50 Cent & Jeremih Receive Platinum Plaque For "Down On Me"

UPDATE: The duo recently received a platinum plaque for their duet during Powerhouse 2011.

R&B singer Jeremih entered the scene in 2009 powered by the hit single, “Birthday Sex” and plenty of help from producers who knew how to stay in top 40 radio rotation. But by the next year, when his sophomore effort, All About You was released, one of his collaborators says the situation was totally different.

“They was counting Jeremih out completely,” 50 Cent revealed to Hot 97’s Angie Martinez. “On that project, he was already gonna be dropped by Def Jam—the first week sales were really low on the record. When we first did the song, I didn’t care. I was just looking at him as an artist—I thought he was dope artist.’”

The Chicago-bred R&B crooner initially only moved 17,705 copies of his second album. But the 50 Cent collaboration, “Down On Me” soon went viral after a video surfaced of a teen named Keenan Cahill dancing to the song in his bedroom. Cahill, who suffers from Maroteaux Lamy Syndrome parlayed his lip synching into 18 million YouTube views and an appearance on “Chelsea Lately.”

“I told him it’s number one—you heard my verse,” 50 joked. “I said, ’50 and Jeremih number one, there’s nothing higher.” The single didn’t reach the number one spot, but it did debut as the number 25 song in the country before spending another 19 weeks on the charts and peaking at the number nine spot.

[April 5]

UPDATE: 50 Cent and Jeremih received a platinum plaque last night for their collaboration single "Down on Me." Watch a video of the two accepting the plaque during this past weekend's Powerhouse 2011 concert.



  • joe m

    it peaked at number 4, and it was a double-platinum plaque. get it right.

  • Darren


  • Nico 3

    While I agree that hating Fif is a waste of time, it's absolutely within anyone's right to laugh at how far he has fallen just on his own. Big deal. You jumped on somebody else's song and it took off. That's not your song, or accomplishment.

  • Anonymous

    its the unittttt

  • Jeremy Orr

    somehow i dont think Fif helped as much as he thinks..

  • slow dough

    iam bumping slow dough off power of the dollar album shit is helluva nice.

  • Rick Ross the Bawse

    5-0 the snitch needs to thank Jeremih for finally givin his bitch ass a platinum single. To bad niggas dont care for 50 music no more. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NY

    Just shows that the average listener is retarded anyone can make a pop song just think of catchy hook and the rest of the lyrics don't really need that much thought, then you have a hit

  • Noeworld7

    Congrats!! Follow Me on twitter.com/noeworld7

  • Chenn

    PROFIT - "Somethin' About You" - Official music video (Bangout Records) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tubVTurKvGk

  • donte nichols

    its alot of internet gangsta n keyboard killers talkin shit about 50 do think he cares its not 1 rapper whose accomplished what he`s accomplished in a short period of time 2million sold remember numbers don`t lie get off g units dick plz

  • Dessalines Isaac

    Props to Jeremiah for making 50Cent half-way relevant, if it wasn't for Jeremiah 50cent would have been dropped from Interscope like Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo.

    • Christopher Clarence

      Rappers who have hundreds of millions don't get dropped, they dropped the label...HATERS KEEP LOSING!


    all u bitch hatin ass broke ass niggaz banks told me switch the style up if they hate let em hate watch the money pile up HAHAHAHAHAH itz the kidddddddd G G G G G G UNITTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

    • Ryan MacQueston

      i love how you dickheads get so fucking jolly over how much $$$ your favorite wack rapper makes as if that changes the fact you're listening to a shitty album

  • BRONX G 221ST

    i can't stand dat lil nigga on youtube just wanna smack the fuck out of him when he be moving his fucking neck,im'a find that lil nigga and come through his door when he be recording then make that lil nigga suck mah dick hahahah NO HOMO

  • mr hip hop

    shit, they need to give that platinum plaque to kennan cahill if it wasnt for his youtube video no one would of heard that song!! i know i was checkin for some new music from jeremih.

  • LOL @ these comments

    NEWSFLASH: NO ONE BELIEVES YOU TROLLS. Irrelevant people don't receive plaques at SOLD OUT tour dates idiots. You WANT 50 to go away, but he is worth more to the music industry THAN YOU WILL EVER BE. Y'all typing that HATRED, which only shows how JEALOUS you are. I can type this and STILL say F**K 50, but I don't HATE ON 50. Y'all lil kids are SAD. All them EXPLANATIONS on how he fell off DON"T MEAN S**T. U JEALOUS, ADMIT IT.

    • LOL @ these comments


    • ZOE

      and how much do you get paid to dick ride 50 cent online? 50 fans like seeing him greasy with his shirt off. to surviving 9 shots, to clinging on to faggots like jerimiah for life. i'd rather bleed out in the backseat. shameless.

  • Judah Fearless Prescott

    all these hate'n ass niggas is 2 funny yall shuda been do'n this shit back in 03 its 2 late know smh 50 gone quit on his terms not becuase you hate'n or he said something you dont like about yo favorite fake, faggot ass rapper ...

    • real nigga that speak the truf

      @plkkk nigga don't worry about 50 make and gunit they got money,cars,houses,record labels,hoes,jewels, to buy your life 100000000000 times over,jus make sure your bitch ass work extra hard on that pole gay boi to get by on this months rent

    • PIkk

      what? 50 works with the biggest faggots in the game. jerimiah is the tip of the ice berg when it comes to 50's desperate attempts at commercial success. take his electronic duet with justin timberfake for example. or his banana cream softness with the pussy cat dolls. or his homo erotic dance offs with soulja boy. this man wrote "baby by me". sorry,but ya man 50 curtis wack jackson is a industry fuck toy. "have a baby by me baby, be a millionaire" ja rule at his sweetest was rawer than that. g-unit is history. tony yayos checks are drying up and 50 is gonna be in huge debt. it's over stanley.

  • f5

    50 gets another plaque for being a homo thug. say what you want ja rule's song with bobby brown wasn't as gay as 50's records with jerimiah and nicole zrhgineurger. son is ice cold. just another million ppl that WON'T be coppin his album when it drops. he's done.

    • Christopher Clarence

      Jeremih is hot today and isn't smoking crack. Seems as if 50's success bothers you. 2x platinum plaque on his wall while your favorite rapper is still trying to break 500,000

  • vaval

    the biggest record def jam this year.real worldwide hit.fif is a good human being he helped him a huge lot.

    • Anonymous

      co-sign, 50 and jeremiah doing their thing.. people hate way toooo much.. its a club song, not meant to be a lyrical masterpiece..

  • Bom919

    Shit ive always thought Jeremih is dope and 50 def made the song even better...i think it would be a dumb decision to drop Jeremih when hes making hits like this. All he needs is the right engine behind him and he could be on a Trey Songz level. his voice is amazing

  • KnowUrmeaning

    How is 50 irrelevant when you ppl hate on him so much. irrelevant means NOBODY cares and you morons care enuff to comment on every song and interview he has just to hate. what is this the 3rd most talked about post and 3rd in the news. If your hating your still listening and reading what he does so does that make you irrelevant also

    • Anonymous

      have you heard some of 50s music, or are you just hatin.. hes still droppin heat people just like to hate once you blow...

    • ceepeeteezee

      irrelevant means his not relevant to music in the present..ofcourse people care.. 50 was da man at one point..but he garbage now.. so he needs to take a look in the mirror admit defeat, re-group and come back wit some heat.. personally i dont think he has it in him..

  • Anonymous

    "real" Heros dont NEED Press! Why couldn't he SAVE Banks and Yayo from getting dropped?

    • Anonymous

      they didnt follow the way he was tryin to push their career (in banks case) thats why he got dropped, and 50 really aint fuckin with dude no more.. yayo been garbage 50 just keeps him around cause he stays loyal regardless.

    • otto

      co-sign.why didn't he do that since he's 'the saviour' of 'about-to-be-dropped' artists?!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah right!!!!! Game and Buck made 50 Cent nationally successful. B.I.S.D = 110k

    • John_boy

      Where on Earth did you get our numbers? Even the first week sales were higher than that. BISD is certified Gold which means he sold over 500,000 copies. Get youor shit right before you post boy.

    • BOOfucinWho

      And how much did Game and Buck sell lately. Game album been pushed back almost 2yrs and Buck was hated when he was with him but loved when he left. FAKE AZZ fans

  • Anonymous

    its true hate 50 or love him he made game he saved jeremih.. yall no 50 wrote half the hooks for documentary, and jeremih will tell u himself 50 had his back

  • Ikenna Berkley Jones

    Y do so many people hate on 50!!...lol haters will b haters :)

  • Otto

    is it just me,or 50 sounds like he's repeating the same shit he said about game's success;trying to take all the credit when it was clear that game's other non-50-featured tracks on the documentary were all amazing.the nigga talked as if dre's help didn't even matta.

  • jack johnson

    yeah and the dwarf kid with the glasses rescued 50's career when he let 50 into his bedroom to lip sync it

  • Anonymous

    you bitches are a bunch of dumbasses! all i see on here is "50 your career is over"! this dude is stupid rich and your're flat broke! nuff said

  • funny stuff

    funny ppl saying an album that sold 7 million records flopped. he lost to kanye in first week sales, but outsold him in the end and it flopped.... wow the hate is undeniable... o well, 50, game, kanye and officer ricky dont care what we think so take yall heads out of their asses

    • Anonymous

      Calm down playboy, what ceepeeteezee is talking about is worldwide. I dont think it is at 7 mill but it is definately more than 2 mill.

    • ceepeeteezee

      you must be out yur mind 7-million copies!! he sold 2 million at da most.. and before i self destruct half a mill..get ur facts straight brothuu.. and dont yu dare compare dis chump wit kanye..kanye west REAL artist..50 cent has been raper..

  • Jesus

    what would have happened if Def jam did drop Jeremih tho? he woulda been signed to G-unit so his career could die even more. 50 should thank this birthday sex singing nigga cuz i havnt heard 50 on the radio in a bit. also. since you saved his career, maybe you can sell Lloyd Banks to a better Record company to save his. 60,000 first week is low. oh yeah and you can try and save yours. but after dropping the ball so many times after its been passed to you doesnt really make want people to pass it to you again. ask any rookie on the Lakers

  • ceepeetee

    FUck 50 his career is over..He has some nerve.. if anything dat made him relevant.. dat song was gonna be a clubbanger regardless with or without 50 or jeremih.. yu niggaz shuld be sukin da producers dick if anything.. plus da song is jus yur typical club jam..

    • TRUstory

      thats very true, this record made 50 relevant again also, because that desperate 50-cent/beanie sigel against jay-Z shit was a FAIL, obviously we know who won that...but yeah , 50 was not getting ANY radio play until "Down on me". 50 should b thankful...

  • Anonymous

    Ain't Sha Money head of Def Jam Nowadays, explains why Hawaii 5-O is featured on this.Def Jam stay "Losin" Charlie Sheen voice!!!

  • Game Recognize game

    What iz this wanksta talkin bout he helped sumbodie career can't save his own for Sh*t,five O you're a gimmick.When I seen these two collaboratin I Knew somethin like this would occur, I thought he was goin to pull this on Ne-yo cause of him and Ro$$ chemistry.So predictable that's why I never F_cked wit any of his Music.

  • Money Emp

    Sh*t Jeremih & Luda song better, 5-O sound just like his clone 50 Tyson "get it get it", if anything Jeremih helped his "none Rappin Azz",that's probably why Em signin these Lyrical dudes Now.I'm Not Hatin,just sayin

  • Sparkz

    Song is aight, nothing special. That's dope that 50 still helps up and comers though. Everyone, including all the cats on top had at least one person who gave them a shot before they blew. Need beats? Visit http://sparkzmusic.com

  • JKronos187

    I don't see why there is so much hate right now, 50 cent did help with Jeremih's career. As, em and dre did for him. He's never been shy to say they helped him so why would this be any different? 50 cent's career is far from over, he has put out some sick songs recently and he's put enough work in to stay in the game for a bit longer. BISD didn't sell as well as his other albums but it gave a good listen. 50 cent is not the best, but he puts out the music that will continue to be heard. He's making money, can't knock the hustle.

  • The Game


  • Nico 3

    Let's really examine 50's starpower now. He had two flops. 1 being BISD, and the other being the second G Unit album. Black Magic got axed. Interscope waved goodbye. Now he doesn't have a label, or the friends he used to (Em or Dre). Now factor in what his cohorts have been doing. Banks flopped. Yayo still has yet to see a 2nd album. Buck & Game are gone, as are Mobb Deep, MOP and countless others who 50 swore he'd help go 2x platinum. It's poison to work with this guy now.

    • Christopher Clarence

      Aye you forgot to mention that Buck and Game was on twitter apologizing to him, Michael Jackson worked with him, He never sold an album under 500k in his career and more and more artist work with him not to mention he gets $$$ but yet you gotta pay rent while he owns a house.

  • Anonymous

    TRUEEEEE THE HOTTEST MIXTAPE OUT RIGHT NOW !! If You Alredy Didnt.. LISTEN & DOWNLOAD !!! http://www.datpiff.com/Famous-Vet-Haters-Make-Me-Famous-April-Fools-Edition-mixtape.215282.html

  • da1

    That song is garabage. I didn't even know that was Jeremih. I sorta thought it was T-pain or somebody.

  • H2

    So...is 50 now SAVING careers to make up for all of the ones he RUINED? Get real. JEREMIAH made 50 somewhat relevant again and put him back on the charts...if it wasn't for Lloyd Banks dropping a semi-decent album this year, I would've forgot all about G-Unit as well as 50 Cent... Damn homie...on "Get Rich" you was the MAN, homie...f*ck happened to you? :P

    • Christopher Clarence

      What happened to him? He made $400 million in his career and he sold over 40 million WW off of 4 albums while you have to figure out how are you gonna pay your rent for the next 2 months, what happened to you? lmaooo

  • Marcus Dislikesmartdumbpeople Eason

    I dont know whats worse ALL you hating,broke ASS niggaz or this song...LMAO!!!

  • The big lebowski

    I thought 50 cent was soulja boys sugga daddy

  • Anonymous

    Try to save your own career, you faggot. 50 Cent was hot in 2005. Try to play 50 in the whip when bitches are around. They think you're living in the past. LMAO!


    man 50 wack ass verse they shouldve put that bastard weezy on that joint cause 50 aint saying shit he better saved his own

  • Anonymous

    somebody needs to get their head out of their ass,last time i checked Birthday Sex and Its my time(off Fab's Loso's way) did pretty well, Baby by me and BISD didn't do too well. Not to mention 50 cent's verse in Down on me is forgettable

  • the chemist

    You might be irrelavent when you brag about salvaging a corny-ass R&B wannabe's career. And he didn't even do that. People should not work with 50 Cent because he can't just acknowledge that it was a hot song. It was a hot song because he was on it. If he's that fucking awesome musically, why can't he sell any records? I mean, if he's got it like that, I shouldn't be talking about how his albums have gotten progressively shittier since 2005.

    • Anonymous

      this is the problem with your statement HE WASNT TALKING ABOUT HIS ALBUM SALES BEING SHIT. His music is shit. Sales don't mean a thing,if they did Encore and Relapse would be better albums than Cuban Linx and 36 chambers but truth is their not. In da club is def not as good as new york state of mind just because it sold more,now is it? no.

    • tdubwilcocks

      Ok, Now not all of that is tottally true, when didnt he move records? i mean get rich did over 850'000 first week,massacre did 1.14 in 4 days, curtis did 720'000 first week and BISD did 169'000.. (after being leaked for almost a month) .. how do you expect people not to have the temptation to download an album if it was leaked almost a full month in advance, not gonna lie, i downloaded it. Lack of promotion and leaks were the reason that record didnt sell well (it could have easily sold 500'000 first week without the leaks and more promo).. And listen to 50s new shit.. its fire. I mean 169'000 debut sales for an album and dude thats not so bad these days, did you see T.I. move that many with no mercy? No. Yet people dont go accusing him of having bad album sales. Look at Eminem, even him being the highest selling artist,he still cant move a milli in a week soo as for sales im pretty sure numbers speak for themselves and like it or not 50 is one of the highest selling artist in hiphop history and i think it would only take a few decent singles and some solid review, NO leaks,decent production and promo and 50 could easily pull off 400'000-600'000... lets be real now 50 is the one people love to hate, but his numbers show it, that he ISNT irrelevent. And at the end of the day if you were 50 do you think you would give 2 shits what people think when you have 400mill sittin in the bank? ha. I rest my case.

  • Paul McDonald

    jeremih saved 50 on this shit..

  • Inabikari

    50s career is dead also...Black Wall Street nigga!

  • dirtygenez

    Not a 50 fan and even less of a fan of Officer Ricky...but, how many platinum plaques does Rick Ross have in his 500 sq. Ft. Studio apartment? Just sayin...

  • mr718

    50 cent BISD in 09 was the only album that flopped so WTF are these 50 haters talking bout??? His album Curtis in the fall of 07 went Gold its first week and that was less than 4 yrs ago smh... This is what happens when you make a classic album like GRODT in 03 people expect every album to be a just as great but not every album you make is gonna be a classic album... He made GAMES career, helped Banks and also revived JEREMIH's as well these are all facts... Show 50 respect and stop with all the hatred his music still goes hard...

    • Anonymous

      grodt was a classic hiphop album.. even 50s enemies in the game admit it (nas, fat joe etc)

    • Anonymous

      true curtis didn't flop,it just flat out sucked and he tried competing with Kanye's far superior Graduation album that outsold curtis. And GRODT is no classic,its good but its not on Reasonable doubt or illmatic's level. 50's done tracks with lil kim,the girl from the pussy cat dolls,fergie,and other pop artists like jeremih- he got at ja rule for doing the same thing- thats why his albums and his music suck now

  • Rick Ross the Bawse

    50 need to worry bout his career bein over. this nigga ain't had a hit in like 4 years. the bawse destroyed curly's career. fuck this clown ass nigga. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BGG

    check your muthafukin ego nigga u need to be worried bout your next album flopping u ja rule clone....fukin hypocrite

  • Nico 3

    50 thinks he created all genres of music. Rap. Rock. Country. Classical. Alternative. House. Instrumental wind chimes.

  • DipisDaset

    I havent played this niggas music since 2003.. CUrtiSSSSS!!!!!

  • Seriously???

    Hmmm, saved Jeremih's career, huh? Well, then, what's been keepin your punk ass from savin your own the past 6 years?

  • Anonymous

    this nigga wack the only fans you is the niggas on here be hating on other artist 50 wack ass

  • Anonymous

    nigga you cant rescue your own career wack ass music

  • jesterdxxl

    Curtis Jackson wants to be James Todd Smith

  • Anonymous

    Yeah sure you did. smh HAHAHAHA (sad)

  • Anonymous

    That baby by me bullshit with Neyo didn't even chart so what the fuck is he talking about????? 50 was rapping just like a gay fag smacking his lips and swinging his hips on that track anyway. I guess 50 payed the radio to overplay the track because it isn't real music or Hip-Hop???

  • webb

    hate it or love it ,it what it is,he hustled for a song which wasn't his.

  • webb

    what are the actual numbers of all about you? fif might have been too arrogant but he said the truth,the whole world knows that def jam was about to drop him ,because i like the luda featured single failed,secondly his first weeks number were so low,even kat stacks moked him,she said to him,you suck nobody relevant besides her showed up to his album release party.when fif went to keenan cahill's room the song started to rocketing up the charts,i agree with fif because he went himself to keenan's room to promote the song,he could've promoted bbb,or one of his songs.why didn't jeremih go to the kid's room to make things happen for himself? down on me is the only song popping up on his album? and iam sure down on me will the album to hit platinum,with what fif said the single and the album will sell way more this week,watch,they agreed that fif would say this to boost the sales,it's marketing tricks that dumbs don't understand.

    • Anonymous

      stan will be stans til the end and 50 Cents stans can multi task with a dick and 2 balls in their mouth. as seen above!!!!

  • Change??Please!!!

    The saddest part is that 50 really believes that too and Jeremih will just let him keep believing it because he is so down to earth. 50 is wearing little girl shades with stars in them because he knows he is a 100% gimmick right now. smh

  • Trey

    50 my fav artist but I can't back him up on this on. He shouldn't have said he saved jerimiah career, tht was jus over doing it. Jerimiah would have bounced back, he hot.

  • franky

    this bigheaded nucca is so dillusional that he can't even see that jeremih just saved his career. when was the last time that 50 got a hotsong??? or was just in the news for his MUSIC really... #not winning

  • jesterdxxl

    So if 50 saved Jeremih's career then who's gonna save his? No I'm not fucking gating on Curtis I'ma fan it after Massacre he can't make a solid he could put out a project with 14 tracks on it half would be great the other half absolutely shit. Get Rich there was only 2 tracks(In da Club & Poor Lil Rich) I didn't like I didn't hate as for Massacre there was 3 (Candy Shop, Build You Up & So Amazing) I couldn't stand. Curtis flopped & Before I Self Destruct was hard but shouldn't been stronger. Dre won't, Em can't so maybe Cohen or Liles can get behind him.

  • ertert

    AND FUCK hhdX's writers..you guys try too hard. Hey Rashad! Stop Writing! You Fail!

  • ertert

    FUCK 50. "Down on Me" was A FLOP!

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