Canibus Releases Statement On Twitter Impostor

Exclusive: The remarks made about Royce Da 5'9, Eminem and Proof did not come from Canibus, but an impostor.

Since mid-March, a person claiming to be emcee Canibus has been tweeting offensive remarks about rappers such as Royce Da 5'9, Eminem, Joe Budden and D12's Proof. As Canibus does not have a verified Twitter account, HipHopDX contacted the emcee's management, who wanted to publicly deny his involvement with the hostile remarks.

In a statement to HipHopDX, a Canibus spokesperson said the following, "The recent comments made towards Royce Da 5'9 were not from Canibus, but rather [an impostor] Twitter account (@poetlaurete8 - which misspells Canibus' own nickname). The comments made about Royce's daughter, his relationship with Eminem and the late Proof do not reflect the feelings of Canibus or anyone else in his camp. 'Bus' is focused on pushing his new Undergods album with Keith Murray that comes out on May 31st and is anxiously waiting for the world to hear it - including its track with Slaughterhouse member Crooked I."

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  • Atem

    i like how they just dis acknowledge his real twitter account:!/DaRealCanibus

  • mike d

    I know that was canibus...I mean come on Royce knew who he was talkin to..only Bis would know the shit he was sayin

  • djfolk

    Hell that was Bis..get them slaughterhousenigas fagots..b...

  • supremesoulstice

    This nigga lyin! Duke that runs the youtube channel that that budden diss is on was taljin shit to all of Royce and budden fans callin Royce and Budden bitches..Canibus musta got smart hehe

  • Anonymous

    i bet Eminem is the imposter.

  • Dre

    Royce said he was saying shit that only canibus and him would know, very personal and specific shit that happened when the two were in the same room, how would anyone else know so much personal shit between the two til the point where he could go back and forth about it??? I think canibus decided to call it a fake as a way of backing out all the flame that would be throw his way

    • Anonymous

      Canibus had already stated on his official facebook account that poetlaurete was an imposter. Even Rass Kass said that the account was fake. The imposter is simply tryna tarnish Canibus' name by painting him in a bad light. He didn't even spell "Laureate" right, so it's safe to say that it isn't him.

  • yugang

    I was kinda convinced it was him forreal. But the constant mis-spelling was eye-brown raising like a muthafucka, and ras kass kept saying its not him and it being the reason he hasnt responded to him.

  • Big Butt Bill Barclay

    canibus please do the interview for the site. I promise i will be a good evolutionist from now on.

  • jaames

    LOL@ Royce sayin that Canibus look like Grace Jones.... Speaking of Royce, lets see who he's arguing with today on twitter...

  • Ferdowsi

    After threatening Hailey (Eminem's daughter) on Air Strike and telling Eminem he wants to penetrate his daughter, Canibus now continues his pedophilia by telling Royce da 5'9 he is gonna rape his daughter...

    • Anonymous

      canibus is an intelligent humble dude and seems out of character for him to engage in a lame juniour high twitter beef with royce, the constant spelling mistakes alone made it obvious it wasn't bis, royce played himself worse than the blatant eminem dick worship which is apparent to everyone

  • Nico 3

    Who would waste their time pretending to be Canibus though? It just sounds too convenient, like maybe he was talking shit and then realized it may have gone to far, so he had to play it off like it was an impostor. Either way, he'll have to air this out with the other names involved. I doubt they'll believe this was all just coincidence.

    • Anonymous

      Jesus telling the truth as always

    • Jesus

      didnt they already go thru with that tho? last i heard was "canibitch" and then you hear that. nothing of value directed at em, the Insane Clown pussies took a bigger shot at him and they fuckin suck. in fact ICP is like the 9th wonder of the world on how they got famous. and people remember slim Anus more then anything Canibus sent. and secondly i bet its him. qouting the "spelling Errors" is fuckin stupid hes writing to his fans on twitter not to the president. and ima end this with a qoute "My twitter account was hacked", is the new: "I'm a sloppy drunk douche". -CM Punk

    • RDUBZ

      lyrical slashing LOL

    • RTJ00

      Are you fucking retarded? Air it out? Bis dont got to air shit out. He does what he wants and no one in the industry can tell him otherwise. Its not like Eminem would want to diss Bis anyway that would leave him open to a lyrical slashing and open a window to expose Bis to more people, in turn penetrating the industry and taking that wack shit over.They would never attempt that he would rather get 2nd rate MCs that are around him to try to start stuff with Bis or just have his cronies back him.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Word. It was a bitch move to put Canibus in such a bad light.

  • Malcolm J. William Ault

    I love how HHDX put up the article about that twitter fued yesterday and then took it down after a whole bunch of people commented on how it was a fake twitter account. Come one HHDX most of us know it was a fake account a month ago. Bus said so on his Facebook.

    • Cultures Clothing

      This^^^^^. It was really unprofessional of HipHopDX in my opinion. They're the ones that helped to blow the Primo situation out of proportion as well, promoting it as a disk, when Canibus essentially said nothing more than "Come on man, that wasn't a good look".

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