Pete Rock Explains Involvement With HRSMN And "Watch the Throne"

The Chocolate Boy Wonder talks about his hand in the HRSMN album and the Jay-Z/Kanye West project, "Watch the Throne," while also saying he'd like to work with Eminem, Nas and Mobb Deep.

Acclaimed producer Pete Rock recently spoke on who he'd like to work with and how he may have a hand in some highly anticipated albums. During an interview with Conspiracy Worldwide Radio, he touched on his involvement with the HRSMN disc and his participation in Watch the Throne, the forthcoming album by Jay-Z and Kanye West. 

When asked if he'd be included in the Watch the Throne release, The Chocolate Boy Wonder said he was unsure.

"Well, I did a song called 'The Joy' that didn't make Kanye's album and it actually came out on a mixtape. So, I have no idea if they're going to use that or if they'll use new beats. I have no clue. Once you give someone beats, you just kind of step out of their way," he told Conspiracy Worldwide. "Hopefully I'm on that album. I hope I am on that album. You never know, because people always take beats, use them but don't put them out because they have other records that outweigh...You have to do that when you're making an album. You have to listen to everything you make and pick and choose the best songs for the album. So, sometimes some records don't make it. I thought it was a great song regardless." 

Another anticipated release he's been rumored to be involved in is the HRSMN project, one that Ras Kass recently talked about. When Pete Rock was asked about collaborating with them, he seemed optimistic that he would have a beat on the release. 

"You've got the best of the best right there, man. What more could you ask for with them four? So, I should be a part of that album," he said of the collaborative effort from Ras Kass, Canibus, Killah Priest and Kurupt. "I'm definitely going to get involved with that album. I'm going to get at RZA and whoever I've got to get at," he added, making a reference to the fact that RZA is expected to executive produce the album.  

Pete Rock also expressed interest in working with other emcees including Mobb Deep, Eminem and Nas. For the whole interview with Conspiracy Worldwide Radio, check below. 



  • Anonymous


  • Model Citizen

    @NJ and Annonymous,HRSMN better than Slaughterhouse? No fucking way, Cannibus is the only member I care about and he's not very consistant to say the least. Killah Priest is borderline awful, Kurupt is mediocre at best, and Rass Kass has always been way over rated. The two groups don't even compare.

    • Model Citizen

      Heavy Mental is a terrble record.

    • Anonymous

      Killah Priest struggles to get a coherent flow or rhyme scheme? What drugs are you on? Have you ever heard of Heavy Mental or The Offering? A track from these two, especially the latter, shit on everything Slaughterhouse has put out so far.

    • Model Citizen

      Yeah, kurupt is nothing special. Killah Priest can't even figure out how to put a coherent flow or rhyme scheme together half the time, seriously he's not good. Who rates Ras Kass? People like you, "Soul on Ice" is ok but not an under rated classic like a lot of people try and say it is. I guess if you can get over forcing way to many syllables in one line till it fucks up the flow than he's the shit. Canibus has put out some dope material here and there but if you want to say that the majority of it has been good than you are the "dumb motherfucker." I agree that Joell Ortiz is the best memeber of Slaughterhouse but thats all I agree with you on."Crooked I needs to lick joes ass crack" is a very intellegent criticism by the way.

    • Anonymous

      What a stupid comment. I can post the same and insert the names of the Slaughtherhouse members. Is it the truth? No. I bet you haven't heard one project of Ras, Priest, Kurupt or Canibus without your bias.

    • Anonymous

      you are fukin dumb! kurupt is mediocre? have you heard kurupt properly? ras kass overrated? who even rates him? if anything, hes one of the monst underrated mc's ever! killah priest is always spittin that truth and canibus is just a wizard with words! joe buddens is fukin wack, crooked i needs to lick joes ass crack, royce da 5'9 is hella boring! only good 1 is joell ortiz! HRSMNN = a million times better than slaughterhouse you stupid muthafuka!!!

  • Its Um

    That song should be on a album, that shit classic even if people listen to it a thousand times.

  • Lsn22s

    Pete Rock on "Watch The Throne"? thats what the fuck I'm talkin bout...

  • pierre rock

    Last we heard from Pete he said he was already working on Nas' next album?

  • NJ

    As far as Watch The Throne goes, The Joy has been the best track linked with the album so far, that is exactly the kinda stuff I wanna hear on that LP. The HRSMN album is really picking up pace, RZA, Premier and Pete Rock possibly all on one album with 4 super lyrical MC's who actually have a concept (Cough cough Slaughterhouse). It could be a classic.

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