DX News Bits: Lil Wayne Signs Porcelain Black, Ja Rule Plans 2 Albums In 1 Day, Rev. Run Signs Watch Deal

Young Money signs a new artist, Ja has big plans before heading back to prison, and Reverend Run expands his business portfolio.

Young Money head Lil Wayne his introduced his latest signing, 25-year-old glam-rocker Porcelain Black.

Wayne introduced the singer, born Alaina Beaton, during the first stop on his "I Am Music II" tour in Providence, Rhode Island this week, reports rap-up.com. Beaton is a Detroit native who formerly recorded with her rock band under the name Porcelain and the Tramps. She was previously signed to Virgin Records, and is now working with producer RedOne on her Universal Republic debut.

Her first single, "This is What Rock 'N' Roll Looks Like," features Wayne and is due on iTunes on March 29.

In other news, Ja Rule plans to drop two albums in one day, the day before he heads to prison for a two-year sentence.

The rapper plans on dropping Pain Is Love 2 and Renaissance Project both on June 7. The rapper dropped the news via Twitter:

Me and @iam7Aurelius making history AGAIN PIL2,R.P. both dropping June 7!!! I'm not playing wit y'all...8:55 AM March 18 via TwitBird

Finally, Rev. Run revealed via his Twitter account that he has signed a deal to launch his own line of watches with AZAD. The brand has been worn by artists such as 50 Cent, Lil Wayne and Ice Cube in the past.

Signing major deal for a Rev Run watch line.. Shout out to AZAD... Sooo excited! Click Here --> http://twitpic.com/4ahdqt9:08 PM March 17 via Twitpic



  • Paul

    Funny how u all rip ja4 puttin 2 albums out in a day. Guarentee if it was pac or eminem or sum1 ud be straight in there downloadin the bootleg torrents. Get it sorted, Ja got some real songs giv him some respect

  • whattup

    shiiiiit, just to put things in perspective, these days i bump the roots, eyedea, common + mos, the strangerz, dilla, khalifa, etc. and i still fuck with Ja.. you guys are just embarrassed of what your homies might think if they caught you bumpin that shit. grow some balls pussies.

  • Bryant Carter

    WAYNE IS A BEAST Musician yes guitar player yes. Just moved back to Hollywood California. Material is done for an album just about, but I am also offering my guitar servies for studio session work, gigs for people needing a guitar player, touring, or even joining or starting a band. Don't ou know how many artists are going with the live band sound these days? I'm still all about the dj's and producers making beats but lets put some live guitar over that stuff rather it be in the studio or live on stage. Here is the link to my youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=bryantc1000&aq=f here you will see things like soul from a guitar player, and a tribute to people like 2 pac, jimi hendrix, and yes even Michael Jackson. Check it out let me know if your interested. My email is leaving.carter@gmail.com Thank you, Bryant C

  • LowTray

    Fuck ja rule know one gives a fuck with what u do ,just go to jail and get ass fucked for a year a nd half already



  • hucc

    were getting fukt twice, having to buy 2 albums instead of 1 a reg. DOUBLE DISC..and i dont feel comfortable putting money on JA's books...lol



  • hunkE

    Young Buck feat. Wordsworth, Royce Da 5'9" & Lil' Wayne - Lost My Mind http://soundcloud.com/hunke/y Royce Da 5'9" feat. Large Pro & AZ - The Come Up http://soundcloud.com/hunke/royce-da-59-feat-large-pro-az

  • s

    who gives a fuck i want the world to end so i dont see no more niggerz like wayne faggot azz

  • Anonymous

    who let the faggots in hip hop smh

  • Nick Tropiano

    Why is Ja Rule TRYN to rap again?

  • The MG

    Ooh, Ja Rule releasing two albums in one day? Too bad that a lot of people don't care anymore. I'm going to laugh if both albums combined don't sell more than Nelly's (another washed up rapper).

    • The MG

      So you're saying that you traveled to every single country in the world to see if people were still playing Ja Rule? And where did I say that I play Soulja Boy? Quit talking out your ass you little bitch. I laugh and shake my head at people like you.

    • phadiga

      Ur ignorant and i knw u hav neva left this country for one day lil punk.Travel and see for ur self. Ur a kid dats y soldier boy interest u so much!!!

    • 50 Cent

      LOL..Jeffery "Ja Rule" Attkins Deserves Life In Prison For Tryna Pull A Move Like This..One Of My Digital Mixtape Could Outsell That Shit.!!!!!

    • The MG

      The whole world is waiting? Did you really just say that? LMFAO. Wake up and smell the coffee bro. Who's honestly still bumpin' Ja Rule today besides your lame ass?

    • phadiga

      How about u speak for ur self. The whole world is waiting for this guy so fuck ur ignorant ass!

    • Anonymous

      sales, sales, sales, sales. STFU

  • ryan gunwitch-black

    nice. too bad i already own the name Porcelain Black and have been using it since 2004. trademarked officially until 2008 and now own it under the U.S. Common Law Trademark. http://www.myspace.com/porcelainblack

  • Anonymous

    ACID DA SAVAGE ==== http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8HawK_xRv0

  • yooo

    Queens Stand up, Rule is back. Its Murda

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