50 Cent's Mansion Listed For Nearly Half Of Original Asking Price

Unable to sell his 52-room mansion in Connecticut, 50 is slashing prices

Apparently the market for a 50,000 square foot, 52 room mansion equiped with an elevator, night club and recording studio is slim these days. After originally asking $18.5 million, Curtis is now selling the Farmington Estate, or the "Playboy Mansion of the East" as he calls it, for a dollar under $10 million.

50 bought the house in 2003 off of Mike Tyson's ex-wife Monica Turner for $4.1 million, who originally asked $25 million. Curtis has reportedly put in improvements and additions costing as much as $6 million. 

The house boats 19 bedrooms across three wings, 25 full baths, 14 powder rooms, several kitchens, an elevator, a fully equipped 3,500 square-foot night club complete with a swing hanging from the ceiling and an adjoining private room for after-hours entertainment. Throw in a recording studio, conference room, home theatre, a billiards room, a racquet ball court, gym, fitness facilities, locker room, an indoor pool with a brick-floor surround and a shooting range.

The house is on more than 17 acres and features a basketball court, with a roofed viewing platform, a tennis court, an infinity pool, backstopped by a landscaped cliff, a hot tub behind a waterfall, a rock grotto and a private helicopter pad. Buyers beware, property taxes run about $100,000 a year.


  • JoeM

    talk about gross excess... but $100,000 a year property tax isn't too bad, at least not for some one like 50, I can only imagine what the maintenance costs are for such a property.. I bet that's why he wants to sell it. LOL. I agree with None, if I was 50 I'd turn that shit into a resort hotel, a clubhouse or something.. build a golf course on those acres voila, more revenue.

  • REAL

    They say 50 is one helluva business man but that was one helluva bad investment. He could of built a brand new home - something more practical and custom made and maybe a little closer to NY than this spot.

  • xripperx

    I'm actually impressed by how real-estate savvy a few of the posters in this thread are (looking at you NONE and UP NORTH).

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    50 Cent, whose given name is Curtis James Jackson III, bought former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson's Farmington, Conn., mansion for $4.1 million. The mansion was most recently owned by Tyson's ex-wife Monica Turner Tyson, who acquired it for $1 as part of their divorce settlement. The house is approximately 50,000 square feet, has 52 rooms, and was bought by Tyson for $2.7 million in 1996 (the same year he knocked out Frank Bruno in the third round to win the WBC heavyweight title in Las Vegas). The security team for 50 Cent met on Monday to discuss plans for his new house. TYSON BOUGHT THE HOUSE FOR 2.7 MILLION AND TYSON'S WIFE SOLD IT TO CURTIS JACKSON FOR 4.1 MILLION!!! HE OVER PAYED AND MOST BUYERS ARE GOING TO KNOW THAT WITHOUT A LOT OF RESEARCH.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      house prices go up in value over time retard, thats how real estate tends to work, my house was $20 000 in the 80's and now its worth $200 000 after 20 years

  • Nico 3

    Maybe Ja can buy it. Then when they tweet, 50 will know where he's at and can come and cut him with that razor.

  • Anonymous

    The day I buy that house is the day that I think it's okay I get pink eye from chillin' the theatre of my 52 room mansion. I wouldn't buy anything off of rapper, especially eh 10 million dollar purchase.

  • NONE stop thinking

    i would buy that shit and turn it into a commercial leasuire centre with a annual membership/ reception room and a hotel there money right there.

  • Ikenna Berkley Jones

    Damn..If i had the money i would by this crib. Well i wanna c how the 50 haters are gonna turn this into a hate...All the nigga wanna do is sell his crib and make a cool 10milli $ Not bad for one of the most hated man in hip hop :)

    • truth spitter

      You will never have the money to "by" this crib, you can't even spell buy. I would be amazed if you could afford 2 chicken sandwiches from mcdonalds or even a chicken wing from kfc;

  • Up North

    The question is: Who needs all that extra shit in the house? For 9 mil, you can get some nicer, more practical, brand new un-lived in shit in a better location. Those types of cribs aren't meant to be sold, only bought once. That would explain the constant depreciation in value. Fif may have got it for a "steal", but somebody's gonna end up getting it for a steal from Fif.

  • joao reis

    this shit aint even news or a new fact about his crib....

    • 4G

      @bobbybrackins are you 50 cent? if so, u are a HORRIBLE rapper!!

    • Bobby Brackins

      Fuck you dumb ass there is news, it says that the house price was reduced. You're just a queer, you probably couldn't see the writing through your bandanna or something you ignorant bastard!

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