Wiz Khalifa Talks About Curren$y's Move To Warner, "Rolling Papers" Lyrical Moments

Exclusive: Taylor Gang's finest talks about his homie going to his former label, and shares thoughts on if Rostrum Records can do for Pittsburgh what Cash Money did for New Orleans.

Today, Wiz Khalifa released his major label debut Rolling Papers. Among the guests on the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania emcee's anticipated release is Curren$y, a close friend and industry mentor who appears on "Rooftops" . Recently, HipHopDX spoke with Wiz at Philadelphia's Wired 96.5 FM studios about Curren$y, who just signed with Warner Brothers, a place that was home to Khalifa for over two years, despite not releasing a full-length from the rapper. Asked if he had any concern for Spitta's move, Wiz explained, "When I heard about [Curren$y signing to Warner Brothers Records], I told him congratulations. I know they've got new people over [at Warner]. That's one thing. And I rock with Curren$y; that's my people, regardless of what situation he's in or what he's doin'. I always want to see him do good. And I know, him as a person, he's not gonna set himself up for failure. So I just trust him with that." Although Wiz and Warner were never able to achieve much success together outside of hit single "Say Yeah" , that has little to do with Curren$y. "Even if it was a bad situation, he'd still be my man."

In the last year, Wiz Khalifa has ascended the ranks from a perceived rookie to one of Hip Hop's biggest stars. In December of last year, Wiz and Rostrum Records label-mate Mac Miller performed two sold out shows at Pittsburgh's newly-opened Stage AE, an American Eagle-backed venue on the city's North Shore. Asked about the impact of selling out a large venue back-to-back nights after years of opening for touring acts in his city, Wiz noted, "It was a big deal opening for Nas [at University of Pittsburgh in 2007], and it's a big deal doing my thing [as a headliner] at the Stage AE. When we do Mellon Arena, it's gonna be a big thing...when we do Starlake Ampitheater, it's gonna be bigger and bigger. I'm just glad that my fans and everybody who supported me from the beginning, we all get to grow together."

Looking back at his rise, Wiz was also asked about lyrical moments within Rolling Papers. While present hit single "Roll Up" might be more Pop than some Taylor Gang fans favor, Wiz maintains that he still busts down bars on his Atlantic Records project. "'The Race' is definitely a lyrical moment, 'Star of The Show'...I got a lot of different stuff when I go deep and say different things, but a lot of my growth and development as an artist has been taking things that are really complex and make them seem simple. So the way that I say things on [Rolling Papers] might come across as really easy to listen to, but if you dig deep or go back, I want people to find [my lyricism too]."

Lastly, with fellow DXnext alum and label-mate Mac Miller rising within Hip Hop, and also releasing digital EP On & On today, Wiz was asked if Rostrum Records can do for the Steel City what Ruthless Records did for Compton, or what No Limit and Cash Money Records afforded New Orleans. "I think Rostrum can be a vehicle for great music, period. [Rostrum founder and CEO] Benjy [Grinberg] works really hard and he knows what's really important. He's not just trying to sign artists before they blow up. We work hands-on with everything, so it takes a lot of time and a lot of attention," said Wiz. As far as joining those aforementioned dynasties, the humble emcee said,"It can get to that point."

Rolling Papers is in stores today.

Filming by Zac Shull.

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  • Anonymous


  • ShowTime NY

    I laugh at what yal say cause Im an Artist myself. Yall talking all this shit about lyricism and bring back the 90's mother lover please.. Cut out the Boo Boo I dont see Raekwon, Joel Ortiz, Nas, Saigon, The Roots, Talib Kweli, Lupe etc doing Big Numbers. Yall dont put your Money where your mouth is.. So Put up or shut up. And I believe Wiz is Smart and that it is a Skill to say complex things in a Simple way or to be simple and not whack. Jay Biggie and Pac are better examples. His Black and Yellow and Mesmorized are good examples of him doin this. And Im not here to defend Wiz ..just here to call ppl on their bullshit. Yall have no understanding.. This shit is a Business.. Artist have to make musics that sell.. The people that BUY records want Hooks > Lyrics , Pop > Over Grimey Beats , Simple > Complex, Ignorance >> Substance Business is Supply and Demand Yeah Its no secret that theres an Agenda to dumb down the music But the Question what are you doing about it. soundclick.com/showtimeny

    • PG

      Sad to hear someone say what you said. I guess there's not many leaders and plenty of followers.

    • Meh

      Lupe isn't from the 90's and this album may very well be his most successful album to date, but every other rapper is spot on. Nobody wants to hear what they have to say anymore, sadly.

  • Anonymous

    wiz is now hot trash! get thje fuck outta here, i did like him but now nah nigga!!



  • sharksbreath

    He should have signed with Gay Music with all the rest of the bisexual metrosexauls. He would fit right in.

  • Okay

    Nowadays, if you drop an album that don't sound like shit from the 90s, it's pop to you all.

    • Okay

      A rapper would rather sing their own chorus instead of having guest vocals on it because that furthers people's idiotic "Hip Pop" argument. That's how I'd look at it. Hell, even if they wanna sing regardless. It's all good if they do it well. Times have changed. Rappers are doing what they can to stay relevant. Sadly, lyrics have taken a back seat.

    • sharksbreath

      Rap would be in a better place if people were dropping albums like it was the 90's. I would love to see a rapper drop an Illmatic or All Eyez on me. I would love to just go back to the days when rappers didn't want to be singers. Like this lame.

    • Okay

      And most of his lyrics are average at best (including his mixtapes). Doesn't mean it's pop. That's all I'm trying to say.

    • Anonymous

      his sound his soft, there i said it

  • Save this shit for Justin Bieber fans

    Rolling Papers is straight pop garbage. All them Taylor Gang dick riders saying it is the greatest thing since sliced bread need to quit swingin' on Wiz's baby nuts.

  • Anonymous

    $WonDough$ is all about the currency

  • Keezie

    Do your thing Wiz. I respect your work.

  • ciiph3r

    nigga shut the fuck up! lol 'i take complex things and make them seem simple' bitch ur just simplistic. u cant rap, lol noone buys a wiz album for verse its for the hook, id respect u more if u just owned up to it.. let show some of wiz's crazzyyyy complex lyrics "drunk stumblin out the bar, plus im strugglin tryna find the keys to my car, cus i be goin hard" damnnnnn thats crazy deep! SIKE!

  • George Granderson

    Khalifa disappointed with this....After all that original true-to-self music you put out on the mix-tapes, on your album you floating face down in the mainstream...better go listen to "If I Were a Lame" again. Street albums > Studio Albums

    • Anonymous

      if i were a lame was him singing with autotune for 3 minutes. just shows how people hate pop garbage on albums but love it on mixtapes

  • SoleCollector

    Accept that Wiz is not going back to his style of Show And Prove - Prince of The City 2 but its still good music

  • jesterdxxl

    I expected more from Wiz he let his ego get the best of him... I guess he gave in to label pressure like most fuckers do!

  • Desperado

    lmao wiz sayin Rollin Papers has lyrical moments hahahahaha i guess soulja and mike jones are becomin lyrical too

    • dirtysouthernhotshot

      'Lyrical moments' - hip hop shouldn't have 'lyrical moments' it should all be fucking lyrical. I was so disappointed with Rolling Papers - nothing like his mixtape material... Straight hip pop candy-ass garbage...

    • psych

      yea currensy's verse

  • Anonymous

    i heard hes gonna quit rap and just put out r&b albums cause he loves to sing so much

  • bigboi1221

    dude's not my favorite rapper, but he's out there doin it, so he gets my respect. props.

    • 2

      agree, let him do him, all these haters are the ones who rap and never gunna make it! hahahahahahah (wiz lauugh)

  • Anonymous

    his lyrical moment where in 'Prince of tha City" and 'Prince of tha City 2"

  • LMAO

    sounds scan says that this is gonna sell 5,800 copies first week ...

  • rolling papers is for teenage girls

    this guy needs to get off curren$y's dick already, he already bit his whole style and image theres a vid on worldstar with wiz gettin all mad and making some dudes put out their blunts at his listening party "we only smoke papers here", dude was smoking blunts like a year ago before curren$y schooled him now he acting like he invented zig zags and shit, namin his album rolling papers, get the fuck outta here

  • NWA

    listened to this 5 days ago and it was terrible man. kush and OJ>rolling blunts wiz is nothing but a gimmick but spitta is lyrical in every way.

  • Anonymous

    what lyrical moment?

    • Anonymous

      exactly, dudes never had a lyrical moment in his life just cause he got nursery rhymes and its catchy dont make it lyrical

  • young 501

    half of the album is wack ... Whats funny is that Im sure EVERYONE here can agree that Kush & OJ is better than Rolling Papers. Deal Or No Deal is better as well.

    • TheRealDeal

      Kush and OJ was wack. I havn't listened to Rolling Papers yet but i'm sure i will like it better ( if i ever do listin 2 it). but yea, wiz doesn't suck. he has decent flow and good hooks, but he is definately overrated.

    • Anonymous

      Show and Prove is superunderrated. most cats don't go that far back in Wiz's catalogue but thats still his best tape.

    • Anonymous

      i havent listened to it for a while but i dont get why everyone thinks kush&oj was so great, had a few good tunes but thats it for me, im sure its amazing compared to this piece of shit he just put out though

    • jbatcha21

      don't forget burn after rolling either

  • My Name Is My Name

    Your An Asshole If You Say His Album Pop... The Only Songs Close To Pop Is Roll up & Black & Yellow & Y'all Wasn't Calling It Pop Before It Became A Hit So Stop It & Do Something With Your Self...!

    • SteWilGoneKill

      Fly Solo is a pop as it gets. I still support Wiz but i was a little disappointed with the album. It's all money this money that, come on man expand your flow a little

    • Anonymous

      if you get played on mtv you are pop sorry bruh

    • white kid jack

      agreed malcolm. domo genesis' rolling papers was dope. wiz khalifa is nothing to write home about.

    • Malcolm J. William Ault

      How the fuck would we call something pop before it came out, stupid? It was called pop as soon as it came out. I prefer the Domo Genesis Rolling Papers album. Went harder, no poppy shit.

  • Anonymous

    this niggas talking about being lyrical, hahaha nice pop album man.

    • Balance

      Does anyone realize that if you want to get the ear of the big machine radio station's, you need radio friendly songs and hooks. Obiviously Wiz has the recipe, so all you wanna be Mc's and fake hipsters should roll up a plane, watch the movie and overstand how to get this money. 412 stand up and for all yall haters out there..look up. Jets over everything and taylor gang or get baptized in cat piss

  • CP

    What are they talking about,Warner Bros owns Atlantic

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