OFWGKTA Reportedly Fielding Offers From Jay-Z's Roc Nation, Diddy's Bad Boy

Odd Future leader Tyler, The Creator makes wild demands of execs looking to sign the Cali trouble makers.

With the hype surrounding the OFWGKTA (a/k/a Odd Future) collective gaining momentum every day, MTV News is reporting that music executives are scrambling to sign the California emcees and begin monetizing their building buzz. While some of the individual members of the group have signed deals with labels, Odd Future itself remains unsigned. But that might not be the case much longer with people as high profile as Bad Boy Records founder and CEO Diddy and Roc Nation's Jay-Z getting involved in the bidding.

Diddy might have the inside track for now, having appeared at the South By Southwest festival with Odd Future. But Jay-Z shouldn’t count himself out just yet. Hodgy Beats was quoted by MTV News relating his admiration for the Brooklyn legend: "It was hard for me to look at Jay-Z for 10 minutes. Like, real shit, this is the godfather of music. I just shook his hand in his house. Honestly, it made me want to work harder. Jay-Z is amazing."

Another player who got involved in the Odd Future sweepstakes was SRC Records president Steve Rifkind. But in order to get a sit-down Rifkind was forced to meet a few of Tyler’s rather unique demands, which included “Randy’s Donuts, swivel chairs, and a megaphone.”



  • Gramps

    OFWGKTA has more raw talent, charisma and energy than any act hip-hop has seen in years. They're in a supremely unique position at the moment, as their infamy has effectively made the game work for them instead of the other way around. These days Lil Wayne or Jay-Z has to say you're good for you to be recognized as such, and often that happens before said artist has even created any art. The only thing OF needs right now that the music industry has is distribution capabilities...they produce their own stuff and do so dynamically, perfectly tailoring their beats to fit each MC's style the way Rza used to do in the mid-90's. I highly doubt they'll sign to any of the labels this article suggests, as they could just as easily build their own from scratch if they just keep doing what they've been doing, i.e. swagging the f**k out. That being said, I don't know if I completely agree with their isolationist mentality. I agree with the sentiment behind it, as collaboration with other producers could ultimately corrupt the cohesion of their style, but imagine for a moment they decided to cut their first official release with Rick Rubin? His talent is bringing out the best of the talent in others, and I certainly don't think that could hurt OF. FREE EARL.

  • 9Man

    I'm going to kill you too, ass-muncher. God will smite you at my command bitch!

  • 9Man

    Why are you chatting about me? Do you want beef too, you fucker?

  • of ftw

    ...9Man has a serious problem. OFWGKTA don't need to join a label. They should deffo start their own. Fight the system!!!

  • Anonymous

    i don't see odd future fitting in on either of these labels. they deserve a major label for themselves. if anything NERD should sign them to startrak

  • 9Man

    Its one thing to be anti-religion but I have heard anti-christ lyrics from these dudes. I dont believe in organized religion but I do believe in Christ and his word. When did blasphemy become cool?

  • maximuspop

    so now we got devil rappers gtfoh.just because you dont understand what he write dont make him nice..jay-z listen to yourself leave these fools alone this shit is stupid i rather listen to rick false than this shit

  • Da Reason

    Glad these cats are being recognized for their uniqueness and hard work. But on a serious note, Puff will just keep them in the back burner or will try to alter their style. what raw acts has he brought out that are still relevant? None. As for Jay, it's all good and all love, but why not release a Jay Electronica album and J cole album first and foremost? Streets are hungry...

  • ynfmusic.bandcamp.com

    odd future. is the result of what happens when the "system" is no longer respected or even taken into consideration.. they are truly a social and music revolution. the fact they rebel against religion the way they do and so politically incorrect is beautiful..fucks up all the politicians and rich peoples plans.and there beats slap hard as fuck...lol..its gonna be an odd future

  • digga

    awwww come on. are u kidding me? mr.cee getting his dick licked by a dude and caught by popo? i guess now he will be known as mr. gee: mr. gay. better yet, mr. f.a.gee. lmao

  • Jose Vasquez

    Yea, I think they suck. But Jay-Z is a good business man and knows Odd Future is gaining traction through the youth and their becoming more noticeable. I hope Lupe joins Roc-Nation or G.O.O.D. Music after his contract with Atlantic is up

  • wow

    smh its been stated that they dont worship the devil they just dont like religion they rebel against societal norms but thats just too complicated for people to understand it surprises me too tho to be honest that the illumanati theorists havent made any videos about them IRONIC! like it or not Odd future has that edge that hip hop has been lacking and in desperate need of nobody needs to go anywhere near diddy hustlin ass tho

  • RealMofo

    I don't get it, diddy and jay-z denie any connection with the illuminati or the devil but at the same time they want to sign a fagget group that worship satan. What is happening to hip hop? Most of the rappers are under satan spell!

  • Anonymous

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    SOMEBODY TELL SATAN THAT I WANT MY FUCKIN SWAGGER BACK!!! odd future is gonna do good for sure.. i just hope they dont sign to jigga or diddy.. some posts under me are right.. they would never drop an album under either 1 of those 2.

  • Anonymous

    So if you hate OFWGKTA because of their religious stance, you should be against artists who talk about taking other people's girl, adultery (Wiz, Drake, TI, Kanye), people who break a 10 commandment, murder, (gangster rappers), people who break the law of the land, selling/doing drugs (Rick Ross, Curren$y). Now, if you listen to them because it's fun music and the beats be bangin, then so do OFWGKTA's. But if it's a religious thing, don't be so ignorant.


      LSD, Opium, DMT, Peyote are all natural drug so youre dumb.. Even coffee is a drug. Start respecting weed as a drug and one day the government will legalize it for medicinal use.

    • Anonymous

      acid da savage ,odd future, tec9

    • g

      Then if weeds a drug then you idiots need to stop portraying the word DRUG as a BAD word. IF it wasnt for drugs alot of us probably would be dead. What do you use when your sick, hurt, or mentally ill?......DRUGS. Personally tho i dont classify weed as a drug because it is somethin that you consume and makes you feel a certain way...if thats the case is ya momma's home cookin a drug?

    • ckopp

      FACTs are STRAIGHT Definition of DRUG 1: a substance used as a medication or in the preparation of medication c according to the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (1) : a substance recognized in an official pharmacopoeia or formulary (2) : a substance intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease (3) : a substance other than food intended to affect the structure or function of the body (4) : a substance intended for use as a component of a medicine but not a device or a component, part, or accessory of a device 2: a commodity that is not salable or for which there is no demand —used in the phrase drug on the market 3 : something and often an illegal substance that causes addiction, habituation, or a marked change in consciousness... weed is a drug.... tards.

    • Adolf Hitler

      drugs are made from chemicals in a lab somewhere ex. acid,cocaine,crack,x,lsd,pcp,and so fourth weed is a herb that starts its life as a seed that is planted into mother earth and treated like any other plant ex. roses,tulips,trees,bushes and so fourth get so get YOUR facts straight you ignorant, simple minded, stupid fuck.


      weed is a drug just like how Advil is a drug. SO YOU GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!!

    • smokedout

      weed is not a drug it's a plant, get your facts straight co-sign on everything else

  • Anonymous

    I don't think Jesus Christ would cruise listening to songs about 'pussy poppin', murder, or selling white. A lot of mainstream music out now talks about this stuff and it goes against the message of Christianity. All of you are mad OFWGKTA are openly against Christianity, but you listen to the artists who thank God during award speeches, but don't make music he would listen to. Beats be banging, but some words be detestable to him. Some songs are fun, and they bang in the club, but if you're really a Christian, you should be against their message.

  • The Ooh Child

    I think they kinda suck, but high school kids are gonna eat these niggas up

  • Anthony Smith

    Sorry to hurt feelings, but Frank Ocean is the only member of the crew that can/will sell records, point,blank,period.. signing with Diddy=L (ask LOX,Total..hell anybody ever signed to Bad Boy is either dead, broke or in jail) but signing with the jackass camel= Mega L!! ( ask Tru Life, Bleek,Lady Sovereign, Aztec, Jay Elect,J Cole..hell even Willow had her hit b4 she signed...whats she done since?). Jay Z is the Michael Jordan of Rap..he dont know when to quit..and hes a joke of an executive.

    • Anthony Smith

      Actually Jay made his money by ripping off his buisness partners (Dame,Biggs) and artists (too many to name). And go youtube Frank Ocean than do the same to Earl and Tyler...cept 4 Yonkers Ocean got nearly 100,000 more views on average than any other member of this joke ass crew. And P.s, I actuall like Earl (Mellowhype, tyler as well) but none of there music will sell to the mainstream. And Ocean makes the better overall songs (this coming from a nigga that h8s Rnb, btw).

    • phraynkhp

      wow frank ocean that dude is trash sounds like drake or sum gay shit tyler and earl the best out the group hands u dont have to fake it to make it these days the real is on top right now. and jay a joke? thats why hes the most paid muthafucka in this game that shit didnt happen making bad decisions he can spot money miles away

  • G-zus

    Stop it with the BS. They are fuckin atheists. They just poke fun at you people pissed by a fuckin number. During history this number was used to discredit people in a position of power. Emperors, Kings, Prophets and can be used against basically anyone. GRow the fuck up. The Bible is not all truth. AND you should also know that 666 is sometimes replaced by 616 in different translations. Morons.


    never heard of em ill pass


      what hype i never heard of them so fuck you an them

    • Anonymous

      there's a lot in the world you haven't heard of. at first i thought you were the kind of lazy person who didn't try things unless people brought them to you, but even now when HHDX is bringing a new artist to you, you pass. what's wrong with you? you obviously understand the hype these guys are attracting, their importance, and you are consciously keeping yourself ignorant to their work. you're keeping yourself as a lame because "i've never heard of'em." try some new shit, grow as a person.

  • Mike

    And another point when is Atlantic going to get into the burning pot of labels wanting to sign them maybe they'll kill that pop hip-hop they glorifying these days

  • Mike

    People fail to understand that's these guys are talented when they aren't OFWGKTA if you don't believe me look up mellowhype(Hodgy Beats and Leftbrain) Hodgy Beats might be the realist one out the group along with Frank Ocean and he don't even do the antics they do he's like drake but less whiny. these kids got a couple of co-signs and maybe more to follow so i say give these cats a chance...

  • ill

    Did yall see the 666 in their picture?!?! they are in the illuminati, they talk about raping women and other types of crazy psychotic shit!!!! but ohh yea, no one cares since mainstream america or muslims don't know them

    • Potato_w_Jive

      stop. stop . stop the insanity. Illuminati conspiracies in hip hop are an oxymoron. You think any REAL policital power or a secret one at that gives a sh*t about MUSIC? Much less Hip-hop music? Wake up for real...

  • JG3

    These lil dudes are garbage...they're pulling the same shit 50 did...but B.o.B has already lyrically destroyed these bums by himself...go peep "No Future"...Courting these dues? What da fuck for?

  • Malcolm J. William Ault

    I wouldn`t go with Roc Nation. Not til some albums are fucking released. Maybe a distrubution deal.

  • Dave S Johnson Sr.

    Build your own, company, website, paypal account etc. and do it yourselves. In 2011 artist with as big a buzz as this groups has don't need to sign anything less than a distribution deal.

  • Anonymous

    Forget these clowns. They just trying to make money off these weird ass ninjas. Illuminati got my mind soul and my body...obviously

    • Anonymous

      Didnt know the illuminati was a trend? Did u let the authors that wrote about the illuminati 100's of yrs ago know this?

    • Check the 666 on the wall dick

      These fuckin devil worshipers. Even if they not, they lead you to believe so! Fuckin terrible. Go follow them to hell!! LOL fuckin retards. None of them bastards can rap. Its all a show for something deeper. I mean, do you REALLY LIKE THIS BULLSHIT? FOR REAL??? LOOOOSSST

    • Anonymous

      Are dumbfucks like you still chanting about the illuminati? Fuck off, that trend was 2010.

  • Wayne

    I don't know how these boys' satanic posturing will go over with all of Diddy's satanic posturing. Hov prays to Gotti so perhaps there is less conflict of interest. Seriously, these cats are what is wrong with hip hop. It is not the no talent hacks like Rick Ross who are the biggest problem it's super talented kids like these who squander their talent saying nothing and doing it with style. Instead of gold chains and smack a bitch let's don a pentagram and rape a bitch. Man let's leave that stuff to those stupid ass clowns in make up and let's advance towards the future. "I think it's time to kill for our women Time to heal our women, be real to our women And if we don't we'll have a race of babies That will hate the ladies, that make the babies" Shit, I guess we already do

    • bobbybydapound

      They were all born around the time Pac dropped that. Guess that man knew the future b4 it happened. Damn i miss Pac. These kids are weird man

    • CaliKushBlunt

      Hip-Hop is such a large genre of music now that it has to have diversity. You got rappers out that give plenty of respect to women, some that love the pop sound, some that go straight street, some that want to be lyrical, and others (like Odd Future) that fill the roll that Shady filled back in the day. Pissed off youth, that wants to shock and piss off the general public. I think Odd Future does that well.

    • The Dude

      Nah, hearing songs about positivity and societal advancement gets incredibly lame and stale after a while. Best to just leave that shit to KRS-One and Talib Kweli.

    • Wayne

      My bad I meant Diddy's Jesus posturing :)

  • Anonymous

    Go for it...signing with either of them is career suicide.

  • The Camel Back Rider

    "It was hard for me to look at Jay-Z for 10 minutes." It's hard for anyone to look at Jay-Z's face for too long.

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