FBI Releases Documents On Notorious B.I.G. Murder; Rare Ammunition Used

FBI documents revealed as part of Freedom of Information Act provide details about Notorious B.I.G.'s murder, including information about how he was killed with rare ammunition.

New information about Notorious B.I.G.'s murder has been released. Last week, the FBI revealed an online reading room called The Vault that allows for a search of the bureau's documents as part of the Freedom of Information Act and B.I.G. murder documents reveal some new data on the case that many were unaware of before. 

Records of an FBI probe into the unsolved case of Biggie's murder appear in The Vault including information about the the way the New York emcee was killed in Los Angeles. It seems he was shot with a German-made Gecko 9mm gun, one that is not commonly found in the United States. The FBI investigation also provides information about some Los Angeles Police Department officers involved with the case having gang ties. It also reveals details about how they were able to hinder the process of the investigation by not properly documenting or following up on witness statements related to the killing of Christopher Wallace. The FBI also has uncut video footage of the shooting, according to AllHipHop.com reports.

While most of the information related to the murder has been known by the public, other news did surface through The Vault. A list of the items B.I.G. had at the time of his death have now become known, as seen in this excerpt of a document provided by The Smoking Gun. As shown, Biggie was said to be carrying a plastic baggy with marijuana, an asthma inhaler and 3 Magnum condoms. That evening, he was wearing Karl Kani jeans, Timberland boots and a Bernini sweater. 

To view the entire documents, check the FBI's Vault


  • Yssup Kidz

    Weed, an inhaler, and rubbers. Ahhh, the bare essentials.

  • JoeM

    Man this article is all sorts of wrong.. It wasn't a "Gecko 9mm gun" It was GECO 9mm Ammunition, supposedly, armor piercing. GECO is a very big/historic name in the world of munitions and I would imagine that 9mm Armor Piercing GECO rounds made in Germany would be a rarity for anyone other than some one in law enforcement with military connects.

  • B

    haters haters ! Life ater Death is one of the best albums in the rap game. Then i guess you get these morons .. he s a wack rapper, like you could do better!

  • Biggie was wearing orange socks

    he was also wearing a pink thong when he died either that or a really small pair of undies

  • word?

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  • francisco

    DX should go solo out there take name turn over rocks.. wiki stuff! get out there and solve this, talk to people and report back to the public, its obvious no one else is gonna do anything about it.. this geco shit couldve been useful. talk about pac! put his prison interview up, everyone should see that.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah,im really sure the goverment killed Biggie smalls. I don't blame any sort of police for covering it up,dude disrespected them and the rest of you do the same,so when u really need a cop to help you,just remember the shit u say about them and solve your own damn problem

  • LeÄ¡endary Ä host Deini

    There's something fucked up about this... Napoleon had an interview with The Source back in 2000, in it he said that it was his cousin, Roddy, who was high and drunk with KADAFI, that shot and killed KADAFI by accident... If you check the FBI report on page 124 (out of 146), the following is stated: (smfh we can't copy n paste.. scrnshot time) http://i.imgur.com/wwve4.png ... WTF? SOMEONE is lying.. either the FBI or Napoleon. but WHY? This fucking document is suspicious as hell... I read something earlier on in the document that made me be like "wait.. this isn't right.." I can't remember though.. Oh.. Also.. Instead of using "there" they use "their" by mistake a couple of fucking times... for example: http://i.imgur.com/mGrV7.png Excuse me for being a nerd & shit but really? cmon son.. wtf? how u work for the FBI and using the wrong there/their/they're? "their was a rivalry?" oh word? really? THEIR??????? SMFH i skimmed thru this real quick ima actually read it for real .... What the FUCK is going on?

    • agree

      yea man, i just spent the last hour or so going through it. they clearly know what happened that night. the blanks out are clear as hell to who they talking about some of the time anyway _______ owed tupac $10 and _____ made death row artists sell drugs, also about biggie 'its believed _______ and his close friend _______ orchestrated it. suge and puff idk man i been making shit fit hah but it definitely is interesting shit

    • Anonymous

      i feel you man. this shit is fishy.

  • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

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    • Lit

      Crooked ass crackers? More black people kill black people than white people kill black people. If the cops were affiliated with gangs, it's likely they were black or Hispanic (only 2/10 gang members are crackers). There's no need to bring race into it, but if you are going to, check your facts.

  • Damn

    Rumor has it he had 2 footlong Subway tuna melt sandwiches in his coat pocket too. How they gon leave that out of the report!? Its a fuckin cover up!!!

  • Ddot

    That document stands as proof the he was officially Big Pimpin' at the time of death....if I ever get shot, I hope to god I'm wearing Karl Kani jeans & a Bernini sweater with pockets full of condoms and weed...

  • Davo

    CO-INTEL-PRO(Counter Intelligence Program). Do you research people.

  • RichFromNY

    Another example of where "no snitches" backfired...murders don't get solved if people don't talk to the police...unless whoever did the killing seriously slipped up....part of the investigation is talking to people and getting answers to questions...no one talks...nothing get solved..

    • Calvin Peake

      the streets Of L.A. know exactly what happend to pac and big, if you not in these streets, u will neva understand what all went on, when u not in that gang shit but u get yourself involved with it anyways, shit tends to happend, especially if you go places where you know niggas dont rock w/ you

  • deziboy5150

    im glad the FBI "released" info bout big but wtf does it matter if he had weed rubbers n inhaler in his pocket? that jus shows he was finna go get blazed, fuck some bitches, n if his asthma strtd akin up he was finna use his inhaler. dumbass fbi niggas.

  • truth jones

    clearly a case of hired gun,and whoever it was ,was a pro using a german style 9mm,thatd be hard to get in the hood wich eliminates a random shooting,a gun like that could also be easily obtained by a police officer.

  • Anonymous

    crackers is always on some funny style shit.doesnt suprise me the fbi has or had more info,they were involved.crooked ass honkeys never have and never will be pure.unlike what the dictionary defines them as.

    • StrictlyHipHop

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    • smh

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    • Anonymous

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    • a

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  • Anonymous

    who the fuck is talkin shit about biggie. fucken ridiculous disrespectin a legend. fyi, dude was a fucken playa. "As shown, Biggie was said to be carrying a plastic baggy with marijuana, an asthma inhaler and 3 Magnum condoms." nuff said.

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  • James Vega

    What about his socks? What kinda socks was he wearing?!?!?! WHAT COLOR WERE THEY!?!?!?!?!

  • R.I.P. Biggie


  • Mike

    It was GECO ammo, not a "Gecko" gun. Google for "geco ammo".

  • MakesMusic

    DX stay on that tabloid shit. Who gives a fuck what Biggie was wearing or had on him when he died? GTFO

  • what

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  • Nico 3

    Behind all the hype and bullshit, Biggie was just another cupcake gangsta, who got mad that Pac had laid him out so effortlessly in that Hit Em Up diss. Naturally, he wanted revenge, but knew it wouldn't be as simple as just releasing his own diss back. Not with that whole East Coast/West Coast shit starting to boil over at that time. He probably met up with Suge a few times, acted all buddy buddy, never thinking that he would be next, simply because he couldn't be trusted to keep his mouth shut. If I were the FBI, I'd just bury this.

  • Anonymous

    sad, puff had somethin do do wit it, niggas knew biggie was gonna die

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for this great info DX: As shown, Biggie was said to be carrying a plastic baggy with marijuana, an asthma inhaler and 3 Magnum condoms. That evening, he was wearing Karl Kani jeans, Timberland boots and a Bernini sweater. This is really info thats very important. How old are you guys? Did you study journalism?

  • Anonymous

    its time to solve the case you bastards. And DX read before posting an article!

  • Anonymous

    Read through the papers its amazing stuff Biggie mite not have been the target Suge grew up in the same area if compton as the crooked cop with a tupac shrine so suge had more reach in 1996-97 than we know Death Row Records were selling mad coke and flipping in the east coast Suge wouldn't pay dre snoop tupac and other artist untill they peddled drugs Its deeper than we know RIP Biggie

  • what

    What the hell who wears karl kani and timberlands anymore he had no fashion sense at all.. wack emcee tell he dies.

    • O

      the only thing that matters , is that he probably bought the whole entire outfit hours earlier, and would have thrown it in the trash the day after. swag.

    • LordLamickTheEmperor

      Cosign Sticks Dude had jeans and timbs on... fuck cares? Hating cah those 2 items of clothing costing more than ur whole wardrobe

    • SticksGood

      First off, B.I.G. was killed in 1997 (14 years ago) so the style was different, dumbass...Secondly, who are you the Fashion Police? Only a damn fag would really pay attention to fashion that much...

  • Anonymous

    Man, that's pretty bad they just didn't do anything to solve the biggie and tupac murders. When in reality they have thousands of pieces of evidence. Man when a murder can be proved by a civilian, and the courts can't book anyone, you know something has gone wrong.

  • word?

    yo tell me summit....why this nigga so fat

  • Gregor SelfHood Scott

    it's clear from the documents they know who killed Biggie, obviously they can't release the information as they would be killed by people taking revenge. That's all that can be said there. to everyone saying BIG was better, or would hate the hip hop being made these days; who's the biggest hip hop artist in the world? Jay-Z, a good friend of Bigs. Okay, glad we cleared that up. im out

  • J

    DX says it was a Gecko GUN, the FBI report says it was Gecko AMMO. Get your head straight DX! Put the weed down and write a DECENT ARTICLE PLEASE.

    • Anonymous

      LOL I know eh. All dx did was skim that first page and get some bullshit info like oooooh, Biggie had weed on him. theres mad pages, if they did their job well they would go into depth somewhat. All the info they stated was on the first page.

  • Steven Banks

    they watched big get killed,know exactly who did it!!!!

  • J

    DX says it was a Gecko GUN, the FBI report says it was Gecko AMMO. DX, get your head straight! Put the weed down and write a DECENT ARTICLE PLEASE

  • Atl2Trill

    Not surprised Biggie was carrying weed, an inhaler, and rubbers on him. Real g shit.

  • useless information

    guy walked into a fried chicken joint 2 blocks away and sprayed it up with an ak-47..another foreign made gun...big deal

    • 905

      Wow, you are ignorant. It's the not the fact that it was a foreign weapon it's that the ammunition was rare. AK-47s are common in the United States even though it is a "foreign" made weapon.

  • Anonymous

    We miss you B.I.G. Come haunt these wack niggas like lil b and ofwgtka or whatever those lame niggas are called

  • Anonymous

    dont get me wrong but big is in a better place.. look at the state of hip hop with faggets like lil wayne runnin it.. big would be sick in heaven if that is possible

  • Anonymous

    "plastic baggy with marijuana, an asthma inhaler and 3 Magnum condoms" thats some real nigga shit right there! but the real question is, who the fuck would use a german made gun for something like a drive by???? why not a regular 9mm that you could get on the streets, even like 5 minutes before you actually wannna use it??? someone had connects... RIP BIG

  • asdasdas

    lil b and other wack ass nigges killed him

    • O

      Lil B is a rapper and a martyr, so he is the same as Biggie. Lil B will probably end up getting shot at with rare ammo too. Biggie is on Lil B's side, up there in Hip Hop Heaven. So who the FUCK IS YOU?

  • Damn..

    and let the speculation begin..

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