RJD2 Launches Charity Auction for Japan Relief

RJD2 is giving back to Japan in their time of need with a new eBay beat auction.

Ever since Japan was hit with a massive earthquak and tsunami, fans and artists alike have been finding ways to aid those affected by the disaster. Now, storied DJ and producer RJD2 has thrown his hat into the ring with a new charity.

RJD2 has announced that he will be auctioning off five original beats via eBay, with each currently set at a bidding price of $150. All of the proceeds from the legendary Def Jux/MHz producer's tracks will go directly to the charitable organization Doctors Without Borders. In addition, winners will own the Pro Tool session master recording and the master rights of their tracks.

Fans can check out snippets of each of RJD2's beats via his SoundCloud. Artist looking to bid on the tracks can head to eBay to place their bids.

RJD2 has laced a variety of underground luminaries his beats, including MF DOOM, Cage and Cunninlynguists. He most recently released his fourth solo LP The Colossus.

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