Juelz Santana Says He'll Release Studio Album By The End Of The Year

Harlem's own Juelz Santana plans to release a studio album later this year, may also release three mixtapes.

After a bit of a hiatus Harlem rapper Juelz Santana is preparing to release his next solo album and several mixtapes. MrPeterParker.com recently caught up with the rapper in Minnesota to speak on both Juelz’ studio album and his upcoming mixtapes.

“Probably the end of this year, most likely,” Juelz explained when asked when an album will be released. “My mixtape is coming out first that’s gonna be like an album. I promise you that. The album will be out probably a couple of months after the mixtape which is called Born To Lose, Built To Win.”

Juelz revealed that projects will start being released once his studio is re-opened. The studio was shut down earlier this month by police following a raid that took place months ago. The rapper also explained that once the mixtape is out fans can expect back to back releases leading up to his album release.

“The mixtape will be out as soon as I get my studio open. I had a little altercation with my studio so my studio got shut down,” said Juelz.  “So I’mma put the mixtape out right after that. We gonna do the Skull Gang mixtape after that. Then I might do another mixtape, but that’s gonna be pretty much leading up to my album…However the months roll. I ain’t got no exact date. As soon as the mixtape is released it ain’t gonna stop after that.”

Juelz’ last studio album, What The Game’s Been Missing, was released back in 2005. 


  • gutter man

    fuckin excuses- you see all these fucks in the interview sittin around on the couch-better go work on the album. put the album out fool! his excuse: his studio- bullshit! and fuck all the mixtapes- hes just buyin time and wasting other peoples- put an album out or fuck off. i sense that he feels like he dosnt have what it takes anymore. if he had a brain he woulda dropped an album a month after that song with chris brown.

  • f

    who cares the dipset era is over no one wants that to hear that shit keep the ablum on the shelf

  • yaboy415

    Yea rite nigga we heard dis story b4!! hahhahaha

  • Steven Ireland

    And in other news who gives a fuck!!

  • bballslim42

    I'm a Juelz fan, but this is 2011, you got to put out songs/mixtapes/guest appearances to stay relevant. He needs to be willing to put the time and work in if he wants his album to reach anywhere near the success of What The Games Been Missing.

  • Anonymous

    u hear that?that's the sound of a couple of hundred readers not giving a fuck juelz...lol

  • Cam'ron Giles

    Juelz album not comin until da top of next year believe dat 4 real b

  • Anonymous

    that acid mixtape "GOOD MUSIC IN FOUL PLACES"

  • gnigga/pleeze

    does anyone believe that? im takin bets who thinks that album will drop this year?

  • jujop

    i gave up on juelz .......dude coulda dropped a mixtape....reagan era been supposed to drop....man u fuck wit all this niggaz and u cant go record in a studio.... i dont understand it....1 thing about when yo fav artist stop makin music is, it allows u to listen 2 new people...... shout out to 2 chainz, gorilla zoe, jim jones, ross and jeezy fa keepn da streets hot wit good music rather it b mixtape r album........ free max

    • Anonymous

      id rather listen to what the games been missing every day all day for the rest of my life then listen to 1 of the people u listed..fuck all the hating on juelz dipset> 90% of what yall think is hot.

    • Anonymous

      how did you afford a computer? do you plan on returning it to the rightful owner?

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