Ice Cube Gets Disney Backing For "Chrome And Paint," New Bow Wow TV Series

Ice Cube works on a new Disney movie and signs on to produce new Bow Wow sitcom.

While Disney hasn't always been the home of many Hip Hop related projects, the studio is working to release Chrome and Paint, a new film project by Ice Cube. The flick will center around car culture, as the title suggests and it will be co-written, co-directed and co-produced by Cube, who will also make an appearance in the movie. 

Matt Alvarez, Cube's partner in CubeVision, will co-direct and co-produce the film. Eva Vives has signed off to write the film. Vives is best known for her 2002 film, Raising Victor Vargas.  

The film, based on a 2006 Cube song by the same name, was meant to be a gritty picture but Disney's affiliation has somewhat changed things. While the film may not be getting the R-rated treatment anymore, it will still be about car culture. According to Hollywood Reporter, the film will be about a young man who loses his father and then begins to rebuild a car that belonged to him. Cube is said to star in the film as a family friend who helps.

Cube also has his sights set on television projects as news recently hit that he would be producing a new television series starring Bow Wow. In a recent interview with, Bow explained that the deal is still in its early stages but added that Jermaine Dupri may also be involved. 

"I just spoke with JD yesterday," Bow noted. "He is actually about to do the music for the TV show sitcom that I am doing with Ice Cube." 

"I partnered with Ice Cube and he is producing my sitcom. I told JD when Will [Smith] had his own show ["The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"], Quincy Jones did all the music so it’s only right that he does mine. So I got him doing all the scores to the TV show. I speak to JD daily."

Bow Wow, who has worked with Cube in the past on more than one project, will star in Madea's Big Happy Family, a film that is set to be released later this month. 



  • Ayby17

    Damn! I've been waiting years to get some news about Chrome and Paint, and now I read that's it's gonna be a Disney movie? No disrespect, but this means that it's gonna be more like a family film and no weed smoking, bitch slapping, shit cursing and cop killing thing. That's sad. I really hoped that it would be something funny AND gangsta like Friday or Janky Promoters. Still got mad respect for Cube though! YAY YAAAYY!!!!

  • Nico 3

    Cube is the Hollywood power player 50 only wishes he could be. Now if he could just act a little better, he'd probably be landing some of the roles Cuba Gooding used to get.

  • Brendon Silver

    who remembers when ice cube was the most bad ass gangsta in the world and was AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    gnghnn bh gb bgfghnbnb hfcfj

  • NJ

    Anybody else sick of seeing Ice Cube & Disney in the same sentance?

    • Ayby17

      Not sick of seeing Cube and Disney together, they make great family films together. But I will be sick when I'll see Chrome and Paint in theaters with no cursing or weed in it. I really hoped that it would be some good old Cali Sunshine shit, like in the video clip of Chrome and Paint.

    • Anonymous

      Cube last CD tanked in record sales. So he is keeping it pushing.

    • That's Right!

      NJ is damn fool!

    • Atl2Trill

      @NJ Life is all about growth and diversity. Can't stay the same way. Death Certificate came out in the early 90's also. I'm still an Ice Cube fan regardless.

    • NJ

      Who's hating? Certainly not me but all this shit is destroying his music career, Death Certificate seems such a long time ago....

    • Atl2Trill

      LMAO!!! Cube is getting the kiddie money. Can't hate on that.

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