Tyler, the Creator Responds To B.o.B. Diss

After Bobby Ray took umbrage with Tyler's line from "Yonkers," Wolf Haley gives his thoughts on the diss track

"I'll crash that fuckin airplane that that faggot nigga Bob was in."

So said Odd Future's Tyler, the Creator on Goblin lead single "Yonkers," and it looks like B.o.B. took notice as the Atlanta native has responded with "No Future."

Tyler, ever the prolific Twitterer, wasted no time giving his thoughts on Bobby Ray's bars.

Whoa. I Don't Think The 'No Future' Song Is Even A Diss. But, Ive Never Heard Him Spit Like That. Took Me By Surprise, Cus Its Tightless than a minute ago via web

Still Hate That Airplanes Song Tho. It Has The Same Chord Progression As Fucking 'Love The Way You Lie' And That One Song By Katy Perryless than a minute ago via web

Actually, All The Music Now Days Have The Same Chord Progression, With That Dumbass Techno Synth, Or Like, Garage Band Drums.less than a minute ago via web


  • Dex

    B.o.b what kinda name is that anyway. He's a fag. Tyler's fucking awesome and everyone in odd future is talented af.

  • reck

    tyler is str8 WAK!!!!!!! B.O.B. is one of the BEST and most original artists in the game.

  • contradictory

    i was reading all these comments and getting pissed off at the amount of people that think B.o.B is crap. Then i realised i didn't give a fuck about what other people think and so now I'm happy again

  • Jukka Seppälä

    tyler real talk.eminem is dope but umm love the way you lie is so failure track.techno bullshit evywhere nowadays. David guetta,red one,dj khaled.Get the out here.

  • Swagtastic

    For every one who says he has a negative message, listen to the speeches he says on the song "radicals".

  • Anonymous

    everyone always says if you like bob you're just dickriding. i think that's some bullshit. yeah, bob makes some corny ass songs from time to time and his freshmen album wasn't fire, but it takes appealing to the other demographic of people that listen to music to make it big. odd future-whoever-the-fuck-they-are, will never appeal to the amount of people bob has/does, simply because not everyone has that kind of taste. odd future, in my opinion is basically just trying to do what immortal technique, icp, and other shock/horrorcore rappers did before them. you sure don't hear them on the radio very often, but at it's peak, what station wasn't playing fucking airplanes or the remix? bob knows what he's doing and if every now and then he's gotta put out a song that suburban white girls feel comfortable enough to listen to with their parents, i say more power to that nigga. he's got a flow that's not quite mainstream and not quite underground, and a few of his songs are pretty deep. i think people just get so caught up hatin' on him that they refuse to give him his props. like he said "a hater's just a fan that ain't got nothing nice to say" that's all that nigga tyler is, a fan who tries to make hardcore music because he's ashamed of airplanes on his ipod

  • jen

    Moms and Dads please show your children love and attention so they don't take out their anger and frustrations out on other people...

  • Torrey Depina

    and I love how morally reprehensible Tyler is but when Eminem was doing his thing he was expressing his anger. Fuck the double standard.

  • Torrey Depina

    B.O.B. sucks pretentious pop rapper who thinks he's deep, Tyler and his crew are bringing back gritty darkly humorous rap to the forefront and its simply epic how it being done.

    • Adrian Bravo

      Kids simply a cover of Vampire Weekend's song, Generation Lost simply a sad false promise by B.O.B....

    • Hubert Jubberman

      Go listen to The Kids, Generation Lost, The Watchers, Shoot Up the Station...those are some good ass songs by B.o.B. He is going places!

  • Lil C

    how the fuck is BOB a legend in shape or from hes regular ass rapper ODWGKTA arnt regular peroid dot dot dot

  • Anonymous

    BOB a legend?? lol u dont know a thing about hip hop...

  • really who give a fuck...

    damn its some dick riddn as mofuckaz on here... b.o.b. is coool but homie album was kinda wack tho. ofwgkta is 'ight. u bitches need to stop haten on those young niggaz thou. get a fuckn life losers. (unless ur still a teen, in which case my advice would be to take yo young ss to school ...)

    • Keezie

      Listen to Tyler's solo mixtape. The beats are bland and his message is sick in a bad way. It would be one thing if they sounded like they weren't just straight anti positive. I love music period & this is the first time in my life that I felt some1's message just should not be heard. Their form of art offers nothing positive.

  • Mr702

    B.O.B. will be a legend hes madd creative other dude needs to pay his dues first. oh yeah and Cam Citi raps circles around em all

  • ynfmusic.bandcamp.com

    ahhaha hit em where it hurts... i dont think he was talking shit..just giving his opinion on music...

  • cano

    ive given tyler the creator a chance and listened to alot of his music. im not impressed im actually in disgust. this man/kid needs some church for real.

    • Ill B Sure

      @Torrey: One word for you, Infinity.

    • Torrey Depina

      Like what Em did for like I dont know maybe ALL OF HIS ALBUMS!

    • Keezie

      That's what I mean. His lyrics are promoting the sicker parts of humanity. When it has something to do with your upbringing that's one thing but to talk about rape, killing & all that other stuff in a sadistic manner isn't what kids in this country need to come up on. We have enough problems raising these damn youngins as is.

    • Jamila Wallace

      It's called dark humor...

  • Anonymous

    Lol from his response dude was choked, even for a sec. made him rethink what he said before. looks like they give a fuck afterall

  • Keezie

    I wouldn't even give dudes attention. Yea they are getting co-signed by greats but that's only b/c "the greats" only want to be the first to co-sign the next big thing. It's like polititcs. Give some1 support so they could wash your hand when/if they make it. Even though their message carries the message of rebelion brought to us in the earlier days of music they aren't saying ANYTHING productive. The wave they are riding is so negative it's disgusting and most of their music keeps the same drab tone. It's easy for them to make big noise talking all of their atheist noise while other rappers are being persecuted for all of this red scare illuminati crap that's going on nowadays. I'm not hating on his craft. I'm just a 26 year old and I know that if I drop a seed on this earth I wouldn't want them emulating any of the messages they put out. Rebellion is one thing but talking about S&M rape & other crap in music has been done to death already & I'm not stoked at all about him trying to make that bs popular.

    • me

      good comment mayn.. i agree with ur thoughts on odd future and how they r aimless/brainless and not promoting anything of value.. just acting crazy and saying its "different"

  • Anonymous

    I'll crash that fuckin airplane that that faggot nigga Bob was in." that line only was bette then the whole bob diss song

  • barry

    lol at all the fags sayin Tyler got no future. Tyler just turned 20 years old and he's got a bright future. and if u idiots actually anything he says seriously then ur missing the point...faggots.

  • hduiqew

    u guys are retarted hating on tyler saying "he cant make it big" u do realize he just turned 20 right? he got a bright future

    • rokoko

      idkk man i think tyler is def more interesting and unique than b.o.b..... this may be a stretch butt these odd future dudes gimme a gravediggaz feel..and tyler reminds me of a more lyrical version of bushwick bill on that track assmilk lol

    • guerilla jones

      lol nah not much of a future b,plus he said he doesnt think its a diss?anyone in their right mind would take that as a diss and smack the fuck out of this weirdo.B.O.B. may not be your cup of tea but he doesn't try to get somewhere by climbing the back of a dude more talented then him.

  • jason

    This guy is a pathetic hater. Bitter and mad that he can't make it big in the game. What a loser. Nobody takes this guy seriously

  • Anonymous

    this fool sounds like a fuckin hater. dont hate b.o.b for makin money. make some good music and u might have the same succes.plus hes one of the best out right now, hater

    • Shane

      b.o.b is horrible and his voice is annoying. I cant even imagine how'd someone would look listening to his wack music in a car. This is the guy who made bet i bust as a song like thats not the gayest thing ever.

  • Anonymous

    b.o.b jus help tyler get exposed thanks b ob

  • Anonymous

    this nigga hella ugly

  • mightybofa

    damn chappelle's looking good after all these years. both of these clowns are wack. mb

  • Anonymous

    'No Future' Song was corny as fuck odd futre bitches

  • Anonymous

    "I'll crash that fuckin airplane that that faggot nigga Bob was in."

  • Joem

    airplanes was cool.. but autotune was fucking whack.. somebody needs to diss that shit.

  • True

    C'mon son! Every song has the same drum pattern? Tyler is stupid hating on Billboard, pop music, tv & media because he would not blow up without Jimmy Fallon's show perfomance.

  • Will Ishiphop

    Tyler is right.. EVERYTHING FUCKIN SOUNDS A LIKE! But BOB did go in

  • Brenda

    Tyler is such a champ. Tyler makes extremely hardcore music and he made a cool little line about BoB's music being faggy. Which it is. and he's right, the chord progression in that shit is weak, that song is some C Major snoozefest, pop bullshit. Idk how anyone can be giving tyler shit. Eminem did the same kinda shit 10 years ago and people loved him for it.

  • Anonymous

    hmmmm diss a rapper to get your song heard by the bloggers hmmmm

  • Anonymous

    yea honestly like these 2 pussies are gonna beef they both seem like whiny hipsters..why is it that like every new rapper is a whinny hipster type? lupe, bob, these clowns etc.

    • RuGGid TeRRaIn

      Lupe been around for a sec. Don't put him in the same boat as dudes like bob. Nothing against bob, but Lupe is a B-boy. Dont make the mistake of thinking Lasers is all he is. The label is doing him dirty. Go to Datpiff and check out some of Lupe's earlier mixtapes.

  • daGolden1

    Just another no name noobie tryna make a name for himself off beef.BOBBY DRAKE DONE HAD HYPE WTF YOU DONE Tyler "the creater",you ain't create shit.


    BIG UP to odd future, I am fuckin luvin it. Dudes who sing and love the airplanes chorus must be gay, it just is so feminine. B.O.B. still a great mc

    • 666SWAG




    • dAC

      no hes not that airplanes is fucking gay shit homeboy

    • Anonymous

      Your an idiot?

  • future the female

    tyler released blatant diss.b.o.b released blatant diss.tyler jocked it, called it "tight".haha, theres no excuse for a bitch move.all tyler did was run from a fist fight.nerd ass calling another rapper a "faggot".congrats, your favorite rapper is a biaaaaaaaaaaaatch!

  • Halbest

    Again, if you don't think BoB can spit: http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/singles/id.12987/title.bob-beast-mode I love tyler the creator (and the whole OFWGKTA crew), but it's kinda hard to rip on someone who's multitalented. I think people need to look at an artists whole back catalogue of music. Look at people like Wiz, or Yelawolf before people started recognizing them. You'll see the same trend. The good thing is, nowadays, artists are getting a bit more freedom, so that people like BoB can have things like Airplanes, but also have his No Genre mixtape.



    • Anonymous

      well said FCB. idiots on here, i swear



    • Anonymous

      ludacris-fantasy, nas, oochie wally, common-the light, jadakiss-can't stop me...method man-all i need, snoop-beautiful yeah i used andre's single, and a kast single as 2 examples,big fuckin deal..go shake your head in a corner herb. point is, plenty of hot mc's have made radio tracks.

    • Anonymous

      just examples of radio hits.

    • anon

      did he REALLY just use andre3k and Outkast as two, distinct examples? smh, retard.

    • Anonymous

      i love how you retards say a radio track is gy and just judge an artist off it. izzo, ms jackson, juicy, hey ya, how do you want it.... so, jay, outkast, biggie, andre3k, pac... guess all them weren't hiphop. odd future is trash


    This has caused some of you to actually listen to Tyler's music. Mission accomplished from his point of view.

  • Anonymous

    u are all dick riding faggot's

  • yugang

    Here is what i dont get about tyler tho.....how is it that he hates airplanes and pop shit that is repetitive, have the same chord progression and techno synths within the beats......but likes justin bieber???? nigga.....does bieber & his music not apply to the shit he hates...i mean his songs & the beats sound just like everything else that tyler seem to hate. That shit is beyond me.

    • I

      Take a few seconds out of your day after reading this and go to dictionary.com. Now type in "sarcasm" and search for it. Read the definition of that word and memorize it please.

  • Mike Meraz

    B.O.B cannot touch Tyler the creator. I just started listening to Tyler and he's pretty dope. Not bad. He's right "Airplanes" is wak as fuck. I thought B.O.B was gonna be a breathe of fresh air in the game but he sold his soul, as cliche as it sounds lol. Same with Wale but Wale is just now realizing what he did and he's trying to get a refund. lol. And Lupe was shoplifted of his Soul lol with Lasers but I think he starting to realize how much that item meant to him. Run after that shyt Lupe!! lol Damn I got off topic like I got A.D.D. well I guess everyone does nowadays.

    • Mike Meraz

      WTF man dog I hope you get hit by a car today with your lame ass. Fucking faggot. Don't comment on my shit if your gonna be negative you fucking hater. Go bump your Gucci you pussy ass keyboard warrior

    • Nunya

      you know what's "wak as fuck? Clowns that lol after their own cornball statements. Hiphopdx done fell off cause of retards like you. You ain't funny nigga, you stupid and so are your opinions. Lol? You a goofy fuck, go bump some Miley Cyrus and stfu.

  • big D

    This s**** is tight but This aint touching my click from the south DALLAS TX, Lyricist Lounge. OFWGKTA from the West coast cant touch this. HOLLA BACK TYLER http://www.youtube.com/user/ovidmedia#p/u/15/rURgGM2B6I4

  • Ice T

    fuck this faggot tyler....get dat niggas teeth fixed...looks like 50 cents crack baby

  • Anonymous

    B.o.B. has always been able to spit that hard, harder even. Guy is multi-talented, and yet gets hate coz a single blew up. Simply, I just stopped listening to the radio and MTV etc. so I don't really get over-exposed to the pop shit. It's not that difficult to avoid a song if you don't like it, really.

  • dave

    If you think about it the airplanes and love the way you lie comment is a shot at Alex Da Kid. and its true all his songs have the same fucking drum pattern

  • Rain

    Just downloaded bastard just to see what all the talk is about. and I have to say that album is better than B.O.B and I think Tyler a better rapper too, even though he weird as shit. Bob is good but he's kinda corny.

  • Anonymous

    Y'all on here acting like this niggas music is changing the game. The shit odd future is doing has already been done many times before with better production might I add.

    • Treezy

      No bruh, We're not stating that music and life and shit gonna change. Just the simple fact that this new nigga tyler is better than b.o.b. in my opinion

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    B.o.B. > Tyler, the Creator

  • poison i

    just wondering... why the fuck does this nigga capitalize every single word in his tweets? LOL

  • SupaDupa

    gotta giv Tyler props for handling the situation like a man. But would murk his Dumb ass lol

  • BaY

    Its an obvious diss Tyler. B.O.B. came at you for your weak ass diss line now its your turn dont be surprised now he's on the same label as T.I. who killed lil flip and shawty lo's career b.o.b. has the skills to do the same dont bitch out after you was going all hard just a month ago

  • SilkyJohnson

    i fucks with tyler hard, but if he didnt know bob could spit like this then he obviously dont know about my dude bobby ray. BOB is one talented ass rapper, period.

  • Shawn Van Gogh

    So I just checked out the diss song, airplanes and then yonkers and I side with original hip hop over pop music any day, b.o.b's style and flow is very basic.

  • waka

    i dont think tyler is intentionally trying to start shit. the yonkers line was just an empty jab. i think tyler knows hes more than capable to killin bob on a track according to his twitter: "i feel sad when i step on snails. fuck". he's keeping shit subtle...i think tyler is playing it off well though, actually not trying to start anything

  • zrich

    He never heard BoB spit like that because he stays listenening to the radio so he can have more shit to complain about & make fun of. Anybody who has heard any of BoB's mixtapes knows he can spit like this.



  • Hooligan

    Fuck a wolf gang. Whatever his name is. He tryin to be mainstream by dissin' 2 of the hottest artists out there...B.O.B and Bruno. He hate mainstream deep down, he want to b mainstream. Do your research. B.O.B would annihilate this dude.

  • Ramnjit Singh Boparai

    I know what Tyler the Creator is doing, new age Emcees really didnt want it to come down to this...we gave poppy mainstream shit their chance with a middle ground stance but they were too greedy with it, now they own it all. So in response, we're goin after every mainstream motherfucker, even if they may be somewhat tight or were tight, attacking all those motherfuckers is the only way the hip-hop resurrection movement is gonna have a meaningful impact.

    • white milk

      LoL! who da fuk is we? who r u? who is tyler? i swear some of y'all are delusional. just bc OF has built up a small fanbase does not mean they (or their type of music) is about to tak eover the game. man leave it be. just listen to what you like. hip hop will never be what is was. it has expanded and grown into something much bigger and many ppl (including a lot of artists) like it this way. on top of that even if OF does blow up this type of music will never take over the hip hop sound again. you may have 1 or 2 groups that manage to make it popular but overall its a dead issue.. it is what it is

  • Vitta305

    It's cuz they all have mostly the same wak ass producers like Skylar Green!

  • SuperGucciRap

    B.o.B sucks major ass. That nigga is gay and wack as fuck. He raps about the same shit faggots like Lupe Fiasco, Drake, Kid Cudi and Wiz Khalifa rap about. All sell out fashion whores trying to be Kanye West who sucks dick as well. Gucci Mane and Justin Bieber are the best rappers of all time. It's Gucci Time!

    • Anonymous

      if u think that waka flocka and gucci mane are the best rappers ever then u must b mentally disabled and u probably typed ur comment from a wheelchair

    • YOkusho

      my brain only allows me to accept that you are being sarcastic. if you are being serious that is above my comprehension.

    • Anonymous

      ppl take too much acid out in cali apparently. i think OF is ill as fuck and Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler r two of the tightest out right now. but i don't agree with their views on who is the best at all.to say that Justin Beiber is one of the best rappers is actually jsut hilarious. Biggie is turning in his grave right now smh

    • Ramnjit Singh Boparai

      lololol ok

  • CiscoKidd409

    I'm disappointed at these reactions. All hip hop fans do now is complain about how poppy rap is and shit and OF comes in and fucks shit up and people get all mad. He wasn't necessarily dissing BOB he was dissing Airplanes and Nothin Like You. Shit I bought BOB's album cause I was looking forward to it and I listened to it alot, but OF is fucking dope and when that's my favorite part of Yonkers when he throws that shot. He was dissing poppy rap not BoB. Shit, if anything we should be THANKING TYLER for bringing back the mixtape BoB for a day.

  • uh oh

    haha this dudes playin wit fire throwin out an Em song like that... he better be careful dont care how poppy the song is shady will end ur career with 16 bars


    C'mon man don't say one thing and then try to take it back. Don't say 'Fuck BOB' and then try to make nice because you're scared of getting eaten alive because no one knows who Odd Future is. I don't like either of them but if start beef fucking finish it. Too many pussies in the game now. Fuck it, burn the bridge and battle it out.

  • guerilla jones

    i promise they ll be gone before next year,if anyone is co signing its because its fashionable to do so,they are worse then worse lol its gives hope to the talentless

    • Pico Presi

      I am Derek Fisher of the Los Angeles lakers and I approve this message. I dunno why I said that, its from all those kids banners he has on hip hop blogs. lol. but yea your absolutely right sir.

  • Anonymous

    That guy looks like a fucking baboon and probably raps like one too.

  • 1984

    You area all a bunch of stupid ass idiots. He gave him credit for makin a dope diss track. OMFG he didnt respond!!!! He actually wants to make his career and his crew legitimate instead of riding a beef with an already established artist. Get off that beef shit. Shit is old and dumb. If it takes a nigga like tyler to spit some shit so that B.O.B will spit like he didnt before he released his LP then I am all for it. Its competition thats all it is folks. You all make Hip-hop out to be a fuckin soap opera. He aint tucking his legs He's just pointing out an actual FAT ( both about the music sounding like the same shit over and over and the fact the B.O.B went in with his verse) good shit. looking forward to more music from both of these artists.

  • Gucci Mane

    Mayne deze clownz don't know wutz comin soon, mista zone six ITS GUCCI TIME

  • The Devil

    are yall saying that Kanye, Mos Def, Questlove, Steve Rifkind, Lupe, GZA, are all stupid for co-signing these dudes. they are the future of hip hop. there hasnt been a buzz like this for any new artist in a long time

    • Anonymous

      Buzz pffft I just heard about these niggas and I know I stay current. People need to be pushing the TopDawg movement out there (Kendrick Lamar and them) but I respect what these cats are doing though OF are pretty dope.

  • The Devil


  • The Devil

    Tyler The Creator >>>> B.O.B

  • Tyler who

    Not a huge fan of B.O.B but he is way more talented then this odd future bullshit. Look at this dude talking about chord progessions like he even knows what that is. Tyler's production sounds like shit, and fuck cares if the chord progression is the same there's a shit load of songs with the same chord progression and there's a reason for that. The more i read about how stupid and gimmicky this group is the more I just smh. This dude thinks he's 50 cent trying to start beef with established artist to help promote their name.

    • Blusky

      @YO!... of course he didnt tweet word for word that "he was gonna bitch out" that doesnt even make sense for you to say that... Let me ask yall a question... pls answer this. out off all these records below did one emcee after getting dissed first respond by complimenting the guy who dissed them??? 1. Common to Cube "The bitch in you" 2. DJ Quik to Eiht "Dollars and Sense" 3. KRS one to Shan "The bridge is over" 4. Canibus to LL, Eminem to Benzino "Nail the Coffin" Nas to Jay "Ether", etc. I could go on and on... Answer this, in one of these situations after getting dissed, did the emcee who got dissed jump in the media and compliment the other guy first before responding on record!? HELL NO and thats a hip hop sin to me. and if you try to argue this, check the history books...

    • YO!

      @Blusky where in those tweets does it say tylers gonna be the bitch and back down from what he started?! just cause he said the song was tight doesnt mean hes not working on a diss record right now as we speak. dont take his kindness for weakness nigga. tylers gonna bust back no doubt. plus his line in 'yonkers' kills b.o.b's whole diss song anyway. b.o.b is too polite and not angry enough to make a diss thats why he didnt call any member of odd future out by name in the song were just assuming hes talking about them

    • Anonymous

      tyler dont even wipe his own ass so why would he lets his fans and he raps about doing coke but hes straigtedge!

    • this fuckin guy

      @Blusky LMAO backs off? first off that diss wasnt even a real diss cuz bob was dissing them indirectly like jay-z instead of calling them out by name and nigga the song just dropped today, give tyler some time to make a diss song back goddamn fool he cant make that shit like 5 hours after b.o.b diss dropped. hes not backing out just cuz he said he liked the song, he was just being honest its an alright song compared to the mainstream bullshit he thought bob was all about. he still says he hates the airplanes song. and yes tyler the creator is inspired by eminem hes stated it before in an interview, thats one of the few artists hes got respect for

    • Blusky

      @ TheDevil, "they say shit for shock value. people need to do their research before they talk shit." First off, if thats true that kinda reminds me of a guy... hmmm... I think his name is Marshall something or nother. i dunno. Secondly this guy talks shit then totally backs off like nothin happens when BOB responds with a record. Come on son thats MAD CORNY!!!!!!!!!!! And just like I said, the tyler fans (aka lupe fans on Steroids) would come in to wipe Tyler's ass.. smh.

    • TheDevil

      he's not starting beef. he talks shit about every artist. "Stab Bruno Mars in his goddamn esophagus" they say shit for shock value. people need to do their research before they talk shit.

    • blusky

      AGREED. and this guy tyler has the nerve to talk about coming at Kanye for the best emcee/producer crown. GTFOH! come out with a real studio album first, let it be an undeniable classic, go platinum, sell out some stadiums then talk Tyler.. He's not even better than some of the other newer emcees. i.e. Blu, Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul.

  • Rick

    ima give this dude props just for saying "Actually, All The Music Now Days Have The Same Chord Progression, With That Dumbass Techno Synth" word'em UP!

  • Ado Cob

    b.o.b > (tyler) cubed, to the fourth degree.

  • Ammo

    Damn sounds like Tyler tucked his tail and took his kick ball home to mumm. This nigga tried to change the subject lol like man that was tight and.... this music industry makes some sorry beats. Then he hop on a track like RZA from the Gravedigga days. hahahahah. what a fuggen tool.

  • Brian Heim

    lol im surprised tyler backed down. wise of him, tho

  • Hmm

    Why does it look like B.O.B. is about to snap his fingers and say "heeeeyyy girl" in the pic?

  • Pico presi

    Man I must say, I am annoyed at this OFWGKTA stuff. I dont see these niggas songs on any of the blogs Im on and cant really get a grasp on the music except for that video where he eating roaches, throwing up and hangin himself but his fans stay thats avanguard! GTFOH!! Its like these niggas is too cool to be out there with they music. And this skinny ass nigga stay talkin shit with his 1Million Dominion Followers (aka tyler fans). These are turning out to be the worst most bias fans since lupe fans. I mean, he could fart on a track the whole time and his fans would defend it! SMH**

    • Anonymous

      fuck 2dopeboyz and fuck nahright

    • Anonymous

      you dont see their music on the blogs you read because the bloggers banned that shit because they diss them in their songs for not posting their shit when they were trying to come up

  • Golf Wang

    To all you pussies who still listen to B.o.B. suck my dick. hes too busy making club shit to be a real rapper anymore.

    • guerilla jones

      you want a dude to suck your dick?i guess that what these new cats are on,odd future for real!

    • pico presi

      Why are tyler fans so angry, defensive, and hyper sensitive to any...? These fans is like cult followers. lol. U will proly respond to this with a... "Go to hell, fuck your mother, I hate ur kids, or ur a faggot!" So go ahead let your Wolf Gang light shine bright for the world to see.. bwhahahahahah..

    • Anonymous

      Awwww B.O.B. must've broke your heart. Go drown your sorrows in a big glass of downy. The pain will go away shortly.



  • Anonymous

    who the fuck is tyler the creator? let him go crawl back u nder the rock from where he came

  • Anonymous

    he does have a point though

  • Anonymous

    I wish we had some news about some good better relevant artists. Some de la soul tribe called quest shit. That shit is gone with the wind. These days music it's like these musicians are out to get you, with their wackness. I want nun to do widdit son!

    • Anonymous

      I was being sarcastic, de la soul and tribe have already had their careers. Their time in the music industry is over. But what I am saying is, we don't have that rawness or greatness anymore. B.o.B is a pop star, a main stream media dude, cool society need em but I don't, most of the time. And you can say this guy ain't cookie cutter cuz he's so weird and "creative" but I think he is, all he is doing is saying shit that has shock value and cool the beat on yonker's was good, I'm past that though.

    • Meh

      These artists are relevant because the shit they do. If they're rapping off the record, they both bring it. "Some de la soul tribe called quest shit." You and I know the masses don't care.

    • Kashif Ilyas

      nothing wack here dude. sorry bob went pop with his album, but the dude can really spit. and Tyler, the Creator is a rising star. he is a genius producer and a good emcee. he spits some real hard lyrics and the content is VERY different, but in a really good way. check the Yonkers track by Tyler. that shit got me excited about his music.

    • joshb

      no it doesnt mean there "better" cuz there relevant or if theyre gold..........and if u think odd future n BOB are better then de la soul and tribe, then that says alot about your music taste, and u have not a chance in the music industry.

    • Anonymous

      Then leave. Both those groups are doing nothing, hence why they aren't making news. I mean they're on the grind, yeah, but what have they actually done? "Today De La Soul is still the infamous group from the '80s. They're awesome." That's true, and that's cool, but that ain't news.

    • Meh

      Not sure what world you're living in, but one of these artists just recently went Gold with their debut album and the other is gaining praise from other "relevant" artists. That sounds like some "good better relevant artists" to me.

  • Hip-HOP been dead

    Fuck both these niggas. The airplanes bullshit was like spitting in the face of hip-hop especially with that dirty white whore on the hook same sad ass songs that sound alike but yet they get nominated for all the awards. Damn shame

  • Austin Mayle

    someone please tell this nigga that you don't pop off shots first, then try to act like shit is cool when someone fires back. it's even worse that he responded on twitter and actually said that song was dope. then says in a seemingly calm tone that mainstream beats are wack as if everyone doesn't already know. take this advice: RESPOND. walk you ass to the studio, take 20 minutes to make a non-wack beat, take another 10-20 to write a diss, spit that shit, release it. you already called him out there is no turning back.

    • Malcolm J. William Ault

      you kidding man? that BOB diss was soft. All Tyler has to do is keep making people like Mos Def and Kanye go nuts and make BOB look like a whiny bitch.

  • Anonymous

    wat the hell is a odd future anyway like my boy said keep talkin ish in I BET HE BUST

  • Wiley

    Lol I fucks with them both but Im liking this nigga tyler (no homo) because he just say what he feels.....Keeping it g. Real about maintream music...everything sound the same

  • Anonymous

    $WonDough$ has an odd past with a bright future

  • Ha

    So he should go blame Alex Da Kidd lol.

  • O

    thats why I like Tyler, he talks about the MUSIC. And he's right , LOL, someone needs to say that shit about every song being the same damn song. Its a conspiracy.

    • Anonymous

      LOL ye , and its always rihana and katy perry, they in it together. and russell brand too you know that crazy fuck is involved

  • afaffa

    if he's never heard b.o.b. spit like that he really needs to do his homework before he disses....i like tyler but bob would murk him

  • Jason Isaac Rubin

    hip hop dx fuckin up AGAIN please actually get music journalists not fucking kids im done with this site of lame writters

  • MellowHype

    I hope he make another diss. Odd future is the shit none of that gay mainstream techno shit that tyler mentions in those tweets just some ill beats & rhymes. thats what hip hops all about. im glad he brought that chord progression shit to light cuz everybody needs to realize that not just the underground heads. WONG GANG FUCK THEM ALL!

  • Rere

    But....it wasn't a diss. I can't stand these misleading headlines. Again...it wasn't a diss.

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