eLZHi Calls Out Slum Village In "Elmatic" Song "Verbal Intercourse, Pt. 2"

The S.V. fallout is still a hot topic, and in addition to Barak Records and manager R.J. Rice, eLZHi is now speaking out about T3's betrayal.

Last year, one Detroit, Michigan's most respected Hip Hop acts Slum Village may have made their final album in Villa Manifesto. The group founded by J Dilla (f/k/a Jay Dee), T3 and Baatin, which later included eLZHi and Illa J had seen a number of personnel changes since the late 1990s, resulting in some controversy over the outfit's management and direction. After publicly leaving the group last summer, emcee eLZHi released a song this morning, "Verbal Intercourse, Pt. 2" , which explains his perception of his onetime affiliates and their management.

In the song's verse, he begins looking back to 1999, around his joining of S.V. "I thought it was great to be finally signed / But little did I know I made a huge mistake / I found out the label and the manager was fake / And the person that betrayed me the most was my partner / Though all three would be the reason for my departure," before continuing, "I'ma show 'em / That it was nice to know 'em / Or maybe I should hoe 'em / And throw 'em in a poem."

It is presumed that the "partner" refers to T3, Slum Village's surving member. In 2005, the pair released a self-titled album on Barak Records.

The song will appear on eLZHi's upcoming Elmatic mixtape, which pays tribute to Nas' 1994 debut. In 2008, the emcee released his first studio solo album, The Preface on Fat Beats Records.


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    dude is amazing. his wordplay is mind-boggling and thats an understatement.

  • Son

    El is not "dissing" SV...I hope. The song is about how it is growing up in the game and is telling about his journey. The SV incident(s) were the most significant of his struggles. I thought El settled this on their track "Reunion". He even collabed with T3 on the Preface.

    • Charles Cross

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvhgNhVB5_k part of the interview from last year from t3, the elzhi response is somewhere to..

    • talib

      You got your timeline fucked up, Reunion was released in 2004 and dealt with Baatin leaving the group, how they still there for him in his time of need, and how they hoped they would one day reunite. The Preface was released in 2008. And the disagreement occurred in 2010 over several of eLZhi's verses being cut from their last album. The verse is definitely directed towards T3, his former partner, he's publicly spoken on the incident in interviews and on twitter since.

  • velvet

    T3 just got jealous of Elzhi's talent. T3 wont be successful without, but on saying that, he has improved recently!

  • Chuck Niddy

    been a slum village fan since before fantastic vol 2, RIP Dilla Dawg, and Battin. T3 needs to chill, I got respect for him cause he been doin this a long time and fa sho he has some hits, SV forever! But Elzhi in a class of his own. I wish success to all the remaining SV members, Illa J, T3 and Elzhi. But there is no question that he is killin it these days.


    Elzhi is in a class of elite emcees. I gotta include Talib Kweli, Pharoah Monche, Royce 5'9" and Nas in that group. I think El's wordplay is matched by only Royce and Pharoah...... Its others that could definately be on the list but Royce and El definately have a distinct natural wordplay thats rivaled by none.

    • hip hop

      elzhi definitely a beast on the mic but cant compare him with royce..mayb royce 8years ago but not now....pharaohe is in a diffrnt class of word play..he's more into rhyme play...elzhi is just sickenin....

  • Beezlebud

    This is dope now all of you go follow Elzhi on twitter @Elzhi

  • achpe2

    Typical 2011 HIP HOP situation. Why is it that all the dope MC's have to fight to get they shine? T3 face it, eLZHi is better than you.

  • trill6

    That was flow was nice...

  • F. Rap

    Super dope track eLZHi !

  • H

    Whens the mixtape dropping. He had a release date of Jan, then Feb now its nowhere to be found.

  • Doobie

    There is not one in the game emcee who can fuck with eL right now, cept maybe Nas... The wordplay, cadence, and delivery are simply mind boggling! Simply put, eLZHi IS Hip Hop! Fuck all that otha shit...

    • Anonymous

      Black Thought is the only MC fuckin with Elzhi now

    • HipHop

      Co-Sign. Slum Village always knew that Elzhi was waaaay better than them. They were in fear that El would get all the shine. I'm so glad he left these fuckers, so he can care more about his solo career.

  • Anonymous

    since when does obama have a rec label?

  • Rocio

    The article say's "Call's Out" T3.... LOL I think he is just addressing the what happened with SV. I would HATE to see eLZHi REALLY "Call someone Out"...on a track.... Ouch! this guy is amazing.... He doesn't even sound mad... what would happen if eLZhi was actually mad on the ryhmes...?

    • quills

      El would freaking feast on opponents heads, no joke. I grew up watching this cat go in on cyphers weekly and I'd don't think I've seen a sicker battle rapper in person than maybe Em.

  • herbs get got

    elzhi is the best rhymer out right now. over some 14kt production, shit is perfect.

  • Danny Sherard Speller

    Ahhh man thats crazy messed up T3

  • Charles ExSavior

    Yeah the politics behind the break-up is crazy. Elzhi is one of the best lyricist today, I wish him the best on his solo ventures.

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