J Dilla Estate To Release New Music From The Late Producer

The mother of J Dilla reveals that a new project will be released consisting of music from the late producer and other artists from Detroit.

In a video message released yesterday, April 4 Maureen Yancy the mother of late producer James “J Dilla” Yancy revealed that a new album featuring unreleased music from J Dilla will be released this fall.

Titled The Rebirth Of Detroit the album will feature Detroit-based artists who have worked with J Dilla in the past. Mrs. Yancy, who is commonly referred to as Ma Dukes, explained that building camaraderie was one of the main goals of the project.

“This will bring together artists that have drifted away from one another and haven't been able to work with each other lately,” Mrs. Yancy explained. "It's a healing process for the city.

She went on to stress that the album will consist of completely new material and ideas from J Dilla.

"There's a misconception that it has something to do with old projects. This is entirely new, fresh ideas, energetic, fresh and gifted. It is titled The Rebirth of Detroit, so no one will get it twisted," said Mrs. Yancy.

J Dilla passed away on February 10, 2006 from complications resulting from the autoimmune disorder lupus. 


  • Topsey2000


  • Bowski

    I'm estatic about this news right now and I really love Ma Duke's genuine love for her son's music. She seems to understand the virtue and respect of his work, and seems to be really IN-TUNED to Dilla's music. With that kind of support and nuturing I can only imagine how Dilla became so dope. Like Phat kat said the Yancey family are musical, so this is just another Dilla project I'm gonna support and add to my Dilla collection. No bootlegging people lets do our part in supporting and keeping Dilla's name and classic body of work alive. Thank you Ma Dukes for giving us some much needed medication from the BS they're trying to feed we the TRUE Hip Hop Heads, I need that.....

  • khordkutta

    If Ma Dukes co-signs, its a must cop!!!

  • Anonymous

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  • kennyken

    i really hope its raw. i know if dilla were living it would be definitely, but who knows, i'm gonna definitely look out for this boss thug

  • realspit

    Man can you guys just let Dilla rest in peace..every other day its some type of benefit concert or some whack ass rapper rappin over his music trying to get exposure..GTFO

    • Topsey2000

      First of all Dilla is Resting In Peace. Nobody can change that. Secondly I want them to keep having these benifit concerts, keep letting new rappers rhyme on his music and keep the new projects coming cause that way the Yancey family will keep getting paid and more and more people will get to know about Dillas music. To me the greatest artist in hiphop has not got his what he deserved but now all the money from these events and projects can go to his children.

    • Rick

      Yes sir. I hear you man. Alot of these "real hip hop" heads werent even a fan of his until dude died. I'll be straight up. When Slum first dropped i didnt like it, not until a year or 2 later did i start liking it. When you hear the original; samples jay sample from.You'll respect his production even more. ...google Janther Loves Dilla..CRAZY!!!! hit me up if you need that.

  • Rick

    Nice. DILLA DAWG THATS WHATS UP!!!Always eager to hear some unreleased Jay Dee.

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