Chris Brown Welcomed To Return To "Good Morning America"

UPDATE: Fans may get to see Chris Brown appear on ABC's "Good Morning America" twice in one week, as Robin Roberts welcomes the tantrum-throwing singer back.

Various sources report R&B singer Chris Brown stormed off the set of “Good Morning America” after an interview filled with questions about his 2009 assault of Rihanna and the ensuing legal fallout. ABC’s Robin Roberts initially asked Brown about a court-imposed restraining order, requiring him to stay away from Rihanna. Brown deflected questions about his tarnished public image following the assault, and while the interview was awkward, he didn’t appear angry. originally reported Brown stormed off to his dress room after the interview segment. Brown then reportedly broke his dressing room window with a chair before allegedly confronting a segment producer on his way out of the building. Security was called, but no arrests were made.

Part of Brown’s 2009 plea agreement called for him to be placed on five years of probation. After the interview he posted the following message to his Twitter feed; the message has since been deleted:

“I'm so over people bringing this past shit up!!! Yet we praise Charlie sheen and other celebs for there [sic] bullshit.”

(March 22)

UPDATE: According to the Hollywood Reporter, Good Morning America's Robin Roberts has invited Chris Brown to return to the show for interview. "I wish him the absolute best," Roberts said. "We extended the invitation to him [to come back], and sure hope he takes us up on it because I'd sure love to have another chat with him."

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  • nixnox

    Don't bring back this immature little spunk monkey - fuck him and his career...woman beating P.O.S

  • Scott Yo

    look at all these white people on a black hip hop site commenting on hip hop like they black... every since eminem came out they think they black... 97 percent of hip hop & rap is black... we created hip hop.... that shi!!! looks so funny in the hood when you see a bunch of black dudes and like one white dude, and he have on a doo rag on and be sagging his jeans trying to fit in... yo that white dude that be walking wit those black dude is dangerous as fuk, because he proberly will do anything to win those black guys approval... plus you know no black chick from the hood ant go fuk wit no white dude that act black,they think shi!! is tooooo funny... i have a test for all the white people that trys to act black... put on a yellow doo rag wit grillz in your mouth and look in the mirror while bobbing your head and say (your what up son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)or try and dance like us, its never gonna come out right.... check out the (sundrop soda commerical) wit the white girl dancing to (drop it like its hot),man thats like the funnyiest ... white people have no thype of bone structure to to move like us... that why its looks so funny when they try and dance like us

  • LeJames

    Chris is a fool to come again to the show so quickly. Everybody knows what he did after the first show so I am sure there is going to be a little discussion of that to humilate him on the second. Bad move...

  • jesterdxxl

    Brown should go back an put that arrogant bitch on the stand for interviewing him under false pretences... Yea we all know what he did was fucking wrong but he was invited on that show to promote his new album (which not on one song does he air out RihRih) Robin was far from professional.

    • Spibbs

      Bullshit. The interviewer calls the shots during the interview, not the other way around. It's called "journalism".

  • Anonymous

    He needs a father to put a foot in his ass. All I see is a spoiled brat that's probably never had any real discipline. I see it all the time, poor or rich, no pops around kids tend to grow up to be assholes.

  • killtime2011

    you can take the monkey out of the jungle but cant remove the monkey out of him. someone please shoot this animal !

  • Terrell

    I feel like this. People should just leave that man alone and let him get on with his life. Yeah he did what he did, but leave that shit where it belongs. In the past. I'm glad Chris broke that damn window. He was set up just like Kanye West was set up on the today show. Yo Chris I'm on yo side man.

    • bisquic

      This issue isn't about them it is about Chris Brown. You can forgive him if you want, but people are completely justified in choosing not to. As far as regretting things you did. Yea, everybody regrets things, but that doesn't mean we can go back and change them. What this guy did is a sign of a weak coward in my opinion. No guy should ever lay his hands on a woman. Would you ever forgive a guy that put your mom in a fucking strecher? If you answer yes then I just don't know what to say.

    • FUCK GMA !!!!


    • Anonymous

      what u need to do is shut ur bloody trap ..all u holier than thou hypocrites make me sick to my soul..have u never ever in ur life done something u regrett..why beat down on ur fellow human for doing the same ? even ur parents are not absolved from sin im sure they too have done numerous things to be asjamed off chris brown was 19yrs ..hes just a kid its no excuse from what he did but in terms of maturity level he has non ...Charlie Sheen attacked his wife with a KNIFE!!! but instead he gets a $1million a year Twitter deal and a $7million comedy tour deal..Mel gibson addmited to beating the crap out of his wife does the media treat them all the same knowing thier wrongs No u need to STFU

    • jovonthegreat

      He Beat the Brakes off Her he should get some help..if her throw a chair through a window than he going to beat up someome else..but i bet it wont be a MAN..cause he would be the one gettin the Brakes beat off off..COWARD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kennyken

    this guy is a kid. a kid. he's grown but give him a damn break man. but at the same time, he has to learn how this world operates boss thug

  • Guest

    If you don't to be associated with your past than you should probably stop acting violent each time some one asks you about it. That only fuels the fire. Oh yeah...stop tweeting your feelings so much, it'll help you int he long run.

  • Pellz

    Even though I don't agree how Chris Brown acted in the situation I can surely understand it. He was on the show to market his new CD which came out. If his CD doesn't sell then his career is possibly over. Bringing up the past can detour possible fans and "that" would be messing up the money. Matter of fact, there wasn't much even asked about the album. It should have been his interview and his interview shouldn't had room for any other artist or albums.

  • EWAY

    If he go back she gonna keep asking him "Why you break that window"

  • MellowHype

    damn them good morning america niggaz got alot of nerve to "invite" him back. they were the ones to set chris off in the first place they gonna try to do it again for ratings. the jews that run abc and every other tv station are some heartless/ruthless motherfuckers

  • John Mullins

    dude is lettin the "ninja" in him get out in public view. u got to control that dog. we all "ninjas", but you can't be trippin on people askin about the past. harness that negativity and flip it on em



  • Rita

    I don't see how this interview was offensive. It's an INTERVIEW. He hasn't done one on live TV since when....Larry King? Ohhh wait 106&Park (a rigged show that needs CB). If he can't handle being asked a simple question, he needs more therapy. She didnt ask "Why did you do it" or "Are you still upset?" She asked how is he now and if he and rihanna talk. Why couldnt he give answers? SMH. I dont take up for anyone. His immaturity is his a**. I could see if she pulled a Matt Lauer and showed a picture of Rihanna's bashed face or Rihanna's interview with Barbara Walters.

  • Anonymous

    to chris brown....will the real slim shady please stand up

  • Tyler McConner

    its dirty how she just kept going back to old shit when he kept trying to talk about his album. he was there for his album, right? let the man live and move pass his faults.

  • Anonymous

    fuck KP's letter if u wild out, wild out!! shit that bitch was lookin for dirt. Break Shitt!! u should have beat that bitch. it was all a set up

  • Anonymous

    chris brown is gay

  • Real Talk

    Really.. I mean really? They wouldn't ask about Rihanna?

  • Anonymous

    im glad the comments seem 2 be mostly on chris side its been 2 years he makes good music move on

    • smarter than you

      um ride his dick more, he's a fuckin celebrity u dumb shit, it's his job to be a role model he shouldn't even be allowed to be a "celebrity" anymore. His music is trash and he's mostly famous for beating up a girl with twice his talent. u want people to move on? lol why don't you move on buddy, move on with your own life and stop worrying about the feelings of celebrities you don't even know. fucking loser.

  • adolf hitler

    i dont like chris brown as a musician, but leave the dude alone whats in the past is the past get over it. But that just goes to show you what the media is really all about they only want to bring out the negative in someone it happened to kanye and others. The suits control EVERYTHING we see and hear

  • Just another One

    Im not gonna lie, I dont feel bad at the fact Chris Brown Beat Up Rihanna. No One really knows the truth of what happened between them but them two. I seen the picture some females deserve to get get no matter that fact if they are of the oppisite sex. Sometime people can cross the line from what they say to another which causes a devastating outcome. I feel like the lady that was interviewing him could tell that it wasnt a subject he wanted to talk about. I would smashed a allot more than a window if i was him cause for real thats some bullshit over something that happened two years ago. you think if she had Oj simpson in that bitch she would of asked " hey for real though did you kill your wife" nope....

    • Spibbs

      As a matter of fact, OJ did tons of interviews, and they always asked the burning question, "Did you kill Nicole and Ron?" and yes, he did (for the last couple people on the planet who may still be on the fence about it).

  • leavehimalone

    they look for any excuse they can to beat up on a nigga. they can kill they wifes or husbands and go right on with they lives but let one us do it and you will never hear the end of it. this society is bullshit. we need to change it.

  • Rita

    Now I know THIS comment is going to set off alarms lol BUT I, personally, feel like if I've been through something in my life that at some point I should share my mistake especially if I have influence in attempts to keep people from doing the things I'd done. Perhaps Chris isn't there yet. I would at some point in his life, like to see him REALLY make it a point to ALWAYS speak about domestic violence. To be a spokesperson, because he has SO MUCH influence and MAYBE what he says will make some young man or woman realize they are abusive or being abused. But that's just my soapbox. I know it has to be difficult for him, He's young

  • Mona Fierce

    I think it's so funny how she managed to continuously bring up the Rihanna incident. He clearly said that he's moved on from that and focusing on his album. That whole incident was a while ago and she should had got her questions in when it really mattered. Chris Brown isn't the first man to hit a female and Rihanna isn't the first woman to be a victim of domestic violence. Get over it people, this isn't the last time it'll happen (not with them, in general). I'm not a huge fan but geez! Let the man live. I understand this is what he has to go through him being a celebrity and all but he's still human! Just let him live his life!

  • Rita

    It's sad to see ignorance about this topic. He hit her. He's paid his debt to society. He's also a very popular celebrity. He hasnt' done a TV interview in a long time. She asked some basic questions and tried to be light hearted. He reacted in an immature way. Yes, he's human. Yes, I like him and bought some songs from the album. Being human means you will make mistakes and say or do dumb things, but that still doesn't excuse the fact that he reacted immaturely. There's no need to bash or take up for Chris. It's HIS actions that he's made public. Bottom line. Hopefully, he learns because I enjoy his music and I like to watch artists develop musically and personally. Just my preference.

  • Leo

    See people like Assnoynomous that just responded about the "gay album" is very young and imnmature or old and stupid. Assnomynous is perfect and never does any wrong and never will. Chris Brown just apologized on tv. For the mature folks on this site, what some fail to realize is that Chris is young and inexperienced in the game. A veteran like Janet Jackson can tell you that you need to always be on guard. People are still talking about her wardrobe malfunction, her malfunction and Justin Timberlake takes no blame. Do you see a pattern CP? Justin innocent, Charlie Sheen praised. hmmmmmmm. Wonder why? Chris Brown needs a mentor and mature managment that can stand by his side and school him in the political celebrity games. I certainly hope he gets it. But if not, he will learn through trial and error. But the haters think he should be killed right. For every thorn you throw at him, remember your family members that will make mistakes in life. Because I know you don't or ever will in life because you are perfect right. Celebrities are going to make mistakes. They are not immune to mistakes just like you are not. But here you come with your chest puffed out like you are the Royal Messiah of Justice and Rightenousess. Please....... Sit your stank behind down and worry about yourself, and hope when you errror all will be forgiven.

  • Anonymous

    he gonna go back to talk about his gay album and she will start asking "why did you smash our window?" , "do you have anger issues?", "did you feel the same way when you threw the chair that you did the night you pummeled rih's face

  • letayshia

    umm, that was too much in that interview, hes trying to get over that and here she is bringing that moment back up, chris brown is doin just fine, his music is back in running and selling and people just need to stop talking about this obviously, hes tired of it. of course he was coo in the interview, he didnt wanna seem like an ass hole but he was angry and i dont blame him. i still love chris brown, no matter what!!!!!

  • Leo

    Marge Petersen and everyone else who will not watch gma, go jump in the lake. But I bet your asses are right there watching Charlie Sheen and all his madness with his sold out shows at radio city coming up. Lets throw Chris under the bus and roll over him right you all self righteous moralistic hypocrites. And before we bring up Rihanna again, this isn't about her. He didn't hit anyone. His temper is no more than Charlie Sheen except Charlie is up in age and still hasn't got a grip but stupid people of color are always so ready to throw our own under the bus because our flaws aren't pasted in the newspaper. We will NEVER EVER LEARN. He's young and needs to be mentord, not hung. We will never learn which is why you are at the bottom of the totem pole in society. What a pity. Here comes the hate in defending their hate. Put your mistakes on blast. Oh no one cares because you are not famous. Lucky you. For those who say who cares about Chris Brown, answer, you do, or else why are you on this site, Pathetic hatemongers.

    • tay

      thats right,i agree, if ya'll dont like him then why are you waistin time commenting on this interview and then incident. IT'S OVER, STOP!!!! leave him alone bout it

    • Rita

      I agree. The Charlie Sheen Saga is disgusting and sad. People are laughing at this man who CLEARLY has an issue. Charlie has been abusive, on drugs, etc. His situation is 1000 times worse than Chris Brown's. I don't think ANYONE has the right to judge ANYONE and I dont think Chris was judged in this interview. Not in my eyes. And anyone on this site who hates Chris needs help. Should he grow up? yes. Should he be hated? No. It bothers me when people say they "hate" chris brown or "hate" kanye west. BUT I dont think GMA was exhibiting hate at all. Now, the general public, probably so.

  • Spibbs

    Will the fake Slim Shady please stop trashing the dressing room...Meet Cisco's brother who's about to get thrown in the can, Chrisco. The last time jean jackets were in, Chris was throwing tantrums in his father's ballsac. I love how celebs think they're impervious to real questions just because they have a fuckin album comin out. Good Morning America does not need Chris Brown. Chris Brown, on the other hand, needs media outlets to promote his shitty album, so he may have to man up and answer a question or two that he doesn't want to. If you go on Howard Stern or Steven Colbert to promote whatever it is you're promoting, it's standard practice for them to harass the shit out of you. Face it, Chris, you're more popular now for beating Rihanna than you are for your music. If Lindsay Lohan puts out another album, you think an interviewers gonna refrain from asking her about coke, booze, theft, and her fucked up family just because she has a record droppin? GTFOHWTBS.

    • Spibbs

      Tay, it's funny, but I can't really tell from your comment if you're male or female. If you're a dude, you are Way too on this guys dick. If you're a chick, I'm surprised you'd forgive a woman beater so quickly. I don't care if his new album is the best thing you've ever heard, it doesn't allow him to behave like a bitch. He could've handled the questions like a man and then left the building. Him trashing his dressing room is proof that he's still an ignorant fucking diva who certainly hasn't learned anything about the consequences of his temper. Tay, if your dude, I hope one day you get to fuck Chris. If you're a gal, I hope one day you get to fuck Chris...and then I hope he beats the shit outta you.

    • tay

      ummm about you spibbs wat ever kinda name that is, fuck you, your just mad cause hes on top of his game again, bitch shut your cricket mouth, chris is the shit and u can go suck it!!! yea i said it, his album is the shit, yea u were right about that, it is shitty muthafucka, THE CAPITAL OF THE SHIT, so BOW. and fui, chris was famous from the start, girls loved him from the start, so haters need to back then fuck down, just cause u aint him!!! and never will b. and about his style, so what, hes muthafukin CHRIS BREEZII, he can wear wat he wanna wear, so fuck off. shit...wat the fuck r u wearing, tight, speedos, LOL, hahahaha!!! oh i didnt know they were back in session,BITCH! IM DONE, HOPE U GET MY POST, HATER!

  • Rita

    Wouldn't a "changed person" have said, I'm different from then and i've grown alot and learned so much about life. My music is my therapy? Where is his PR COACH??? lmao

  • Rita

    Okay. I just re-watched the interview. She didn't attack him at all. If he re-watches it, he'll see she was giving him opportunities to be peachy for the audience watching. She was trying to help his young, immature a**. I thought she asked the right questions. She didnt ask "Why did you do it" or "Are you over it?". He was a bit of an a**. lol But he's always been cocky. I need him to grow it up.

  • Rita

    I like Chris a lot. He's one of the most talented artists/performers in the music industry. Asking him about that situation isn't judging him. To me, the bottom line is that in his interviews right after the incident he didn't sound very "grown up" or mature about the situation. No one asked him to apologize. He's going to have to realize that he can't run from it. People can say, "that's the past", BUT abuse isn't some superficial issue. It is real. I dont know anyone who has been abused or has been abusive that hasn't internally dealt with the issue for many years after if not the rest of their lives. I dont think he HAS to talk about it, but it's not like she attacked. You're a celebrity. You answer the question and move on. He should have WANTED to answer that question well and shown his personal growth. If he's "over", then why does EVERY time it's brought up, he has a hissy fit? I still like Chris but i really can't wait until he grows up because as we all know, most hollywood drama stories come all the way out at some point, 10 years from now or 20 years from now when the person or persons are ready to really tell the story. The only way he can "fight" the negativity is with positivity. End of story.

  • did anyone else notice

    That CB was on something for real? Whether its coke or amphetamines, dude was jittery as a mofo

    • lauran

      well wouldnt u b if sum1 kept bringin up old shit that occured yrs. ago, i know i would. hes tired of it, just stop talkin about it, he beat her ass and that was the end, i fuckin dont like that trick ass hoe anyway, shes a industry slut, she didnt deserve chris anyway. he wasnt on nothing, he just was mad and a lil frustrated..thats all! and the pics of rhianna that chris supposingly did so much damage uopn were actually fake. that trick ass bitch supposingly payed a specialist to paint her face up like she got beat that can b seen on TMZ, that one show! so shes a liar, i dont believe, chris did all that damage to that simple hoe. fuck her, yea i said it, she aint about shit, trifling hoe, got my babii in more trouble than needed!

  • noivad12

    She was stupid for constantly askin questions about the shit obviously he didn't wanna talk about it. She shoulda jus stopped wit that. The nigga can get mad he don had a million interviews about the shit already get over it...that bitch probly hit him 1st anyway thought she could get away with it and got her ass whooped. O well Its very easy to go temporarily insane after someone hits U

    • Anonymous

      hey, i like u noivad12, u de shit. yea, that stupid bitch made all them fake images on tmz, shes hiding sumthin, i cant stand that hoe, i literally hate that bitch, if i could i'd kill her myself. i totally agree with you, hes FUCKIN TIRED OF THE CONSTANT TALK ON THAT NON- IMPORTANT PIECE OF SHITTY ASS RHIANNA! she can go to hell. i dont blame chris on what he did, like u said, OH MUTHAFUCKIN WELL;LOL, HAHAHAHA, i dont care, she deserved it, supposingly, she gave him a disease anyway, i wouldv'e beat that barbados roach to!!!!!!!

    • Rita

      He hasn't done any recent interviews AT ALL. He should expect that. The last time she talked with him was about that incident a long time ago. Why not ask? Maybe she actually cared to see his growth. She didn't menace him. She was joking and trying to make it light.

  • Courtney

    What you people saying "it's in the past. nobody will let him forget." etc. etc. can't seem to understand is that when you do an INTERVIEW people are going to ask questions. If he didn't want to have to deal with the things HE DID he shouldn't be doing interviews. And according to other sources Chris PREAPPROVED the questions. I would understand that maybe people could try and give him another chance if he actually seemed repentant but it's obvious that this is something he'd do again and again. He got so angry he smashed a window in a NEWS BUILDING. He couldn't even wait until he got home to break things. He's an idiot and a waste of humanity. There's no defense for his ridiculous behavior. Plus his hair looks stupid as hell.

  • Anonymous

    so chris brown really thought he would never get asked about the Rihanna thing again? even hammer still gets asked how he lost all that money

    • Anonymous

      but in all actuality, it was 2-3 yrs. ago, ITS OVER! people need to leave this rhianna incident alone now. chris is back striving in his career, so let him get over it, it already happened, so oh well, shit,people talkin like its ganna go back in time and change wat happened! WELL ITS NOT, so too bad; this is my opinion by the way

  • JB

    He's going to have to get use to it. He's in the public eye so he needs to grow up and take the good with the bad. Look at it this way...has Bill Clinton been able to live down the whole Monica Lewinsky deal? And he was the President!

  • Courtney

    Im Happy That she is letting him back on the show she should of left that ishh in the past anyway everyone over it yall haters should be too!!!!!!!

    • TAY TAY

      exactly, courtney, i like u, chris is back on his feet, people need to leave this alone, DAMN, wat they gone continue to talk about this til he dies, damn , give the man a break why dont ya. HATERS CAN GO SUCK IT, FUCK ALL YA'LL, CHRIS BOO, DO YA THANG BOI! AND I STILL LOVE U!

  • Carla

    @Dale - Chris Brown is in the public eye and has to deal with EVERYTHING that goes along with that. He obviously really likes the money, but all that money comes with consecuences, you have no private life! Chris if you don't like it, stop going to interviews and releasing albums and go get a job delivering pizza. As far as you blaming Rihanna for what Chris Brown did to her, that is the typical reaction of an abuser. Dale you're telling on yourself. I feel sorry for your woman, if you even have one! MUAH!

    • Anonymous

      @Carla... Are you really that ignorant? To say that defending someone that has done wrong is purely because you commit or condone the act itself is stupid. Attorneys get paid day-in day-out to defend clients regardless of whether or not they believe in what it is they are defending. Here's an idea: quit thinking you know shit and get a clue. Plenty of women out there think they can beat on their guy and he won't do shit about it, this stupid bitch was obviously wrong. Thanks though, again you are wrong about about my relationship status. I'm probably more of a man than any man you've dated in your life hunny.. So you keep on telling yourself you know shit and acting like you can read people, and I'll stick to my very good life. :)

  • Meg Dixie

    This is all one big publicity stunt!! They said that window was broken in, not out!!! Something is suspicious hear!!!

  • Marge Peterson

    I will not watch your show anymore. You have got to be kidding by having this maniac on your show once and then inviting him back. Goodbye GoodMorningAmerica.

  • Dale

    Robin Roberts is a stupid bitch... Why would she even bring that up? It was two years ago for crying out loud. I'd be pissed too. I most likely wouldn't have thrown the chair out of the window, but I also wouldn't be happy about the situation. If I was Chris I woulda smacked that stupid bitch in the face as well for being a dumb fuck and asking unrelated questions. The interview was to promote his album not reflect on past issues that have been resolved. Rhianna probably deserved it anyway, she's a psycho bitch as is, just look at her... She screams raggidy ass pussflaps all day.

  • Tom

    Wow, this kid's a bitch.

  • Cry Baby Celebrities Suck!

    My problem is that he thinks that just because he's trying to promote his new album that we are supposed to just let everything be. Celebreties kill me. Well, welcome to adulthood. Life ain't all 106 & Park and groupies. Every adult walking the Earth is walking around trying to avoid judgemental questions and pointing fingers. Know how? By not doing STUPID shit, that's how? Fuck your records, movies, all of that, ok? You beat that ladie's face in terribly and it made public news. Now you got to deal with the consequences. You want to avoid the drama? Stick to doing interviews for kiddie mags! This is a man's world! Deal with it, sissy!!

    • Anonymous

      FUCK ALL YALL U WOULDNT B SAYING THAT IF U WERE IN HIS SHOES, FUCK BOTH U COCK SUCKING BITCHES, CHRIS IZ DE SHIT, all ay evryday, his album kicks ass so boi cant speak on an angel sent from heaven, he aint no fallen star either, bitch hes a floating meteor, HOES!

    • chi girl

      Couldn't said it better myself. What's so good about him anyway music same as everybody else. I see a "FALLING STAR"

    • Anonymous

      WELL SAID !

  • Anonymous

    You have to give people space to learn grow and learn from their mistakes. The press doesn't easily allow for anyone to better themselves. Who the fuck are they to judge? How many of these people behind the scenes of these shows aren't in the same positions?

  • Lawyer90210

    Chris just has to live with the fact that he did something wrong that nobody will ever forget. he has to try and control himself because people will always mention the issue to provoke him so that he can make another huge mistake that will really damage the image he is rebuilding. love you chris

  • GRKiller

    He aint hit me so were cool. Everybody wants to pretend that their best friends with Rhiannah (or however you spell her ridiculous ass name) or something after he whooped her ass. I'm not even a fan of this dude, but why does everyone want him to keep apologizing for something that happened two years ago? Lets move on.

  • Nico 3

    That Robin Roberts was definately an instigator. When someone repeatedly brushes off your question, then stop asking it.

  • Truthe

    S&M Rihanna made that song cause she liked it "so come on".Chris shouldn't talk about anyone but the man in the mirror. He has a right to stop looking back at the past.

  • nathanjones

    lol i know exactly what u mean too go to any video w/ 100s of thousands of video on world star and u will read a nothing but ignorant/racist/mind-fucking comments just like some of ones ppl will come across on this page

  • yugang

    Wow....some of these comments im reading by some of these Anonymous posters have gone completely into world star hip hop territory smfh some ppl dont need to be on the internet at all

  • Almar

    This Dude Can Dance and sing like a mofo, but he beat the shit out of a bitch for real!, The comparison to Chaz Sheen Is Stupid, This aint about race, it's about Progress, and obviously Chris Brown hasn't progressed.

  • HRH

    he must've been dating the chair. lol...

  • Anonymous


  • Tru Hip Hop PLZ

    I thought this site was about HIP HOP who gives a fuck about Chris Breezy damn...write about the next producers on the next Indy drop or something I aint tryin to hear about Chris Brown when I am looking for something interesting to read about HIP HOP. Fuck I swear this site has been posting garbage...ever since Eminem was performing a song with Bob Dylan. Step your game up DX.

  • Grandson

    Yes Chris it did happen, who cares if it was 2 years ago, the fact of the matter is that it happened. Once you get charged with assaulting a woman (who cares who she is). Dont think that you can live that down. Remember Ike and Tina.

  • Chuck

    Good! I'm glad he went off. The Today show did the exact thing to Kanye... At least Michael Vick was smart enough to turn down his interview a couple weeks ago.

  • Frankie

    Chris Brown is smart

  • funnycunt

    he might have just seen his reflection and smashed the window because he went on air lookin like a knob,

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ @funkycunt ur ignorant comment is the equivalent to telling the world u love syrup on wheat bread, ITS COMPLETELY IRREVALENT! now give ur computer a rest and go get a life loser

    • funkycunt

      shut your nigger loving mouth boy!

  • Tom Keiswetter

    how was that a violent outburst?

  • Anonymous

    It has been reported that CB knew that he would be asked about Rihanna. This news has lead to speculation that this is a mere play for press.

  • Anonymous

    wow, chris brown dyed his hair. Get over it.

    • Anonymous

      I'm not gonna lie, T-Pain is the only guy on here who is direct and makes sense. I won't e-mail him, but at least the dude knows what he wants.

    • T-PAIN


  • Fetisman

    But if you notice he didnt knock any females out, so I think hes a changed man. Everyone needs their ass beat once in a while look we drop bombs on everyone.

  • gutter man

    listen you fuckin robotic pussies- i'm glad he smashed that window- i wish he did more, and i aint mad at him fir the rhianna shit. im not a fan, but good morning america is a crazy conservative establishment propaganda machine and all they wanna do is demonize him- why are these clones even talking about that shit anymore.

  • fuckCB

    fuck chris brown ''mr, i don't want to be an underground artist'' fuck you fuck your album, fuck your fans who are your everything (money is your everything, at least admit that) and fuck rihanna too, that bitch needed a good slap anyways, only right thing you ever did mr brown. Funny to see you going from multi-platinum to barely gold, this album will sell even worse than the one before, let's see you pay those bills for your lambo now, blondie. oops look at him now

  • C&J

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  • the fonz

    For real though, what the fuck was he thinking when he dyed his hair? Doesn't he have a stylist/publicist/hairdresser/manager or someone to advise him against poor decisions like that? And a fucking sleeveless jean jacket!!!

  • Justin Soong

    Only question I got is why Chris Brown is trying to dress like Slim Shady?

  • Andrew Toy

    nobody ever asks what rihanna did for him to hit her? bitches do some real fucked up shit sometime. fuck rihanna, shes a trout whore. and fuck chris brown too

    • LordLamickTheEmperor

      Bitches want equal rights, opportunities, to be treated exactly the same as men. They go to the extent of talking shit as if they could back it up like a man could. I'm all for putting a bitch in her place as long as bitch was given ample warnings. Like Andrew say, the 'what Rhianna did' side of the story never got told probably because Chris had to just submit and ride the storm out and reboot his career instead of fighting it and looking like a 'monster'. But i'm sure Rhianna just kept pushing those buttons, the ones with the 'Do Not Press This!' sticker on...

    • haha

      doesnt matter chris brown is a talented dude and i respect his movement but never and i mean NEVER does a girl deserve to be hit like that

  • Anonymous


    • 50 cents the best rapper

      Lol try again, most blacks call each other niggar, Lol the word nigger doesnt bother blacks any more u fucking mutant. The reason I say mutant is because I don't know any other weird group of people who skin changes from pale to red in 1.2 seconds lol.. Go molest your daughter thats all u guys do anyway.Where's your boogie board? I'm sure u have something more entertaining to do

    • LordLamickTheEmperor

      Nobody got the nuts to say any of this outside of your moms bedrooms, ignorant ass internet brave racists...

    • chill out dickface...

      damn whats with all this racist ass shit on here. i thought this was a hip hop site not the "Hate a Mutherfucker National Fan Club." get a fuckn life assholes... ps: if u gotta post ur hateful shit under ano, then ur the pussiest thing since squirters...



    • nice black dude

      According to the statistics there is a very good chance of you molesting your son, and an even higher chance of you raping the elderly, so I recommend you kill yourself u red face, redneck lmfaooo

    • everybodyhateschris

      @anonymous black power does exist, does black panther ring a bell, if u really knew what u were talking about u would know that most black communities acquire a group of dignitaries that practice egocentrism.. And will murder a cracker in one nano-second lol

    • Greg

      And there's an even higher chance of you sucking your dads dick if u want to discuss facts Rudolph... I'm sure your face just turned bright red hahahhahhaaaaa!

    • Anonymous

      PS. we are commenting on a black man beating a woman.#typical

    • Anonymous

      theres no such thing as black power idiot lol. whites have owned u for so long and are owning u now as we speak. have fun in the projects or in jail. thats probably where u will end up. hey, facts r facts. haha

    • BLACK POWER187%


    • Anonymous

      you sound proper gay!!

  • foursix

    dumb interviewer. only problem I'm having with Chris Brown is his blonde hair.

  • Anonymous

    Ya Chris Brown is a fucking vagina.

  • asdf

    Chris Brown is a pussy. I bet he won't punch a NIGGA in the face. Little bitch

  • BWS-Fish

    he deserves to have this continually rubbed in his face. Infact he deserves a lot worse, and so does any other faggot who hits a female. (Cue an absolute shit load of cock suckers talkin about how she deserved to get hit. That's what always happens on this site).

  • stephenc

    His agent should have requested no questions be asked about that situation. At the same time, the newscaster put a whole negative spin on the story from the get-go. I mean come on, on top that her interviewing skills are terrible... She was stammering and stutering. Very basically, she knew she was up to no good with her questions. Rather than focusing on his new album, the reason Chris is there, the show decided to spotlight the altercation that happened 2 years ago. That's not what he's there for. I would have told her point blank, I'm not talking about anything related to that incident anymore... next question.

  • bob

    does he have media training? and what are they teaching in anger management classes nowadays?

  • Anonymous

    lol the dennis rodman haircut

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • da real

    The only way 2 get rid of da press is 2 post up dem old pictures with u n her and jus b ur self but no matter wut u do u never tell dem that ur over it u always say u don't wanna talk bout dat as long as they no wut gets 2 u deyll keep pushing dat button

  • Jay

    Facepalm... This makes me very sad to see racist childish clowns on a Hip-Hop site... Skin color doesn't tell or mean anything, we are all human on a planet that belongs to all of us. Im a white boy from Finland, what does that mean? Fucking nothing. I love Hip-Hop, that is my thing and supposedly one major lifestyle that unites us. Peace.

  • Killa

    LOL, what a baby. Dude, you whooped a girls ass and now you're over it? Well people don't get over that shit, especially the media. And smashing a mirror don't help the situation either.

    • Anonymous

      "he needs to grow the fuck up.he beat the shit out of a girl and needs to take responsibilty for his actions.just cause hes over it doesnt mean everyone else is" and u think by bringing shit up and constantly throwing the incident in his face is necessary to do why?? the guy has been hammered by the media and ppl alike for it, hes addressed this shit already and even had to pay for it doing some community servie, hes taken responsiblity for this, and on top of that rihanna herself has moved past this. What more do u want from him?? wtf do u expect him to do?

    • Anonymous

      seriously...every bitch dick rides him, yet he beat the shit out of her.real good guy to desire haha and hes imature as fuck.he wants to be mature and all this shit yet he dyes his hair blonde, gets tats eveywhere, and wears some ugly ass childish will never get any respect from adults with that type of shit.he needs to grow the fuck up.he beat the shit out of a girl and needs to take responsibilty for his actions.just cause hes over it doesnt mean everyone else is.

    • ZoNEOuT


    • heflys

      @Destiny It's funny how all the females be defending this nigga. So fucking hilarious.

    • Anonymous

      yeah mane dat bitch was crazy so its really no big deal that he rearranged her facial tissue like that nahmean? get the fuck outta her wit that shit man!!!!!

    • Destiny

      shut the fuck up he is trying and of course he is still hurting but we all know he didnt hit her for just any reason that bitch was crazy 2 dnt even try it so shut the fuck and kiss my assb bitchhh

  • Ricardo Gonzalez

    That dude looks like hes on some serious shit. Well i wish him the best and that reporters well a reporter so hes an idiot for getting mad i mean what did he expect?

  • Garvin Inoa

    Its over with, move on.

  • Anonymous

    These posts are retarted. What happened to music being universal? im Hispanic and i dont even speak spanish i listen to rock rap etc. ITS MUSIC!!!!!!! who gives a shit what color you are.

  • Anonymous


    • Jae

      Buddy if you don't think that Mel Gibson was eaten alive by the press for the crap he's done then you are sorely mistaken! Don't try to put a racial compoenent to this when there is none, Chris Brown beat a very famous woman and no he will not be allowed to forget about it!

  • Anonymous

    I'm tellin Obama on you...

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Grime_Wizard

    I dont blame him, that fuckin bitch kept bringing up the same shit each and every question. Shes just a bitch. It must be fuckin annoying to hear about that shit all the time, let the past go! The situation is cool now.

  • white milk

    did he seriously think he could go on good morning america and they would not ask him about the rihanna incident? as unfair as it might be he's either naive or delusional if he thinks this will ever end in mainstream america. they'll be askin his arse about this when he's 40. get over it. but im realizing this dude got serious anger issues. he's always hostile when you come at him sideways even if its just a reporter trying to fuk wit him. no matter how it is he trips out a little...he gotta relax considering the business he's in..especially if you gone have blonde hair. he already know n1ggas gone clown him on that even though fahsion wise him and drake about what and what

  • Johnny James

    To mr anonymous.. Fuck you u pale dick lol. Get off this site u don't belong here. Only Spanish and blacks belong on this site u pink piece of shit lmaoo, u should be some where playing water polo.. I bet your face just turned reddish orange lol lmaoo

  • Anonymous

    To mr anonymous.. Fuck you u pale dick lol. Get off this site u don't belong here. Only Spanish and blacks belong on this site u pink piece of shit lmaoo, u should be some where playing water polo.. I bet your face just turned reddish orange lol lol

    • Umbatu Lopez

      i hate honkies and i'm in the mexican mafia,we will be killing all white people who try to enter our country.........WE ARE TAKING OVER AMERICA AND WE WILL KILL ALL NIGGERS AND HONKIES................BROWN PRIDE NIGGERS!



    • Skeebs

      U MAD?Yeah,U MAD just cause the best rapper alive is white.

    • Bubba Sparxxx

      all you fta faced coons were boppin your heads to my shit. sit and shut up fat niggers

    • the BOSS


    • Babba Shabazz


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    To mr anonymous.. Fuck you u pale dick lol. Get off this site u don't belong here. Only Spanish and blacks belong on this site u pink piece of shit lmaoo, u should be some where playing water polo.. I bet your face just turned reddish orange lol

  • Anonymous

    What the hell? chris brown looks F'd!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    He looks stupid with blonde hair.. Even though he's never had blonde hair before, it just feels like he's taking a step backwards.. Also, he has an overwhelming tendency to write in-the-moment posts on Twitter and then deletes them.. Man up or don't post them in the first place!

  • Z

    He sniffed one too many lines before coming on set. Dude can't sit still and say one good sentence

  • jha ear

    im not sure if he looks more like a wana be eminem or sisqo..

  • Pico Presi

    QUESTION FOR ALL THE COMMENTORS ON HERE...?: "How do you know Chris Brown actually stormed off and smashed a dressing room window...?" The answer is.. YOU DONT! I cant believe people in this day and age are so nieve to believe TM friggen Z and USA Today and tabloids! lol. comeon son. Chris could have taken a piss too loudly and they woulda said "chris was sooo mad, he urinated all over the USA today bathrooms out of rage" and some of u dumbasses woulda ate that up like all the other MEDIA HIV disease they give you! OPEN UR EYES!

    • Anonymous

      @MMKay: "The only people who tell us in the bible are second hand sources but you idiots still believe. How do we know gravity exists?" That sir is just laughable lol, Im sorry my dude, how do we know gravity exists...? Go jump out the window of a 20 story building to test the theory.. As far as GOD goes, Im not sure how faith in a higher power is remotely comparable to faith that TMZ is telling the truth about a guy that no matter what he does from here on out will wear a 'Scarlet Letter' for the rest of life. bwahahaha.... I guess hiphopdx commentors are that gullible..

    • MMkay

      By your logic, how can we know anything? How can we know God exists? The only people who tell us in the bible are second hand sources but you idiots still believe. How do we know gravity exists? Look CB is probably pissed that people still ask about Rihanna, and is jealous that the public has such a positive view on Charlie Sheen even though he is deranged motherfucker.

  • Anonymous

    dude makes shitty r&b songs who cares about this clown anyways a million other people could do what he does

  • Scott Yo

    tell me why white muthhafukers be on a black hip hop site trying to be cool and act like they black... that shi!!!!!! looks so stupid when a white boi trys and act black .. first off they have no rhythem ... so when they try and act black or move around like a black person it looks funny as fuk lol lol lol... whites so happy to have eminem and yelawolf .. now they feel like they black... everytime i see a white boi acting black .. i bust out and laugh... you see a white boi with a doo rag and a pair jordans on .. that shi!!!! is tooooo funny.. you know why.... because a white person has no swag in their body what so ever.... u see that white chick in the (sundrop soda commerical)danceing to (drop it like its hot) she had no type of rhythem or swag at all... that shi!!! looks to funny .... remember they made a movie making fun of white people acting black.... (malibu most wanted)

    • Babba Shabazz


    • Nice black guy

      According to the statistics there is a very good chance of you molesting your son, and an even higher chance of you raping the elderly, so I recommend you kill yourself u red face, redneck lmfaoo

    • Anonymous

      cmon guys dont feed the trolls!!! hes posts this shit on every article because it makes him feel special!! black power bro!!

    • the BOSS


    • Anonymous


    • The Man

      One race..white power

    • Anonymous

      well statistically white people are the ones buying the albums.... soooooooooo they can say whatever they want ya DOUCHE!


      Scott your a bitch ass ho for bringing up race relations. At the end of the day, we are all equal. Maybe parts of society that are biased have a hard time understanding that like yourself, but its fact. Race is only skin deep. Yes Im white so fuccn what, I grew up on hip hop so naturally I've adapted to culture. Its apart of who I am not something I want to be. My ass surely didn't just roll out of bed one day, flipped on YO! MTV Raps and decided I wanted to be black. Sadly, some suburban white kids do this but those kids stick out like a sore thumb. Real recognize real and only the strong will survive. There's a difference between looking like a fool by trying to be somebody your not, rather than keeping it real and just being yourself.

    • jack

      im probably the nerdiest, whitest white kid ever. and i love hip-hop. i know i can't rap, or dance, or do anything. but i respect hip-hop artists and black people alike and your just some stupid moron who really enjoys masterbating to day care class

    • Jack black

      Lol try again, most blacks call each other niggar, Lol the word nigger doesnt bother blacks any more u fucking mutant. The reason I say mutant is because I don't know any other weird group of people who skin changes from pale to red in 1.2 seconds lol.. Go molest your daughter thats all u guys do anyway.Where's your boogie board? I'm sure u have something more entertaining to do.

    • The Man

      White men are allowed on any fuckin site they wanna be one. We made the internet not you dumb niggers. Dont disrespect us by sayin we arent allowed here

    • white milk

      yeah fuk white ppl (not really but they do talk alot of shyt yet stay copying us). i wish they would stick to they own shyt and leave us be. but that commercial is funny as fuk lol

    • anonymous

      To mr anonymous.. Fuck you u pale dick lol. Get off this site u don't belong here. Only Spanish and blacks belong on this site u pink piece of shit lmaoo, u should be some where playing water polo.. I bet your face just turned reddish orange lol hahaha lmaoooooo

    • Anonymous

      all u do is go on these blogs and talk shit about white ppl. clearly some white boy is givin ur mom or sister the pipe. he probably raps too so ur mom and sister let him fuck both of them whores at the same time lol #bitter #broke black man #wanna be rapper #white on black crime

    • Steve

      I'm white i dont dress black or act black but i make hip hop music and beats and i guarantee you i am better at spittin then you ever could be check my myspace shit shits from a few years back not as good as my new stuff but still better than anything u could ever make EVERYONE CHECK IT OUT

    • Anonymous

      u dont even look fully black. its prob cuz my great great great great great great grandfathr raped ur great grandmother. i hope thats what happened too. get a life nigger :)

    • deshawn

      jus 60 years ago we waz fightin for freedon/ equal rights and now we to the point where white people wanna duplicate us and u gettin mad??? If yew fenna pull the race card then, hop off the internet cause white peepz made that..As a world we posed to share and gain knowledge off eachotha not hatin someone cause they respect what we do

  • Real man

    Yall a bunch of fag sensitive thugs. Fuck Chris Brown! I dont feel sorry for him. He's living a better life than 90% of us ever will. Fuck him! No sympathy for his sorry women beating ass!!!

  • King Oduduwa

    He or she who has not sinned, let them cast the first stone. Robin and other Americans think their shyte is sooo clean, that they can judge whom they want and launch un professional questions, as if, Chris Brown was on the parole board. However, Chris Brown, has to realize, domestic violence is an ongoing issue, worldwide and he should be prepared to answer questions such as those because the way Chris bypassed the questions, he missed the opportunity to prove he made a mistake and everything is okay now, which in effect, probably would have helped him more with his new album, rather than showing the world that anger management did not work. Work on your PR Chris. You are still young and growing up. There is a political way to deal with you mistake and smashing things, is not one of them.....psycho. lol. Chris is right about Sheen though. Through Lindsay Lohan in there too. White celebs, especially addicts, get natinaol attention and less scrutiny.

    • Anonymous

      Man keep talking that jargon if you want. You'll only keep yourself less aware. Lindsey Lohan?! Really?! Less scrutiny?! What?! Charlie Sheen, too?! He's on pace to be the biggest celebrity story of the year! As a self proclaimed "winner" yet with every internet clipping and interview he did during his two week rant showing him as just the opposite! You didn't see that?! What the fuck! Everything isn't black and white?! For God's sake Robin (CB's interviewer is BLACK TOO!!!) Clearly, you guys are right. This is a race issue. It has nothing to do with him turning that little girls face into 8 bags of puss and blood! Another celebrity at that! Are you kidding me! This shit will haunt him forever kid! Like Ike beating Tina!

    • Elijah mc'Deez

      I am not a chris brown fan. But how do yo know he really smashed those things?, Where you there?, Do not believe everything you read on HipHopdx. Also even if he did break those things it was most likely out of guilt for his actions 2 years ago then him being mad at the Robin Roberts for asking the questions. Think about those things before you judge someone you dont know as a "psycho". Peace.

  • Chicago

    Basically i feel where he's comin from....but her questions weren't that u bout to throw a chair?? into a window?? c'mon u know u can't be doin that shit.

  • Jay.R

    He has a REALLY good point with that Charlie Sheen comment!

    • C

      He has VERY GOOD point with the sheen comment....but GMA fuked Kanye over too...he should have know it was coming.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah... Charlie Sheen's been portrayed as the ideal role model over the last month!!! GTFOHWTBS!!!

  • Tallimi Morgan

    majority of people do not like men hitting on females and when you are a major star in the publics eyes everything you do is on blast, 2 years is like 1 year nowadays and things aint easily forgotten, had he not been a star he would've gotten 6 months automatically county time plus domestic violence classes, but since he have money he got off like a perv in a porn shop,so he should be lucky, that was a horrible act he committed and he expects people to forgive and forget, naw it dont work that way homie, dont get me wrong i enjoy his music and i like him as the person he displays but he's young and hot headed at the same time and he displays it everytime he don't get his way.

  • Unreallystic

    It's called moderation. CBrown isn't dumb, he knows and understands fully that for the rest of his life, that evening is going to be brought up in interviews. HOWEVER, there is al ine where it should no longer be the dominant piece of the interview. Hell, the purpose of the interview to the listener is to learn something about said individual or get insight on them, does anyone even CARE about anymore details on the night? I'm NOT going to watch an interview thats nothing but questions on that mentioned I'd prefer they grill him on his hair, his image 'rework', his approach to the album, etc. You interview for the fans, not to punish the individual. The judicial system already did that.

  • edubb1977


  • Anonymous

    hahaha he comments on charlie sheen getting "praise", the guy is just a bad joke and everyone knows hes crazy, this guy chris brown isnt thinking shit through, charlie sheen is 47 years old, he was making 2 million dollars per episode of a tv show, and is spending millions of dollars on drugs and escorts, and acting insane. If you want that "praise" Chris brown then obv you don't belong in the position your in and your career is over sisqo

  • jeezyhov

    Is that chris brown or sisqo?

  • Anonymous

    i thought that was sisco

  • Anonymous

    How convenient that this happens right when his new album drops. Artists will do anything to get press these days.

  • Anonymous

    Come on Chris, handle this shit better. You already know what it is, so be prepared. By now you should have thicker skin and please brah, the tats are not you.

  • edubb1977

    I do not approve of Chris Brown beating on Rihanna. (even though she is a no good hoe for the you know who) With that said Chris Brown brings up a valid point. Why does Charlie Sheen get a free pass. Charlie Sheen beats on prostitutes all the time yet he is praised. And some have the nerve to say racism isn't around anymore.

  • Supasta

    It was kinda out of line how the person bring doing the interview kept bringing up the Rihanna thing, when I'm sure Chris Brown only agreed to go on the show to promote his new album. I've played pick-up basketball a few times with Chris Brown last year at the courts on the VCU campus in Richmond, VA. You can tell a lot about a person by how they act in a pick-up game. With that being said, every time I played with Brown, he was a complete asshole. Although he is definitely talented at basketball; he is also extremely cocky, arrogant, and he loved to complain (even though he only played with his 6'5" average 230 pound entourage). After every game, I always left saying to myself, "there is no doubt this jackass definitely beat the shit out of Rihanna."

  • skeetman

    chris brown is a bitch!! u dont beat up females, this is what he gets!!! i hope they bring this up for the next 20 years

  • jesterdxxl

    You know what Chris needs to do is get Charlie in the studio & put out a trilogy of albums Brawl Street Platinum-loon Brawl Street: Honey Never Weep's

  • pico presi

    damn this bitch is a jerk, she just ridin his line like the whole interview got this guys nostrals flairin and the whole 9. give em a break. this bitch trynna push the issue and its making everything uncomfortable. lol. u would think a black woman would give him some type of break of the strength of black folks in general create and catch tough breaks but she goin in cus the massa produssa said so. hahaha. hang in there chris

  • Craig_itsFriday

    hey all u people are forgetting to mention that dude got so mad he flipped out and smashed a mirror in his dressing room? what happened to being a changed man and managing his anger.Dudes a fuckn lame if u ask me...2 years isnt that long ago ...dont do nthe crime if ya cant do the time.

    • edubb1977

      YOU SOUND LIKE A MUTHAFUCKIN FOOL!!!!! That bitch Robin was pickin at him in the interview!! You can clearly see that Chris Brown aint on that shit FROM 2 YEARS AGO!!! Time to move on been time to move on!!!!

  • ptown

    yeah buddy but charlie sheen is hurting himself...he didnt beat the shit out of a famous singer

  • mcmastermind

    Funny thing is, I bet the truth about Rihanna and what she did first didn't come out. It's always men getting in trouble for this shit. I take a class in college that just talks how women are oppressed and how men have all the power (which is not the fucking truth). He could be a woman beater, but at the same time she could have been hitting him and shit first. Leave it the fuck alone, the whole world knows about it and it's fucking over. Also she never said anything about it UNTIL she had an album to sell. Rihanna knew what she was fucking doing with it.

  • Kattz

    All of yall that think he had a right to go ape shit have lost your fucking minds.

  • Kattz

    Chris put himself in that situation for whupping Rihanna's ass in the first place. Of course its gonna be brought up for the rest of his life!! He's gotta deal with it. I'm sure he or his management could've asked Good Morning America to not ask any questions pertaining to that incident. That don't give him the right to go all Incredible Hulk and break windows and shit. Grow up.

    • Rick

      very true but she should have asked him itf it was OK to ask a quaetion about the Rhianna incident. all this talk is just boosting ratings for GMA.

  • JG3

    I don't blame dude for his actions, he did the crime and paid his debt for it. LEAVE IT ALONE...There is no need to STILL talk about something that happened 2 years ago. The sad part is the network used another black person to do this. She should've stood up and suggested another way to go to her producer. You can clearly see the questions was bothering dude and he did his best to focus on his CD...its sad how the media creates these situations but are not on the hook for'em.

    • Rick

      ^^^ come on! Thats not comparable. Manson killed people. Of course youre not going to forgive him. Stars are people too man. Theyre humans like you & I. they make mistakes just like "US".

    • R.Pgh

      If you put yourself in a situation that will cause the public to turn against you, you have to expect they will bring it up for years to come. You think if they let Charles Manson out of prison tomorrow and someone asked him a question about the murders he would be justified in saying: 'let it go, that was 40 years ago'

  • BEATS RHYMEZ LIFE Constantly keeping you updated on all things fresh. Trust me, worth your while to peep this. Plus download new tracks as they come out by the hour.

  • Daz Dilinger

    For anybody that supports Chris Brown, you have to have some serious hate for women. In the words of 2Pac, If we raise a generation of men hating women, how are we supposed to have more babies as women are the ones making babies. So all you fools telling everyone to move on. Go check your homes and ask the women in them how much they would appreciate you guys beating on them?

    • Daz Dillinger

      @ Anonymous. You have some serious anger issues brother. I think that it stems from the fact that you lack creativity when making a name. I like how you got all worked up and are now trying to bring my mother into this. I would suggest that you seek some help from a mental health therapist to help you deal with the multitude of issues that you seem to be having.

    • Anonymous

      Dude, you're entitled to your own opinion. And I'm glad you are, because you getting heated up is really amusing. However, you getting so upset that you say that, and I'm paraphrasing here, have bad grammar? Because I said fuck? Fuck you, fuck your mother and suck my dick. Vulgarity isn't a matter of grammar, it's a matter of rhetoric. Perhaps you should go back to school and learn to differentiate the two.

    • Rick

      yes it is very helpful. Now if only there was a DELETE button for you dumb smart niggas! ASALAMALEKA.....NIGGA!

    • Daz Dillinger

      @Rick, Using spell check is always a good idea before you post. I am glad that you find the tool to be helpful.

    • Rick

      ^^^ bwahahaha *****uses spell check before posting********

    • Daz Dillinger

      @ Big Log, to paraphrase KRS ONE, I am the school teacher and what good would my knowledge be if I do not share it with brothers like you. I have no problem sitting as that is where a student learns best. I have yet to learn anything from this interaction and I do hope that I do so. In terms of calling my a NIGGA, remember this I am Never Ignorant About Getting Goals Accomplished. So lets stop this bickering between you and I and ride to the song 'Until We Rich' by Ice Cube.

    • Big Log

      So now you are not a gangster, you are a school teacher, Man i respcet everyone including you, But dont be coming off like you know it all. when you dont, dont be so quick to judge nigga, what part of the is that, i Still say shut to hell up and sit your tail down.

    • Daz Dillinger

      @ Rick, Thank you for indicating that you think I am smart, your praise was much appreciated my brother. @DL Dub, I am glad that you were not misinterpreting the song. However, I do suggest that you make understand the frame of reference of the songs that you quote as you could be misinterpreted as I took your comment out of context.

    • DL Dub

      I know exactly what the song was talking about, I was more focused on the phrase tupac was using, rather than the idea behind it, since you were quoting tupac lyrics. I was hoping you'd pay attention to the rest of what I was saying, rather than just me quoting Pac.

    • Daz Dillinger

      @ Big Log. First of my brother I am sitting down, it is very hard to type standing up. Secondly, you have poor grammar, I wonder if you have ever heard of how to use a period at the end of a sentence. Thirdly, I never claimed that I was a gangster. I use Daz Dillinger's name because I really appreciated his production style and think that he did a lot to contribute to G-Funk and West Coast Hip-Hop. So brother please be more respectful when you address me. @DL Dub, Brother I don't think that you ever listened to 2Pac's song "Wonder why they call you Bytch". He does not advocate beating women in the song. He talks about how women with low self-esteem, and how they do not understand how men think. The song talks about a woman who thinks that the only way to keep a man is by offering him sex. In the song he talks about how we should encourage our young colored females to attend school and make something of themselves. And, if they do not he says, do not be surprised if they get called bitches. He was trying to explain the concept to C. Delores Tucker. Obviously neither you or her got the concept.

    • Rick dumb smart nigga! Did you just enroll in scholl? Now you think youre this smart black guy? ...and to quote Big L..." you never was shit, youre mother should've swallowed you" ..This nigga takes a English 101 class and comes out talking proper english and now thinks he's better or talks/writes better than "US 3" hahahaha....Sit your ass down, class is in session.

    • DL Dub

      The truth is, both of these artists need to be forgiven. Chris Brown for hitting her (notice i say hitting and not beating) and Rihanna for profiting off of it. The truth is I dont trust Rihanna's word as much as I dont trust Chris Brown's. Clearly this kid has some anger issues, but he also shows that he knows how to keep his cool and direct that anger to something else. Every woman knows their man's weak spot. And when they got angry they hit that weak spot as hard as possible with the lowest blow they can. Somethin tells me Rihanna was nowhere near as innocent as people are making her out to be. And to quote Tupac "And you wonder why we call you bitch"

    • Big Log

      Daz, seriously man, you cant be for real, on your last comment, I haven use the F word once and internet gangsters, the oldest rule in the book apply too you NIGGA, if you never open up your mouth people will never know how stupid you are, and i guess you a real gangster, do me a favour, aight! Daz Dillinger the real gangster, Shut the hell up and sit down somewhere

    • Daz Dillinger

      One more thought, you brothers need to go to school to learn how to express yourselves better. You three all have poor grammar, and have an obsession with the word "fuck". In all you guys kind of sound like a bunch of internet gangsters.

    • Cmunoz562

      Thats the truth, Daz

    • Daz Dillinger

      First off, I am not quoting anybody. Its called paraphrasing, and I was relating the situation in context to hip-hop. Secondly what has Chris Brown done to prove that he's over hitting women? I have not heard of him donating his money for battered women's shelters or even advocating for an increase in which is badly needed in our society. And finally at least the brother could make a song about his stupidity and he's not even done that. He says he's moving on, it looks more to me that he's running.

    • Rick

      hahahah in the words of 2pac? hahaha mmm yeah but he was all for shooting and killing "niggas" right! get the fuck outta here idiot!!!! So if you support a rapper that sold drugs, shot people, it's OK? Move on nigga. Life does, and so should you! You must be some born again dude trying to sound all righteous. EVERYONE does or has done something bad in their lifetime. You learn from your mistakes.

    • Big Log

      Man aint nobody supposing chris brown, i dont listen to his music period, but on the flip side man, no one really know what when down that night, other than chris brown and that chick, Man! everybody makes mistake or did something wrong one time or another man, what you going to do hold that over their head forever, comeone how you sound, what the hell you want the guy to do, too suppose himself sell drugs, he is a singer, that what he been doing, before that night he beat her up, if he corrected his mistake and truely sorry for what he did let that nigga live, man all the other white men that did it, you dont see them trying to kill them come on.

    • Anonymous

      I don't support what he did, but I also don't support this bullshit yellow journalism as of late. Constantly prying so you can make a celebrity slip up? A human's a human, regardless of their status. They make mistakes. No, I don't support him and still think it's fucked up he did it, but quit digging into the wound. I feel in this scenario, he's justified in the way he acted. He's trying to make amends for something that may not be amendable, but he's trying. And then he gets disrespected by some antagonizing reporter? Fuck that. And fuck you, stop quoting Tupac. Learn how to speak your own thoughts than quoting a rapper like it's a fucking bible verse.

  • Kattz

    Really Chris?! Really?!

  • Meh

    He's right though. Charlie has done it ALL. Including beating on a woman...stabbing is is a bit more accurate. His issue has been solved and they're trying to re-open old wounds. If they were gonna piss him off about something, it should have been that questionable-ass hair of his.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck good mounring america

  • mceihtcmw

    THIS GAY FRUITCAKE acting like a big girl someone needs to slap this foo

  • Anonymous

    Its better to stay on $WonDough$ good side, you won't want him to have a violent outburst

  • Brandon 'Bonz' Williams

    same thing happened to kanye...fuck GMA

  • David Huh Wat

    shits ruff for a nigga

  • Rick

    She was wrong for asking him about something that happen 2 years ago. Dude already settled this issue...Time to move on. Now dont get me worng, he fucked up by doing what he did but im sure both have moved on. Why continue to ask about that shit. Should he have asked her about her crazy colleg days? What if she had a gang bang that was filmed 10 years ago. Would she like it if he brought that up? Let it go!!!! Hes promoting a new album, your questions should be about that. Dumb ass interviewer trying to cause a ratings increase.

  • Omar Osgood

    People do need to get over this shit, this exact shit happens every single day, and nobody does shit about it. But nooooo Chris Brown did it that means he always beats his women, shut the fuck up. He made a mistake, everyone loses their anger, wether its hitting someone or just shouting. Get the fuck over it. What a bitch

  • JayDub

    That was two years ago! Move on!

  • lukeknocks

    Im sure that bitch deserve that shit she got....good thing she didn't piss me off, ida beat that bitch worse then he did

  • Rob Johnson

    you can tell he is upset from the jump of the interview...very rude to keep bringing it up like she did

  • vargo05

    Awwwww, poor little Chrissy Brown. Another temper tantrum from this boy. Seriously, what else IS there to talk to this douche about besides the Rihanna thing? His music completely sucks. He's a terrible actor. He dances like a little bitch. Those are all facts. What else is there to ask him? This dude is one of the biggest fake ass clowns on the planet. Dresses like he's some thug in his videos. Goes on this show dressed like a punk. Next he's gonna start wearing strange costumes like GaGa. This guy is such a fart sniffer.

    • vargo05

      BTW, I am much better than Chris Brown. I've never raised my hand to a woman and never would. That automatically makes me a better person than him. Funny how YOU are online talking shit to me. Hypocrite.

    • Anonymous

      Those are all opinions. Just because you believe doesn't make it a fact. And regardless of what you think, he is successful. Why keep digging up the grave? What good will it do? Quit trying to be a sensationalist writer and do your fucking job. And fuck off dude, quit acting like you're any better. You're on the internet talking shit.

  • BarryMinkow

    Forgive this guy or he may not see the point in changing and itll be another lost man. No matter how much u change you always have to pay for youve done. Freedumb for the world!

  • klls

    i'm not a chris brown fan at all but i understand why he's happened two years ago. yes he fucked up BAD. but people change dammit. he's tryna move on and shit so let him be.

  • Anonymous

    This guy looks like denis rodman.

  • beezlebud

    Charlie Sheen didnt cave an 80lb girls face in you pathetic fuck so watch who your calling sick, coz everyone of us will rock with a heavy drinker coke snorter over a women beater swear id love to get this lil bitch in the octagon he's one of those few people id really love to say fuck this spiritual shit n stomp him hit me on TWITTER @BEEZLEBUD

    • klls

      watch ur old ass mouth clown. im on no ones dick. i am not a fan whatsoever but shit happened 2 years ago. people actin like he is still goin on rampages beatin women. as far as we kno he's changed. u dont hav to like his music but everybody deserves a second chance and it mite be an opinion but its a stupid ass one. and what about u. ur prolly the same guy that posted the original comment cuz ur on HIS dick so hard ur prolly shittin it out rite now fuck outta here wit that bullshit old ur age aint u supposed to be wise? fucka

    • Anonymous

      it IS an opinion idiot he said this clown makes him wanna commit violance, that is an OPINION based upon your heroes actions hop off the women beaters dick lil one

    • klls

      its not an opinion cocksucka. he said he wants to get in a ring with chris brown and watch who u call little boy...would that make u and old bitch he is referrin to sumthin he did fuckin 2 years ago. y'all keep actin like he hit ur mom/sis or sumthin...move the fuck on with ur lives

    • Anonymous

      Hows it e-thuggin stating an opinion idiot. Try pullin your head outta ass before talking about whats idiotic. Lil kids like you with your tiny minds make me laugh speaking on shit you dont understand. So anyone who states they would like to cause harm to bullies online is an ethug now lmmfao FUCK OUTTA HERE LIL BOY

    • klls

      ooh an e-thug. yea u go homie! go get chris brown and put him in an octagon. i'm not sayin i support what he did but ur comment is too irrelevant and idiotic for me to ignore. oh and btw didnt charlie sheen abuse some of his 600 wives. didnt he stab one or sumthin


    this shit madd funny to me who scared of a black man with blond hair(whitefolks)

  • Michael-Escobar Outlaw-the First

    he's supposed to be cleaning up his image and instead he's showing us all that he has an anger problem

  • Octavian Johnson

    Celebrities do the dumbest things when they're trying to sell an album

  • JohnnyAce Okeke

    I don't condone Chris Brown's reaction (once again) but Good Morning America knows they were wrong for continuing to bring that super old mess up. This is why I don't watch ABC. {{-_-}}

    • Anonymous

      how can you call beating up your girl a mess up? telling a lie and getting caught is a mess up, lip syncing and getting caught is a mess up is a mess up. beating the shit out of a girl to the point where her whole face is swollen is not a mess up. this dude is a pussy. id love 5 minutes in a locked room to beat the fuck out of this clown

  • bballslim42

    He should be arrested for dyeing his hair like Sisqo, and for stealing Bruce Springsteen's jean jacket.

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