Canibus Responds To DJ Premier's Reports Of A 1998 Disagreement Over A Track

Canibus gives his side of the story with regard to collaborating with 'Preme in the "Can-I-Bus" era.

The internet was abuzz yesterday when DJ Premier revealed that Canibus was one of his most difficult clients to work with. In the interview, Preme explained how a track originally intended for 'Bis became D'Angelo's smash hit, "Devil's Pie."

In response, Canibus released "Tell the Truth/Monster (DJ Premier Diss)," a track giving his side of the story.

In between verses, Canibus quietly speaks on the situation, saying, "Check this out: it ain't never right to lie on a brother. Tell the truth. If it got something to do with me and you, and you gonna air it out to the world...I came up to the studio to discuss the track, how we was supposed to do it, you told me you was getting [$80,000] a track from Christina was cheesin'."

The timeline of the comments - Premier didn't produce tracks for Christina Aguilera until 2006 - seems to be off, as "Devil's Pie" was released in 2000.

'Bis continued, adding, "You charged me 40 gs for the track you was gonna do, [we] cut you the check, sent you the first half, scheduled studio time, came up to D&D [Studios]...first day you was an hour late; second day, you was two hours late; third day, you was three hours late; fourth day, you was four hours late. C'mon, man. Tell the truth."

"When I stepped to you and asked you, 'C'mon, man, you gonna be five hours late tomorrow?' You said, 'Yo, my bad, 'Bis. I had to move my mother out her house.' I said, 'Aiight, just call, let me know that you're busy, so I don't have to wait for you...' I had shit to do. Everybody got shit to do around five o'clock in the evening."



  • Suge Knight

    Fuck dy premo and his wack loops, all hail the bis.

  • Bryant Carter

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  • Anonymous

    who's this chammabis guy? he sounds pretty exciting. does he have any music from the states? i'm from over here in anartica and we dont get these high tech things. anybody know where i can get the song asasinator by style? we started a hamburgers for the homeless program too. things are looking up fellas! lets make 2011 a year to remember.

  • REAL

    I got mad respect for Premo but 40 grand for a looped up sampled beat??? Fuck outta here! If Bis paying that kind of money for a beat, I wonder if he owns the whole record? Scratch that, I wouldn't think Bis had a big enough budget to cover that but obviously he gettin that underground loot. But on the real, I'm sidin' with Canibus on this one. Premo doing questionable Funk Master Flex type shit which is probably why Nas and Jigga not fuckin' wit em.

    • REAL

      @Jah - let me put it in lame mans terms for ya. If I was doin' this rap shit there ain't no way I'd fuckin pay Premo or Pharrell or any other producer 40 grand to do a looped beat, let alone be waisting 2 to 3 hours in the studio for em on several occasions. You say he's the best DJ on the planet well got dammit professionalism supposed to come with the territory and if what Bis is sayin is fact then Premo need to be checked - he still a flesh and blood man. Secondly, I said I'm sidin with Canibus' story. Third, Premo been sayin some Funk Master Flex esque shit which means stupid shit lately. You know when FMF said the stupid shit about Pac, and smackin up a female etc... Nas & Jay are not makin tracks with Premo probably because he on that Hollywood shit - producing for Aguilerra got him smellin his self, & showing up 2 the studio hours late - that shit is not hiphop man! What the fuck else I need to say?

    • Jah

      That made no sense dude. First off, Preem is the best DJ on the planet, you better believe his beats are gonna go for $40,000. Second off, well, I'm not gonna try to make sense of the rest of your post.


  • The Reality

    Why would you even air it out in the first place when he produced a track on his last album. Seems kind of dumb in my opinion, why wouldn't Canibus respond, he's never backed down to anyone and he's always spoke the truth. I love Preemo but that's some shady shit.

    • Canibitch

      He wasn't airing it out, Preem was asked who was the most difficult to work with and he spoke the truth. No shady shit. Canibus is a loser and should back down to all. Especially when his reponse was full of holes and then Preem shut him down.

  • Sam Mehari

    Dis fucked up mann if artist are dedicated 2 spending time in studio esp sum 1 as lyrical as bis den the dj has to be one of the best and professorial....n prem is deff 1 of da best but from what bis is saying he very unprofessional in the way he does business..i guess he feels artist need him more den he needs them...

  • da real

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Canibus hahahahahahahhaha

  • 4REAL

    It looks like Premiers spreading more and more false rumors to hiphop fans these days. I thought he was a stand up dude but I don't trust what he says no more. Last month he was saying Ice Cube was in a fight with Suge Knight, only to have that clarified by Dub C who said he was mixed up that it was Ice Cube/Lench Mob fighting Above The Law. I mean I had doubts after he said that Suge approached him and Biggie and Big was like Suge I need to get a Dre beat and Suge was like sure whatever. That don't sound like something that Suge would say since it was during the beef. Think 95 Source Awards, think MGM Grand brawl. And all you white boys like Preems a legend Eminem chewed up Bis. Forget that. Imagine Em and Bis together over a Preemo beat now that would be epic.

    • Canibitch

      Nobody cares what Canibus has to say. Why does everybody need to get upset when Preemo reminices on the past? He's not trying to stir shit up, he's just sharing his experiences

    • lost mic

      i do agree with you man, over the years primo has become a contradictory to himself, the only way for us to get to know what went down is to let bis share his story! i know lots of brothers are dick riding primo thinking the motherfucker can never go wrong, negroe please! if you step on bis be assured that he will take it back to you, whether you is a legend or what!

  • Canibusshits his pants!

    fuck this beef canibus is tryin to get some attention. Alll the canibus beefs are bullshit. Canibus starts beefs usually with way too litle reason.

  • itchTHEscratch

    premier didn't even say nothin reckless or cold, canibus just actin like a bitch to make some noise. he was asked a question and responded truthfully, if it wasn't him it was gonna be someone else

  • Midnight the writer

    Check this out homies. Not signs from the east, I'm talkin real old fashion pimp time cooking. Greasy spoons and ish. Man this town was buzzing with excitement back then. Every year fireworks at Martin's stadium. People getting chased home after. The kid omar got chased one time. The worst part about when people imitate your culture is that they don't even do it right.

  • Anonymous

    Preem sounds lazy as hell...He makes great music, but it sounds like you gotta chase this nigga around town just to get a loop from his ass. Either way, noone knows what is really what, so just keep the heat coming!

  • N/A

    "Devil's pie" came out in 98'(not 2000), on the "Belly" soundtrack.

  • ......

    Preemo treated Canibus like a herb lol!

  • EliRootZ

    I havent read all the comments, but in most of them you niggas is dick riding preem hard as fuck. So because hes good at what he does and is a legend he cant be wrong? No ones even putting any mention to the actual matter that the "beef" was about, you just say bis is dumb for disrespecting preem, holy shit some of the fans of hip-hop are extremely fucking dumb. Here you got two sides to a story, in other words, we the fans will never TRULY know what went down, so how can you take sides? Instead of beefin we should be comming together.

  • mcshowcase

    Canibus, smh, honestly he shoulda just let it go, because him responding to how dj premier felt is dumb, everyone knows premier holds alot of weight in hip hop. CHECK THE REVERBNATION: GOOD HIP HOP

    • Anonymous

      Holding weight is one thing, but being lazy and full of excuses is another. Obviously back when Bis was poppin' Preem wanted to fuck with him, but got on that bullshit. Having clout does not mean hold up another niggas stride, especially when he is counting on you to do big things with his "clout" in the hip-hop world.

  • gurilla jones

    eh who cares canibus had promise but had a tin ear,he couldn't pick a bomb beat for shit!!Plus he had no presence so sorry bro,instead of Kobe he became Trace Mcgrady.....

  • ben

    you guys some bitch ass niggas, this aint even a diss track...bis is jus giving his side of the story.

  • bebo69

    Someone needs to tell Canibus that dissing Preme won't take his buzz off freeze. He wasn't even hot when he was hot.

  • Javito_1

    Cant front bis is a talented rhyme slinger but thats about it. he cant emotionally captivate anyone nor can he make songs that rock stadiums... stubborn hip-hop heads call those type of qualities "pop" but thats the difference whether an mc is remembered or forgotten over time. im just saying...

    • Jah

      Haha saying it was more of a rivalry and nobody could be called a winner was just trying to cover up the fact that he got murdered... again. LL and Eminem 2 - Canibus 0

    • slippin!

      ^ lil bow wow wtf are you retarded? and LL didn't crush him if you knew anything you would know about 70% of people think Canibus won the battle but he couldn't win the war with no exposure. and to the stupid nigga that said he bodied Em it's funny cause in a song 'Bis even says that there feud was more of a rivalry to see who could spit better and that neither one of them could actually be called a winner.

    • anonymous

      canibus goes hard, i always wanted him and lil bow wow to do a track together, i think there styles complement each other really well

    • Anonymous

      illness stfu coz your favourite rapper hasnt got a verse that can fuck with anything canibus spit on RIP THE JACKER let alone Poet Laurette infinite and he bodied Em

    • illness

      why do ppl think this nigga is hot or can spit..? he is fucking lame and has been lame since day 1...LL crushed him, Em crushed him and he still keeps comin back...he sounds like he is spitting while tryin to take a shit....get the fuck outta here with this nigga...dont act like cause he is underground he isnt corny either..dude is whack as fuck

  • Hiphopdxisshit

    Hip hop dx you guy are trully full of

    • wtfhiphopdx

      seriously, wtf is happening to hiphopdx..y'all losing credibility everyday, step it up...stop sensationalizing bullshit

  • anonymous

    canibust is wack, real mcs like keith murray, killah priest, ras kass, kurupt, rakim taint there image even getttin on the same track as this clown

    • i agree

      i agree with u on kool g rap, hes the best lyricist, no question. i like 4 horsemen but think they could do better without bis, but 4 real, one of my boys is a die hard def squad and keith murray fan, and when i told him bout the collab album with canibus he was extremey disappointed, his reaction was canibus is played out and lame.

    • anon

      this is incredibly stupid. kool g rap > everyone, including both canibus and rakim. rakim's track with canibus was dope. the hrsmn (killah priest, ras kass, kurupt and canibus) are incredibly hyped, i dont see any images being tainted there. and canibus's project with keith murray was considered a classic by many. their image was made better, not tainted, by having worked with canibus

    • anonymous

      i understand his lyrics, there lame. "my motherfuckin brain is ibm compatable!" ooohhhh he's so nice he's a legend. "rip the jacker is lame every song sounds the same" ohhh! that was about as hot as a canibus lyric

    • beezlebud

      anonymous your an idiot...Canibus has many dope story telling tracks, his production ear helped him choose stoupe to produce his Rip the Jacker album which is one of the greatest rap albums ever made and his catalogue of rhymes is untouchable your obviously not capable of understanding the intricacy of his wordplay or metaphors

    • illness

      othken must be canabis in disguise...fuckin crazy son....

    • anonymous

      they trippin bo smokin that shit again. he could never fuck wit the god, i was really surprised when rakim did a track wit him,but he had the best verse on can of piss whole 2000B(ull)C(rap) album

    • The.Watcher

      Rakim>Everyone. Fuck is wrong with you youngins?

    • anonymous

      canibus is not greater than or equal to rakim. what makes canibus so great, he uses big words? he cant select beats he cant tell stories, he is a 1 dimensional battle rapper. hes xzibit in 8 mile, a pissed off rapper who never made it, he should have been fuckin honored that a real legend like premo would even give him the time of day, buster

    • okthen

      Canibus>Rakim, Ras Kass, and keith Murray. Why you mad at bus ? You must be a feminem or ll fool j stan.

  • True Sinister

    lol @ article writer not understanding. in 1998 he was refering to the whole devil's pie thing. In 2006 he was probalby talking about the whole "nothing to prove..nothing to lose" project that never came out that kind of turned into For Whom the beat tolls in 2007. Canibus in the whole "diss" which isn't even talks about all the times they worked together...I love both bis and preme

  • Oobe

    lol!! canibus is such a liar!! haha pathetic fag...

    • The One

      Oobe is a bitch I'm gonna spank ur booty then rape it because you need to learn some things its either step up and be a man or I can rape your ass-pussy and take your manhood since your not using it

    • Oobe

      please conspiracy nuts! you can clearly hear that canibus is talking about dj premier on his diss track Tell The Truth/Monsters... you ppl create conspiracy out of everything...

    • Anonymous

      stfu cornball your the fag who caused this bullshit situation n now your prolly sat their hiding behind your lil monitor thinkin your cool lol your pathetic as fuck n karma will deal wit your ass believe that bitch

    • Oobe

      dude chill, canibus is the bad guy here, i'm only commenting on this whole situation...

    • beezlebud

      your the fuckin clown that downloaded the snippet off his reverb page and re-tagged it with the title of "PREMIER DISS" you pathetic fuck...

  • Beezlebud

    why the fuck are you still claiming Canibus released a diss track DX, are your writers retarded? seriously The track is a snippet of his reverbnation page from a song he has coming out with Vinnie Paz hence the Vinnie shout outs and Jedi Mind Tricks shout outs. Some clown downloaded a load of snippets of his reverbnation page and tagged them with random names (Bis didnt choose or know about) and tagged this a "PREMIER DISS" after adding it to the snippet... now go post an article clearing this shit up coz Canibus hasnt dissed anybody he simply spoke his version of events... Why didnt you title your premier article that started this "Premier disses Canibus" coz both parties did the EXACT same thing so if one is a diss BOTH ARE

    • Jess Devitt

      thats what rap blogs/sites do, no matter if they are childrens sites (xxl) or dx (teens site). they instigate bullshit beef

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