter's Bone. I suggest Ms. Judd and any other PC feminists not au fait with hip-hop to investigate the works of female emcees such as Invincible, Jean Grey, Rah Digga and Starr tha Femcee.

  • jedwards

    so what do you call girls who only fuck with you if you got money. A ho. No need to look cuz hos are all over the place. Fuck this bitch. She act like hos don't exist

  • DAC

    all i know is that there are more women world wide that listen to Rap music than there is women that are gunna buy her whack ass book...nuff said bitch can rot in her non-exsitant hell

  • lalalalal

    ashley judd sounds like a

  • yoooo

    check out this fresh new MC hes dope

  • gutter man

    ashley was paid by the CIA to start this debate- joking. the truth is- clones like her do it all by themselves- generalize a whole culture because their stupid misled. but she is a microcosm of the real macro problem- bigotry and pure ignorance! fuckin annoying. her argument was really weak, lol Posted3 hours ago | Reply »

  • ODDO

    Ashley Judd who the fuck is the bitch? wouldnt even know she was if it wasn't for this article

  • ms2mikesimms

    i agree trooper....thats what im sayin

    • anonymous

      sounds like gutterman's a no neck hater hahaha

    • gutter man

      trooper your saying nothing on here. ashley is wrong- blah blah- just keep your mouth shut

    • trooper

      Thanks. I think Ashley Judd is just on thin ice with her point. While she was right with some particular artists, she herself have been in movies exposing her breasts and having sex. I just think she need to be careful before someone makes a point about her.

  • Christian Villalobos

    umm who the fuck is this bitch??? and why should I care what she has to say about something she knows nothing about?

  • trooper

    People have to understand something before you bash her. Ashley Judd has done a lot of good things in terms of causes. Secondly, I can't really knock what she said because let's be honest. Women get degraded as hell in hip hop. So there is some truth to what she is saying. But this is where she fails. I assume Ashley doesn't listen to hip hop. She comes from a family of famous country singers (The Judd Sisters) and they have sold millions. Ashley Judd basically doesn't know about hip hop culture as a whole. She probably is hearing nonsense on the radio that we all admit is pretty horrible. Gucci Man, Rick Ross, Plies, talk about dumb subjects and degrade women worse than Snoop or P. Diddy. Snoop and P. Diddy do talk about foolishness as well. Also this is way bigger than hip hop. Women have been getting disrespected from day one. The Bible, Koran, movies, rock music, 90's R&B to present R&B, commercial, etc. She need to focus her attention on those things first. What Ashley need to do is pay attention to Common, The Roots, Q-Tip, Tribe Called Quest, Lupe, Talib, Mos Def, Dead Prez,and countless others who do not engage in that foolishness and I'm sure she will come around to respecting hip hop and the culture.

    • donta

      You right. She should pay attention to those artists. But she doesnt know shit about hip hop at all and she would not even give those guys a single listen to their music.

    • jasper

      You guys are BOTH cunts, eat shit :)

    • gutter man

      your examples of positive rappers was mad weak-ashley didnt state any facys and your a fuckin misled mind controlled follower ya fuckin fake prick- go fuck your dad

    • trooper

      @Gutterman. Kid, get a life. It is what it is. She told a truth. Simple as that. If you're going to sit there and deny that fact then you're a robot. Obviously you're dumb ass didn't read what I said. In the end she doesn't make sense because other things and genre have disrespected women. That is something Ashley Judd fail to tackle. Get a life

    • gutter man

      yeah... and your a fuckin brainwashed robot sent from the year 2027 to kill rap muisc. almost everything you said was weak. GTFOH!

  • rinty

    well..... she aint lying.... why everybody made? cause she white and saying it? ctfu! lmao... come on listen to lyrics people.. really are they talking bout uplifting women.. hell no!

    • donta

      So I guess all the white rockstars are fuckin saints right? You wanna talk about degrading women? You do know Bret Michaels and Jesse James. As a matter of fact, look up ted bundy and charlie sheen. Yeah they are fuckin saints too

    • gutter man


    • trooper

      I agree with Ashley Judd but where I disagree with her is that she's just singling out a segment of hip hop when everything out there dog women out.

    • ms2mikesimms

      u make it seem like rap music is the only type of music that does that....and they even do it in movies as well.....its just like rap gets a bad (rap) for some not disagreeing with u...but rap is not the only thing that does that

  • unclesam

    Bitch, shut up or I'll rape yo' ass.

  • Joe.Callahan

    ...and what about her own disruptive situation at home? Drug abuse? Is this the Country Skillet callin' the Kettle Black? The Judds aren't selling nowadays, so the only thing left is to stoke up some bulls*** about Hip Hop. Judds book is gonna tank. And, Yes! she is singling out a genre of music and its followers. Well, I'll be dipped in buttermilk, yall! Let's have a "ho" down, drink all the whiskey at the bar, go home, beat the s*** out of your wife/cousin and kids, get yer six shooter and yer Ashley Judd book yyyeeeeee-haaaawwwwww! Mmaaannnn, THE JUDDS SUCK for a comment like that!

  • Snoop is the Man!!

    How the fuck is she gonna talk about Snoop not being a good fit at a AIDS benefit. What the hell? Snoop is a legend. Hip Hop certified G status. He got a wife and daughter. He gotta have respect for women. She act like he been on TV and radio this whole time talkin' bout he a big time pimp with a stable of bitches or some shit. She actin like he got mad songs talkin' bout "bitch" this and "bitch" that. You know... Oh wait... Anyway, so what. As long as he make sure his bitches don't go raw dog he' OK. Right? Ain't nothing wrong with Snoop. Man, fuck Ashley Judd... "Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks!" -Snoop Doggy Dogg lol...

  • bswift77

    What a bunch of BS. Hip hop doesn't potray women any worse that other genre's of music and entertainment. Hip Hop is always pegged as a scape goat for the ills of american society. I for one am tired of the hipocracy. Hip Hop is cool and fun.....then its horrible and wrong. I am not to blame for what's wrong with america....Hip Hop is not to blame for what's wrong with america. Im tired of these self absorbed white people media outlets attacking hip hop. Why don't they look at art as a whole and they will see that art immitates life.....Life doesn't immitate art.

  • Eazy-E till i die

    Man fuck underground Hip Hop. A bunch of nobodies that nobody listens to anyways. Eazy-E got big for being noticed. Check out Hopsin, the next Eazy-E. If Hopsin gets noticed, losers like Eminem and Black Thought will be working in McDonalds.

    • gutter man

      another clone giving rap a bad name- i get mad but i say smart shit- IF YOU HAVE NO CLUE STAY OFF THE BLOG DUMMIES!!!

    • ok?

      The next eazy-e?? more like the black slim shady lol

    • Anonymous

      and now that i thought about it, looking at your comment, i can honestly say ur a fucking moron. Eminem (even tho he sucks now) is one of the highest paid artists around, dude owns a record label, a clothing line and has a radio show. How the fuck is it that once (a still-nobody underground nigga) hopsin blows up in the game (if that ever happens), eminem is all of a suddenly gonna end up working at mcdonalds?? lol use logic dickface.

    • real_hip-hop

      What a dweeb!

    • Anonymous

      ur a bigger loser for ur whole comment, u take a huge l for dissing black thought (a real artist) for no apparent reason, and even worse for sucking another UNDERGROUND artist's dick, hoping he might blow up one day (which may never happen, then u'd take an l for that too.)

  • This is what I think

    Music is an art form that record labels has packaged as a product to sell. Business rule number one: you give the fans what they want and it'll sell. Most people who buy hip hop albums are kids. Labels target the younger generation because they know they'll be the next crop of people to keep their revenue coming since the older generations tend to develop more time consuming responsibility in their lives and have less time to follow their favorite artists every move. In other words, the older you get the less money labels expect to get from you. So, why cater to you? That's bad for business. "Good" business follows the money. Where's the money? Kids and teenagers. Know why? Because they'll buy into anything if it's popular enough. Regardless of how morally corrupt, inane, classless, shallow, etc... Point is, kids'll buy any product if it's "cool". Or "hot". Or whatever. Anyway, hip hop's the "in" thing now, so it sells. Thing is kids don't understand the social impact that messages in music has on culture. So they'll buy any product packaged as a hip hop record as long as it's popular and has a good beat. Regardless of how misogynistic and degrading it is. My thing is there needs to be more balance. For every 1000 songs talking about "running trains; getting dome in the front seat; stealing your love and leaving" there's 5 songs talking about "commitment; appreciation; building a life together". That's why hip hop gets the bad rap. The overall representation of it is misogynistic and degrading to women. So while, I may not completely agree with Ashley Judd, especially on hip hop being the root cause of poverty and suffering around the world (wtf?!), I do understand where she's coming from.

  • not buying it


  • Atl2Trill

    She sounds like a ranting old woman by calling Hip-Hop a rape culture. She must haven't picked a History Book in her life. Now I see why Ice Cube made that song "gangsta rap made me do it" and Scarface made "hand of a dead body." Cuz of ignorant misinformed people like Ashley Judd.

  • XO

    It is ignorant when people speak on things they have no prior knowledge about... In other news peep the first single off Check Please Vol. 1 this is about as commercial as I will ever be....some shit you can drink too haha

  • ace

    Ashley Judd...Eat A Dick!!

  • Anonymous

    Ashley judd shook that ass to ying yang befo! and hiphop/rap is not the root of poverty around the world. Try war, corrupt governments and lack of resources.

  • Eric Bains

    It's obvious what she really is. Singling out a predominately black genre of music and then disrespect the culture that listens to it. The B*@!# is a racist. lol It is the same with anyone that talks down about something they know nothing about. If she only singled out hip hop music as being the genre of music that is misogynistic then she is truly a racist.

  • The Company Man

    well...she does represent Kentucky hardbody.

  • Youngindy21

    If Everybody had such a problem with women being disrespected and abused then this Rap wouldn't Sell and it wouldn't be one of the most popular music genres in the world. It is not fair to say most rap is like this either. Why single out Rap music when rock, RnB, and Pop music have a history with objectifying women too. There is no way to stop it unless you stop buying and if people don't stop buying it, they must not think it is that much of a problem. Music is just a form of expression just like Art, Movies, Books, or poetry. To try to control the content of these expressions would be violating your rights. While some rap is very disrespectful and i don't agree with it, It does not shape the way I feel or think about women anymore than a simple movie would. IT IS JUST MUSIC.

    • This Is what I think

      @YoungIndy... While I understand you're perspective I do believe you're missing the point to a degree. See, the bottom line is that there's an overwhelming amount of degredation, oversexualization of women represented from hip hop as opposed to the opposite. This is where the anger and debate begins. I know you want to contend that it's just music. But truth be told everything we come in contact with helps shape and mold us as individuals. Regardless, if you want to believe it or not it's true. If you listen to a song talking about doing a drive by does that mean you're going to go out and do it? No. But if you listen to that one song or two songs or fifty songs talking about doing a drive by enough, it might start sounding like a good idea, understand? That's where my arguement of the "lack of balance" comes in. Hip hop needs that balance to offset the wrong mindset that is overwhelming represented in the mainstream. I'm not going to sit like I haven't listened to a song that expressed the violent temperment when I wanted to hurt a person or two. Did I go and do it? No. But to completely honest, sometimes those songs weren't helping the situation either. They only made me madder. And what those songs were talking about, sometimes, sounded like a good idea. I know this happens...ALOT! By everyone. You're no exception. So while anyone who contends it's just music or just entertainment I call bs on that. We vibe to music because it represents the way we feel. People even start to mold themselves after it (kids mainly). Everything from the style of dress, to their choice of words, how they talk, even how they walk. You don't think something as dominant as music, which has had an impact on EVERY culture since the dawn of time, has no impact you? You want to sit there and tell me it has no affect on you being the person you are right now? You're a lie if you say so. That's why it's important for the balance in hip hop to be well represented. We can't have kids walking around thinking it's cool to sell drugs, walk around with their draws showing, and treating every woman that their with as a money hungrey sex object. You show that to kids 50 times a day, everyday, on tv and inside their ipods and you want to contend that the music and messages won't have ANY impact on them. Come on, son. You're only kidding yourself. Point is there's way too much of that in hip hop without it being countered with a balance. I guarantee you, if there were more of a balance there wouldn't be as much of an uproar. That's why movies don't get the flack that rap does. Mainstream film, has all sides of life covered...drama, comedy, some gangsterism, some activism. Mainstream hip hop...not so much. That's the arguement.

    • Youngindy21

      Just because a song talks about a gangsta going and doing a drive-by does not mean the general public is all of a sudden going to start doing drive-bys daily. This is an example. I am a teenager does that mean that because i listen to rap music i will start hating women. NO. and women such as Lil Kim talk about getting ate out(oral sex) and having sex with multiple guys, is that then degrading to men. NO. It seems to me it is only degrading if a man says it but not when a women says it. I do not agree with the negative messages in some Hip-hop but there appears to be a double-standard where women are always playing the victim role.

    • This is what I think

      Music is an art form that record labels has packaged as a product to sell. Business rule number one: you give the fans what they want it'll sell. Most people who buy hip hop albums are kids. Labels target the younger generation because they know they'll be the next crop of people to keep their revenue coming since the older generations tend to develop more time consuming responsibility in their lives and have less time to follow their favorite artists every move. In other words, the older you get the less money labels expect to get from you. So, why cater to you? That's bad for business. "Good" business follows the money. Where's the money? Kids and teenagers. Know why? Because they'll buy into anything if it's popular enough. Regardless of how morally corrupt, inane, classless, shallow, etc... Point is, kids'll buy any product if it's "cool". Or "hot". Or whatever. Anyway, hip hop's the "in" thing now, so it sells. Thing is kids don't understand the social impact that messages in music has on culture. So they'll buy any product packaged as a hip hop record as long as it's popular and has a good beat. Regardless of how misogynistic and degrading it is. My thing is there needs to be more balance. For every 1000 songs talking about "running trains; getting dome in the front seat; stealing your love and leaving" there's 5 songs talking about "commitment; appreciation; building a life together". That's why hip hop gets the bad rap. The overall representation of it is misogynistic and degrading to women. So while, I may not completely agree with Ashley Judd, especially on hip hop being the root cause of poverty and suffering around the world (wtf?!), I do understand where she's coming from.

  • Obi Patrick

    Such a dumb broad to disrespect an entire culture based on 2 artists...and I "was" a fan of hers too...

  • gutter man

    sorry for typos above- SHAME ON ASHLEY FOR BLAMING HIP HOP when she didnt even come close to the root cause of all the destruction in hip hop and the world.

  • guter man

    race issue- no- not yet. but she made herself look like a potential racist. seriously if she said something more basic like rap is negative- i woulda said- she's a fool. but she actually tried to link hip hop to a whole bunch of shit that hip hop is a response to for the most part, like some people here commented on like- colonialism, movies, capitalism . oh yeah and for you fools its the capitalistic system that causes people to do a lot of this negative shit- so HOW SHANE ON THAT DUMB CLONE ASHLEY JUdd FOR BLAMING HIP HOP.

  • gutter man

    ashley was paid by the CIA to start this debate- joking. the truth is- clones like her do it all by themselves- generalize a whole culture because their stupid misled. but she is a microcosm of the real macro problem- bigotry and pure ignorance! fuckin annoying. her argument was really weak, lol

  • Chris Thomas

    They're both right...until an artist grows the balls to be the hip hop Johnny Cash, we're stuck. The blind are leading the blind. A-n-R's will keep shoving that ignorant shit down our throats.

    • Anonymous

      go listen to Dee-1

    • gutter man

      so you shoulda pulled your head out your ass 15 years ago and stopped listening to that major label posion. get some good taste and stop being a mainstream robot.- fuck BET and the major labels.

  • Anonymous


  • O

    Damn shorty good totally get the Rape though...

  • Its Um

    Well I see why she thinks that since most hip hop/rap artist are males, and also the males in this hip hop are showing how male they are is to talk about much ass, who you beat, and what you got. The few females in this hip hop world are trying be as popular as them by showing how female and ho-ish they are. Missy, Eve, lauryn, and foxy aren't in the spotlight anymore they have other things going for them. Well lauryn just touring not much new music, but I see Judd point, hip hop is a male world and the females that's in it are in the back sucking their dicks or being blackballed.

  • Sensaye252

    Ashley Judd is a skank. This is the same broad that flashed her tits on national TV at a college Basketball game, but now she's supposed to be the spokesperson for women's ethical treatment. With that said, this bitch is right. I can't even defend rap music anymore, because there is no underlying message anymore and that whole "I'm just relfecting what I see in my environment" shit is tired. Hip-Hop is dead. Fuck new school Hip-Hop AND Ashley Judd's worn out ass. They're both tired and worn out.

    • Anonymous

      nigga you if you think hip hop is dead you fucking clownin..Do you not count how much talent gets over looked Even Newyork is going strong on the underground, but people will like what they are programmd to for some reson Remember papoose had a buz Saigon had a buz and thats just the tip of the iceberge

    • Sensaye252

      Man please...I was diggin' in crates when your pops was still diggin out your mom. I got more Hip-Hop knowledge in my taint than you have in your entire being. Dont play me like I'm some dumb ass who listens to radio Hip-Hop. But underground Hip-Hop is almost as wack as commercial Hip-Hop. There's a handfull of good commercial artists, and a handfull of good underground artists. The other 99% are terrible. Trust me homey, I'm 29 years old, not only did I grew up on Hip-Hop, I grew up WITH hip-hop, on the actual blocks and parks you hear rappers talking about. Watching MC and DJ battles in real life that are now considered legendary. I know my shit fam...and HIP-HOP IS DEAD.

    • Jefferson Lee

      lol word. old school maintream is now new school underground.

    • Anonymous

      u dont listen to underground shit do u?? if u did u wouldnt be saying that worn out tired "hip hop is dead" bullshit. Stop It! Its still here, just dig for it muthafucka

  • Anonymous

    Diddy and snoop are the wrong ppl for youthaids charities yet kim kardashians whorish ass can be at the same events w/ no problem. Yeah thats real logical ashley

  • yugang

    She got something to say about hip hop......but the ppl in her family molested her listens & does country music. Interesting how she has absoulutely nothing to say about anything or anyone else tho.

  • G-Hybryd

    Wow she'e blaiming poverty and violence of the world on hip hop! What about european babarians, so called crusaders, vikings, hitler, and many other caucasian types throughout history raping, conquering, and pillaging many cultures. I'm not racist but even now we see the remains and fruit of white males raping cultures throughout the world. What happened to Africa's natural resources. Did Hip Hop Rape the diamonds and gold of Africa.? Now I agree the hip hop that's given the shine today is not the best we have to offer for positive images but you mean to tell me hip hop is responsible for Darfur. the War in Iraq,Liberia? When you put such a broad blame like that on hip hop. My rebuttle must be Broad. Broad! If I offended any of my White Brothers and sisters who ain't down with that bull, and you know what i mean, because it still exists!, I'm sorry! I was a fan of hers too! Damn!

  • me

    lol @ gutter man w/the same ole "ur a robot,bla,bla,bla,bulshit" he posted 1000 times already..... goin page to page posting the same gay comments seems pretty drone-like to me =/ ......stop critisizing ppl for having opinions.......its immature and close-minded.... like a old republican stuck in his ways.... u sound like the real robot.

    • gutter man

      listen little man- its not drone like if your defending the truth with real emotions flowing through your chakras. just cause people have opinions dosnt make them accurate- cause here they arnt. actually most people dont have a clue because money buys fans - not talent.and if my opinions are gay than you are a pedophile dog

  • quibble

    I think it's important to clarify that _some_ hip hop is misogynistic. Usually people who despise hip hop so strongly are not familiar with young black culture - they misunderstand words (some foul language in young black culture doesn't hold have the same serious potency as in the burbs). Also, they tend to take hip hop waaay too seriously - for example they actually think all the ganster stuff is real - rather than just jocking and puffing ya chest out. The hypocracy is when they watch violent movies with our heroes slicing and dicing up people, they don't blink (the expendables, or the tv show Dexter).

    • gutter man

      @west west - she meant all hip hop- stop defending the drone.

    • Anonymous

      @westwest good rebuttle my dude

    • westwest

      Q, I agree. She could easily defend the statement that "some" rap and hip-hip is misogynistic. But I do think there is a problem with editing her language. First, if Ashley wants to pretend she's an intellectual lets treat her like one. The words "most" and "some" do not have the same meaning. Say what you mean Ashley, so we can calibrate our response. I'm going to assume that Ashley the Intellectual meant "most" rap and hip-hop b/c that's what she said. Second, if just "some" hip-hop is misogynistic, why single out this particular art form when it is common knowledge that "some" misogyny exists in American culture. To single out hip-hop suggests that she believes misogyny is more prevalent in our culture than in others, or in our music than in other forms of music. In support of that assertion, she's provided no data. Ashley and her ghostwriter need to step up their game. Anyways, I appreciated your comment.

  • westwest

    "As far as I'm concerned, most Rap and Hip Hop music--with its rape culture and insanely abusive lyrics and depictions of girls and women as 'ho's'--is the contemporary soundtrack of misogyny." Did she really say "most" rap and hip-hop music? There's no objective basis for this statement. She needs to quit pretending that she's some kind of intellectual. If she wants to present some empirical data, comparing the content of hip-hop with that of other forms of music and entertainment, she should go do some research and come back with a report. Until she does so, her attempts to blame hip-hop for misogyny and poverty scream racism. We don't believe you Ashley... "Most hip-hop and rap" -- gimme a break.

  • jr_rider23

    I hate it how if someone says something bad about hip hop people get all sensitive. The reality is there is more trash getting brought to the mainstream through hip hop than any other genre, so of course those on the front line get looked at first.

    • Game Show Host


  • m

    of course hip-hop is misogynistic and demeaning toward women, but I never felt there was a "rape culture". and she is kinda right about these rappers, they aint real good role models

    • gutter man

      well MR. Wilson- you are ROBOT # 5000886 and you donr have a clue you fuckin pawn- go join the kkk ya chump.

  • Anonymous

    And who are you clowns on here shitting on Snoop and Diddy? They not real hip-hop? Fuck outta' here. Both of them played major roles in some of the most legendary rap music ever created.

    • gutter man

      listen man- puff and snoopy had big money promoting and funding there records- doggystle is well produced but content is weak, --ready to die is dope and content is just average but ready to die is real hip hop. legendary maybe partially, but its those big labels that indoctrinate people to love those albums and they pay big bucks to slam that shit in the collective consciousness. diddy has released so much garbage and snoop only has a couple solid albums. So sorry to shatter your childish comfort zone and your weak beleif system but snoopy poopy dogg and diddy aint real hip hop.. biggie was for the most part. open your mind robot #2543647956

    • Anonymous

      Snoop Dogg made a great contribution to the chronic and gave us doggystyle (w/ assistance from dr. dre's production). Even tho he had violent and misogynistic lyrics then it was coherently his best work that was & never will be topped again. Only thing diddy did was put us on to biggie, mjb, the lox (kinda) and craig mack. Other than that he collected huge money off their asses, danced in their videos and damn-near raped every artist hes ever had after THEM out of their publishings and out of their creative control of their music. Not to mean he always (or tried) hogged the spotlight from his own artists, trying to play superstar all the fucking time.

  • amyb

    wut @bout me big daddy?!

  • lukeknocks

    Id give ms judd a stiff cock to the tonsils anyday.

  • Anonymous

    Obviously she does not understand where the fuck it came from and how much the black community world wide has benefitted from it in the past. It's been a voice for the voiceless, and to each of us who listened to this genre, especialy from mid 80s in to the 00s, it's been that rock which we turn to for real answers when we did'nt have books, education, money or role models. To every positive there's a negative so long as there's balance will have order and not rape culture as this very ignorant women suggests!

  • arkitekt

    "People fear what they don't understand"

  • Anonymous

    just some no name b list celebrity trying to create some controversy so more people will know she published a book. fuck outta here

  • Kalimani Tha Mc

    just a simple question... Doesn't pornography portray misogyny more than hip hop? even the news shows alot of violence! like nas said, they hate what they don't understand, fear what they can't conquer..

  • Anonymous

    I've been listening to misogynistic Hip Hop since I was like 10 or 12, and I respect women more than anything. It's never made me think otherwise at all. I grew up listening to Eminem, Snoop, Dre etc. who would have to be some of the worst in terms of "misogyny". But I love that music just as much as I love women. This chick doesn't know what she's on about.

  • Prekel Mayne

    Considering this broad is naked & fuckin in basically all her film roles (one of the main reasons she gets em?) her views about sexualizing women sure are hilarious..

  • Chantelle Forbes

    Although it her comments were rude and somewhat unwarranted, they are her beliefs and how she depicts the music and vocals. I love hip hop, I listen to it all, but the fact of the matter is they do depict women in a negative way. We can say well I'm a woman and not a hoe so they are not talking about me BUUUT the words are in general terms. Rap music and hip hop have evolved over the years to be very negative, very very negative and yes our kids listen to it and yes they want to be like it.Our sons want to have fancy cars and call girls bitches and hoes and our daughters want to dress half naked for them and accept the negative words that are spoken to them. That is where good parenting comes in, but sometimes even the best slip through the cracks. We, well some of you, need to stop being in denial about how negative and irrational the lyrics are in some, most, of these songs as well as the naked women in the videos..We as a culture need to wake up and stop helping others destroy us.....

  • Jus Sayin

    Considering this broad is naked & fuckin in basically all her film roles (one of the main reasons she gets em?) her views about sexualizing women sure are hilarious.-

  • Chantelle Forbes

    Although it her comments were rude and somewhat unwarranted, they are her beliefs and how she depicts the music and vocals. I love hip hop, I listen to Gucci, Jeezy, on down to Luda, the whole 9 yards, but the fact of the matter is they do depict women in a negative way. We can say well I'm a woman and not a hoe so they are not talking about me BUUUT the words are in general terms. Rap music and hip hop have evolved over the years to be very negative, very very negative and yes our kids listen to it and yes they want to be like it.Our sons want to have fancy cars and call girls bitches and hoes and our daughters want to dress half naked for them and accept the negative words that are spoken to them. That is where good parenting comes in, but sometimes even the best slip through the cracks. We, well some of you, need to stop being in denial about how negative and irrational the lyrics are in some, most, of these songs as well as the naked women in the videos..We as a culture need to wake up and stop helping others destroy us.....

  • Anonymous

    Ashley Judd is a huge cunt

  • Juss Sayin

    Considering this broad is naked & fuckin in basically all her film roles (one of the main reasons she gets em?) her views about sexualizing women sure are hilarious.

  • G

    You can't call out an entire category based on 2 mainstream garbage rappers (Diddy and Snoop). Try listening to Nas, Tonedeff, Deacon, Vinnie Paz, Andre 3000, Natti, Common, and Talib Kweli. I agree 100% with ?uestlove, for some reason it's only that type of rap that gets put on radio and is mainstream.

    • Anonymous

      @idiot your a bigger idiot for pointing out those songs as if that REALLY represents their entire music catalog

    • turftalka

      lol, co-sign with REPLY, also as much as I like Vinnie Paz, he's not really considered a "role model" to the youth.

    • Idiot

      Hahahha wtf are you talking about? Tonedeff has a song called "Pervert". And Nas has made songs like Big Girl and Dr. Knockboot.

  • Anonymous

    1. Why does'nt she listen to some real hip hop not some manufactured corny art form 2. why not call out the real power behind it and the big giants making a profit 3. Snoop and Diddy is that really the best she could do?

  • PeoplePlease

    All you who criticize Ashely Judd are ill informed, emotionally motivated, and supporters of misogyny yourselves. You were raised in a culture where the majority of your "men" find the women worthy only of sex and not marriage, nor do they find the kids worth raising as evidenced by the fact that over 75% percent of you were raised in female headed households. Your women, sadly, have the highest rates of AIDs, STD's and are portrayed by your as undisciplined, sex crazed, money hungry, tow timing demons, single parents. It's no surprise that you all who are products of these women find it odd that some white woman would come along and try to stick up for those women when she states that the theme music of the misogyny is harmful. You 'Hip Hop' purists (Questlove) have financial and emotional stakes in the current state of music and will choose the easiest targets to go after (Ashely Judd) and will fail to acknowledge the hijackers of your culture and the fact that it was hijacked years ago. A group who makes a song bragging about rape is embraced as cutting edge by your 'culture' (Mos Def). People brag about selling poison (BMF) and they are celebrated in your culture and rewarded with collaborations. Snoop Dogg paraded your women around on leashes and your favorite artists said NOTHING. Lupe, Common, Questlove, Talib, Mos Def, 9th wonder, etc... are all silent when it comes time to identify the culprits, but Questlove and 9th Wonder now get the nerve to go to twitter and address a white woman who has done more to assist African children then many of the aforementioned combined. When your so called real artists get the nerve to stop attacking vague concepts (police brutality, wack music,etc.) and start going after the culprits, then you can say people have 'Hip Hop' all wrong. Until then, a culture which has failed to police itself deserves this label. Go ahead and start with the typical childish wounded ego response of, 'but what about everyone else disrespecting women'. So if everyone else's breath stinks, would you balk at the suggestion of a Tic Tac?(probably so). Kudos to Ashley Judd for trying, but she should know that in 'Hip Hop' culture, the firefighter gets more criticism than the arsonist who started it. I bet Questlove shakes hands with Snoop, Wakka Flokka, Rick False, etc... But Ashley Judd, oh God how dare she embarass us. They are all cosigning and that 'Hip Hop' I grew up loving died in the 90's

    • gutter man

      fool, your the most misled indoctrinated, mind controlled clone on here. fuck yourself ya try hard poser.

    • khordkutta

      Yet she accepts checks from "rape movies"!?!?!?

    • Anonymous

      This person is a misinformed.

    • Homes

      Thanks for your input. But seriously, what the fuck is your problem? You actually have the nerve to criticize Mos and Common for not speaking up enough?! THEY DONT EVEN HAVE MISOGYNISTIC LYRICS IN THE FIRST PLACE. Before you decide to post a response with no basis, you should think it over. You have some nerve criticizing some of Hip Hop's most conscious artists, and ?uest is right when he says her remarks aren't fair. And clearly she is all talk if she didn't acknowledge the fucking Roots: the very definition of non-misogynistic rap.

    • KGR

      Police brutality is not a vague concept, ashley judd claiming that mysoginism is the root cause of poverty around the world, gtfo. The root concept is people like her attacking cultures she does not understand. Hip-Hop is a satire on the world, and yes it does reflect some negative aspects of the minority culture in America but it also reflects great aspects of it. And saying that other genre's of music also speak ill of women is not an excuse but it's just exposing ashley judd for putting the microscope on hip-hop simply because she understands it the least. And please tell me that Hip-Hop is worse for women and people of color than Hollywood. Nothing is more demonizing of marginalized people that Hollywood perhaps she should do some self reflection and recognize that she is a part of the problem by pointing fingers. And btw listen to more hip-hop if you're gonna try to name drop artists, because every artist you just named has songs in which they uplift the positive women in their life, but when you are a famous artist you do come across many women of lesser integrity, can you really blame them for rapping about what they see? And finally "rape culture", that's obviously absurd no one raps about raping women, in no culture is that acceptable let's be objective here goddamn

    • Anonymous


  • Mike

    Bitch acts like everyone takes lyrics a hundred percent at face value. If rap was a mysoginist culture, Nicki Minaj wouldn't be doing tens of thousands a week.

    • UnCommonSince88

      Lol I Cant even say im sure wut mysongony is but nicki minaj sellin gajillions is probably becuz of that...

  • Andezchicago



  • J-hunt da Prodigy

    That's the only kind of music that ever gets any attention. People wanna sleep on brothers like J. Cole, Nas, Wale, who, for the most part, don't say degrading things about women in their lyrics. Rape Culture? That's really taking it overboard. She probably knows little about the genre overall, but wants to use the occasional songs she hears on the radio to justify her denouncement of the genre

  • Shaddup

    The reason you see more derogatory raps these days is because it's usually the song the chicks like the most. Women like nasty shit and nobody can tell me I'm lying. Women are part of the reason hip-hop is weaker these days because they buy it too.

  • Shaddup

    Rape culture? STFU you idiot. Rap is EVERYWHERE in all types of genres including fucking Seseme Street. It's used for commercials, cartoons, instructional videos, and is the key movement to blurring the lines between the races. Hip-hop music has done more good for society than she ever will. It's just the "white" hate media that insists on covering only the negative aspects of the personal lives of the artist. As if these cats came from well to do middle-class America. And what rape songs is she talking about? I know Eminem and NWA had a couple but let's keep it in perspective Judd. I bet she's cool with Mel Gibson and Sheen.

    • gutter man the defender

      aahhhh. good point. she probably does take part in those evil rituals with mad mel the old clone

  • BGG

    i love hip hop but she is right...majority of hip hop is violent and exploits women...thats what appeals to the many christian hip hop artists can you name that sold a million + records??? Whens the last time you saw a rap album come out w/o an explicit content sticker on cover that sold a million +? How many mixtapes have come out this year alone with a picture of a half naked female on it or a picture of cocaine, weed, money machines, and scales on them? But i still love hip hop!!!

    • BGG

      after observing how gutterman has responded to like 50 peoples posts on here I have come to the conclusion that your a fucking lame with no bout to go stab some pussy...while im doing that i bet you'll be responding to mine and everyones elses post...fukin cornball

    • gutter man

      BGG: i love hip hop but she is right...majority of hip hop is violent and exploits women...thats what appeals to the many christian hip hop artists can you name that sold a million + records??? Whens the last time you saw a rap album come out w/o an explicit content sticker on cover that sold a million +? How many mixtapes have come out this year alone with a picture of a half naked female on it or a picture of cocaine, weed, money machines, and scales on them? But i still love hip hop!!! ya, you dug your own grave chump- now lay the fuck down. you said all that shit above- your a fake fan that has no knowledge im 32 and have lived the culture since i was 7- the real culture- not your plastic BET pseudo cornball rap culture

    • gutter man

      your an old fool- talkin about album sales you clone- the artists i name dropped om purpose have put put albums in the past 10 years. dude your a brainwashed conformist - talkin about gold records and this and that- my man the dudes i support aint anywhere near gold . and yeah most people havent done the research - so too bad for them that they listen to garbage like you-- honestly knowledge is key- -listen to young jeezy you got issues. and resorting to the whole played out intellectual debate shit is so weak- you already showed that your an uninformed misled robot, defending corny rap ya old fuck and i flip abstract semantics at square clones like you- your trying to pretend you have the grasp on grammer and that your a intellectual- you fools try thAt but....INTELLECTUAL OF WHAT- DONT YOU KNOW ITS NEAR IMPOSSIBLE TO BE AN INTELLECTUAL OF MORE THAN 2 OR 3 SUBJECTS. YOUR IN OVER YOUR HEAD- HAVENT NAMED ANY REAL HIP HOP YOUR DOWN WITH AND KEEP QUOTING INDUSTRY SALES LIKE A FUCKIN FOLLOWER- LISTEN TO KILLARMY AND SHUT THE FUCK UP. ASHLEY'S DUMB IGNORANT ASS WOULD SEE YOU AS THE IGNORANT FOOL TRYING TO DEBATE WITH SOMEONE THAT HAS ALREADY SCHOOLED THEM 10 TIMES ANS SHE IS A PURE ROBOT NICE BOOK BITCH!!!!

    • BGG

      maybe you should go to a site where they still sell 8 tracks and cassette tapes cuz the artists your listening to havent made an album in this decade...talkin bout go to a pop site...your ignorance finally comes out i knew it was a matter of time...thanks for proving my point...ppl incapable of having an intellectual debate like yourself and resort to ignorance is why ppl like ashley judd thinks this way about the u smack your bitch when she gets out of line too??? fukin cornball

    • BGG

      alls im saying is i can see why ppl that dont know the culture view it as such...who's fault is it that jeezys album went multi platinum and your fav "HIP HOP" artists album barely made gold???? who do we blame for outsiders forming opinions of us based solely on what "WE" portray through our art? mass appeal bangin thru speakers right ironic cuz shit like this dont appeal to the masses anymore which is the point im trying to make...might throw some get rich or die tryin in afterwards...that doesnt make me a mainstream slave just my personal preference

    • gutter man

      i already made you fools look silly- stop pretending your right or that you have a point when you know deep doen that this debate is NOT FOR YOU>

    • gutter man

      hey ACE.- your a joke and BGG is watered down amd misled so both of yall need to go to a pop music site.

    • Ace.^

      the guy replying to the first post.... you simply refuse or just don't get what the dude is trying to tell you......he's not giving you his opinion on what is "real" hip hop and what is mainstream rap. You are one of those younger dudes who have listened to their fair share of hip hop who like to give speeches on what is the real shit when a conversation isn't even about that. The chick is basically right, end of.

    • gutter man

      alright you seem cool. but its not about whats been popular. fuck whatever has ever been popular for the most part. fuck sleezy young jeezy even though thug motivation is pretty dope- no content- mainstream slave mind control album- fuck jeezy and theres a difference between hip hop and rap- rap is that shit on BET- real hip hop is a ton of shit that most spoon fed clowns never have the brains to discover- i cant agree with you. poplular shit is usually poison. some independant shit is too. but theres way more cats out there that are pretty tame as far as content and are positive. the mainstream gangsta clones are really finite compared to all the artists that arnt spewing ignorance. jeru is now playing.

    • BGG

      your missing the point...i can listen to a nas album then throw in young jeezy thug motivation 101 right after because thats what "I" may not like the same shit i like but the point is that the type of music jeezy is putting out is what sells TODAY...were not talking about what me and you grew up too its about what hip hop has trangressed to like i said in my previous post...i dont care what hip hop video i turn to there is gonna be a big booty female poppin her pussy all over the tv and some artist standing next to her counting money...why????....becuause thats what sells and ppl that dont live the culture only see that...for every large professor theres a young jeezy or plies, we can name artists till were blue in the face but its pointless

    • gutter man

      dude you just prooved my point by saying all that billboard blah blah shit- you need to get away from the rap that is funded by the demonic big record industry and listen to some real shit. its not too late man. heres the difference- i'm listening to the large professor right now- what are you ??

    • BGG

      ive been listening to hip hop for 31 years and the majority of hip hop today is not tame...take a look at the hip hop artists that cracked billboards top 20 in album sales this year and you tell me how many "tame" albums you find...i dont need to do research ive lived the culture my whole life and see what it has transgressed to...but like i said i love hip hop but i can understand ppl who think a certain way that dont live it because these fuk a bitch gangster personas is what artists show the world thru their albums and videos and it sells

    • gutter man the real protector

      do your research dog- how long hace you been bumpin real hip hop?? most hip hop is tame.

  • S_a_S

    Let's be honest, what she is saying is true when looking at the bigger picture. List songs where women are disrespected and list songs where women are praised and respected...... Overwhelmingly one sided. As a music genre, whilst artists continue to use the words bitch, nigga, hoe surrounded by profanity 'Hip Hop' will never been seen in a positive light. Rap was never meant to be seen as positive, it was meant to be relatable, which it is. Fans see songs different to outsiders, and there are more outsiders than true fans so this statement will remain true. Plain and simple. She is stating something we all know and regardless of her opinion we'll still listen to it.

    • gutter man

      this Anonymous chump above has been exposed as a plant. he was planted here to shoot down hip hop.

    • gutter man

      listen you clone- did the government plant you here to shoot down hip hop? you sound like the dumbest clown out there- so many hip hop albums are mostly positive and a lot of them are from the 90's but many today too. look deeper kid. and the fact you said only 1 song per album is positive prooves tou me your not a real head and your a mainstream robot GTFOH. listen to some KRS-ONE and learn something ya little follower.

    • Anonymous

      S_a_S, that's some true shit.

    • G

      2 words: Common Sense

    • Anonymous

      So the underground rap that you listen to is all motivation, PG rated and praises women? Who you trying to kid, you sound ridiculous! There have been the odd positive song (maybe 1 per album) made but if you look at the bigger picture you'll see rap hasn't / isn't and never will be seen in a positive light because of the content and subject matter. Women don't come out looking great in a male dominated music genre, whether it be under-ground or main stream. Don't be dillusional, look at the bigger picture!

    • gutter man

      your listening to the wrong shit sucka- do some research. try listening to that real hip hop. many rappers old and newer have been dropping positive shit for years. get your head outa the mainstream watered down rap music poison. the record labels want to kill hip hop - thats why they prefer negative acts.

  • Anonymous

    Once women stop watching and performing in PORN then I MIGHT listen to what you have to say Judd.

  • Jess Devitt

    so, judd, people in a position of popularity shouldnt use their podium to shed light on issues that even you agree need addressing? this bitch is retarded.

    • Anonymous

      readin each of your posts times is like reading a timeline of your day. its pretty safe to say that your life aint worth a SHIT!!! lol

    • Anonymous

      im sick? i can tell when you got up this morning, when you ate and when you'll go to bed jus by lookin at how long ago you posted and spamed this shit... fuckin cum guzzling fag lol

    • gutter man

      anonymous- GTFOH youve been exposed- your a plant- which means someone planted you on here to shoot down hip hop- seriosly A DUDE ON A HIP HOP SITE SAYING HIP HOP IS NEGATIVE, BLAH , BLAH- YOUR SICK PAL.

    • Anonymous

      yeah, but if ya look at it from her perspective, how many rap songs are out there jus talkin bout how they fucked a new bitch last night in their song ya know? that shit is fucked up to some, but thats one of the reasons why i love it HAHAHA

  • Nico 3

    Judd has been a very successful actress for years, and has used that fame to help her various causes. That allows her to have this opinion. The only thing I would disagree with is specifically name dropping two very successful people in their own right, Snoop and Diddy. You can say you don't like Hip Hop or its content, but don't look to call out Hip Hop as a whole, cause then it sort of shows that you don't fully understand Hip Hop as an entertainment entity.

    • gutter man

      to turftalka: man you sound so simple. snoop is a sideshow, he is kinda dope, he thinks he's the shit- big ego, weak albums all over the place, has no content. and just cause pudd iddler helped biggie dont mean hes the important- he never did shit since and hes a fuckin bitch like you are.

    • turftalka

      @gutter man, As much as I love underground hip hop, I don't agree with that statement Snoop Dogg has released multiple classics (Doggystyle, The Last Meal,Paid Tha Cost 2 Be A Boss, etc.) And Diddy helped build the career of one of themost influential artist in the game (Biggie Smalls), so yeah they're mainstream, but at least they did something in hip hop. Also, "snoopy poopy dogg", really?

    • gutter man

      dude- fuck diddy and snoop aint real hip hop. c0mmercialized suckerz can blow a donky. I DEFEND THE REAL HIP HOP WITH A MESSAGE AND/OR REAL PRODUCTION AND REAL HIP HOP ENERGY- YOU KNOW THE CREATIVE RAP THAT IS UNPARALELLED BY OTHER GENRES OF MUSIC AS FAR AS CONTENT,SOCIAL CONSCIOUSNESS goes. you sound like a brainwashed clone like ashley judd- your defending fuckin puffy and snoop poopy dogg? they arnt the ones who deserve respect in hip hop- just cause there "successful". -i agree they got kids and aint that bad to their wives, but there music is ass- fuck the commercial music industry and there pawns and fuck ashley judds evil ass- a lot od racist white people donate to causes. and honestly it dont mean shit if you donate. at the end of the day what are their motives. Real hip hop forever. we all know so many ignorant scared bigots dont understand hip hop or care to. sad misled robots. het ashley, you just generalized a whole culture ya dumb tool.

  • Bom919

    she clearly knows nothing about "hip-hop" seeing as she said P-Diddy hahah. shut your fuckin mouth bitch Snoop Dogg and *Diddy have kids and a wife so how the hell could you even use them as an example?? that is the dumbest comment ive ever heard. somebody needs to sit her down and make her listen to Lupe or something. i feel like she would absolutely LOVE Tyler the Creator haha

  • Kevon Virgo Barnes

    Well, someone's going to get a few negative -and misspelled- reviews on amazon.

    • Wise man

      So let me get this right. If two black men were to rape a woman, than all black men would be considered rapist. Correct? I don't get it.

  • Rob Johnson

    she was hot in A Time to all your exposed to is POP hip hop records...i see her point.

  • sfasdfsadfasdf

    Ashley who? Who really cares what she thinks. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. She knows nothing about the culture other then what she reads or hears, P Diddy is not Hip Hop..Hip Hop is much bigger then that. So at the end of the day does it really matter what some hick from kentucky thinks lmaooooo...not at all

  • Whaa?

    Pretty sure there is a photo of Ashely Judd on the net with DJ Whoo Kid with his arm around her... LOL{%22ImageId%22%3A2634187}

  • doja28

    Fuck her. She meant what she said the first time. If there was no backlash or threat of lost profits she wouldn't have apologized for anything. So once again, fuck her.

  • Jesus

    HHDX once again you fail at your job. your job is to report hip hop and rap news and music. yet ypou clearly upload two songs a day and your news is old like Snoop dogg. this shit was on bing like two weeks ago. and your blowing up like a baloon. or a dick in a condom. perhaps you should actually do your job. maybe then people would visit your site for the music. not just to leave comments and play "who can make the most internet people laugh" your websites a joke. enough said

  • gutter man

    she's just another one dimensional mind controlled fool, who thinks she is aware. lol she and people like her are a joke. she's probably a bigot racist. sounded like a really ignorant, snobby, sheltered, ultra biased(head up her ass) conservative brainwashed clone in her book,using big words but her points are invalid and false- the result of her ignorance. ashly judd just raped hip hop and did a disservice to a lot of good people- whats that make her? she made herself look so misled and stupid. jokes on her.

    • gutter man

      khordkutta: whoa! a real head on here! channel zero! peace man. the children need to learn. real hip hop 4 life. i could name hundreds of positive albums. this topic is so much bigger than ashley. too many bigots out there.

    • khordkutta

      "She go channel to channel, I dont think I can handle "...School em Gutta

    • gutter man

      and oh yeah, ashley judd must watch fox news on the regular and has probably never did any alternative research on any topic. she watch, she watch, she zero.(p.e.)

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    Wasn't this bitch in that movie "HEAT" where they shoot and kill 100's of police officers and innocent people? Apparently there's nothing wrong killing people but when you make a rap song, it's an outrage!

    • Q

      Good point! It's okay to make movies with sex and violence but rapping about it is awful. she sounds like a racist.


    What would an actress know about Hip Hop? I'm sorry but listening to a few shallow top 40 songs does not make you and expert. And as for her arguments; the inequalities regarding women were created and formed centuries before hip hop was on anybody's tongue, it didn't start there.

  • Youngindy21

    First of all misogyny has always existed and to blame Hip-Hop for it is foolish. Although I do not like or approve of Rap artist calling women ho's and b*tches or disrespecting them. But there has always been inequality between men and women and it is because men and women are not Equal.I'm not saying men are better or worse than women im just saying they aren't Equal. There are gender roles in society for a reason and they date back thousands of years ago. She sounds like a crazy feminist whose fame has run out and says things like this to make herself relevant again. I will agree that what she is saying is not completely false but Hip-Hop is not solely to blame for society's condition. Also it is not fair to say MOST hip-hop either when u have rap artist like J. Cole, Common, The Roots,and Lupe Fiasco, etc.

    • Youngindy21

      @Lima It does have to do with the story. Judd said that Hip-Hop institutionalizes and normalizes the unequal treatment of women. Nobody is holding a gun to those Women's heads and telling them to dress in scantily clad attire on videos and be disrespected. I think the problem is that not all women are on the same page. Some women don't care and you can not blame that on a man. and What stops women rappers from disrespecting/degrading men in their raps if things are so unequal. Why is it some women have to play the victim role? Like i said i don't necessarily agree with Hip Hops depiction of women but if ALL women don't care (Video Vixens) or view it as extreme disrespect than why should I care?

    • Lima

      Well if men and women are not equal, then who is better? To say two things are unequal (in a societal sense) is to say that one is better. I think what you're trying to say is that men and women are different. And if that's the case, it still has nothing to do with this story. Does it justify the way women are depicted in lyrics and videos? What can justify that? Just because that's how it always has been? I agree, Judd is using this as a publicity stunt, but you have to admit, Rap music is ridiculously subjagating of women.

    • Jose Vasquez


  • Jose Vasquez

    Based on the comments, people sure know how to write uneducated responses these days. I expect most of you all might even turn this into a Race issue. I can see where she might get the idea of this negativity against women is being propelled in some aspects of mainstream hip hop. But if you know hip hop for what it is, you know that hip hop doesn't support this. The media portrays hip hop in this light by only shining it's light on the negative things of hip hop. You never see anywhere in the media talking about how Lupe hiked Kilimanjaro for kids with no water, or just give five minutes of positive like when Common was talking about helping kids in Chicago.

    • Anonymous

      There's a positive and negative to everything, every art form and genre. sex sells easily, it's not rape culture, it's been dummed down through the years by greedy major record labels

  • Anonymous

    ashley judd can fuckin bloww meee!!!:)

    • gutter man

      naaaw man- ques is dope- he is down for the real hip hop and has done a lot to advance it and give it more credibility musically... RIGHT PEOPLE?

    • Pat Neeland

      @Jesus - really? ?uestlove isn't hip-hop simply because he's doing with the Roots what he's ALWAYS done with the Roots, except now there's a show with enough balls to ask them to be their full-time band? Get the fuck outta here.

    • Jesus

      questlove is the WORST - dude's not hip hop - he's on Jimmy Fallon, might as well call him Paul Schaffer. I hate that guy.

  • LV

    Alot of women depict THEMSELVES as bitches and hoes. cant be mad at a little social commentary. and unless Ashley Judd (from my home state) has a broader knowledge of hip hop than we give her credit for (i really fucking doubt it), she has no right to speak on what hip hop does or does not promote. Charlie Sheens an actor, do all actors promote prevelant drug use? this is a bullshit attempt at analyzing something you arent a part of, could never understand, and have no right to speak on, ashley. if nobody else knows where you come from, i do. ive seen the neighborhood you grew up in, i know the story of your life.

  • Meela312

    Sounds like she is generalizing music stereotypes for which she is unfamiliar.

  • Anonymous


  • illy


  • Keith Bussey


  • Ol'DirtyBastard

    Yo yo they had me trying to speak at the drug awareness concert back in the day. WUTANG BITCHES!

  • alan

    and what about country music most of it is about drinking and put woman in line all music has its other side

  • H.I.T.T.M.A.N.

    Reading that stupid shit dun gave a Nigga an Attitude...."we all said fuck you bitch & kept goin`",LMBAO! But really,misogyny & violence against women existed centuries before Hip Hop & Rap music. And far as "RAPE" culture goes I doubt that she wants to go there with Black & Brown people who are the founders of this thing we call Hip Hop...

  • Joshua

    You people insulting her are so dumd/dull,unintelligent/stupid and at the same time ridiculous. What is wrong is wrong whether it is done in movies or some other genres doesnt make it right, why are you people stupid? arrrrrgggh, I feel like blowing your silly brains out. She said that hip-hop mysogynist and that is true period. I don't know what your point is? it takes a step to get to a final destination, whether it is done in other genres doesnt mean she can't attack hip-hop. Let's start with hip-hop and see what we can do with other areas, well in my opinion hip-hop is real mainstream, it is played all over the world and it has lots of viewers

    • Anonymous

      rape culture tho????????? again, so u agree that it is rape culture??????????????????????????? *blank stare*

    • Anonymous

      first off go dig for some hip hop from the 80s, 90s and the underground before u try to generalize the genre just like ashley attempted to do, second getting rid of hip hop will not make misogyny go away!! and btw movies are still the most popular form of entertainment (equally as misogynistic and violent) i.e the most mainstream. Point is u its dumb and useless to point the finger at hip hop for the bullshit, calling it rape culture is retarded, and misogyny is not the root cause of poverty u dumb cunts (u & ashley).

  • Not a Fan of Ashley

    Yo… I'm a hip hop head and all but she said "most" hip hop not all. It's like a comedian who tells one good joke… the joke is funny. When he tells 10 good jokes HE is funny. Feel me? I'm not blinded by some unwavering love for hip hop that I can't understand her point. Let's face it people… I love hip hop for all of its good and bad elements but how can we hate on her for speaking on what she is "predominantly" exposed to when she says "most" hip hop? Let the debate being...

  • deziboy5150

    never mind jus figured out who this cunt is. but still y tha fuck os she speakin bout rap/ hip hop

  • deziboy5150

    this is prolly a stupid question but who the fuck is ashely judd and why the fuck is this cunt speakin bout shit she dnt kno jack shit about?

  • I_am_Beast

    This cunt needs a K.O., GTFO with this bullshit. I hate it when these self-obsessed celebirty pieces of shit pop off at the mouth like they're geniuses or something just because they get grossly overpaid for their bullshit acting roles and get treated like Royalty by gossip mongering, homosexual sycophants. The excerpts from her book that were highlighted in this article reek of nutjob Feminist propaganda. Fuck your life, fuck your career, and fuck your hillbilly family. White trash with money...YEEEE-HAWWWW! BTW, I am a Mysoginst...What of it. Hip-Hop didn't make me that way. Stupid wacko bitches like this who don't when when to shut the fuck up did. It's hypocritical too because I bet you anything she's sucked some dick on a casting couch to get roles. But that's somehow ok in her warped mind. Fuck Hollywood, die in a California Wildfire!

  • Brian Tate

    This woman is just grossly misinformed. EVERY genre of music depicts what she describes. Brittney had "If You Seek Amy", NIN had "Closer" and let's not even touch on country music! This comment is undoubtedly going to bite her in the ass at some point! I'm beyond disappointed in this woman...


    She's right on alot of it, not the Hip Hop to blame for global poverty shit coz that's retarded, but she is right about MAINSTREAM rap music being to blame for the way women are treated once again as less than and percieved as bitches and ho's by these dumb ass kids who dont know the difference between MAINSTREAM RAP & HIP HOP... In all honesty its a compilation of both the complete and utter failing of modern educational institutes and MAINSTREAM RAP note I keep puttin emphasis on that mainstream rap part because it is not does not and never will be HIP HOP Also I think 9th wonder pointed out that it was MAINSTREAM rap NOT HIP HOP portraying those images but HIP HOP has to take some responsibility as long as our artist keep cosigning the INDUSTRY RAPPERS in hopes of appealing to their fans bases

  • Torrey Darrell Elcan

    Ok Ashley Judd if that's the case what about sex and violence in movies??????? If you speak out on something make sure to CYA Cover Your As, so comments like this don't come back and haunt you.

  • Frankie

    I want to put my dick in her pussy and her butt. But really, why is Ashley targeting rap music? Man I want to fill her mouth with some of my liquid.

  • cjf

    Silly hillbilly. So i guess being molested, alcohol abuse, and shoplifting is country music culture

  • Anonymous

    Her molestation & abusive parents were Country music stars!!!! She shoulda attacked ALL movies, tv programs, & music genre that depict women as sex objects. Btw, 1 year, she flashed her pussy @ the Oscars. AND, the root cause of poverty is GREED, not sexism!!

    • Anonymous

      beezlebud: music influences cinema, was the majority of movies depicting heavy drug use before mainstream rap started glorifying weed use NO, was the majority of cinema calling women bitches and ho's before mainstream rap glorified it NO ur an idiot! what influenced ppl to smoke weed?? hippies in the 60s. Who was talking about bitches and hoes?? those pimps in the 70s movies. Who talked about gangsta shit and drugs before rap existed or blew up? the godfather, scarface! see what i did their?? U can always trace back the roots of the problem that DIDNT start with hip hop. If anything, movies and real-life shit influenced hip hop.

    • Anonymous

      All one has to do is watch Turner Classic Movies and see how many times a white bitch got slapped up by Cagney & company to realize this didnt start with us.

    • beezlebud

      music influences cinema, was the majority of movies depicting heavy drug use before mainstream rap started glorifying weed use NO, was the majority of cinema calling women bitches and ho's before mainstream rap glorified it NO you have to look at what influenced cinema to start depicting women that way and it was as a result of mainstream rap making it popular to do so

  • K

    I'll Sum It up in 3 Words.....WHAT A BITCH!!!

  • The.Watcher

    Look, not her fault, you can't expect a white 40 yr old to know about Underground Hip Hop. I do agree with her on one thing though - commercial MTV rap is awful - it does promote misogynistic behavior.

  • asdf

    She had my dick in her mouth, though.

  • Steveho

    Ashley Judd is an inbred hick. She talks all that shit about hiphop but what she is mad about is that fact that she was molested and abused and now she needs to find something or someone to blame. So it was all snoops fault right? Someone listened to his lyrics and said they gonna molest you! The fuck outta here.

  • Meh

    "As far as I'm concerned, most Rap and Hip Hop music--with its rape culture and insanely abusive lyrics and depictions of girls and women as 'ho's'--" That part alone should tell you where this is going and how misinformed she is.

  • casper21

    man this debate is getting old, I guess she needed some kind of fuel to promote her book, and attacking other genres just doesn't help her sell books. But hell, I ain't defending the genre neither.

    • GUTTER Man no caps

      ashley was paid by the CIA to start this debate- joking. the truth is- clones like her do it all by themselves- generalize a whole culture because their stupid misled. but she is a microcosm of the real macro problem- bigotry and racism! fuckin annoying. her argument was really weak, lol

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