50 Cent and Ja Rule Revisit Beef Again, On Twitter

50 and Ja renew their longstanding feud with a few choice words through Twitter.

Although this is not the first time 50 Cent and Ja Rule had a Twitter war of words, the two more recently spoke ill of one another in a discussion around Ja Rule's tax troubles. After Ja Rule plead guilty to tax evasion, 50 Cent retweeted a fan's joke at the expense of Rule. In return, Ja Rule sent a shot back and the Twitter feud ensued.

Lol RT @YouCantBSerious: Ja Rule pleads guilty to tax evasion aww this is the biggest headline for Ja since @50cent destroyed his career.less than a minute ago via ÜberSocial

This nigga @50cent talking can Sombody tell this clown he aint HOT no more lol...less than a minute ago via TwitBird

Later, the two continued their feud by speaking ill of one another. Rule went on to discuss 50 Cent's singing, while 50 responded with comments about no one caring about Rule's career and adding that he is playing "chess." 

Don't worry about my tax issue there gonna pay that 1.1 mil... most of u niggas can't pay your phone bill lmao #WINNING STILLless than a minute ago via TwitBird

These fools never play chess. I remind people how stupid they are before every project and they just bite the bait. LMAOless than a minute ago via ÜberSocial

This Curtis fellow is a real clown clothing line dead sneakers dead album sales been dead and y'all let him talk like he's poppin @50centless than a minute ago via TwitBird

Later, the two began saying they knew of people who would hurt the other emcee physically.

Man some body just told me they waiting for little man to hit rikers island. They gone scratch him wit dat razor. LMAOless than a minute ago via ÜberSocial

Somebody just told me they gonna give the monkey a new dimple!!!less than a minute ago via TwitBird


  • Anonymous

    I heard they are giving the monkey a new dimple!lmfao

  • 9Science

    C'mon, are we forgetting that 50 survived 9 shots. You couldn't survive 1 and you think the nigga who shot him is still alive. 50 can afford to put a mill on any ones head. 50 may have had some lack luster album sales from his last releases but Ja has'nt even gone gold since 2005.

    • Anonymous

      Bitch ass nigga

    • Big

      50 cent sounds like a bit*h "AAHHHH i got shoot NAAAIN TAAAAMZ I GOT SHOOT NINE TIMES"50 got shoot because he dissed nas and the streets wanted to get rid of his ass, getting shoot infront of your own house is the highest form of disrespect LOL,... This n*gga needs to pull down the shirt

    • Big

      50 cent sounds like a bitch "AAHHHH i got shoot NAAAIN TAAAAMZ I GOT SHOOT NINE TIMES"50 got shoot because he dissed nas and the streets wanted to get rid of his ass, getting shoot infront of your own house is the highest form of disrespect LOL,... This n*gga needs to pull down the shirt

    • aaaa

      50 cent sounds like a bitch "AAHHHH i got shoot NAAAIN TAAAAMZ I GOT SHOOT NINE TIMES"50 got shoot because he dissed nas and the streets wanted to get rid of his ass, getting shoot infront of your own house is the highest form of disrespect LOL,... This nigga needs to pull down the shirt

  • Woodruf

    somebady better tell tha punk 50, rich men dont wann see death nomore...so he should lock that tap mouth of his running.

  • Anonymous

    I'm surprise how grown ass men can act like grown ass kids.................. Talking bout Ja and 50. peace..........

  • Anonymous

    its funny how these gangsters use LMAO and LOL

  • Anonymous

    JA do ya thang and keep ya head up...June 7th RP and PIL2..fuck a hater

  • Milan Ray

    50 cent is a million times cooler than jah

  • J90

    Does anyone actually care?

  • Adam J-Boogie Amin

    Ja Who?? 50 what?? who cares. On to the next one.

  • 123ABC

    The whole world knows america aint shit, they're the laughing stock of the world...lol...stupid idiot cunt-ry...you people need to wake up and smell the roses

  • Anonymous

    lol @ all you faggets saying real men dont beef on twitter. So fif and ja aint real, so they're just imaginary are they? Dickheads...Men who can afford a computer and the internet are real...the rest of you homo bums still stuck in the street aint shit and everyone knows it. Yous act like the hood is the place to be when really you all want to get out. So stop talking shit you bitch ass niggas

    • Anonymous

      50 is doing his thing and making money you idiot!

    • looooool

      Whats so cool about 50 cent? he took his name from a street nigga - Ja rule beat the shit out of him in a club-,50 cent is a snitch-50 cent is working on a model magazine and wearing gay clothes,

  • Nico 3

    MG I don't want to sound like Ja's publicist here, but the dude had like 10 albums (8 solo and 2 collabo's). We can sit here all day listing the flop singles both of these dudes have had, more so 50 over the past several years (Curtis had plenty), but instead, let's just agree to disagree and see who gets an album out next and let the music speak for itself.

  • Jeffery Huricane Joseph

    follow me on twitter @eastatlantakush , twitter beefs are wack..

  • Fly Away

    lmao these are 2 grown men smh follow me on twitter @fspflyaway




      hahahaha did he fuck your girl friend? or have you met him in person? Kidz of this generation are fools!!!

  • koolaid

    7 june! Support this album

  • Row

    If i see fifty cent walkin around queens without a guard ima beat the shit outta that monkey, I never liked his music

  • The MG

    To you guys that replied, you completely missed the point of what I was trying to say. None, I repeat, none of Ja Rule's albums put a great impact like GRODT did. I don't hear no one talking about any Rule album today (excluding the Internet). People still mention GRODT because of its huge impact on hip hop. Phadiga, you're just going to keep kissing Ja Rule's ass, so I'll leave you alone. @ me, of course everyone wants THAT 50 back, so do I, but that's not what I was talking about. Nico, he put out a shitload of albums? He's not KRS-One. And I believe The Massacre was also a big album. They turn a deaf ear on his music? What kind of a lame ass excuse was that? No one cares about Rule anymore. He had his time. If they still cared, his songs would still be playing on the radio. That Uh-Oh song would've been a huge hit, but nothing happened. Watch him release a single and it has no impact on the charts. That's why his upcoming albums are going to flop. Word up!

    • phadiga

      The real question is how old where you wen jah was shining? hahaha there goes another one...

    • The MG

      Typical response. I'm not a 50 Cent fanboy, I'm just saying what I think needs to be said. And of course all of Ja Rule's ass kissers have to say something else. If Uh Oh was such a huge hit like you're saying, then why didn't he release The Mirror? That song only got radio play for like a month, maybe, and died out very quickly. After that, nothing...

    • Ghettostar

      What the fuck are you talking about you ignotant little fuck Uh oh was played on radio everyday back in 2007,.You are one of those Feminem 50 cents fanboys Go back and listen to whacka flocka souilja boy and 50 cent,

  • James Vega

    Awwww... All this tension just let's you know they're gonna fuck soon

  • manimo187

    aw man they're so cute... fuck, real fellow don't beef on internet...

  • 999999999999666666666666

    50 cent looks like carl winslow from family matters, they both cops Haha

  • govenda

    get the f*ck off twitter and write some damn music

  • xripperx

    would these two just fuck and get it over with?

  • Anonymous

    hip hop heads don't follow silly beefs

  • Anonymous

    they're both lame. beef is played out( in terms of trying to sell albums to those who are not hip hop heads but follow mainstream rap closely ala 50 vs ja rule, Nas vs Jay-z),50 cent obviously doesn't understand. Ja must have really pulled some strings recently none of what he said was false but he shouldn't be talking

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule should go H.A.M

  • Ice T

    fuck dat gay nigga curtis....aint he soulja boys sugar daddy

  • The Wigger Hater

    This shit is funny! Y'all getting mad because these guys talking shit over the internet. Most of you already do that and you're comments sound way more stupider(ex:dick rider,nuthugger etc) and argue about stupid shit. YOU FUCKIN HYPOCRITES LOL


    these 2 monkeyz always been lame, i never bought none of their material, my taste is too grown for these children. smh those that bought their material, u just as lame as them nigga

  • Anonymous

    Two grown man beefing on twitter? It's such a shame. Hip Hop isn't what it used to be. Two disgraces to the history of rap are posting shit against each other on TWITTER. No wonder you have to make it that way, if your skills can't hold it down for a good diss track. LMAO @ these poor attempts at disses in the past from these two.

    • Anonymous

      "hip hop aint what it used to be" shit if i had a dime..... think for a second. is anything like it used to be u dumbass? this aint the 80's 90's damn.

  • Nico 3

    MG Not like it matters, but for the sake of debate, Ja Rule used to routinely go platinum (3x on one of his early efforts), and has put out a shitload of albums. 50 is famous for one, count em, one album. Big deal it sold 8 or whatever # of millions. The industry and hip hop fans hate this dude with a passion. In contrast, nobody hates Rule. They just turn a deaf ear to his music because they think that's what their supposed to do. If he would have just released The Mirror way back as planned and continued rapping, he would have be fine.

  • lmaooooooo

    lmao @ the fact that they're insulting each other through twitter.

  • Anonymous

    two 35 year old rappers be fightin on fucken twitter...this shit serious? grow up.

    • Simple like ABC, 123

      Co-Sign 50: you a monkey ja: ohh, you stupid 50: fail ja: your album not sale 50: your career is over ja: I pay my tax 50: "I get money, money I got" ja: haha, "i'm from New York, New York" 50: i'm the king since BIG ja: no no, you like the 25 50: you suck ja: I hit Ashanti 50: I hit Paris Hilton ja: ohh, fuckin bastard 50: fuck your mom ja: hey, shut up 50: haha Just WOW!!!

  • The MG

    LOL @ Ja Rule saying that 50 isn't hot anymore. True, 50 lost his edge after The Massacre, but Rule's himself hasn't been hot since like 03/04. And Get Rich or Die Tryin > Rule's career. Seriously, Rule's albums just came and went. GRODT not only had a big impact when it was released but it stood the test of time. It's still talked about today in conversations about post-2000 classic albums. It even went 8x platinum like a few weeks ago. Name a Rule album that's done that. I'll wait...

    • me

      cats only talk about GRODT because they're wondering what happened to THAT 50. Dope album, nonetheless, but cats wishing that 50 would come back.

    • Phadiga

      How would you know it was'nt hot while you were 6years then..fool!

  • hiphopdxORvladtv

    dx.. are you tryin to spread hip hop or beef?

  • haha

    both of these dudes are fake come on a war of words on twitter? real gangsters move in silence

  • the truth

    Ja Rule discography >>>>>>>>> 50 cent discography, plus 50 cent totally dissed Ja for makin girl songs and thats about the only thing 50 cent does, Wack

  • asass

    u faggots stop putting this shit on. if we don't respond they go away. sucking on their dicks dont make u a thug and posting on a 2nd class hip hop website dont make u a thug. go grab a gun a kill someone, otherwise shut the fuck up

  • lilman837

    this is some lame shit. i cant believe these two fools are still havin it out. Im not for either one of these niggas but the last time some shit went down between these two Ja was talkin about killin 50 and Em and 50 both them motha fuckas hired extra bodyguards. Sure 50 known for talkin shit but when he is called to the streets he goes to the police. The nigga filed a restraining order against ja rule the last time they had it out and Em got his white ass on tv talkin about when a gangsta says he going to do something 9 out of 10 times he delivers. So i ask you this if ja rule aint a threat to him why file a restraining order against him.

  • Travis Smith

    You know your a lame ass dude when you get made fun of for being a fake thug in a video game. Remember Jeffery from GTA: San Andreas??? nuff said

  • Jay.R

    Two lame ass rappers who have had a couple good songs in their whole career. Fif a child though.

  • Anonymous

    are this 2 grown adults or children? Grow the fuck up you faggots

  • Dap

    Both if these ni66as are homo thugs. Real ni66as handle business man to man not on twitter like two 8th grade girls. FYI-any ni66a who beefs on twitter is NOT GANGSTA PERIOD!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Hanging on the streets and settling your problems behind the scenes aint gangsta either...its LOSER!!!! Fuckin dickheads...if a gangsta can afford a computer and jump on twitter, aint nothing wrong with that you One minded stupid cunt...

  • keeponfallin

    ja wanted attention he get it. 50 aint hot no more but ja rule aint too.

  • yayeeezy

    Lmfaoooo.. He's gonna get the pipe

  • Ja Rule

    I can wait for someone to play bongo drums on my buttcheeks!

  • ExFan


  • ts5000

    50 cent is a clown who can't rap keep ya head up ja can't wait to hear those new albums june 7th the rule is back

  • Nico 3

    Ja is facing 5 years and he's having a tweet war??? Dude, Fiddy is baiting you from the set of one of his movies. Show some integrity and just let it go.

  • Brian Heim

    immature as fuck

  • webbo

    I'm sick of yall dissin the south. yea some of dem niggaz is weak but they got soul in their music and if you don't get it, roll the fuck on. That's for the boy Pimp C. yall can miss the south with yall bullshit i got love for the east and the west I don't like every rapper. Stop compiling all southern rappers together. fake ass niggas get ya paper straight, u haters!

  • aaaaaa

    50 cent is a monkey

  • Anonymous

    Both of these clowns can suck a fat dick. Arguing like lil school bitches on twitter. Cmon son!!

  • AnonymousUser

    LMAO @ 50 & Ja. Enjoy readin' their drama sometimes. Ja can't even touch Fif, he ain't got power no mo. But 50, he def know ppl up in Rikers. 50 got dem connects, son. Ja gonna get touched real good. Ja a weak bitch, he broke as fukk, we all know they just playin' wif each other n e way!! 50 just gotta call up ol' Sugar Lips up in the pen and make a real nice date with Ja!! Hahaha.. but I'm playin'.. wish these cats the best instead of all this silly azz drama.

  • CJF

    Ja had his run for a few years then 50 had his. Both them niggas have fell off now except Curtis was way more smarter about his money and investing.

    • Anonymous

      you bitches need to wake up. Music is just a stepping stone...it's far from the top of the mountain...Fif is one the greatest rappers ever for what hes accomplished outside of music...you weak haters need to grow the fuck up...

    • Afi Keita James

      Too bad 5-0 is not so smart on making music and respecting the genre, cause he has pretty much destroyed U.S. hip-hop's ultimate respect.

  • Jay Gonzalez

    Somebody just told me they gonna give the monkey a new dimple!!! ...damn.

    • phadiga

      hahahahaha dat ish made ma day!!!! Giv d monkey another dimple.....

    • UnknownUser

      Pssfff.. the Pac imitator.. oops, my bad, I mean "Ja Rule" can't do shit anymore, Internet dude. He ain't got power, nothin'.. Ja just gonna sit up in prison and hope one of Fif's goons ain't gonna touch his azz. Nigga be hidin' under the covers every night now!!

  • Jeremy Orr

    this is strictly entertainment!! #promo

  • jessnpcola

    50 and em definatley chased ja out of music and benzino out of the source.source even had it on there cover no longer with benzino.ya'll need to go back and listen to the songs.Ja go sing some r+b to your cellmate

    • Waldo

      Do you wanna know smoething funny 50 cent tryed to cop ja rules style when he made candy shop , 50 cent is on ja rules dick,,,,,,,50 cent a snitch 50 is a wanksta,I love eminem and ja rule but 50 cent is a CLOWN he is the most hated rapper in the streets 50 cant play basketball in queens without a body guard, the game and ja rule fucked him up

  • Moses Esan

    They are like KIDS. SMH


    clown azz dudes what city are the from?? but yall wanna talk down on the south when yall got lames like these two dudes down south we get money and spread luv

    • Anonymous

      Fuck that, the only time i go down south is if shes clean, never to listen to music!...Ain't nobody wanna hear that lame repetitive weak chorus and beat bullshit. Catch up mothrfuckaz. Oh, and the only southern rapper thats hot is Yelawolf!...


      thats shit kills me cause every time someone talks down on the south they dis everybody except of the same three luda,outkast,face im like they cool but dont nobody be bumpin no damn luda hes nice on guest spots but his whole album nah it kills me that they never point out the wack azz eastcoat rappers its funny how manio/mimms names be never brought up its wack rappers every where thats the point its just wack new york rappers dont get no love while these wack azz down south dudes all on the radio an be havin the clubs goin wild we all grew up on eastcoast rap so just chill

    • EddieMurrrphy

      i'm from new england. and that gritty new york boom bap will always have a special place in my heart. it will be the blueprint of hip hop sounds in my book. but i got mad love for southern rappers and hip hop music everywhere. i literally have everyone's albums from everywhere in the usa. i cried when pimp c died cause he had barely been out. that is a helluva rapper. those all are all mainstream cats though (the ones your faggot's faggot mentioned and the one i mentioned) there is mad ill hip hop of all kinds comin out of there cunninlyguists justus league crew little brother count bass d and many more too many to mention for a clown anyway. at least peep earlier three six mafia chpt. 2 era, before they stretched their assholes as wide as they could


      an thats your reply kick rocks

    • your father's father

      down south, you get money and spread love... exactly!! you can do that all day. as far as rap, all ya garbage. buck, tip & luda are probably the only down south rappers that can actually rap. the rest... just mumble garbage over a bass heavy beat. i bet ja rule's album will be better than like 90% of the garbage you guys drop. and this is coming from someone who thinks ja rule is garbage too lmao

  • 55555

    50 cent is a internet Gangsta,,,,Ja rule is a street cat

  • hhhh

    Yee i heard about that incident when ja rule beatdashit out of curtislol..I heard a cople of tracks on his new album DOPE!

    • Anonymous

      fif will beat the living shit outta rule! Ja won the fight in the past due to weapons...Ja is literally like 4 feet tall, my sister would whoop his ass. Here in New Zealand we laugh at u american bitch ass niggaz ...lol...u all talk out your assess to much

    • lilman837

      @ avatar, what the fuck does size have to do with anything. I have seen some of the biggest guys get knocked the fuck out by guys that were smaller than them.

    • hhhh

      JA rule is a goofy strong man, and i don't think the snitch 50 is that strong Fat joe wanted to fight that monkey but the monkey said no.

    • Edi Kajmolli

      yo man thats physically impossible... 50 a big dude compared to Ja Rule theres no way Ja could ever beat his ass

  • Biggie smalls soul

    I remember when Ja rule was beating @50cents ass he was curled up under the track board like a BIAICH lmao!!!..And for all u haters 50 cent didnt kill jas career Ja retierd 2004 after the R.U.L.E album and became anactor ,and now hes coming back with 2 hot albums I KNOW that jah is going to sell more records than snitchy cents ass before 2015

    • UnknownUser

      Hey yo, why you disgracin' Biggie with that clown ass username? Stickin' up for a fake ass bitch like the fake 2Pac.. I mean "Ja Rule"? Hahahaha.. how does Ja dick taste? 50 killed Ja way back.. and Em came back to body it completely!! So, LMAO @ "ja rule retired".. of COURSE he retired, he had Em & 50 help!! Hahahaha. Funny ass commenters here.. I guess somebody gotta stand up for Ja here, way 2 go.

    • Biggie smalls soul

      LMFAO ROyce da 59 made a freestyle about that spoiled brat so did everlast... this is gangsta rap you can say whatever you want however you want, I like eminem But he sucked when he was beefing with jah he was rapping about jas drugg problems and shit and he signed d12 and obie trice to make diss tracks HAHA,


      yeah just like em ended benzenio career but when the fuck did he have a career?? ja was already on his way out with all that singin shit but if you g-unit/em fans wanna give them props for ending those two an not ross/wayne/cam or who ever shit go ahead

    • cccccccc

      lmao all of u r wrong jefferys career ended when he was stupid enough to fuck with em and talk about his daughter thats when em tore him a new asshole so did busta and dmx and 50 cent... Lmao jefferys ass has been torn up more than a homo in sanfran


      nah my b i was co-signing

    • Biggie smalls soul

      Before 2004? 2004 is the year ja rule made "Nigga im from new york" but the snitch didn't end his career thaz some bullshit,like i said ja rule retired he said it in a interview back in 1999 "ima make 5 albums and take a break "


      i always said that ja career was over b4 that but they wann give 50 props for that he got all that money but he lame

  • j

    you guys will always be losing. Money does not make you a winner, record sales do not make you a winner. ya'll gonna celebrate these dudes in their mid thirties for serving jail sentences, arguing on the internet and suggestions ill will towards each other?

  • daddy

    Get over it. but at least this is online instead of on the strrets. its "safer"

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