DJ Premier Responds To Canibus Track

Canibus called for DJ Premier to "tell the truth," and Preme aims to oblige.

Recently, DJ Premier said in an interview that Canibus was one of his most difficult clients, back when the two tried to collaborate for Canibus' debut, Can-I-Bus. Canibus quickly responded on wax, releasing "Tell the Truth/Monster."

While on his "Live From Headqcourterz" show, DJ Premier gave his take on the track.

Preme explained his side of the matter. "After [Canibus] watched [the DJ Vlad interview], obviously he responded, which I didn't even expect him to do. Because he's angry, saying, why am I even bringing up something that's fourteen years old, and bringing it up now?"

DJ Premier then began addressing Bis' claims and questions one by one. "He said, and I quote, 'Why shovel shit on me?' which I didn't do. 'Who you working for?' I work for myself, I'm self-employed at Year Round Records. He said, 'What agenda do you have, and how [are you] helping Hip Hop by doing that?' I'm helping Hip Hop by doing this show right here, 'Live From Headqcourterz.'"

Premier also clarified the incongruity in Canibus' timeline, clarifying that he produced Christina Aguilera's record in 2005, which would not have lined up with the incident with Canibus to which Premier referred in 1998. "If it was in 2005, how the hell was I telling you that in 1998? And I don't tell any artist how much I'm making."

After assuring that he has no problems with Bis, Premier added, "The truths are coming from me because it's an actual fact. I'm the first guy to give you back your check for not finishing a job we thought was gonna go down."

"I don't want to take it to the level of doing a record that will outdo your record, 'cuz nobody's record will outdo mine. Please believe me. It will be the funkiest thing since dog shit."


  • Bowski

    Damn am I missing something here, I thought this article was about Preemo's response to Canibus' track? So why are these corn-cats on here doing comparisms b/w Preem & Dr. Dre? Look Canibus was/is one of the meanest mc's to NEVER make it. He came out on the rep of dissing legends which is frowned on, no matter how nasty you are on the mic. Cannibus comitted Career-Suicide a long time ago, he had a lot of potential back in the day. Personally he's dissapointed me musically and is reaching by even responding to Preem's statement. I salute him for straight up murking LL and Wyclef back in the day, but as we all know that could'nt hold water as both LL and Clef went on to bigger and better things. Preemo is simply one of the best to do it, and career-wise is the man compared to the way Canibus' career turned out. Say what you want about it I'm simply stating facts. None of you seem too worried that Canibus' claims dont match the time-line according to the facts. So at the end of the day who's telling the truth? I'm betting Preemo is. He has nothing to gain or lose from telling the people that Canibus was a difficult artist to work with. As far as Canibus' claim that Preem was always late to all their recording sessions? He needs to get a life, welcome to the industry man, regardless of how unprofessional it may be, it is an all too common practice.

  • That's Right!

    Shut up, Premo! Which artists have you blown up? You are not Dr.Dre! You were wrong dude!

    • Tucker Nesbi

      Premo does use samples, but he did make a lot of Gangstarr beats from scratch. As for Premo/Canibus beef...look, Canibus has always been kinda erratic and short tempered...He disses people sometimes just for the sake of dissing..Someone could say, "Damn, Canibus looks kinda upset over there" and 'Bis would go all crazy ape-shit on's just his nature. AS in terms of who's right's Premo...If it was Monch, Del, Tech, Eminem...someone who usually you could trust to speak the truth rationally and not based off anger, then I would question it...but for someone who can't make up his mind about anything, Canibus shoudn't be trusted to speak the truth...Not saying he hasn't or can't, but his anger gets in the way...

    • That's Wrong

      wow your really stupid, ever heard of scott scorch, mel man, hit man? and a lot of dre's beats r samples too but he nver gives credit and still gets away with it. next episode=sample, chronic was full of samples, know your shit bro and pretty much everybody wants to work wit premo, game has been chasing him down for years for a beat, preme produced for biggie, jay-z, nas, big l, oh and u ever heard of gang starr, yea him and that guru guy, there pretty legendary

    • That's Right!

      From Scratch, Clown! Premo has never, never, never, made a beat from scratch! He Samples everything! However, Dre has made many Smash beats from scratch! You speak of Team! Why isn't the Team making smashes by themselves on the regular! Premo was mad that Can didn't like his beat! So what! I like Premo, but he went Bitch! Premo makes a hot beat for them! Dr.Dre makes them a Superstar! Smashes!!

    • PreemisGod

      Get off Dre's dick, he uses a team of producers, Preem makes all his beats on his own from scratch you faget!! Don't hate on the GOD, WE ALL KNOW PREEM'S THE BEST

  • Sekond2NONE

    First off I respect both these guys for thier work & keeping REAL hiphop alive! On that note this shit is between them, no one else. And Bis destoyed LL on a Lyrical level any real hiphop head knows that, if ya disagree jus continue listening to ya hip-pop

  • Rick

    Canibus was what Papoose is now.............DONE! First, if you wanna have a career in hip hop, dont dis a LIVING LEGEND...canibus has done that TWICE!! GAME OVER!

  • Enlightened

    I'm sorry but I think Premier is the most overrated producer ever. But with good reason, certain fans have him thinkin his shit is that tight, but a lot of his beats make absolutely no sense to me. For the sake of argument...I'll take Havoc's catalog over his in a heartbeat

    • Lay

      I agree with you to a certain point (Havoc is dope). But remember Premier produced a lot of classics for Biggie, jay z, and Nas. It doesnt get any bigger than that in the history of the rap game...

  • Magneto the Mutant

    I don't get it with the people who keep saying "The song wasn't dissing Premo"..well then tell me who the hell he was talking about at the end of the song for like 2-3 minutes and why Premo felt the need to respond? Anyway, Canibus is a dope MC but he's also way too sensitive. All he had to do was pick up the phone, call the man, and straighten it out like that..doing a song about it was overboard. It's funny how he accused Premo of bringing up old shit but at the same time he did an Eminem diss track after the beef died down. Dude needs better beats and anger management. And as far as the LL thing, Bis won the battle but LL won the war...just look at each of their careers after the beef.

  • ilexx

    Premo is entitled to whateva he thought about HIS work experience with Canibus and Canibus has a right to tell his side of the story too... Other niggaz commenting need to go easy though, Canibus really was one of the most dangerous MCs Hip Hop has ever seen. Any and everybody with sense remembers '2nd Round KO' bar for bar LL couldnt keep up with Canibus....

  • Brizz

    The funkiest thing since dog shit haha. I think canibus is overreacting to this and theres no reason for premier to take this further since he never meant this to be a diss to canibus anyway. Canibus is just way too touchy and goes in the booth and talk shit instead of picking up the phone. Premier = Most consistent producer ever. Canibis = Mad Rapper.

  • David James Robinson

    Haha. Canibus is one of my favs. Gotta say it's entertaining as ever to hear Canibus talking wreckless, even if it's about the best producer of all time.

  • Bryant Carter

    Musician yes guitar player yes. Just moved back to Hollywood California. Material is done for an album just about, but I am also offering my guitar servies for studio session work, gigs for people needing a guitar player, touring, or even joining or starting a band. Don't ou know how many artists are going with the live band sound these days? I'm still all about the dj's and producers making beats but lets put some live guitar over that stuff rather it be in the studio or live on stage. Here is the link to my youtube channel here you will see things like soul from a guitar player, and a tribute to people like 2 pac, jimi hendrix, and yes even Michael Jackson. Check it out let me know if your interested. My email is Thank you, Bryant C

  • Milehighkid303

    "cannabis wanna battle while I'm sticking him up, fuck the cab, the car n whoevers picking him up....."

  • Anonymous

    many of yall are saying canibus doesn't have the right to be upset. Maybe making a song about this is a lil overboard. But to me what Premo said still came across as arrogant and egotistical, which he does at times. He should have just said there was a creative difference.

  • yugang

    Ok, now that premier responded to canibus and canibus said what he said they can now both dead this shit

  • Anonymous

    does he mean funkiest shit since "dog shit" (wutang forever)

  • Hmm

    And THAT'S why Premo is a legend and Canibus is a never was.

  • Muhammad Days

    1st of all, the dude asked him "Who was the most difficult artist to work with?" He thought about it and said Canibus. Get over it, Canibus. Stop Canibitchin about it.

  • cinavenom

    I just want to hear them make another song together. "Golder Terra of Rap" was one of the dopest songs of the year last year.

  • The Ripper

    the song wasn't even about Premier -_-

    • weenee

      shut up was that all about? lol

    • wolfman

      People like this make me want to hang myself sometimes. People were blasting that this isn't a diss and not directed a Premo. But, look WHO fucking responded to the song... Premo.... get it? do you see the connection? Do you see the conversation? The two people involved... are having an exchange... of words... FUCKl.

  • ASEE

    I'm a Canibus fan. I buy his records. But this shit just makes him look terrible. Premo explains how he fucked the whole timeline up, and that's bad enough, but I think the whole track was poorly motivated from the beginning. Premo was just telling a story from the past. It's not like he's saying Bis is bad to work with today, or even that he was bed to work with then, just that he had a dope beat that Bis passed on. I would have been surprised too. Devil's Pie is nice.

  • The.Watcher

    He did fuck up LL on 2nd Round KO tho lol

  • The.Watcher

    Bus has skills but he's a complete fucking idiot.

  • 718rob

    Yeah. Canibus is insane; Premier is a legend. CASE OVER.

  • BOOM

    NICE, Premo. Can this be done now? I think he explained it enough fuck off Bus

    • Marc Stretch

      @an - true dat #fact

    • an

      b cuz a real nigga would have jus called premo and straightened it out, he didnt jus respond to a comment, he took it to a whole nother level by makin a 'diss' (real or fake) song. cause if something is labeled dj premier diss its gona get a lot more press then an interview squashing it

    • Anonymous

      hector stfu hows bis tryna start shit when he jus responded to a comment made about him you dumbfuck

    • hector

      Word ahaha so funny that premo says that song was in 05 and he's bitchin bout '98 shit ahahaha fuckkkkkk Canibus he was a fuckin fool durin the Em beef lost his shit and now he tryna get it back by hatin on Premo ahhaha DUMBASS

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