Blu Talks 'No York!', Confirms U-God Guest Appearance

Blu talks his upcoming 'No York!' LP and confirms work with U-God.

Left coast indie heavyweight Blu recently caught up with KSJS to discuss his upcoming fourth studio release No York!, which is due out this summer on Warner Bros/Sire. DX's 2007 Rookie of the Year said that he feels his latest project and Warner Bros debut follows in the same thematic vein as his previous efforts.

"We have the No York! album dropping this summer," he said. "It's pretty heavy. We're at some stages of trying to figure out how exactly we want to release it, but it's a pretty heavy album. It's one of my favorite records. It reminds me of my first three records all in one, Below the Heavens, the Blu and Ta'rach C.R.A.C. record and the Blu and Mainframe Johnson&Johnson joint."

Blu also confirmed that he would be reuniting with one-time collaborator U-God of the Wu-Tang Clan for No York!. He said that he was so excited to worth with Baby U that he almost got inked up with the Wu's logo.

"I've got U-God on the new album," he explained. "I was about to get a Wu-Tang tattoo...I was so amped."

The full interview can be seen below.


  • Bryant Carter

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    yo i hear waka flocka got gucci mayne's dick tatooed on the inside of his esophagus, thats real love right there thats how a real thug sho luv. gucci mayne is so iccy boi, even though the illuminati branded him with an ice cream cone. see, the illuminati be tryin to subjugate the smartest niggas in the game. thats why they targeted gucci mayne, because his like mindification is straight genius son! read gucci's essay on fabian's dialectics of movement of freedom.

  • andre

    U-God can spit, plus his delivery has always been hard as a jackhammer. My Wu-Tang tattoo looks sick though!Everybody should have one.

    • Doubl Negative

      I also rock a Wu tat, but it's not my best tattoo. The other hip-hop related tatts I have are better; the Illmatic logo, Diamond D's Stunts, Blunts & Hip Hop LP logo and a couple of Doom tattoos, the Black Bastards hangin' coon effigy and Operation: Doomsday album cover. Next stop, Akinyele's Vagina Diner.

  • Joyce

    Come on No York! Got a lot to live up to. Below The Heavens is one of the best

  • Celtix11

    shoulda got ghostface

  • Anonymous


  • Bauce

    Why get the lamest wu member lol. Well no matter, Blu is dope as hell.

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