Black Milk, Jack White Co-Produce New 'Third Man' Track

The former White Stripes frontman teams up with fellow Detroit producer/emcee on a new live record.

While the White Stripes may have announced their official split earlier this year, vocalist and songwriter Jack White has continued to make music, even branching out into the genre of Hip Hop. White recently teamed up with fellow Detroit native Black Milk, co-producing a single that will be released on his label, Third Man Records.

On Friday April 8, Black Milk will perform the song with a live band at Third Man Studios in Nashville Tennessee in front of a live audience. The song will appear on one of White's Live at Third Man LPs, and will be released as both a 7-inch vinyl record and a digital single. The producer/emcee will appear on one of four Live at Third Man albums, others of which include comedian Reggie Watts, Cold War Kids, and the's.

The name of the song has not yet been revealed, but the album will be Black Milk's first full body of work since last year's Album of the Year. His 6th studio album is slated for release this summer.



  • Razvan Pavel

    Looking forward to this. Black Milk never disappoints

  • Shake

    It's good to see Black and White coming together at last!

  • NicB115

    Wow, this is great news. I'm a big fan of Jack Whites music. Didn't expect to find his name on HHDX.. Good shit!! I wonder if the jay, Kanye, Jack White song will be on Watch The Thrown. I think the anti-Rock Hip-hop heads will be pleasantly surprised. Lil Whayne "rock style" left a bad taste in people's mouth.

    • Anonymous

      im all for rock and hiphop as long as its shit like this or the blakroc album with the black keys but fuck lil waynes rebirth and that bullshit travis barker album

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