Gucci Mane Arrested In Atlanta For Parole Violation, Battery Warrant

The Brick Squad head hasn't been able to hit the bricks for long, as he presently sits in DeKalb County Jail.

Atlanta, Georgia rapper Gucci Mane has been arrested again. The Warner Brothers/Asylum Records artist was apprehended during a meeting with his parole visitor today (April 8), reported Atlanta's Fox 5.

Taken by authorities at Georgia Department of Corrections Probation Office, Gucci Mane was arrested for misdemeanor battery, stemming from a warrant caused by the rapper allegedly pushing a woman from a moving vehicle. While the arrest was a misdemeanor, the warrant violated Gucci's parole.

The rapper born Radric Davis's parole was stemming from previous drug convinctions. Gucci Mane is presently in DeKalb County Jail.

Gucci's retail mixtape, Mr. Zone 6, released last month and is presently on the Top 200 of the charts, featuring Master P, Wale and others.

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  • Brian Andrew Smith

    To all the Gucci stans, As Huey Freeman once said "What the hell is wrong with you people? Every famous nigga that gets arrested is not Nelson Mandela! Yes, the government conspires to put a lot of innocent black men in jail on fallacious charges. But R. Kelly is *not* one of those men! We all *know* the nigga can sing, but what happened to standards? What happened to bare minimums? Are you a fan of R. Kelly? You wanna help R. Kelly? Get some counseling for R. Kelly! Introduce him to some older women! Hide his camcorder! But don't pretend that the man is a hero!... And stop the damn dancing! Act like you've got some goddamn sense, people! Damn! I'm through playing around here!"

  • Fuck Coochie Man

    Fuck this raggedy ass website for erasing my comment!

  • Westcoast G

    GOOD....Please keep his monkey-ass behind bars.

  • Hater

    The era of the ignorant rapper is still going strong.



  • doja28

    "Could've been a doctor/should've been a lawyer/I go to court so much I could've been my own employer"

  • Fuck that

    This guy is an idiot. Dumbest rapper of all time.

  • Zane Lemos

    This dude is fuckin' retarded... He needs to lay low...

  • Anonymous

    shit hes supposed to be in my town this week! what am i going to do if gucci can't make it? oh that's right spend my money on something worth it

  • lj

    This fag should get tha death penalty so we wont have to listen to his wack ass music

  • Shlomi TalentDisplay Samya

    Wow.... he keeps slippin' hard to get out of the system... just STOP! Rap and go home. THAT IT!

  • Edi Kajmolli

    damn this dude is stupidd......

  • kololollo

    they want gucci locked up really bad cuz he singed the deal with the elite boyz and now aint doing what they tell him that's why they b kicking his door down looking for drugs,arresting him every other week,and wacka on their list too he even says it in his songs they want him fucked up for refusing to sign the deal,business is shady and the judges,police captains, are all connected with them through their mason brotherhood

  • G

    This wack pussy deserves to be locked up for his life. His retardedness is a danger to our world. At least keep him in a hospital or something.

  • gucci time is over

    Is this nigga competing against odb's arrest record?

  • The MG

    Jeez, this is like the hundredth time this guy got arrested for parole violation. And now he pushes a woman out of a moving vehicle? People admire this guy for some reason and it's a shame. Biggie said it best: "Dumb rappers need teaching." Seriously...

  • REAL

    This dude is a damn coon! He in love with cold, steel bars.

  • Atl2Trill

    Gucci stay getting locked up. He hasn't learned his lesson yet. SMH.


    damn gucci we still bumpin that mr.zone6 for ya



  • Anonymous

    what a bitch, a chick dont want to suck that ashy lil muhfucker so you push her out a moving car. pussy nigga rot in prison. real talk

  • Anonymous

    No wonder everything is going down when people cheer a rapper, who tattoos his face and speaks like 3 year old. This guy has serious mental issues and people like his ''music'' which makes no sense. I don't get it. I don't hate commercial music or mainstream rappers, but this guy is dumb as fuck.

  • Duke

    i dont believe that really happened but i'm not gonna put it past gucci to do something like that. just give this dude and wacka sucka lame life in prison for being ignorant and retarded so we dont have to hear from them music wise or any wise ever again.

  • Anonymous

    damn pushing a chick out of a moving vehicle is only a misdemeanor????

  • sexy

    Call me Im bored 989-463-6408

  • .....

    This dumb nigger needs to push himself out of a car. It's niggers like this who make all you niggers look dumb. And I'm not a nigger hater. I think all white people should own one

  • CucciMane

    This nigga stay locked up... when you get money you're supposed to STOP doing the street shit, this dude seems to think he's supposed to step it up to prove he's "real". Dumbass

    • tr3 da king

      man you not lying, these cats seem to be going in reverse, but i never been a fan, I think he sucks, i think waka sucks, but they got fan base from all the other south people i guess. No substance and they sound dumb even when you see them in interviews, i think labels have turned a complete 180, cause it was a time they wouldn't sign people because of they risk/reward factor. Matter of fact i think they may be independent so i guess thats why but damn, if its ever a time to turn it around and just be cool its when you so famous that you cant get away with nothing. I guess though, T.I. one of my favorite rappers and he seems sharp, but I guess its something in that ATL water cause he seems to do dumb shit on top of dumb shit too. Like that dave chapelle episode, i guess this is when keepin it real goes wrong lol.

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