Wyclef Jean Shot In Haiti, Management Confirms His Health Is Stable

UPDATE: Spokespeople for the emcee-turned-politician take to Twitter to tell us, "Wyclef is okay."

Emcee-turned political figure Wyclef Jean was shot in his native island of Haiti yesterday. Former Fugees band-mate Pras confirmed that the Rap artist was shot in the hand on March 19, but is recovering physically.

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Yes they shot Wyclef and he's in the hospital and he'll be fine. They just shot his hand ..less than a minute ago via ÜberSocial

The details of the shooting are still releasing. In  2010, the Columbia Records star emcee made preparations to run for President of Haiti, before being denied due to the eligibility requirements.

UPDATE: Spokespeople for Wyclef Jean's management. used the artist's official Twitter to update his health status:

We have spoken to Wyclef, he is ok. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers -- Managementless than a minute ago via ÜberSocial


  • Additional Distress

    he was good when he rapped. but not feeling this singing shit

  • MattParker

    I'm trying to make some good journalism and tell people that Busta Rhymes, Spliff Stars might be in the car when that incident occurred but no one seems to notice or even consider that side of the story and maybe try to reach Busta... so below is the link to the video in which you can see Busta, Spliff performing on stage and Wyclef in the background in support of Presidential candidate Michel Martelly http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAhqpYkWlLI

  • Robbie Biederman

    Stupid mother fuckers wit no patience unfurl they shooting Wyclef cuz he raised his hand to this fucking world.

  • jesterdxxl


  • Bryant Carter

    GLAD BRUH MAN IS OK.. Musician yes guitar player yes. Just moved back to Hollywood California. Material is done for an album just about, but I am also offering my guitar servies for studio session work, gigs for people needing a guitar player, touring, or even joining or starting a band. Don't ou know how many artists are going with the live band sound these days? I'm still all about the dj's and producers making beats but lets put some live guitar over that stuff rather it be in the studio or live on stage. Here is the link to my youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=bryantc1000&aq=f here you will see things like soul from a guitar player, and a tribute to people like 2 pac, jimi hendrix, and yes even Michael Jackson. Check it out let me know if your interested. My email is leaving.carter@gmail.com Thank you, Bryant C

  • EddieMurrrphy

    Ha Ha Ha Hah Ha Haa - Eric Cartman

  • Ivan Geigerman

    Lesson Learned: Rich People DON'T ever go to Haiti.

  • tall t

    fuck this wack ass nigga

    • Robbie Biederman

      Your the whack ass "Nigga." Oh can i not say that cuz im white? Wait are you talking about Racism? The dark issues which Wyclef Jean so gratefully tried to fucking stand up for? Go fuck yourself. Amen to Wyclef for trying to actually make a fucking difference. Not like half these whack ass rappers try and say they do.

    • The One

      Be nice you two before you get a spanking

    • yeayea

      yo go eat a dick mofucka....u dont care bout a nigga dont come say it cuz if u had time to write some shit is justifies ya the wack ass bitch

  • Canibus

    this is canibus, i shot wyclef in the hand so he cant fuck up anymore albums




    www.beatsrhymezlife.com www.beatsrhymezlife.com


    Reports out of HAiti have confirmed that Wyclef was in fact CUT BY GLASS....AND HIS CAR WAS NOT HIT WITH BULLETS. This is a publicity stunt surrounding TODAY'S Presidential election in Haiti.

  • hunkE

    2Pac feat. Mos Def - Neva Be Peace, Always Be Beef [ http://soundcloud.com/hunke/2pac-feat-mos-def-neva-be ] Big Boi feat. Erykah Badu & Big Tuck - Ain't No Mistakin', Somethin' Gotta Give [ http://soundcloud.com/hunke/big-boi-feat-erykah-badu-big ] Slim Thug feat. Kanye West & Bun B - In The Streets [ http://soundcloud.com/hunke/slim-thug-feat-kanye-west-bun ] Chino XL feat. Young Jeezy - Glass House [ http://soundcloud.com/hunke/glass-house-chino-xl-young ] Young Buck feat. Wordsworth, Royce Da 5'9" & Lil' Wayne - Lost My Mind [ http://soundcloud.com/hunke/y ] Royce Da 5'9" feat. Large Pro & AZ - The Come Up [ http://soundcloud.com/hunke/royce-da-59-feat-large-pro-az ] Asheru feat. 7L & Esoteric - Just Think [ http://soundcloud.com/hunke/just-think-feat-7l-esoteric ] 2Pac feat. Warren G & Method Man - Moments In Time [ http://soundcloud.com/hunke/moments-in-time-feat-warren-g ] Praverb the Wyse - 1Mic [hunkEmix] [ http://soundcloud.com/hunke/praverb-the-wyse-1mic ] T.I. feat. UGK - Money On The Dresser [ http://soundcloud.com/hunke/t-i-feat-ugk-money-on-the ]

  • MattParker

    People stop talking trash... Look I'm Haitian and I don't know what really happened to Clef but I'm listening to the local news in Haiti and it is confirmed that Busta Rhymes was also with him in the car when the incident occured so I guess more updates are yet to come.

  • Anonymous

    $WonDough$ fingers are not capable of dialing 911

  • SlyWun253

    "Someone please call 9-1-1, I just got shot down... and the bullets, through my..... HAND?" Doesn't have the same ring to it

  • ninja

    if i were president, i be elected on friday, assassinated on saturday and buried on sunday.

  • truth

    someone please dial 911 face azz

  • Anonymous

    Haiti's been a lost cause for a long time.

  • tonyghost19


  • REAL

    Not surprising... Obviously Clef they don't want you in Haiti & they probably was a warning shot for U to get up outta there. I since a little sarcasm from Pras message though.

    • REAL

      @mhunterjr - #1 Who said it was 1 person? Just because he got a bullet wound doesn't mean only 1 person was tryin' 2 shoot em'. #2 Its well publicized that other Haiti reps don't want him in Haiti. Clef even got celebrity crackers disputing Clef was in Haiti during much of the hurricane. Clef does not exactly get red carpet treatment in Haiti & this incident proves my point. You should read more before you comment.

    • mhunterjr

      so the actions of one person speaks for the entire country?

  • Anonymous

    Niggas in Haiti dont shoot hands bruh...

  • james

    they just shot his hand.bitter from pras.what is he implying

  • Ramy D

    Wow, this is the last thing I expected to be reading. Can't wait for details of the situation, hope he recovers alright.

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