Gucci Mane And Master P Make A Movie, Cool & Dre Assist Jagged Edge And RZA Gets Sued

A Kentucky promoter takes issue with RZA, Gucci Mane and Master P star in "Get Money" and Cool & Dre help Jagged Edge with their Slip-N-Slide debut.

According to an exclusive report by, Master P and Gucci Mane will star in a feature film together. The self-proclaimed “Ice Cream Man” and the man with Hip Hop’s infamous ice cream cone facial tattoo will co-star in Get Money. The film is an adaptation of Master P’s book of the same name, and it is being billed as a comedic drama. The collaborative effort features music from Gucci, Master P and Drumma Boy. More information about the film is available at

Veteran producers Cool & Dre will add to their constantly expanding resume with work on R&B quartet Jagged Edge’s upcoming album, The Remedy. Best known for their work with Jermaine Dupri at So So Def, Jagged Edge has since moved to Slip-N-Slide—the former home of Rap acts such as Trina, Rick Ross and Trick Daddy. Cool & Dre will be behind the boards for the track “Lay You Down.” The Remedy drops June 21 and will also feature contributions from Ross and producer Jim Jonsin.

Terry Harper of Louisville, Kentucky alleges that Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA failed to show up at an event Harper claims he prepaid for with a sum of $16,000. According to Harper’s lawsuit, he paid the International Artist Agency wth the understanding RZA would perform at Louisville’s Expo Five on January 5. Harper claims RZA never appeared, causing his event to be poorly attended due to the fact that the Wu-Tang frontman was expected to be the biggest crowd draw. Harper is suing for an undisclosed amount requesting damages for breach of contract, fraud and misrepresentation.



  • Anonymous

    they got the comedic part right.

  • Anonymous

    RZA announced way ahead of the tour that he would not be attending to ANY of the shows, because he was busy filming in Asia. And if that dumbass managed to tag RZA on the tour, then it's his fault. Fucking dumbass.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck master p this nigga a fake thug ball playing ass nigga

    • STRAP

      This got to be a young N!gga.Anybody that knows NEW Orleans and rap knows that Master P grew up in one of the Roughest projects in the World(CP3).And came a long ways even lost a Brother in the Struggle But turnt out to be a very success Multi Million.Can you sell 80 Million Albums?

    • unknown


  • Smartmediaman

    RZA did not attend the show, because RZA is fucking Asia filming his movie "The Man w/ the Iron Fist." Power, RZA's brother, probably set this event up and just simply called it a Wu-Tang show (and it was) just that. Now if the event listed "RZA's" name on the advertising, etc...then that's fucked up. But dude isn't even in the country. Hence, the reason he didn't tour w/ the Clan during their "Re-Birth" tour they did this past winter. Bong Bong!

  • zrich

    Don't know whether or not RZA no-showed that event but even if he did, that's not why it was poorly attended? Fans usually don't know an artists isn't going to be at an event until they are there and the artists doesn't show...


    im gone check for that gucci/P movie when it drop no JD JE will not sale they better get back with JD/the hit maker damn people will pay to see RZA perform

  • jesterdxxl

    Another bullshit rap movie I'm only looking for DMX, Xzibit, Cube & Luda movies not all so don't get it twisted. Jagged Edge are expired... RZA how the fuck you gonna do that to your fans!

  • Scott Yo

    white people on a hip hop website like they black... white people shouldn't have a right to comment on hip hop... hip hop and rap was created by black people... therefor only us blacks can really understand it... hip hop is not for whites really... you see how they make fun of whites acting black (malibu most wanted) vanilla ice ... white people have no rhythem what so ever when they try and dance or move they body like blacks... you ever seen a white boi wit a doo rag on and sagging his pants saying what up my ni!!a ... that shi!!! is to funny.. that shi!! just makes you stupid .... everytime we see a white dude in the hood wit a doo rag on and golds in hiz mouth and sagging his pants everybody starts laughing at him

  • not saying...

    not saying rapping needs to be about drugs, but Gucci man raps about that stupid shit all the time, now P is doing a movie and a song with him. But P going on talk shows and trying to act like a good two shoes is kind of stupid. I guess the movie will be about positive stuff since it's about P getting out of the drug game or something stupid while Gucci helps him, it's going to be gay as shit. This movie will probably make "I Got The Hook Up" look like an oscar worthy movie.

  • There better not be any cussing in the movie P...

    all the shit you talked about rapping doesn't need to be about drugs or cussing, the shitty song that Gucci and you are putting out better be kiddy friendly, seeing as you and Romeo put out a cuss free CD exclusively for Walmart.

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