Cover Art Revealed To Tech N9ne's "All 6's And 7's"

The K.O.D.'s next album gets a visual. The only thing that remains to be seen is will it feature Lil Wayne?

Kansas City, Missouri emcee Tech N9ne will release his twelfth solo album, All 6's And 7's on June 7. The Strange Music album has been long rumored to feature Lil Wayne, T-Pain and others.

The cover art released, as Strange made the album available for pre-order.

Next month, the label will release Brotha Lynch Hung's Coathanga Strangla album.



  • Gabriel Rodriguez

    I feel like Tech nine has a habit of picking fugly album covers, but in the end, the music speaks for itself. I'm buying this for sure.

  • Aishwarya Singh Thakur


    • Keith Hitchcock

      Dang man that's kind of a low blow, you definitely need to go out and either download or at least listen to tech's albums man. Tech is the single most underrated MC in the world and thats only because the industry wanted to change him but he never let them. But yes Lil Wayne will boost sales on this album and that is one of the reason's he's making this album, he's going all out and trying to get he biggest names he can on here to prove himself to the industry.

  • JS

    big up to tech; he can afford wayne

  • Ben

    It's either ugly or cool... I can't tell.

  • Brian McG

    I dunno about that cover.

  • Beezlebud

    I cant listen to Tech N9ne anymore, I gave up weed n smoking plus id already given up alcohol years earlier n his music just makes me wanna get wrecked again I love Tech as an MC his ill as fuck but his music has this energy that just makes me wanna go back to my party days n kill a few blunts n couple litres of tequila the dude makes Viking Music, you know the type of music you wanna bump n then go pillagin villages whilst gettin fucked up thats a compliment too by the way coz very few can make music like that, hes one of the few I cant listen to anymore coz he inspires my inner beast to party ha BEEZLEBUD ON TWITTER HOLLAH

    • MusicFiend

      I hear you. I still blaze but the drink and others are gone but bumping the 1st few tracks of killer or "pour me another drink" and shit makes me wanna get a bottle and get wasted......not good :) Still one of my fav MCs though.

  • CaesarDuke

    All 6's and 7's man I thought this album was going to be a different cover this cover is cool and all but I thought it was going to deal with good and bad 6's being bad and 7's being good but anyway still going to get that album TECH N9NE!!!!!!!!

    • Keith Hitchcock

      No, the team All 6's and 7's means "In a state of confusion and disarray", It's a gambling term when a gambler goes all in but at the same time has no idea what they are doing. So many people have misinterpreted what the title means that way but Tech made it clear via an interview what it meant. Thank You

  • ethan

    when i say tech tech you say......

  • Octavian Johnson

    TECHA NINA!!! Deff gonna cop this. Dont let Wayne mess you up bruh

  • DL Dub


  • James Clay Longmire

    i loooovve tech n9ne. bought all of his albums and been to a shit ton of shows. but this covers is just wack. why does he look like aladin, or a black dude from mortal combat??

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