Snoop Dogg Accused By Marin Institute Of Promoting Teenage Drinking

Snoop Dogg's recent endorsement of "Blast by Colt 45" has him in the cross-hairs an alcohol company watchdog.

Alcohol industry watchdog The Marin Institute is accusing Long Beach, California emcee Snoop Dogg of endorsing drinking to minors. According to The Examiner, the institute has reached out to Democratic California State Senator Alex Padilla, to ban Blast by Colt 45, a drink that Snoop Dogg has done paid endorsements for. Senator Padilla's bill (SB 39) codifies part of the federal ruling to ensure new products combining caffeine and alcohol are not sold in California. This bill has halted the sale of seven drinks in total, such as Four Loko and Joose. 

Lee Livingston, Marin's CEO and Executive Director, stated, "While the federal government was shutting down dangerous caffeinated alcohol, Pabst Brewing Company was cooking up 'Blast,' a super sweet, fruit-flavored, supersized alcopop containing as much alcohol as four and a half cans of beer." Marin and Livingston also maintains that Snoop Dogg and other artists associated with these drinks are using their popularity to reach under-aged drinkers, after numerous college students between ages 17 and 19 reported injuries at institutions such as University of Washington, University of Rhode Island and Ramapo College.

Pabst Brewing is the parent company of Blast by Colt 45. Snoop Dogg has yet to speak publicly on the matter. Last month, Snoop reportedly bought into a flavored "blunt spray" and smoke eliminator company, Blunt Magic. Next week, Snoop Dogg is slated to release his 11th solo album, Doggumentary on Doggystyle/Priority/EMI Records.

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  • Nol T

    You know, I must have been like in Gr 3 or 4 when I first started listening to Snoop. Of course he promotes to kids. I am not a kid anymore, but there's new kids born every year. You listen to his music, follow his career, some even try to emulate his lifestyle and then BAM! There you have it. This guy on one hand has a family show, and promotes his lil league football team, but ask him to grow up and be a responsible role model, and this is what he does. Hey, it's a contradiction most people are offended to even acknowledge they get tripped up by, but those who paid him to endorse that crap know better.

  • Micah Akuezue

    "a drink that Snoop Dogg has done paid endorsements for." Haha how the hell has only one person mentioned this? I'm at work at a Writing Center, and we're all here laughing our asses off.

    • Saad Rajabali

      Yeah...what Lima said makes sense. My bad. BUT it doesn't change the fact that the writers on here are dumbasses. I've read some pretty bad stuff. Like, go read that Young Buck article about G-Unit suing him, and please tell me who the hell "Joyce" is? Actually, if I hadn't read that article on SOHH, I would've never known that she's his lawyer.

    • Lima

      I had to do a double take on the sentence too, until I read it again and it made sense. He's 'done' endorsements for them that are 'paid'

  • Huh?

    I thought he promoted marijuana abuse to everybody. My bad!

  • jesterdxxl

    This is some retarded bullshit I thought the U.K was bad but U.S is on top. What I'm tryna figure out is are they pissed more because Snoop is ment to be a Idol (he smokes weed everyday - Nate R.I.P) just because kids buy your shit it don't mean you gotta stop havin fun like gettin alcohol in your system.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    yall should post something about that Atlantic article from yesterday about Jay-z's great champagne Robbery that Jay-Z and the illuminati had removed from the internets

  • Saad Rajabali

    "...that Snoop Dogg has done paid endorsements for." Where the fuck does this website get its writers and editors?????

  • Dddiia

    you also gotta blame the ones thats throwing the partys and endorsing drinking to minors..u can find mini beers !!!

  • Edi Kajmolli

    What does it have to do with teens? That's the part i dont really understand. Just b/c the drinks are fruity and caffienated doesn't mean hes encouraging underage drinking...

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