NBA Fines New Jersey Nets $50K For Jay-Z's Kentucky Visit

As expected, the NBA slaps the New Jersey Nets with a $50,000 fine after Jay-Z visited with players from the University of Kentucky's basketball team.

ESPN reports the New Jersey Nets received a $50,000 fine due to Jay-Z’s presence in a University of Kentucky locker room after the men’s team clenched a Final Four birth. Jay-Z is a minority owner of the Nets—his share is reportedly worth 1.5%. As a team owner, minority or otherwise, Jay-Z’s presence violated league rules that prohibit contact with players that still have remaining intercollegiate basketball eligibility.

Kentucky’s men’s team had not been to Final Four in 13 years, and Jay-Z met with the team after their 76-69 victory over North Carolina.

“Even though the circumstances of the visit seemed harmless enough, with Kentucky players clearly more excited about meeting a world-famous rap mogul as opposed to a part-time NBA team executive, Nets officials were expecting a fine based on what happened to Boston Celtics general manager Danny Ainge in 2007,” explained ESPN’s Marc Stein.

If any of UK’s players were influenced by the visit prior to declaring for the NBA draft lottery, the Nets don’t have a pick anyway. They traded a pair of first round picks to the Utah Jazz earlier this year to acquire point guard Deron Williams.


  • Jesus

    no illuminati posts. good i hope that shit dies. Jay-Z rich he be like "50 grand? nigga thats it? fuckit heres a hundred, ill be at next weeks game too bitch"

  • YO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    50 cent gonna make that comeback.this only proves jay-z will have to make room for 50 at the top.the second bar off the 1 verse of "many men" proves it.g-unit about to sign some crazy old school rappers and they about to make the UNIT bigger.on some global shit.when 50 is flying high in the mothership in his chrome platted jump suit, yall see.gggggggunit!!!

  • Ivan Geigerman

    Mr. Carter, be careful b/c the NCAA will fuck you up. Just ask Bruce Pearl.

  • lukeknocks

    damn.....ya'll take gossiping about all these rap niggas serious tho?! everytime i check out this site i gotta read what all ya'll are arguin and sayin on these post....shit is so funny but so damn sad. How bout this, add up all the time ya'll have spent postin comments, then think of usin that time to grind my nigga, BREAD OVER SUCKA SHIT.....ya'll lames will never understand.

    • lbow!

      What!?!? You musta had this comment planned out before you actually read anything! Dude, nobody is even talkin negative on this thread. Wow but whatever....keep on "grinding"!

  • taylor

    jay should be payin half that shit atleast...thats pocket change to this nigga and the nets suck...need to keep some money to afford some better players

  • rzandy21

    What about a few weeks back when MJ hassled the players about wearing Kobe Bryant shoes instead of J's? Where is the fine for that?

  • Ernest Dale Hodge II

    Wait... isnt Magic Johnson an owner of the Lakers??? It's not like he's at EVERY Michgan state game

  • Lima

    Wow. this is the first time i've seen Jay-Z make any kind of mistake like this. he's usually always on his p's and q's

  • Atl2Trill

    Wow. 1.5 % ownership of the team cost the Nets 50 stacks. I wonder a Prokhorav the majority owner think about this.

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