Drake Shut Out At Canadian Grammys

Despite his international success, Drake goes home empty handed at his local Juno Awards.

Last night Canada held the 40th Annual Juno Awards at the ACC in Toronto, where international star Drake was nominated for six awards.

The Toronto native was nominated for the Fan Choice Award, which was taken home by Justin Bieber to little surpise. Drake lost the best Rap Recording category to Shad for his critically acclaimed TSOL, and dropped Single of the Year honors to K'naan and Young Artists for Haiti for "Wavin' Flag."

The Young Money artist was bested by the legendary Neil Young in the Artist of the Year category and was beat by Arcade Fire for both Album of the Year and Songwriter of the Year.


  • Coke

    Drake is a gay faggot pussy homo bitch queer dick licking butthole surfer.

  • deziboy5150

    damn fa real the guy lost on his own soil? now that speaks for itself. he aint as G.O.O.D as all the YM cum slupers thought.

  • Dont Matta Son

    there not the 'Canadian Grammys' fuck nut, its the Juno Awards, that's very stereotypical for Americans to say.

  • Glenn Tucker

    yeah i can see him getiing his ass handed to him by K'naan

  • Jake

    Shad is literally MURDERING Drake lyrically...In fact he's in my top 10-25 currently ill emcees whereas Drake isn't sniffing my top 100

    • Ignorance_Wins

      RAHH! sniff nuts! shad isnt as popular as drake! The TV told me so! For that reason alone Drake is better! sniff my nuts.. cuz.. you aint doing shit! an an shut up!

    • Deezy

      you can sniff my nuts idiot. nobody cares that you can name 100 emcee's better then drake. you aint doin shit anyways so shut up

  • Luke

    Shad is hands down the best canadian rapper... he's well worth looking up if you haven't heard of him. As well as Classified who's nasty as well, Halifax baby!

    • Luke

      Nah. I'm just Nova Scotian and like to be proud of the music from around here because it is admittedly rare but he is still high quality. Shad is unreal, I had to get his album from Ontario 3 years ago because it wasn't here... now look at him. A story no one told is amazing

    • CK

      Classified hahaaa you must be a 15 year old. Drake got snubbed - that shit was nasty. He's still the undisputed King of Toronto and all of Canada. He should have beaten Shad, but Shad is still tight.

  • Bradley Coke Boy Burnett

    he was mad den a BITCH! hahahaha nex year lil nigga

  • Anonymous

    Understandable losses

  • Ramiro

    Canada has some good rappers. Classified, Spesh k, and Anonamyss are my top 3.

  • Shawn200

    This is a sign of him needing to stick to that "Room for Improvement", &"Comeback Season" recipe for makin music. Once he starts blowin up after "So Far Gone" most of his songs sound like they belong on that mixtape.

  • SiXX

    Only americans like Drakes wack music

  • Nick Crookshank

    Drake has been crap since day one. How could someone ever take a guy who was a Nickolodean television series seriously? Like, Forever is a sick song. ONLY because it has Weezy, Yeezy and Em on it. Drake's verse was probably ghost written anyways.

  • SharkBoxx

    Shad>>>>>>>>>Drake And you know it. Talent wise, Shad has way more lyrical ability compared to Drake, who's more of an entertainer anyway.

  • Anonymous

    while i can't comment on artist of the year or any of that, shad did deserve that so...

  • AG

    drake didnt deserve it. maybe if he threw out some comeback season shit. good to know that there is some award shows that arnt biased.


    I can't stand Justin Bieber, but I can tell you this unbiasedly that Bieber has WAY MORE talent than Drake can ever buy. I am very anti-Bieber too...


    Drake is WACK...have you people seen his Tim Westwood freestyle lmao...he's just another Young Money Auto-tune act, he is so origial (sarcasm)...

  • John Fitted Notsnapback

    thats fucked up

  • Meh

    It's called the Juno Awards btw. -_- 'Bout Canadian Grammys.

  • damn

    why did EVERYONE OF YOU just click this to talk shit? no on cares if you don't like him and i don't see why you're all here when there are rappers like waka,souja boy, gucci.....

  • hellrazor

    this pussy got snubbed, even in his native canada. even canada's aware that he's a fake. he musta cried to lil wayne, asking for "consolation".

  • Anonymous

    he does not deserve anything. Besides blow jobs from young money ho ass dick riders

  • Nathan Harvey Malcolm

    that's kinda lame, but aye. nobody should be making music for just awards im sure its no big deal. but idont'know

  • jburnz

    who cares about Drake, bigger story here.. there a mahfuckin Canadian Grammy's? So you mean to tell me sooooo much music comes out of there to warrant their own show? and Drake aint good enough to get one? haha that is kind of funny

  • High Dro

    Drake is a Pussy, that is all!!

  • Cameron LaRay Brawner-Rodgers

    That shit should make that nigga go harder in 2011!

  • Mandy Sandy

    hahaha! u flake dickridaz c dat ur boy iz losin. he lost at da grammyz here and he lost da grammyz at canada 2? definition of losin. jay-z! beat hiz azz at da grammyz wit 3 winz. flake had zero. and u dickridaz still dickride him. lmao, wut a bunch of faggotz u r just like flake. roc nation winnin, cum money losin. RNGMB BITCH! FUCK CMFMB! (cum money/fag money ballickaz)

    • Kevin

      Lick my nutsack Mandy - then reach a little further with that tongue of yours and lick my asshole. Your post is almost unreadable - something about dicks and other words with too many z's in them. Nothing some good old fashioned tea-bagging and analingus wont fix.

    • aaron j

      Learn to speak english, and flake is such a lame name to call drake lmao. I dont even really like drake but c'mon grow up.

    • Heyooo

      Was that english?

  • Meh

    It's just funny because he hosted the award show and everything.

  • frank

    hey dip maybe he has an accent cause he was also raise in memphis wit his dad dummy!!!!!!!!!!!

  • frank

    jus more motivation for his next album go Drizzy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      the next shitty album?

    • Mylie

      dude always getting awards for noting! he got a fuckin award before he even had a album out thats ridiculous str8 spit in the face of real artists who put there heart and soul in there music and never get appreciated or recognized. fuck this jew drake. i hope he disappears altogether because he can't make a decent album if hes life depended on it like lil wayne

  • JUST

    I like Shad a lot. Saw him a couple of times before he got big. The funny thing Is that I think TSOL is his worst album by far, and he should NOT have beat Drake's TML. Shad has good albums, but they are older. TSOL was a dissapointment. Weird choice IMO

  • dlp

    He's not representing Cananda correctly...out of all the rappers, he's the only one rapping with a Bama accent like he's straight outta Tennessee, plus he's a cornball and you all know that, stop ball riding that dude...

  • Essex

    Wow so much hate for Drake. He should have won some awards being that he is from Canada. Drake is dope, stop hating. and I'm as underground as you can get, I'm not being biased. He's had an incredible run. When did he stop making real ish? Drake has had the same subject matter since "So far Gone" so what are you talking about.

    • Anonymous

      drake is shit as fuck. Some many better Canadian mcs dan-e-o the whole citizen kane all of ghetto concept maestro da fresh wun Mathematik

    • Errol AstonmartinMusic Hurtt

      obviously u know nothing of Drake, because if you did you'd realize he made 2 albums/mixtapes BEFORE so far gone....and he sounds way better on those, he became mainstream as shit..

  • EssDot Fuller

    He got beat by k'naan?...Wow, I fuck wit him just didnt think he was relevant enough...

  • Anonymous

    And he deserved to lose in every one of those categories. TSOL >>>>> TML

  • Edi Kajmolli

    yayyyyyy fuck drakkeee :D

  • Greg

    This is what happens when you stop making real ish and go for the money and start making the wack ish son! I am glad he he did not win. Go back to your roots and make some gems, maybe then your canadian peers will check for you son.

    • DL Dub

      What exactly are Aubrey Graham's roots? He's Jimmy Brooks.... he got the idea for rapping on an episode of Degrassi. Where he was a parapalegic..."rapper"....

  • William Scooter Jones

    l0l.. agree'd .. Still should have took home a few awards.. Hey DX, Grammar and spell check would be nice.. #just sayin

  • Anonymous

    No business being in a songwriter of the year category

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