D12 Welcomes New Member Fuzz Scoota

The Detroit emcee will be featured on D12's forthcoming album.

In advance of the release of their third album, Return of the Dozen 2, D12 has now formally introduced Detroit rapper Fuzz Scoota has an official member of the Motown rap collective. Fuzz was a member of an early configuration of the group but this will be the first D12 album that he is featured on.

Return of the Dozen 2 is set to drop this Tuesday, April 14th. Over at D12’s website you can check out the official announcement from Bizarre regarding Fuzz’s return to the fold. The video also contains a quick sample of a track from the new album.

Fuzz himself seems very pleased to be a part of D12, tweeting his gratitude to Eminem, D12, and the all of the group’s fans earlier this week.

1st off ... Thanks to EMINEM for all he has done to support me!!! TEAMSHADY, and all the D12 FANS FOR ALL THE LOVE!!!fuzzscootaD12less than a minute ago via TweetCaster Favorite Retweet Reply




  • shakeema

    well im so prod of my brother for makin it this is sumthing hes wanted for so long nd hes finally got the chance and all you mothafuckers that dnt even kno him hatin get off his dick nd go by the album luv you @fuzzscoota fuck the haters they probaly never love they momma either lol....

  • EssDot Fuller

    I think Obie Trice would be a good addition, but he's not on the label anymore, I doubt they'll re sign him

  • fuck outta here

    i could never take these dudes seriously. First off, Devils Night was not 'near classic' as some of you fucks are claiming. Em and Proof could spit and Mr. Porter is a good producer, but other than that these dudes are all trash. Anyone that would let Bizarre on their album is a fucking moron. And stop with the 'they went platinum' bullshit. They only sold records because their front man is the most popular rapper on the planet. Without Em they would have sold 1000 copies.

  • .....

    STFU !!!! Yeah d12 might not have been commercially successful without shady....but their easily one of the most lyrically talented rap groups in YEARS

    • Thomas Curré

      im a huge Eminem and Shady records fan but i wouldnt say they are the most lyrical group, bizarre is nearly the worst rapper in the game...

    • fuck outta here

      'easily one of the most lyrically talented groups in years' hahahahahahahahahahahahaha...... fucking teenagers. You taste in music must suck then, because they are not lyrical at all. Em and Proof yes, but the rest are trash. most lyrical group.... i can't believe you just said that. clown.

  • Anonymous

    D12 is dope! Kuniva, Mr. Porter and Swift are all talented. They rap circles around the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Drake and others who are popular these days. If you think otherwise, you don't know Hip Hop. Mr. Porter is also a really good producer, check out tracks he's done with Busta Rhymes, Royce, Little Brother, Slaughterhouse, Pharoahe Monch and more. Bizarre is the only member who you could say is bad, but that doesn't mean the group as a whole is bad. Go listen to Devil's Night again, that album is near classic.

    • Willy

      I agree about Devils Night being near classic. Fight Music is such a sick song. It was just dropped as a single at a poor time (9/11). If that song would have got the plays that it deserved on the radio the album would have sold A LOT more records. Pimp Like Me was such a dope track. Swift KILLED his verse.

    • Anonymous

      well said mr porter is a dope mc and even doper producer!!

  • Truth

    lol @ Fuzz Scoota Great. Adding a rapper nobody cares about to a group nobody cares about. It's a win-win! The only good members of D12 are Eminem or dead. @truthdotcom. And Bizarre is one of the worst rappers of all time. Fact. It's not "funny" to just say random sh-t, for shock value. You have to have a comic point of view. Also, if you're going to rap, you have to be GOOD AT RAPPING. Bizarre is such an epic failure, on every level. "Hey, guys, I'm fat and shirtless and wearing a shower cap. Time to rap my verse: Doing lines of heroin, crystal meth snortin' / I just finished dinner - leftovers from an abortion / I told my mom I didn't like her sass / So I bent the bitch over, and f-cked her in the ass." Hhaahhahaa that's so funny! Hahahahahhahhaaa. i's so funny! hahahahahhhahahaa. it's so funny! Not. Excuse me while I f-cking kill myself. Mr. Porter's production isn't bad, I guess. So, here's D12 in a nutshell: one incredibly talented rapper. one talented rapper, who is dead. one of the worst rappers of all time. a bunch of bland, boring, pointless, mediocre rappers, of which one is decent at productino. yeah, REAL EXCITING. wake up Stans.

    • HWK

      hahaha ur such a faggot

    • Anonymous

      fuck that shit d12's the shit yall need to stop acting like they havent done well commercially when they have 2 albums that are multi platinum and fuck all the bizarre hating to he cracks me the fuck up "my girlfriends in the olympics she be runnin track meets...im lyin shes a parapalegic that eats with her feet bahaha u seem like the type of nigga to fry bacon naked just so the grease will pop ya. no idea who this dude is but it should of been guilty simpson.

    • Willy

      Swifty has some very good verses. You obviously just skim through their music. It's cool though. Ignorance is bliss, right?

    • grizzdafire

      yu really got a boner from talkin shit bout em. #go die my frend

  • Anonymous

    D12 alright, people are right though, aint never been the same since Proof left. And no Obie shouldnt take fuzzs place cause fuzz been down with the crew for a very long time, since the days of Bugz. R.I.P Proof and Bugz

  • igg

    Hard to listen to D12 with Slaughterhouse being around

  • Carlos Lincoln

    I always wondered what happened to Fuzz. Thats wassup.

  • Anonymous

    d12 is wack as fuck


      YES, i wish D12 would go away aside from EM and Proof just wasnt feeling anyone else. Obie is hard, but I dont consider him apart of that group

  • dj distress

    first time i heard this cat was on the slim shady EP back in 97.welcome back bro :)

  • Rachael Misek

    he looks mean.

  • DJ Game

    proof reading and actual factual information are both a necessity when writing articles. you should do it too!

  • jesterdxxl

    Return of the Dozen is not an album DX it's a fucking mixtape step up your game. How are people gonna say D12 are shit & suck have you heard Devil's Night listen to the lyrics minus Bizarre he's just a sick funny fucker. D12 & Slaughterhouse fuck me Shady is building an army.

  • Anonymous

    D12 sucked ass........ So Does faginem now....Proof only one that could spit

    • ed

      wow...stfu u dumb shit....dude in the last comment said it best,..u dont know shit..D12 is the shit....and fuck u eminem is the best rapper of all time

    • Michael Lundquist

      STFU you never even knew who Proof was before he died you poser bitch. D12 is and always has been dope.

  • Anonymous

    Fuzz Scoota sounds like a sex toy for a woman.

  • war22

    Welcome to Shady Records!!! a new lyricist on his way..

  • JesseHyatt

    Have you guys ever heard of The Soulution? They're on some dope real hip hop shit, none of that corny shit. http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Soulution/112505308807080 www.soundcloud.com/thesoulution www.reverbnation.com/thesoulution @SoulutionCrew

  • NJ

    D12 are awful, I personally couldn't care less, they are the perfect example of a group who have made it big time purely through one member. Not hating, they are cool guys but as far as Hip Hop goes they are just dreadful.

    • EDO G

      My guess would be that the combined age of the people saying G-Unit and D12 are good rap groups is probably lower than 20, I mean album sales? Fuck outta here with that faggot ass Soulja Boy style argument, nj dude was clearly just giving an opinion, not even in an aggressive way either, like he said, you kids are everything wrong with Hip Hop today.

    • NJ

      So heavy album sales make them good artists? Need I say more? Typical argument of any G-Unit fan. They may have been hot in a sense that they were selling but in terms of quality....sorry but they were just awful kids. Yes Porter is a good producer but I was talking purely MC'ing. D12 = one great rapper, one good producer and a bunch of boring wannabes. G- Unit = 1 rapper who was nice for about a month, got a deal and sold out, one rapper who has a lot of potential but chooses to make awful mainstream R&B shit like the Rotten Apple and one rapper who may just be in my top 10 list of worst rappers to EVER have a deal. Also ABC I said I liked D12, they just can't MC. I was just giving an opinion but I guess that's a stupid thing to do on a Hip Hop website eh?

    • Willy

      Rap Game from the 8 Mile Soundtrack was dope as fuck. Fight Music was dope as fuck. In fact most of Devils Night was sick. Their second mainstream album had a lot of gimmick music but was still very entertaining. Music is subjective you either like it or you don't. But to say that they aren't talented dudes is just wrong. So... Your opinion is wrong.

    • ABC

      shut the fuck up NJ...D12 were hot and so were G-Unit...and millions of album sales proves that you dumb fuck...dont be a hater just cause you dont like them!

    • anonymous

      How can you say dudes like Kuniva, Mr. Porter and Swift have no skill? Those dudes can spit. And Mr. Porter is also a really dope producer, he's had a lot of good tracks on other people's successful albums. And NJ, come on, G-Unit was one of the hottest groups in the game from like 03-05. That Beg For Mercy album went double plat, as did Banks' Hunger For More.

    • NJ

      G-Unit were NEVER hot, 50 was fresh back in 02/03 on those tapes before aftermath but Banks and Yayo were always ass with G Unit (Banks dropped some nice stuff by himself). Nothing about the rap game? Ha, kid I have followed Hip Hop religiously for over 20 years and if you think that D12 and the Unit are in any way good MC's then you're argument holds no substance! Nada!

    • CommonSon

      You are clueless if you can't acknowledge that G-Unit was hot in 03 and 04 and part of 05. They aren't hot now, but get real kid. You sound like you know nothing about the rap game.

    • NJ

      Could I please add that I have listened to just about every bit of D12 material ever released and i'm still waiting on a "nice" track.

    • LOL

      With NJ on this one, guys bring entertainment but no actual skill. And yeah G Unit are (and always have been) as hot as a polar bears toe nail.

    • NJ

      Nice? Haha good one, they are awful, not one of them has any originality or rhyming ability. Wrote 75% of G-Unit shit when they were hot? Can someone please tell me when the fuck G-Unit were "hot"? and son, my dead grandma could rap circles around YM, Gucci and Wacka. There are more rappers in the world than just D12, YM and G-Unit you retard.

    • war22

      lol....u know D12 did like 75% of them G unit tracks when they were hot right...so stfu...Bizarre as retarded as he seems could rap circles aroung YM,Wacka and Gucci(talkin about lyrics)


      lmao at d12 being nice like he said no em no one would care or know what was a d12

    • r

      Are u serious?? GTFO u obviously know Nothing about Hip Hop to think that. D12 are nice as hell u must not have listen to enough of them

  • Jeff Ch-ch Ch Chapman

    interested to see how this guy works in but he'll never replace proof..

  • Brenda

    Yeah, Obie would have been a good new member, plus gotten them some more notoriety since this dude is a no name. I got nothing bad to say about him, just think that someone like obi trice or elzhi or something could have been a little smarter to pull in more fans.


    if you havent heard of fuzz before.. listen to 'no one's iller'... eminem featuring swifty, bizarre and fuzz

    • that dude

      damn i didnt even put that together i always thought that track was hot. I had a feelin eminem co wrote most of the other verses tho

  • Smokey43

    they should of added Obie trice as the new member now that would of been sick

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