Lil Wayne Sued By "Lollipop" Producer For $20 Million For Unpaid Royalties

Following Bangladesh and Jim Jonsin's suits, another "Carter III" hit-maker says that he hasn't been paid.

A producer by the name of Deezle, real name Darius Harrison, is in the process of suing rapper Lil Wayne for several tracks Deezle produced for the rapper’s Tha Carter III album.

According to, Deezle claims that he’s owed money for producing the following Tha Carter III tracks: “Lollipop,” “Whip It,” “Prostitute 2,” “Action,” “Mrs. Officer,” and “Let The Beat Build.”

The New Orleans producer states that he’s owed an impressive $20 million, close to a third of the $70 million Tha Carter III made following its release.

Aside from Lil Wayne Deezle has also worked with Yung Joc, Birdman, Tito Puente, Drake, Teena Marie, and more.

Deezle’s lawsuit isn’t the only lawsuit against Lil Wayne that stems from his Tha Carter III album. Producer Jim Jonsin, who co-produced "Lollipop," also sued Lil Wayne and Young Money after not being paid for his contributions on the album. And months after Tha Carter III’s release Lil Wayne was forced to drop the track “Playing With Fire” from the album because of its similarity to the Rolling Stones’ “Play With Fire.” 



  • Big Log

    Let the court settle this, but if that nigga did the work on lil wayne album, he should be paid, it only right man, wayne eat off the track right so can the nigga that help made them eat too.

  • Anonymous

    That's how you stay rich fucking over fuck niggas!

  • street attorney

    CASH MONEY ALWAYS BEEN A DIRTY TEAM..... SHOUTOUT 2 MANNIE FRESH............ BUT I HOPE DUDE GET HIS MONEY, THE GAME FUCKED UP, MIGHT HAVE TO DO SOME STREET WORK ON NEM NIGGAS MAN. they say they gangstazzz, so play by they rules... a nigga dont pay, u make that nigga lay

  • Scott Yo

    white people be thinkin they black 4real... hip hop waz created by black people and it only looks right when a black person does it... every since eminem and yelawolf came in da game ,white people think they black.. if you notice when a white person trys and act black ... it never comes out right... thats because we are born with hip hop in our blood.. as far as eminem goes .. come on yo.. hiz raps are allways about joking or killing his moms , you kno why, because he has no lyrics ,, he has nothing to rap about.. he grew up in 8 mile .. nothing about 8 mile is hood... we blacks could rap for a thousand years and never run out of material.. because we go through the struggle 4 real... not one white dude thats leaving comments on this site lives in the hood... half of you white dudes are malibu most wanteds... you proberly live in a million dollar house wit mom & dad... all i'm saying stop watching B.E.T or MENACE 2 SOCIETY or BOYZ N THA HOOD THINKING YOU BLACK... THAT SHI!!! JUST MAKES YOU LOOK STUPID... YOU SEE how they made fun od vanilla ice 4 trying to be black.... all imma say is ... (sundrop soda commerical) white girl dancing to (drop it like its hot)... that ho had no type of rhythem at all ... she looks so dumb trying to be black... i'm just saying ... white people shouldn't have a right to comment on hip hop ... .. that be like me commenting on country music on cmt site.... i can't relate to that shi!!!!

  • lantz

    yo wayne n birdman do this shit all the time got money olay n skills never seen royalty jim jonsin either but they musta settled wit bangledesh outside of court cuzz of 6foot7foot....i read an artical in xxl bangledesh said he will never work with wayne again....obviously he did but they interviewd several producers claimin baby is a crooked buisnesman so this dont surprise me...but it dont matter if dude co produced er watever they deserve a peice of the pie its just good bizz n if he dope enuff ta get on the carter 3 he dope

  • Bom919

    anndddddd i love calling people out on stupid bullshit so here goes. Lollipop was produced by Jim Jonsin, Prostitute 2 and Whip It was not on the Carter 3. and he CO produced Let the Beat Build with Lil Wayne so what kind of producer is he anyways. Just sayin

    • Anonymous

      and you dont get royalies off songs that dont make the album cuz they not makin you no money but regardless they need 2 pay him wats him

    • @Bom919 #FAIL

      "anndddddd i love calling people out on stupid bullshit so here goes" and yet everything u posted is completely wrong lmao. embarassing!!! and since no one mentioned it yet, Prostitute 2 was an the itunes bonus track and Whip it was part of the deluxe edition. F for the day, u fail

    • crazy

      Lollipop was co-produced by jim jonsin and Deezle, Let the beat build was co-procuced by Kanye west and Deezle and just because prostitute 2 and whip didn't make the album does not mean he doesn't deserve to get paid for producing the beats

    • Anonymous

      lil wayne sucks cornholes

  • Bom919

    damn Deezle was Waynes main producer for the album. im surprised Wayne did that. but The Carter 4's gonna be bangin but he needs to build his hype back up alot more. personally i miss the 08 Wayne

    • ready or not

      fuck the 08 wayne! we want the 04-07 Lil Wayne! shit i'll even take the one from the Sqad Up dayz over the tight jeans, tight v-necks with sum vans wayne we got now. his flow was way better back in those days. I guess its cuz Gillie was writing his rhymes for him, now we got gay ass Drake writing his rhymes and his flow, thats why nicki, drake, wayne, and all those other half breeds on young money all have that wack ass flow with 50-100 not so clever metaphors in each song

  • The Ooh Child

    I guess weezy will need to dip in to his male hooker and ecstasy budget to pay this nigga off

  • So now we found out how...

    how Birdman and Lil Wayne got so much money, motherfuckers don't pay people for shit they make millions off of. sleezy ass bitches.

  • Matt Tompkins

    Deezle is a shitty producer, it says in the liner notes for half of those songs he did the drums, and they were cliche bullshit rhythms.

  • Gucci

    You idiots do realize that this is a bs lawsuit right? he's just making up stuff to get paid outside of court... haha you fools will believe anything you hear... ahhahaah

  • SMH

    Dude has seven production credits on the album and bonus tracks.. 20M is about right considering what the album sold. Lollipop was the biggest selling single on that album and it had placements everywhere, movies, commercials, tv, etc. Don't be a BIRD man, Birdman!

  • Anonymous

    so this is how birdman got so rich,

  • Hova101

    i knew these two clones didnt have no bread baby everywhere buying everthing but not paying his bills what a asshole jay was rite these pricks who mouth each other is playing with baby money

  • sadf

    Dumb ass Lil Wayne, rot in prison.

  • nuffsaid

    p@y your producerz......

  • Anonymous

    Huh? Thats a LARGE sum. It must include damages and stuff...

    • Anonymous

      yeah, damages to the eardrums from listening to lil wayne gargle out autotuned dying cat sounds for hours in the studio while him and the engineers mixed the shit.

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