RJD2 Launches Charity Auction for Japan Relief

RJD2 is giving back to Japan in their time of need with a new eBay beat auction.

Ever since Japan was hit with a massive earthquak and tsunami, fans and artists alike have been finding ways to aid those affected by the disaster. Now, storied DJ and producer RJD2 has thrown his hat into the ring with a new charity.

RJD2 has announced that he will be auctioning off five original beats via eBay, with each currently set at a bidding price of $150. All of the proceeds from the legendary Def Jux/MHz producer's tracks will go directly to the charitable organization Doctors Without Borders. In addition, winners will own the Pro Tool session master recording and the master rights of their tracks.

Fans can check out snippets of each of RJD2's beats via his SoundCloud. Artist looking to bid on the tracks can head to eBay to place their bids.

RJD2 has laced a variety of underground luminaries his beats, including MF DOOM, Cage and Cunninlynguists. He most recently released his fourth solo LP The Colossus.


  • Atsu Wada

    Hi there. My name is Atsu Wada from Tokyo. As you know, terrible things are happening in Japan. Our company, j-Grab Inc., wanted to do something for people in disaster areas, so decided to cooperate Yahoo! Japan to hold charity auctions for earthquake and tsunami relief. Yahoo! Japan announced on April 11th ( http://bit.ly/euVH6c ). The first auction starts on April 17th 2011, Sunday. It'd be great if you post an article based on the attached draft. We sincerely wish many bidders participate in auctions to support people who are experiencing hard times. Thank you for your attention. Best regards, Atsu Wada BRITNEY SPEARS / MARILYN MANSON / YOSHIKI of X JAPAN ( http://bit.ly/g3aqvV ) REESE WITHERSPOON / JAMES EDWARD FRANCO / ROBERT PATTINSON etc. j-Grab enables overseas bidders to participate in the Yahoo! JAPAN Charity Auctions for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami relief April 11, 2011 - Tokyo, Japan: j-Grab, Inc. (Delaware C corporation) announced to cooperate with Yahoo! JAPAN to hold a charity auction for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami relief. Yahoo! JAPAN puts up a slogan, "One world through Yahoo! Auctions," to connect people in disaster areas to people who are willing to support. j-Grab enables overseas bidders to participate in the charity auction by providing its global bidding system. j-Grab's global bidding system can show the auction in English, Italian, French and Russian. The system secures a safe and enjoyable global auction by a combination of PayPal's authentication and Facebook's or Twitter's ID verification. â–  How to use j-Grab.com to participate in the charity auction 1. Log in by your Facebook or Twitter ID, or register as a new j-Grab member 2. Complete a registration process by adding your PayPal account 3. After you choose an official shipper, ask them for a shipping quote 4. After you agree with the quotation, finalize your bid j-Grab waives all the transaction fees as a volunteer. Yahoo! JAPAN plans to start the auction on April 17th 2011, Sunday. Famous artists plan to contribute valuable items for this charity auction. The details will be announced on Yahoo!JAPAN. j-Grab continue to support and cheer up people in disaster areas by maximizing what it could contribute together with Yahoo! JAPAN. About j-Grab: Founded by e-commerce professionals, who worked for eBay, Yahoo! JAPAN and DeNA, including CTO who led a development of the Yahoo! JAPAN Auctions Platform in the early days. j-Grab believes that everyone should have access to attractive & unique products at affordable prices . both locally and around the world. Through j-Grab.com, all the items on the most popular Japanese e-commerce & auction sites are available to English, Italian, French and Russian markets as of now. j-Grab has offices in both San Jose and Tokyo. j-Grab Press Contact: Contact : Atsu Wada Tel: 650-556-3912 Mail : pr@j-grab.com URL : www.j-grab.com Facebook : http://on.fb.me/i8vP7D Twitter : http://twitter.com/jgrab_en Video : http://bit.ly/ds6vgh

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