Mac Miller & DJ Jazzy Jeff Plan To Release A Summer Mixtape

Pennsylvania artists of east and west unite, as a legendary DMC champion teams with the DXnext alum born six years after he won the title.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania emcee Mac Miller revealed that he's at work with a turntablist in DJ Jazzy Jeff. The DXnext alum spoke to last week, indicating that he and the longtime musical partner of The Fresh Prince (a/k/a Will Smith) have a mixtape in the works.

“[It is] straight Hip Hop stuff that’ll be coming out in the summer,” Miller said. The Rostrum Records artist has worked with respected Hip Hop artists such as Statik Selektah and Consequence previously. Though still in his teens, Mac wants to connect his fans with artists who have pioneered and preserved the culture. "I’m excited because this younger generation—I want to give them that. I want them to know who Jazzy Jeff is, who DJ Premier is.”

In recent years, Jazzy Jeff has done mixtapes with the likes of Phil Nash, Mick Boogie (Summertime ) and Skillz (Infamous Quotes ).

To read more about Mac Miller's commitment to Hip Hop and his tape with Jeff, visit


  • Ddot

    I would rather listen to the recorded sounds of 1,000 women queefing, than listen to mac miller rap.

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  • X.O.

    not spam just a brotha tryna grind... quality work i swear

  • Dre

    Sounds promising. This is a good look for Mac. Finally, a mixtape with a REAL DJ on it.

  • Bryant Carter

    Musician yes guitar player yes. Just moved back to Hollywood California. Material is done for an album just about, but I am also offering my guitar servies for studio session work, gigs for people needing a guitar player, touring, or even joining or starting a band. Don't ou know how many artists are going with the live band sound these days? I'm still all about the dj's and producers making beats but lets put some live guitar over that stuff rather it be in the studio or live on stage. Here is the link to my youtube channel here you will see things like soul from a guitar player, and a tribute to people like 2 pac, jimi hendrix, and yes even Michael Jackson. Check it out let me know if your interested. My email is Thank you, Bryant C

  • hunkE

    2Pac feat. Mos Def - Neva Be Peace, Always Be Beef [ ] Big Boi feat. Erykah Badu & Big Tuck - Ain't No Mistakin', Somethin' Gotta Give [ ] Slim Thug feat. Kanye West & Bun B - In The Streets [ ] Chino XL feat. Young Jeezy - Glass House [ ] Young Buck feat. Wordsworth, Royce Da 5'9" & Lil' Wayne - Lost My Mind [ ] Royce Da 5'9" feat. Large Pro & AZ - The Come Up [ ] Asheru feat. 7L & Esoteric - Just Think [ ] 2Pac feat. Warren G & Method Man - Moments In Time [ ]


  • M33K91

    Jazzy AND Mac??? Oh I'm definitely gonna blow a speaker or 2.

  • Anonymous

    yo all djs should pay homage to gucci mayne, hes real hiphop. gucci mayne constructed a time machine in his basement, went back in time, and invented hiphop. he taught djkool herc how to scratch and then he invented the mpc 2000 but patented it through various shell corporations to hide his involvement

    • yodaddy01

      You're not as funny as "Super Gucci Raps." By the way, his name is spelled: "Gucci Mane" sit back down and stick to your day job, comedy is not for you.

  • Timothy Gauntt

    Paying homage like a MC should after all, the DJ created the MC. Without the DJ there would be no hip hop. I do it all for PA!

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