OFWGKTA Hit by Soda Bottle, Break Fan's Nose, Storm Off Stage at SXSW

OFWGKTA did it big at this past weekend's SXSW, complete with a broken nose and a bottle of Mountain Dew to the face.

After riotous performances on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" and MTVu's Woodie Award show, few expected Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All's SXSW debut to go over quietly. But no one expected the controversy the California collective caused in their three days of performances.

During the group's Friday performance at the Thrasher Party, Tyler, the Creator accidentally broke a fan's nose while stage diving off the speaker "French!". According to OFWGKTA's website, however, the situation ended in accord and the fan "took it like a fucking g." A video of the stage dive can be seen below.

The following night at their Fader Fort performance, during which Diddy declared them and Lil B "the future of the music industry," a concert goer hit Tyler in the face with a bottle of Mountain Dew while performing "Sandwitches." Although the incident didn't keep OFWGKTA from finishing their set, they did stop the song briefly to tell the perpetrator to "man the fuck up."

Finally, the crew stormed off stage during their Billboard Showcase set at Buffalo Billiards, following a number of technical difficulties with the microphones. According to ContactMusic.com, Odd Future made it only three songs into their set after numerous restarts before dropping their mics and leaving the stage.

Tyler also took to Twitter to vent his frustrations with the performance.

Billboard Is Cool. That Show Was Stupid. Thanks To The Fans And Niggas That Was There In The Front. Wasn't Billboards Fault, FUCK THAT CLUBless than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®


  • MikeMPT

    These dudes are such babies I swear, how you gonna say Fuck Billboard first than go and say fuck the club it wasn't Billboards fault... No shit it wasn't Billboard's fault. Anyways this is what happens when you act crazy, people will chin check you.

  • jimmpa

    it annoys me how the crowd is just full of suburbian teenagers with their ''iphones'' out recording it instead of enjoying it. put the fuckin camera down u fuckin morons and enjoy the music!!!

  • Anonymous

    And fuck Lil B! If anything, you'd all probably listen to Odd Future than listen to Lil B. Lil B talks about being Miley Cyrus, Bill Clinton, Martha Stewart, etc. Like shut the fuck up BRANDON McCARTNEY

  • Anonymous

    Their genre's not even fucking hip-hop, they have their own genre: Fucking Swag; people respect these niggas and like them 'cause they don't give a fuck and their music is insane, but good. They don't only rap about how they feel, but about what they have done and what they do. These niggas are like the black, rapping children of Kurt Vonnegut.

  • Anonymous

    omfg dis is sum bullshid wtf who n dha hell is promoting dis bullshid

  • bell

    these niggas make all the gucci rappers in the marinstream sound and look like the fucking backstreet boys. im glad they are getting the succeesss they been gettting. for producing they own music and making they own videos.they aree all under the age of 20 dammmmmm. odd future

  • stevve

    i love the performances better than any other rap performers. everyone jus stands and raps boring shit. these guys know how to hype a crowd we neeed this. fuck the rhyiming and standing (moshing, screaming, stage diving) n FUCK STEVE HARVEY

  • Nol T

    I never heard of these guys. It's always been my belief that with each passing generation the youth steadily get worse and worse. After checking these guys out, 1 song on youtube, there is no way I am trying to hear these morons say another word. I guess that's just me being older now, and not being "into" their music. These dudes obviously don't read and have no one giving them any direction in life. That's what happens when the youth are left to their own devices. Perversion. "PERsonal VERSION" for you "lack of substance" abusers out there. I have no quarrels with these guys. See, they might have some bass in their voices, but they've no class in their choices. Point. Blank. Period.

  • DrewDown91

    @MichaelZayas is right, these dudes are awful live. They need to just rhyme their fucking songs and stop with all the hollering Golf Wang shit. Which is funny though. Last year XXL said that Wale, Asher Roth, BoB, and Charles Hamilton were the future of Hip-Hop. Asher is the only one of them who has lyrics. Wale shit is stupid, BoB is so fucking pop and generic, Charles Hamilton - did he do shit since then? I would rather see OFWGKTA blow up then any of those MCs mainly because they on some other shit. In reality, the GRAVEDIGGAZ were OFWGKTA before OFWGKTA was OFWGKTA. Except Gravediggaz had more coherent LYRICS and way way better PRODUCTION. If you can't hear/see the similarities then you need to go back and listen to 6 Feet Deep. Ahead of its time.

    • TheRealDeal

      *put out a good bit of mixtapes

    • TheRealDeal

      Charles Hamilton put out a good bit out mixtapes since then. The nigga just don't know how to keep his ass of trouble. He got the most potential out of all of em. He just needs to get his act together.

    • Angel Xavier De Peña

      Wale >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Asher Roth, are you kidding me?

  • dezznuttz inyomouf

    ofwgkta and lil'b r the "future" of hip-hop bcuz they have found a way to express themselves within the form without necessarilly confining themselves to it. you may not like or understand thier music but there is no need hate. Jus let them young niggaz cook, and repect the grind... if you still wanna hate on a nigga hard work, wheteher you like what they are doing or not, then you need to get a fuckn life and take the dick outta your ass, bcuz ur riding it hard than half the mofuckaz you call "stans".

    • Anonymous

      And diddy can eat a dididididick for being such a faggot and promoting some wack shit to. He doesn't give a fuck, he's just as much of a clown.

    • Anonymous

      yee I agree. This is straight doo doo

    • Rakim maan

      fuck you for telling anyone not to hate shitty fucking music. Just listen to their performances. Who the fuck wants to listen to some idiot scream into the mic over their song playing in the background. sounds fucking horrible. their rhymes are whack and they rap about gay shit. If them and some homo are the future of rap than NAS WAS RIGHT. HIP HOP IS DEAD.

  • dezznuttz inyomouf

    ofwgkta and lil'b r the "future" of hip-hop bcuz they have found a way to express themselves within the form without necessarilly confining themselves to it. you may not like or understand thier music but there is no need hate. Jus let them young niggaz cook, and repect the grind... if you still wanna hate on a nigga hard work, wheteher you like what they are doing or not, then you need to get a fuckn life and take the dick outta your ass, bcuz ur riding it hard than half the mofuckaz you call "stans"...


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  • jojo

    kill em all if u disagree suck a pimple cover dick!!! golf wang

    • Anonymous

      if you werent racist why would it matter if he was white?

    • Anonymous

      another stan who repeats the same catch phrases like the sheep they stereotypically act like, and secretly wants to suck their dicks. I wouldnt be suprised if it was a white fanboy too (and no im not a racist so fuck off)

  • cjohnson

    ODD FUTURE = no future fuck diddy gay ass.lil b suck.i agree wit dude,OFWGKTA hella sloppy.how can anyone n their rite mind listen 2 these niggas? jets fool

    • Mad Chemist

      Exactly! I thought I was the only one who didn't get the joke? So that's what people consider to be a good performance nowadays? That shit is sloppy as hell, and just because something is "different" than what's out now, it doesn't make it good! I never liked horrorcore to begin with, and I hate when people are like "oh, it's not horrorcore, etc..." and try to explain how its so different... What ever, can't knock the hustle, but I sure can question it.

  • harris89

    LOL @ the misleading title. I was expecting to read about them kicking someone's ass for throwing shit at them and then dipping backstage. For shame, DX.

  • Anonymous

    $WonDough$ is the future with an odd past

  • Andrew Helton

    Tyler has asthma thats why they have to play to there records. why the fuck are people so stupid why don't you actually research and listen to all of the groups albums before you make a judgement. OFWGKTA and Lil B are the future of hip hop, and they are both million times better than a time when snap music and ringtone singles were popular. Hip hop fans begged for real rap to come back and when it does you complain because it still doesn't sound like music in the 90s. This future era of hip hop is already better than every artist from the 90s, and most of them are putting out FREE fucking classic albums and you people STILL complain, some of ya'll will just never be satisfied in life.Just Enjoy This Shit.SWAG.FUCK STEVE HARVEY.

    • Angel Xavier De Peña

      Have you ever heard Lil' B? If you think he's better than ANYBODY you are sadly misguided my friend...

    • The Ooh Child

      I have never heard a mixtape that came anywhere close to bordering on the "classic album" territory. Most mixtapes are shitty, and the ones that aren't are usually just mediocre. But keep repeating #swag ad nauseum, it doesn't make you look like a fag at all. Also, you look like a huge follower

    • Anonymous

      @Orlando Sanchez lol u stans crack me up...repeating everything odd future say and shit. Do they pay u to defend them or do u secretly wanna suck their dick for free??

    • Ice T

      andrew helton go suck old man balls...u stupid fag dat dont know shit about music..orlando sanchez..stfu....corny ass nigga sayin fuck steve harvey

    • Maccaveli

      Pharoahe Monch has severe asthma but that doesn't stop him from getting on stage without a backing track and delivering some of the craziest lyrics you've ever heard. When I saw him he had an asthma attack on stage, took a break for 5 minutes then got right back into the song. Tyler's dope, but that's still really no excuse...

    • Orlando Sanchez

      Fuck yall niggas, OF the fuckin shit, they younger then most of them wack ass old niggas that rap about gettin pussy when all they gettin is bitch slapped by they record companies, these fuckin wolves are killin at the shit they doing and you pussy faggets is trynna say shit ano and shit, fuck that OFWGKTA Fuck 2dopeboyz & Fuck nah right & FUCK STEVE HARVEY

    • Anonymous

      ^ *can u really make a credible arguement that odd future, and lil b (smh) are better than them?? lol sit ur ass down

    • Anonymous

      "This future era of hip hop is already better than every artist from the 90s" i stopped reading after that. Better than everyone from the 90s?? nas, biggie, pac, big pun, wu-tang, big l etc.< can u really make a credible arguement that odd future, and lil b (smh) are better than them?? lol sit ass down Stans always exaggerate how great their favorite artist are smfh

    • Anonymous

      lol yea what anno said

    • Anonymous

      okay u little goofy lookin scrawny faggot shut the fuck up u are a retard.

  • Duke

    Puff is probably the luckiest fuckin person in hip hop. if that talent from the 90s wouldnt have just pretty much fell in his lap and he couldnt promote for shit he would be nowhere. he dont know shit about real hip hop which is why none of his making the band bands did shit.

    • EddieMurrrphy

      not just real hip hop shit, hip hop and music in general. hes still got mario winans on his roster locked away in his basement. stop paying him and boot him you squirrelly businessman puff.

  • LJPtexan

    Yo Sean Ryon, sensationalize much? Cmon son! You know you wrote that headline to sound like he got hit with a bottle, then broke the guys nose who threw it, and after that stormed off the stage..not what happened AT ALL...You might want to check into a career in writing tabloids and leave music alone.

  • Angel De Peña

    These guys and Lil' B 'the future of the music industry"? Oh god...

  • Zale

    Tyler - "No I'm not no fucking Kid Cudi, all my fucking fans love me" Yeah Right......

  • Michael Zayas

    they are dope as hell and earl is the best,whenever he comes from where ever he is shit will be dope,all that said,they suck live,its awful live show.most of thier fans (who yes seem to be mostly white) dont even know what live hiphop is saposed to be like,they play thier own records(not instrumental) and just scream over them,the only dope live shit you can see them do was on fallon and that was thanks to the roots.

  • LA

    One day there isnt going to be hip hop anymore... tats a fact. how can these guys be the future of hip hop its sad...

  • DoneGotIt

    They seem like a mainstream wanna-be version of Aesop Rock, except they try to hard. I mean yeah they're better than most, but this semi-psychotic-with-a-rhyme-scheme is nothing new. I hope they realize this and just make it a bit less sloppy. Other than that, they're alright. TO those who haven;t heard of Aesop check these vids out on youtube: Winner takes All Mars Attacks Illogic Ft. Aesop Rock - Killing time Slug, Eyedea, Aesop Rock - Miss by a Mile Good, thought provoking rhymesayers here

    • DoneGotIt

      What I was comparing between them and Aesop Rock was how crazy and far out they're each one is. Aesop Rock is naturally out there because he takes rap to a literal poetic approach. These guys look like they try to hard to be out there. They have vids of them drinking concoctions of who knows what, then going crazy, hurting themselves (minus the skating accidents, everyone's busted a lip on a board before). Yeah, they're smart no doubt, but that doesn't mean they aren't sloppy. The beats are def not even close to top notch. Oh, and the mainstream note; they're signed by a somewhat major label, and promoted by Kanye West. This slim shady "fuck the world" fad is just another trend. It's evident everywhere, and renders that mind state obsolete and unoriginal. One more thing i gotta get my rant off about' they're mad good rhymers, but rhyming about nothing is equally so. I want stories, concepts, cultural controversy, thing that are thought provoking. Other than that, i mean they're alright, but way too over-hyped (Thanks Kanye!)

    • Shh

      you're really going to try and compare Odd Future and Aesop Rock? Are you deaf, dumb or retarded? Aesop is complex and poetic. Odd future is chaotic and destructive. What Aesop did was for the art of creating poetry. What Odd Future is doing is exactly what we need right now. Creating a sort of punk-hop "fuck everything" mentality that was inevitable to stop especially the way most hip hop fans get ignored now a days by the mainstream culture. You're comparing two different animals. But dont get me wrong here I can understand how your kindergarden kind of mind would mistake a dog and a wolf as the same thing. Just know that you sound stupid. you're welcome -wolf gang-

    • Michael Zayas

      i dont know what makes them mainstream? but as far as sloppy goes,thats a good look they are raw and real.these kids can for the most part all rap,beats are nice and you can tell people like tyler and earl are pretty damn smart.

    • 905

      They definitely aren't anything original, that style's been done many times before and I agree they are SLOPPY.

  • Anonymous

    souljaboi's little brother died yall r.i.p

  • Anonymous

    wats goin on with this hiphopdx... the title of this story is a straight out lie... I think this site is about to be replaced... u dont need to suck OFWGKTA dick.

  • chris

    funny how most of the people in the crowd were white, real hood shit

    • Thats offensive

      Only white people could afford tickets and gas money

    • EddieMurrrphy

      it's semi-racial because he is condescendingly and facetiously and sarcastically mentioning the whiteness of the folks there and then calling it hood shit. like a cracker redneck couldnt smash on you a skinny coon named...chris

    • what??

      How the hell is he a racist for saying they got mostly white ppl for fans?? go look up the word racist and read what it actually means, u easily offended pricks.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^both u dudes shut that bitch shit up. Its obvious they have a huge white fan base, just cause hes pointing that out doesnt make him a racist so stop crying and catching feelings

    • Jah

      Get a life you racist fucking loser. What does that have to do with anything?

    • g-zus

      funny how you are a fuckin racist

  • Anonymous

    what the fuck!!!!!!!! diddy called lil b the future of the music industry!!!!!!!!!!!1 IM GOIN TO FUCKIN KILL DIDDY. i can understand ofwgkta cos they are rebellious motherfuckers and thats what hip hop used to be (not to the extent of odd future but u know what i mean) lil b cannot rap, fact

  • ExFan

    Diddy declared them and Lil B "the future of the music industry," HIP HOP IS DEAD!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      p.s. hip hop is still alive as long as the underground still exist....now kill that noise about hip hop being dead

    • Anonymous

      First off, CALM DOWN! second, this is diddy! his opinion & co-signs is irrelavent when in comes to real hip hop and hip hop heads. Also its no secret that diddy co-signs and pretty much dick-ride any artists that is hot at the moment, and those artists just so happen to be lil b and odd future.

  • Anonymous

    "But know one expected" Seriously?

  • Anonymous

    i counted 2 black arms out of like 120

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